Should Baseball Fans Get Ejected For Interference?
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Should Baseball Fans Get Ejected For Interference?

Furthermore, should this kid get grounded for being a snitch?

In case you missed it, the Boston Red Sox got steamrolled last night thanks to another sub-par performance from last year's AL Cy Young winner, Rick Porcello. But I'm not going to lose my mind over Rick Porcello right now (that article will probably come at the end of this week).

I'm going to lose my mind about this:

Awwww, how cute. That's adorable. How funny!


Normally, I'm all for kids doing funny things at sporting events. I've seen the fist-bump kid video probably 20 times. I can't get enough of this young Blue Jays fan making a fool of himself during Saturday's Blue Jays game. To this day, this video of a kid dancing at a Piston's game still cracks me up.

Generally, I agree: kid plus sports equals cute. But not this kid. That kid caused a man to lose his seat at a baseball game, a seat that he was able to sit of because he had a ticket that entitled him to sit in that seat, and he probably paid a lot of money for said ticket.

That kid robbed a hardworking man of his joy (and his money), and THAT ISN'T FUNNY. But my beef isn't with that small child. It's with the MLB. Should the MLB eject fans for interfering with live balls?

My heart says no. At least, not if the interference has no effect on the play as a whole.

First things first, baseball fans pay a ton of money for tickets, not to mention how much they spend on food, parking, gas, beer, beer, and beer.

Going to a baseball game isn't an event anymore: it's an investment.

Furthermore, I know what it's like to desperately want to walk away from a baseball game with a game ball. Trust me: I once snatched away a foul ball from a group of small children at a New Jersey Jackals game. When you're at a game and a baseball's coming your way, it takes every ounce of your willpower to not reach out and grab it, even if it means encroaching into the field of play, or in my case, stiff-arming a group of nine-year-olds in front of an ice cream stand at Yogi Berra Stadium.

Doing everything in your power to get your hands on a game-used baseball is the mark of a true fan. And like I said, if the fan's interference doesn't even change the outcome of the play (such as the case with Springer's double on Saturday night), then why send the fan packing?

So again, my heart says let the fans interfere!

But my mind says everybody who interferes with a live baseball should get kicked out. And I'm going with my mind on this one.

That's because if we don't kick out everybody who interferes with a live baseball, then we have to leave it up to the umpires.

If you don't understand why that's such a horrific, apocalyptic idea, just watch this video from this Yankees-Red Sox game a few weeks ago. A fan literally reaches over the wall in left field and knocks a live baseball into Mookie Betts' glove, turning a probable home run into an inning-end catch. And the umpires wouldn't review it.

Can we really trust an umpire's judgment if he thinks that play (A) is ejection-worthy while play (B) is harmless? Honestly, can we really trust an umpire's judgment with anything?

The short answer is no. And the long answer... is no. Give the umpires as little power as possible. Kick out anyone who interferes.

And ground that kid!

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Don't Forget About College Baseball!

It's actually pretty exciting.

Have you been watching these NBA Finals? Pretty exciting, huh? Watching the Warriors torch the Cavaliers night-in and night-out in what's starting to look like a probable sweep? What more can a sports fan ask for?

How about the NHL? The Sharks and the Penguins? Riveting.

Actually, I won't lie: the Stanley Cup Finals are pretty sweet. I mean, check out this overtime goal in Game 3 by household name Joonas Donskoi, everyone's favorite NHLer.

Pretty cool.

But since the NBA playoffs are looking like a snooze-fest of three-pointers and overzealous bench reactions, and not even Canadians watch hockey anymore, might I suggest to you another sport for your viewing pleasure?


No, not the boring dog days of the MLB season. They play 162 games each in the big leagues, so if you really want to get absorbed in the MLB, trust me: you've got time.

In case you didn't read the title of this article (shame on you), I'm talking about college baseball.

Believe it or not, it's usually pretty eventful.

And it's starting to heat up.

Now, for those of you who don't know how college baseball works here's a quick summary: you start off with sixteen different locations. At each location you have four teams seeded one through four. This is the Regional round.

Then come the Super Regionals, where the winner of each group advances and the remaining sixteen teams are put into pairs. The winner of each best-of-three series then advances to the College World Series, where the remaining eight teams duke it out tournament-style in multiple best-of-three series to determine the champion of the college baseball world. So essentially, each round is double-elimination.

And even though college basketball has a reputation for being the crazy, unpredictable college sport, the College World Series presents its fair share of breathtaking moments as well.

Who can forget the Fresno State Bulldogs? They were barely .500 (33-27) when they won it all in 2008.

Can you say Cinderella?

I mean, just last year we witnessed a three seed (who just happened to be my Virginia Cavaliers) take home the championship, becoming just the third three or four seed to do so in the history of college baseball.

Not only did they win, but they did so against Vanderbilt, the team that beat them in the previous year's College World Series.

Talk about revenge.

There have also been a slew of walk-offs, some incredible plays, and yes, even a decisive lightning delay (and you thought little league rules were dead).

Currently, two three seeds have already advanced to the Super Regionals, one of which being Eastern Carolina, who also happened to end Virginia's season and subsequently lead me to nearly suffer a mental breakdown.

Heartbreaking. Simply heartbreaking.

So sit down on the couch and tune into some college baseball. It might break your heart, but at least it's exciting! (Not to mention it's almost literally on all of the time).

Also, in case you were wondering, the other three seed to advance this year was Boston College. Oh, you weren't? Me neither.

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Texas A&M Fans Have a Crazy Baseball Tradition (Video)

I'd like to see you try and get yourself out of this.

As if college baseball wasn't already cool enough this offseason, we just found out about Texas A&M's even cooler baseball fans. It was no secret that A&M had some great football fans, but we were totally unaware that their dedication stretched into the summer.

Being a pitcher can be difficult, as once you get off of your rhythm, the fans let you hear it. In a smaller atmosphere, the voices get louder, and you hear their opinions more clearly. A&M fans' tradition stems from a pitcher throwing four straight balls for a walk. Once that happens, the fans remind you how many balls you've thrown in a row until you throw a strike. If the video above is any evidence, it can take quite a while to get back on track.

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This is the Cubs' Year

It was bound to happen at some point.

The Chinese Zodiac is wrong: 2016 isn't the year of the monkey, it's the year of the Cub, the Chicago Cub(s) to be exact.

Even people who don't follow baseball know the Cubs haven't won a World Series Championship since 1908. They haven't even played in one since 1945. And they blew it in the NLCS in 2003. (Don't blame Steve Bartman, Mark Prior blew it.)

For years and years, they lost ball games, causing their fans plenty of agony and probably some serious beer money. But all that bad fortune could change this year. During their 108-year drought, there haven't been many times in recent years where fans would really think, this is the year. But before the season started, the Cubs looked strong.

The betting odds favored them to beat the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. Still, the betting odds favor a Cubs World Series win even with the season more than halfway over. So this Cubs team looks legit. They've been playing just how everyone expected them to play: well.

They hold a healthy lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates in the NL Central, so there's reason to believe they could do this. After all, every team that makes the playoffs has a decent shot at winning it all. And if they're playing as well as the Cubs are, then the odds look even better.

Bats are nice, and the Cubs have a lot of power. But the postseason comes down to pitching, and the Cubs have had five highly-reliable starting pitchers all season long: Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Kyle Hendricks and Jason Hammel. In the first half, their starting pitchers had a 3.09 ERA, by far the best in baseball.Teams only really need three strong starting pitchers to succeed in the postseason, so the Cubs are in a really nice position on the mound.

Also, keep in mind, Lester and Lackey were huge for the Red Sox in the playoffs during their 2013 postseason run. Those guys are two big-game pitchers with two World Series rings each. That experience is huge.

Didn't the Cubs win a World Series in the 90's though? No. That was a movie. Not even Gary Busey is crazy enough to believe that was real, although he does know a good salisbury steak when he sees one.

That wasn't real, but this year's Cubs team sure is. And they're not going anywhere.

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NBA Fans Have Already Won

The 2016 Finals rematch will be historic one way or another.

Ahhhh, things are finally back to normal.

After the Oklahoma City Thunder and their freakishly athletic seven-footers threatened to bounce the greatest regular season team in NBA history, order has finally been restored. The Golden State Warriors, behind an incredible game six performance from Klay Thompson and a long-awaited return to form in game seven, are going back to the NBA Finals in search of their second consecutive NBA Championship and, dare I say it, immortality.

The only thing standing in their way is a Cavaliers team led by a 6-foot-8, 250 pound athletic freak of nature who was specifically put on this earth to dominate basketball and simultaneously cause all of our jaws to drop to the floor while he does it.

Of course, I'm talking about LeBron James. Now, it's no secret that I looooooove LeBron (check out this article), and it goes without saying that I really want Cleveland to finally take the Larry O'Brien trophy home.

But when I really think about, I'd be fine with any result, because either way, we'll witness one of the greatest moments in NBA history.

And here's why.

Warriors Win
Well, there you have it, plain and simple: we've just witnessed the greatest season in the history of the NBA.

Steph Curry lit the league up for 402 three pointers, including the following one, which is one of the most incredible, improbable, and simply mind-blowing shots in NBA history.


The Warriors set the mark for most wins in an NBA season, with a record of 73-9.

Double wow.

And to top it all of, they became just the tenth team in NBA history to come back from a 3-1 series deficit in the playoffs, even after getting blown off the court two games in a row.

Triple... No quadruple... no... forget it:

WOW TO THE INFINITY! (Second grade me would be so proud right now)

So while Scottie Pippen and plenty of other NBA veterans stand there and whine about the Warriors being bad for basketball, we can just sit there and laugh (until they get angry... then we run).

We just witnessed the greatest team in NBA history.

Cavaliers Win
Here's something that might surprise you: I think LeBron James is the best player in NBA history.

Now hold on just a second: While I do adamantly believe that, I am more than accepting of people who go with the common notion that Michael Jordan is the best.

But given the fact that I only vaguely remember the Wizards version of MJ (and by vaguely, I mean hardly at all... I was seven when he played his last game with them), I stick with LeBron. I've actually seen his entire career, and can remember almost everything about it.

And it's been amazing.

And moreover, I'm sure the Jordan-era was the same way, but I wouldn't know: I guess you just had to be there.

However, if LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are able to vanquish the mighty Warriors, I'll no longer budge:

LeBron is the best player ever. Period.

Because, while Jordan was an otherworldly player, a fierce competitor, and just a nightmare for NBA teams in the finals, he was rarely the following:

A substantial underdog.

And Even though LeBron is now flanked with the final components of his "big three" in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, the odds are still at pretty much the same spot they were last season, sitting at +180 for a Cavs victory.

Everybody believes in the Warriors. Well, not literally everybody, but almost everybody. Check out this article from Sports Illustrated.

So now, facing the greatest team in regular season history, who just happen to be coming off of three straight wins in the Western Conference finals, the Chosen One, the hometown hero, the one and only LeBron James, is tasked with putting his team on his back, elevating his game to a level we've never seen before, and finally bringing a championship to Cleveland.

And if he does just that, break out the crying Jordan memes:

We just witnessed the greatest player of all time in the defining moment of his storied career.

So stop talking about conspiracies and just watch:

History is about to be made. We just don't know who's going to make it.

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5 Food In Sports Moments

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks...

When it comes to why people go to sporting events, food and drink are right up there with the actual game. There have been cases this summer of food coming to the forefront on a national stage.

If you missed it, someone dropped their bucket of fries into left field, prompting Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner to do some clean-up duty.

When someone loses their food or beverage by doing something like going for a foul ball, it's hilarious. When it happens to you, it's depressing. And if alcohol is involved, there's a multiplication table for that.

So with that little introduction, go grab your favorite quick snack and drink, and enjoy these five moments when the food world collided with sports.

1. Some say bring a glove to catch a foul ball at a baseball game, others say a bare hand is all that's needed. This guy one ups everybody...

2. Here's the other end of the spectrum. A fan loses his beer and doesn't get the foul ball. Fortunately, the Brewers' commentators were generous enough to buy him a drink.

3. I know this is another baseball one, but I stand corrected on #1 one-upping everyone. This vendor made some catch...

(On a side note, did you notice Greg Gibson, the home plate umpire, motioning to both players? Only those of you who have binge watched MLB videos on YouTube will get this.)

4. Say what you will about Rex Ryan, but at least in this moment he showed he knows how to have fun.

5. Let's end this with another beverage moment, one from the NHL in 2001. Flyers, Maple Leafs, Tie Domi, a fan and beverage throwing from both. Uh oh.