Senior Year Bucket List
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Senior Year Bucket List

It's time to stop and smell the roses.

It's your senior year and you're panicking because THIS IS IT. Alright, calm down, you'll be fine. The most important thing about senior year is to be as present in every moment as possible. So put down your phone. It's time to stop and smell the roses.


Here's your ultimate senior year bucket list.

1. Check out the campus spots you haven't seen yet.
There's definitely a bar, a hangout, legendary house party, dining hall, or a study lounge you haven't taken the time to get to. This is your last chance to check it out. Make an event out of it, or fly solo.

2. See a show.
Chances are your school has an improv troupe, dance teams, or a fantastic musical or play. Buy tickets to something. Go see it. It'll give you new perspective - and hey, maybe you'll even get to say you saw a future star before they "made it big" in 10 years.

3. Take a fun class.
By "fun" I mean something you've been dying to take. Maybe it's a professor you've heard is outstanding. Maybe it's something you don't know anything about so you want to give it a shot. Worst case scenario, you can always drop it...

4. Go to a game for a sport you've never watched.
Find out what sport your school is great at - or not! - and go watch a game with some friends. Tickets are usually super cheap, and it's a great way to discover some school pride you may not have known existed. You'll witness new cheers, meet new people, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

5. Don't forget about your grades.
I know people that lost potential jobs out of school because they stopped giving AF about their grades in their last two semesters. Have fun, cut loose, it's senior year! Yeah, well all that partying and all those C's may have you losing big time. Have fun, but stay focused.

6. Sell your books.
SERIOUSLY. Do it while you're still on campus and make some extra bucks. (see No. 8.) There are lots of FB groups and library sales around campus. Do a little digging and don't get stuck with $200 text books collecting dust.

7. Don't FOMO.
You won't make it to every party, show, pregame, or meeting. Don't dwell on it. I know you're trying to soak up every last moment of your youth, but stressing about being somewhere else will spoil whatever you chose to do instead.

8. Spend money (but not too much).
There's something to be said about saving up for that post-grad time, but don't miss out on seeing your favorite band with your best friends because you're worried about spending a couple extra dollars. Spending money on the right experiences is TOTALLY worth it, plus get some final usage out of those student ID discounts...

9. Fill your days with friend dates.
Set up one-on-one time with your favorite people. Plan an ice cream movie date or catch a game together. Show them you care and want to keep them around. You'll be so glad you had that time together once the year is over.

10. Take pictures.
Pick up a few disposable cameras at the beginning of the year. The beautiful thing about these is they capture real candid moments. You can't double check them, which is scary, but also freeing. They're easy to pass around at parties, and getting the film developed gives you a really gratifying satisfaction.

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Study Abroad Bucket List: Asia Edition

Wanderlust but still Zen.

If you get to study abroad, you're pretty lucky. If you get to study abroad somewhere in Asia, you're even luckier.

Every country (and province and city) has unbelievable cuisine, vibrant cultural sights, charming people, unbelievable nature, and fun night life. Anywhere you go there is so much to do and see and eat and drink.

If you're studying in Asia for a semester, you're probably also kind of cool. If you chose your destination for something a little off the beaten path from typical study abroaders, you clearly value adventure and exploration. You might also have had language study in mind when applying to your study abroad program, which means your bold and diligent (hello new alphabets) and set on opening your world wider with the skill of foreign conversation. Either way, for any reason you chose Asia, you're lucky you did because it is awesome.

During your time on the Asian continent, take advantage of every opportunity you can to live. To help keep your wanderlust spirit excited and motivated, I've created a list of things to do before you leave. While neither an exhaustive list nor necessary items for experiencing the different cultures, the Asian study abroad bucket list will, nonetheless, keep you exploring.

  1. Get a Shanghai style foot massage in Shanghai
  2. Master eating with chopsticks
  3. Make like Michael Phelps and do Chinese Cupping
  4. Go to an ethical elephant sanctuary and play with the elephants
  5. Go to a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan
  6. Get certified in scuba diving
  7. Climb the Great Wall in Beijing
  8. Celebrate Chinese New Year with locals (anywhere in Asia!)
  9. Wake up and watch the fish auction at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo (and then eat sushi for breakfast)
  10. Gamble (and eat egg tarts) in Macau
  11. Visit the Taj Mahal
  12. Explore Angkor Wat at sunrise
  13. Learn to make dumplings
  14. Swim in Luang Prabang in Laos
  15. Trek Mount Rinjani in Indonesia
  16. Take a cooking class to learn how to make curry
  17. Buy rolled ice cream
  18. Go to any and all of the Disneylands (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai)
  19. Dress up and go to Harajuku in Tokyo
  20. Visit the Tegalalang Rice Terrace in Bali
  21. Tour the Tea Terraces at Maokong in Taipei
  22. Master the Squatty Potty Situation
  23. Get custom clothes made
  24. Cruise the islands of Halong Bay by boat
  25. Attend a sumo wrestling tournament in Japan
  26. Buy and wear face masks in South Korea
  27. Ogle at pandas in Chengdu
  28. Explore the world's oldest rainforest, Taman Negara National Park, in Malaysia
  29. Take a tuk tuk ride
  30. Take pictures of the cherry blossoms in China or Japan
  31. Visit the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong
  32. Go to a music festival in the Mongolian desert
  33. Do a meditation or yoga retreat in India
  34. Visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River in the Phillippines
  35. Trek part of the Himalayas
  36. Celebrate Holi in India
  37. Visit Bhutan
  38. Get full on street food for under $10
  39. Explore a Bamboo Forest in Kyoto
  40. Go on a hot air balloon ride in Myanmar
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Study Abroad Bucket List: Europe Edition

Paintings and churches to see, crepes and pizzas to eat.

In the event you have the opportunity to study abroad in Europe, by gum, you should take it. It's the chance to be on a chunk of land with an amazing array of countries all close by and all teeming with a vast expanse of history and culture.

There's great beer, nice wine, better cheese, and perfect looking loaves of bread. Oh, I suppose there is also priceless art, architecture crafted through artisan skills no longer found today, historical landmarks and museums, and churches and cathedrals that'll have you feeling insignificant in their daunting door frames.

While European vacations may seem trite, there is a reason everyone loves and continues to journey here and everywhere about.

If gifted with a European study abroad experience, do not let the days ever go to waste. No matter where you are, there is treasure to be unpacked. If you need help unveiling these European jewels, go through this study abroad bucket list.

  1. Do an outdoor thrill adventure in Interlaken.
  2. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland.
  3. Bicycle around Amsterdam on King's Day.
  4. Attend Sensation White in your best white outfit.
  5. Dress up and drink at Oktoberfest (or Springfest if it's the spring) in Munich.
  6. Go clubbing in Ibiza.
  7. Order a shot at Chupitos in Barcelona.
  8. Watch the Eiffel Tower light up at night.
  9. Take a selfie with the Queen's Guards in London.
  10. Pose in front of the John Lennon Wall in Prague.
  11. Take a gondola ride in Venice during Carnival.
  12. Taste macaroons from Laduree in Paris.
  13. Drink porto in Portugal.
  14. Go to a soccer (I mean football) match.
  15. Go Brewery Touring! (Guinness, Heineken, Pilsner Urquell and more, oh my!)
  16. Kiss a friend in front of the The Kiss on the Berlin Wall.
  17. Instagram a picture with the caption being an Olson Twin movie title and/or a Lizzie McGuire movie quote.
  18. Stay out until sunrise.
  19. Fall in love with Alhambra in Granada, Spain.
  20. Buy lunch at Mercat de la Boqueria and eat it at Park Guell.
  21. Drink absinthe in an absintherie.
  22. Go swimming in Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
  23. Visit Stonehenge (and then later wonder why you visited Stonehenge).
  24. Look out at the Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland.
  25. Take a selfie with the Mona Lisa in The Louvre.
  26. Go to the baths in Budapest.
  27. Eat Manner chocolate while staring at Gustav Klimt's The Kiss.
  28. (Pretend to) gamble in Monaco.
  29. Eat doner kebab after midnight.
  30. Have dank Indian food in London.
  31. Learn how to say "Cheers!" in every country you visit.
  32. Shop on Portobello Road in London.
  33. Have a wine and cheese picnic in a park.
  34. Take a side trip down to Morocco.
  35. Go dog sledding in Norway.
  36. Shop in the Christmas markets in Prague.
  37. Shop in the Easter markets in Budapest.
  38. Smoke hookah outside the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.
  39. Dine on feta after climbing your way up The Acropolis.
  40. Sit outside Centre Georges Pompidou and people watch (before or after going inside).
  41. Go to a hockey game.
  42. Ride the best wooden roller coaster in the world at Liseberg in Gothenberg, Sweden.
  43. Go on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter.
  44. Devour trdelnik (with nutella on the inside).
  45. Tan on the rock beaches of Dubrovnik.
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50 Things to do Before You Graduate College

If you're a senior reading this, it might be too late.

College is unlike any other time in your life: you have all the advantages of being an adult with almost none of the responsibilities. It's also probably the last time you'll have this much free time to do hoodrat shit with your friends. Here's a list of things to do now, before you get to the real world.

1. Pull an all nighter.
2. Take a course pass/fall.
3. Spend hours in the dining hall.
4. Streak an exam.
5. Streak a campus tour.
6. Take a roadtrip with your friends.
7. Skip class the first warm day of each year.
8. Stay the night in a frat.
9. Stay the night in a sorority.
10. Spend a weekend completely sober.
11. Watch an entire season in one day.
12. Have a threesome.
13. Study outside on the quad.
14. Fall in love.
15. Take naps in the middle of the day.
16. Steal a sign.
17. Show up to class drunk.
18. Change your major at least three times.
19. Go to a music festival.
20. Wake up outside.
21. Learn to cook yourself a meal.
22. Make a walk of pride.
23. Go to the gym.
24. Get a citation.
25. Hook up with someone of the same sex
26. Abuse your student ID discounts.
27. Visit a high school friend at a different school.
28. Confess your love for your hot professor
29. Study abroad.
30. Go on a fancy date.
31. Learn how to do your own laundry.
32. Learn to balance a checkbook.
33. Have sex in the library.
34. Have sex in the laundry room.
35. Have sex outside.
36. Take pictures.
37. Fail a test.
38. Get 100 on a test.
39. Beg for an internship.
40. Take a class completely outside of your major.
41. Dye your hair a color you couldn't get away with in the real world.
42. Make friends with campus security.
43. Make friends with the dining hall staff.
44. Make dinner for your housemates.
45. Learn how to dance.
46. Be a spring breaker.
47. Thank your friends for being themselves.
48. Dance on a table.
49. Dance on a roof.
50. Make a playlist of your favorite songs from college.

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Summer 2016 Bucket List

As soon as classes are done, start checking things off.

If you're like me, you're practically salivating at the thought of summer break. Just a few more weeks of class, final exams, and then, freedom. The best thing about summer break is getting a mental break from the college world.

But summer doesn't always mean you're free of responsibility. You probably have an internship, a summer jobs, traveling to do, or even classes to take.

Regardless of how you choose to spend those glorious months of summer, you definitely need to take advantage of this chance to cross off some of your bucket list items. Check out some of mine below.

1. Go somewhere that you've always wanted to.
While you may be thinking this is basic and a no-brainer, you'd be surprised how many times I've found myself saying, "This summer, I'm totally going to (insert whatever fun city here)..." and then never actually making it to that place. Stop making excuses and just book the damn trip.

2. Get that tattoo or piercing you've been talking about forever.
I didn't get my ears double pierced until I was a freshman in college; and it was so stupid of me not to do it sooner. I'm not saying you should slam a bottle of tequila and get a barcode tatted on your ass, but if you've been seriously considering a new tattoo or piercing, summer is definitely the time to do it. You'll have a few months for it to heal (and to get used to it), and you'll be ready to show it off once school starts back up.

3. Attend a random event that is being hosted in your city.
I promise if you Google your city name with the word "events" after it, you will find a full list of things to do happening right in your city. I recently did this and ended up at a pirate festival and got completely hammered with a bunch of swashbucklers. This is a great way to meet people and expand your horizons.

4. Plan a staycation with your friends.
Find the nearest campground and plan a rendezvous with 20 or 30 of your closest pals. Spend the weekend camping out while playing drinking games and eating s'mores and hot dogs.

5. Spend some quality time with your fam-bam.
Your parents love nothing more than hanging out with you, so make it a point to spend some QT with them (and your siblings). Take advantage of being home for the summer and reconnect with them.

6. Start a book club, and by book club I mean drinking club.
This is actually a high-key bomb ass idea. Create a book club (or Netflix club or brunch club) and drink with your favorite friends. You could also totally read a book or rewatch the House of Cards series. Whatever floats your boat.

7. Bar crawl through your hometown.
Create a bar crawl that samples some of your town's finest establishments (hole-in-the-wall places, I'm looking at you). Gather 10 or so of your friends, get a DD, and do some drinking.

8. Do whatever it is that you've been wanting to but haven't.
Die your hair. Text that dude. Get a dog. Take an art class. Learn to cook. Whatever it is that you've been promising yourself you'll eventually do, now is the time to take the leap of faith and just go for it. There's no better time than the present, people!

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Summer Bucket List: East Coast Edition

Take advantage of the time off, if you have it.

Ah, summer--a time of bliss, and a three-month-long period of glorious nothingness and ultimate freedom. The summers you spend in college are some of the best summers you'll have in your life.

Well, not for me. I unfortunately attend a hellhole, otherwise known as Drexel University, where the trimester system rules, our summers are ripped from our hands, and we are rapidly forced into adulthood. I love Drexel, but I need summer. Being a 15-credit student this upcoming summer term, I've decided to make a bucket list to ensure that even though I'll be in class, fun comes first.

Stop what you're doing, grab your peeps, start a group chat, and embark on the best summer of your life; east coast edition.

1. Check out Live Nation for all of your music needs. From rock festivals to EDM shows, they have every ticket you need. Some renowned music groups are going on tour of summer 16, like Guns N Roses, Blink-182, G-Eazy, Kenny Chesney, Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, and more.

2. Take day trip to the beach. Whether it's the Jersey Shore, OC Maryland, the Outer Banks--whatever floats your boat. Grab a group of friends and pack your bags for a long weekend vacay.

3. Do a drink exchange! Like a cookie exchange, but with alcohol. Have each of your friends bring a different special drink, and host a cocktail party! Check out the Tipsy Bartender for some fun and creative drink ideas.

4. Take a road trip to Nashville, TN. It's a feasible drive from almost anywhere on the east coast, and there's plenty to do once you get there. Go to some famous bars like Tootsie's or Legend's Corner for a live country music show, or try The Loveless Cafe for real southern cooking.

5. Take a trip to a nearby winery! One of the best wineries on the East Coast is the Jefferson Vineyard. You and your friends can sign up for a wine tasting tour throughout the vineyard!

6. No pool? No problem. Set up a slip-n-slide, which you can purchase for under $50, and have a mini slip-n-slide party! Walmart sells a variation of slip-n-slides, and you and your friends can go in on one together to last the whole summer. You can also try a slip-n-slide drinking game, like drunken "Slip n Flip".

7. Do a co-ed campout. Whether it's in your backyard, or deep in the woods somewhere, everyone likes a good campfire! Bring supplies for s'mores, a cooler of beer, a music speaker, and boom--you have a campfire party. Summer is really the only time you can sleep outside without freezing to death, so take advantage of the warm weather and clear skies!