Senior Year Bucket List
10.23.2016 | College Life Source: @nicbelisabeth

Senior Year Bucket List

It's time to stop and smell the roses.

It's your senior year and you're panicking because THIS IS IT. Alright, calm down, you'll be fine. The most important thing about senior year is to be as present in every moment as possible. So put down your phone. It's time to stop and smell the roses.


Here's your ultimate senior year bucket list.

1. Check out the campus spots you haven't seen yet.
There's definitely a bar, a hangout, legendary house party, dining hall, or a study lounge you haven't taken the time to get to. This is your last chance to check it out. Make an event out of it, or fly solo.

2. See a show.
Chances are your school has an improv troupe, dance teams, or a fantastic musical or play. Buy tickets to something. Go see it. It'll give you new perspective - and hey, maybe you'll even get to say you saw a future star before they "made it big" in 10 years.

3. Take a fun class.
By "fun" I mean something you've been dying to take. Maybe it's a professor you've heard is outstanding. Maybe it's something you don't know anything about so you want to give it a shot. Worst case scenario, you can always drop it...

4. Go to a game for a sport you've never watched.
Find out what sport your school is great at - or not! - and go watch a game with some friends. Tickets are usually super cheap, and it's a great way to discover some school pride you may not have known existed. You'll witness new cheers, meet new people, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

5. Don't forget about your grades.
I know people that lost potential jobs out of school because they stopped giving AF about their grades in their last two semesters. Have fun, cut loose, it's senior year! Yeah, well all that partying and all those C's may have you losing big time. Have fun, but stay focused.

6. Sell your books.
SERIOUSLY. Do it while you're still on campus and make some extra bucks. (see No. 8.) There are lots of FB groups and library sales around campus. Do a little digging and don't get stuck with $200 text books collecting dust.

7. Don't FOMO.
You won't make it to every party, show, pregame, or meeting. Don't dwell on it. I know you're trying to soak up every last moment of your youth, but stressing about being somewhere else will spoil whatever you chose to do instead.

8. Spend money (but not too much).
There's something to be said about saving up for that post-grad time, but don't miss out on seeing your favorite band with your best friends because you're worried about spending a couple extra dollars. Spending money on the right experiences is TOTALLY worth it, plus get some final usage out of those student ID discounts...

9. Fill your days with friend dates.
Set up one-on-one time with your favorite people. Plan an ice cream movie date or catch a game together. Show them you care and want to keep them around. You'll be so glad you had that time together once the year is over.

10. Take pictures.
Pick up a few disposable cameras at the beginning of the year. The beautiful thing about these is they capture real candid moments. You can't double check them, which is scary, but also freeing. They're easy to pass around at parties, and getting the film developed gives you a really gratifying satisfaction.