Sasha Obama Missed Her Father's Farewell To Study For A Test
01.11.2017 | Classes Source:

Sasha Obama Missed Her Father's Farewell To Study For A Test

She's more class-disciplined than some college students.

Last night, 10 days before Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address to the nation. And while it was, not surprisingly, a popular social media topic, it may have been for another reason -- his youngest daughter, Sasha, was not present.

The Internet asked away. Did she not feel like it? Was she sick? A family fallout? Some weird, long, drawn out kidnapping scenario?
All of that turned out to be untrue, as White House officials stated that Sasha Obama did not attend her dad's address, which was in Chicago, because of school.
Let me say that again. Sasha Obama, the daughter of the incumbent president and first lady, missed the farewell speech because of SCHOOL.
For those unaware, Sasha attends a noteworthy, highly-selective school in the D.C. area -- Sidwell Friends. The school is in an exam period right now, and there is an exam scheduled for this morning. The examination policies state that students are not excused for travel -- and I guess that goes if you're a member of the first family as well.
Now, there's a couple of different ways one can react to this. On one hand, you can complain and be stunned, confused and befuddled how the U.S. president's daughter was forced to miss a big moment for her dad because of a dumb school policy.
Or, you can look at it like this is something her parents had no problem with, and might have even encouraged. First Lady Michelle Obama has already stated how big of an issue education is for her, because its something she felt that empowered her.
So, since Sasha Obama couldn't get out of her test for her dad's farewell speech to the U.S., what's your next excuse going to be for your next big exam, or a project you don't want to do?
The answer: None. Sasha Obama's dedication and sacrifice to her education, going to this point, has invalidated any excuses any college student (or any student for that matter) has for not attending and caring about classes.
And you know your professors are paying attention to this as well...
It shows just how important education has been as a topic to the Obamas. As stated before, we know they have pushed the importance of education, and they're not wrong. Education is such an empowering, yet necessary tool. It allows us to learn, to understand, to grow as human beings. When you pay all this money for a private high school, or the college or university of your choice, you're investing into your future -- you want to have the best life after school possible, don't you?
There are still some valid excuses to missing classes and tests, but if you've ever chosen to not study out of pure laziness or not caring for a class you're putting money into, I hope Sasha Obama makes you feel bad now.
On a side note, I don't blame the young Obama for wanting to study more. It's a science exam, and I hate science; I was never really good at it. As a journalism grad student, I am so happy I will never have to take another science class again.
Anyways, hopefully Sasha Obama does well on her test, and hopefully the first family has shown you the value and importance of an education. So stop making excuses and hit the books!