Reconnecting With High School Friends
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Reconnecting With High School Friends

Do you really need to see how they're doing after all this time?

There are some friends that last forever... and then there are some that you lose contact with immediately after high school ends.

You might be tempted to reconnect when you're back in town, whether you're only home for the holidays, or home for good, but honestly...

I wouldn't recommend it.

You probably drifted apart for a reason.
Maybe their personality just didn't mesh well with yours, maybe they were actually having a toxic influence on your life, maybe you just didn't have the same life goals. Even the best of friends can have differences that drive them apart.

It's highly likely that you can find a friend who meshes better with you and is actually in the same city. You're in university, have some faith.

Distance can put serious strain on relationships.
It becomes a bit of a hassle to maintain a long-distance relationship of any kind. This really depends on your personality, though; if you think that you can maintain a long-distance friendship without being seriously stressed out about hidden meaning in text messages and when you can make time to head back to your hometown to hang out, then go for it.

I know from experience that I can't do that. When I moved, I had a relatively new boyfriend. Less than two months later, I was happily single.

This one does become a non-issue if you've permanently moved back to your hometown.

They may have changed (or not).
When I was home for winter break, I met up with a guy I hung out with a lot in high school. He'd always been a negative person, which seriously clashed with me, because I'm really positive, and he would always try to bring me down (intentionally or just because it was in his nature, I don't know).

My thought was that maybe he'd just really hated high school, and in adult life he would have a more positive outlook.

Oh, how wrong I was. He was still negative, and although he seemed to show remorse for some of the things that he'd said to me in the past, he said some seriously downer stuff during our hour and half of chatting.

On the opposite side of this, it's very possible that your ex-bestie has gotten in with a completely different crowd or taken up a new religion, especially if you're trying to reconnect once you're done with university. They're probably not the same person you knew in high school.

This can sometimes be a good thing if you didn't mesh well in high school, or it could be bad if the old dynamic is completely ruined, but either way, you have to take it into account, along with the fact that...

You've changed too.
I've gone through one single semester of university, and I feel like a completely different person than I was in high school. I can't be sure of how different I actually am, but just my opinion that I'm different than I was reminds me that I probably couldn't be friends with certain people now.

Think about how much changes in four years for both of you. It's ultimately up to you to decide whether or not reconnecting is a good idea, but remember to keep these things in mind and give it a lot of thought before it potentially blows up in your face.

I know that for me, I'm going to be taking this approach to the high school friends I lost touch with:

No regrets.

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Awkward Encounters While Home from College

Well, that escalated quickly.

Being home from school is a total bait-and-switch. Whether it is your first summer home after being away or your fourth, gone are the days when you can walk around campus and feel like the cool person you have become in college. When you come back for summer break, it is inevitable that you'll run into people from high school, teachers, or odd parents of friends. Here are four of the most awkward encounters you'll have-- brace yourself.

1. The underclassman you sort of know.

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Since you'll be home, your mom will hatch the perfect plan to send you to the grocery store during the day, where you will have to be checked out by someone you kind of know. At first, you won't remember where you know this kid from, but then they'll smile at you, expecting you to recognize them, and the awkwardness will set in as you realize they were the small frosh who had a crush on you.

2. The teacher who saw potential in you.

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If you have to attend a function for a younger sibling at your high school, you will definitely run into a teacher you had. You know, the one that was really excited for you to graduate and go out and change the world. It will be super awkward when you have to explain that you've transferred twice and are now majoring in something wildly different from what they were expecting.

3. Your hometown ex.

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You may have more than one, but there is definitely a guy or gal who tops the list of awkwardness. Think of the one to whom you professed your love endlessly and promised that you could make it work long distance in college. Then, you broke up over Thanksgiving break via text and you haven't seen them since - until now.

4. The weird mom.

Jim Halpert tries his best in the face of an ex.

When you run into this mom at the mall, they will inevitably stop you to chat, even if you weren't friends with their kid. They'll ask you how you are and then brag about their own son or daughter and claim that it would be a good idea for you guys to hang out with each other. You know it's not, and when the mom goes home and tells her kid she saw you, they'll roll their eyes too.

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How To Ensure That You Didn't Peak In High School

The best is yet to come, people.

Ahh high school. Those four years were some of the most formative of your life- you had your first homecoming dance, your first real heartbreak, your first joint. It was in those hallways that you started to decide what kind of people you wanted to surround yourself with and what kind of person you wanted to be.

But there was a time and a place for all that, and if you've already received your diploma, that time is in the past. We applaud you quarterback, prom queen, and class pres. You truly reined supreme in the cafeteria. But all good things must come to end because no one wants to be that creepy grad who keeps showing up to the football games.

There's nothing wrong with having enjoyed your four years of high school, but here's how to make sure that's not where you peak.

Forget the FOMO.
Back in the glory days, parties could be few and far between. Missing a house party was sure to leave you in the dark on the juicy gossip being mulled over in homeroom and the dish on who went to third base in Kyle's parent's bathroom. But even worse than being unable to attend was receiving no invite at all...those bitches.

Nowadays if you wake up with a news feed of red solo cups, you shouldn't sweat it. Sure you want to see your own friends, but if another crew has a banger and you weren't on the list, that's just one less drunken conversation about your intended major that you have to have.

Let your demons die.
The hallways of high school were like a minefield. Not only did you have to deal with your own enemies, but those of your friends as well. Because no one crosses MY crew and gets away with it. No one.

But hey, we're all in the real world now, and even though Becca stole your prom dress when you clearly bought it first, it's about that time to stop cursing her name every time she comes up in conversation. When you can care less about all the petty bullshit that went down in high school, you know you've made it out.

Understand that high school events are for high schoolers.
Senior year you probably all made vows to come back for just one more basketball game, or crash the annual valentines party. But hopefully upon marching across that graduation auditorium packed with overeager sweaty parents, a thought struck you: I am so getting out of here.

We all remember those alumni for lingering far too many years with us in the student section or sitting in the background of parties, a little too eager to take pictures with the newly budding sophomore girls. Don't be that human.

High school was great, but there is a whole lot greater left to come. Sure, remembering those shaping years of our lives can be nostalgic, but keep it at that; distant memories you can look back on, blur out the details you didn't like, and give a little wistful sigh as you romanticize the height of your puberty.

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Guys You'll Sleep With Over Break

God bless your old high school friends

Coming home for the holidays can be a long 1-4 weeks, (depending on the break), and an even longer one if your campus booty call isn't conveniently going home to the same town as you. Don't worry though; no one is expecting you to spend all this time in a drought. How the hell would you survive the family drama/chaos without a little stress reliever? Lucky for you, there a few options a lot closer to you than you thought. While this list is intended to be a possibility of the collection of guys you'll sleep with over numerous breaks, if you knock 'em all out in one, more power to ya.

Your old high school fling: Oh the memories and flashbacks that this one will bring. You'll run into him at a bar or a party with one of your friends from home. After a few drinks and few laughs over old memories you'll end up in a very familiar place. Just this time without the fear that his parents might get home early from their weekend away.

The kid you talked to twice in high school: You'll probably run into this one at the same places you'd run into the previously mentioned one-night stand. Most likely, you'll notice the physical changes the other one has gone through since high school and conversation will be totally motivated by sex. You'll hook up and your convo count will now be three. It will probably also stay there.

The (hot) friend of a friend: God bless your old high school friends bringing their new smoking hot friends back for breaks. You'll use funny stories about your mutual friend to win them over. The conversation will grow from there; and before you know it, you'll be doing some major flirting. After a few more drinks, you will both know exactly what's happening next. You'll also be texting your friend to bring him home a little more often.

The stranger from the local bar: Never seen this cutie around before? Perfect, because you probably won't have to see him again after your little night of fun. He's probably there visiting friends or family and is looking for a little stress reliever, because God knows how taxing these family visits can be. You can even pull out the tried and true "haven't seen you around here before" bit.

Family friends' kid: This one won't be as simple as the rest for obvious reasons. You've known them your whole life and will probably know them for the rest of it. There's probably been sexual tension between the two of your for a while now, and deciding whether or not to act on it took some serious deliberating. Sure they're like family. But like family isn't blood family. It's a weird line that can get a little blurry. The aftermath of this fling will either be really awkward or seen as something that was a long time coming. Either way this one-nighter is bound to happen eventually.

The townie: And by townie I mean the ki, who was born in, grew up in, lives in, and will never leave your hometown. Every time you come home it's not a question of if you'll see this guy, but where you'll see him--unlike the rest of your high school who split off onto new adventures after school. Definitely not a guy to date, but a good guy to hook up with for the hell of it.

Check out the rest of the Guys You'll Sleep With series here and here.

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Throwback to Season 1

Every transition is a new season of the ridiculous sitcom of my life.

I have this running joke with my current friend group where I refer to some of them as the, "Season 4," cast in my life. As I've graduated high school, entered college, and then got shuffled into my major, friends have come and gone.

Every transition is a new season of the ridiculous sitcom of my life.

So, Season 4, the season of my Maturity ArcTM, where I'm bravely forging ahead with my life, taking opportunities and preparing for life after graduation. Things are going good. Great, even. So, of course, there's gotta be a callback to my Origin ArcTM.

And that's when we start bringing back the Season 1 characters that we thought were out the door.

To put it less dramatically, a friend from high school came to visit me, and we had a really fun time. No awkward silences, no not really knowing what to say to each other, we just picked up from where we'd left off.

Being fairly out of touch with my graduating class, my time with them has kind of fuzzied out in my brain, but it took maybe an hour (and three beers) for it all to come back. The embarrassing stories, the inter-clique politics, the illicit romances.

God, high school was truly one of the most infuriating times of my life, but looking back on it after having graduated almost three years ago it all seems so funny. And past that, it was just so nice to have someone who's known me for so long back in my life for a night.

If you graduated and didn't look back then that was your decision. Burn those bridges, man. Don't let anyone tell you what to do. But laughing about all the dumb shit you did or saw is miles better with a beer and an old friend than it is by yourself.

The first season may be shittier than the rest, but hey, it's there for a reason.

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Moving From A Small Town To A Big City

It is the best of both worlds.

The words small and big are kind of understatements for me. I went from living in the middle of nowhere with a graduating class of 48 students to attending a university with over 50,000 students. This sudden leap in size can be a bit of a struggle to adjust at first, but eventually you get the hang of it. Here are the ups and downs.

The struggles:
Crosswalks are a thing.
In a small town, you just walk right across the road and don't think anything of it because there is barely any traffic. But, that all changes once you go somewhere drastically more populated. Now there are cars, bikes, and buses everywhere, so you have to press a button and wait your turn to cross the street. I just find this so strange.

It's hard to find peace and quiet.
There are all kinds of noises in the city. Traffic, construction, people shouting, and sirens from various emergency vehicles are just a few of them. It is all so loud and distracting.

What you did back home is no longer normal.
Mudding. Country music. Bonfires. Driving aimlessly around. These basic things that you grew up with just don't happen in the city.

You will miss the stars.
It is such a simple thing that you won't think about it at first. Until one night, you will look up and see lights and buildings. There will be this feeling that something is missing, like the magic and beauty is gone.

The perks:
There is more to do.
Like, a lot more. There is actually a good variety of stores you can shop in. There is more than one restaurant. So many buildings with so many activities like gyms and bars. Cities just provide you with so many more options

You get to meet new people.
Back home, everyone knows everyone. From preschool to senior year, the people in my class stayed the same for the most part. There are so many different types of people and perspectives in the city. You will become friends with people you never imagined.

Food places deliver.
From Chinese food to pizza, it is all just a phone call or a click of button away. It is such a magnificent thing that you never realized you needed in your life. I mean who doesn't love food.

In the end, you really do get the best of both worlds. You get the beauty and relaxation from your small town. You get the excitement and possibilities from your big city. I call both home, and I wouldn't want it any other way.