Are You Ready To Date In 2017?
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Are You Ready To Date In 2017?

You could be setting yourself up for failure.

It's 2017, and for many people that means creating a list of highly unattainable expectations for this "new year, new you." Maybe you've got your hopes up that this will FINALLY BE THE YEAR YOU FALL IN LOVE! Or at least have a few subpar dating experiences. Honestly, I am entirely rooting for you if that's the case.

Before you set yourself up for failure like the majority of us with your resolutions, you should probably ask yourself the following questions to see, you know, if love is actually in the cards.
1. Do you still constantly think about your ex?
Be HONEST. If that's the case, you're probably only going to be comparing any and all new people to said ex. That's not fair to them, and it's only gonna drive you crazy too. Trust.
2. Do you even have TIME for a relationship?
College is hard. We're constantly forced to micromanage our lives as if we're *adults* or something. If your main objective is to do well in your classes, that's most likely going to require a lot of library time. Aka not spend-it-with-your-SO time. If you find yourself pre-planning when to schedule in a relationship time, that's a sign of failure right off the bat.
3. Do you love yourself?
Are you going into a relationship because you want to feel good about yourself, or are you doing it because you're already at that point and are ready to share the luurrrv and ur fiiiiine self. As Rupaul perfectly put it, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?"
4. Do you have standards?
This requires some serious self-evaluation. Are you the type of person who falls for pretty much any person who even blinks in your general direction? Simply because you are THAT desperate for some sort of affection? Three words, people: Don't. Settle. Ever.
5. How's your financial situation?
This may sound ridiculous to some... but really. Are you doing this just for the chance at getting some free meals out of the deal? I definitely strung some people along this past fall for that reason alone. No shame. Ok... some shame. Basically, you should try to avoid messing with people's heads and hearts just for the occasional freebies.
6. Do you have solid, supportive friend group?
This might seem irrelevant, but it's really not. If you do begin to date, you should never put these friends on the backburner. More importantly, having a solid base that involves no sexual anything is just vital for your well-being. Who is gonna be there for you when this person ends up being just as shitty as the others? Is that just my pessimism coming through?
If you passed this test and really think you're ready to put yourself out there, congrats! And if not, that's okay too. Taking time for yourself can be just as rewarding, or even more so, especially when starting off a new year.
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Is Your Relationship Fit For Long Distance? (Quiz)

Nothing but honesty here.

With the end of the semester quickly creeping up, the reality of graduating and moving onto whatever comes next is becoming all too real for most of us. This change can be even more stressful when in a relationship.

When you and your S.O move on to the next chapter of your life, distance can become an issue. If either or both of you are moving away and not to the same place it's time to have "the talk" about whether or not staying together long distance will work.

If you're struggling to make the right choice, take this quiz to see whether or not your relationship can withstand the distance.

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The Lingering Ex

No, closing your eyes will not make your problems go away.

Being in a long-term relationship is a rollercoaster, but breaking up that relationship for college? Well that's another story. Where do you draw the line with your ex/still best friend/still want to get with them but that catch down the hall is a 11/10?

Here is my fresh takeaway thus far.

1. Go out, have fun, put yourself out there.
Yes, yes, all you want to do is mope around and FaceTime your ex-significant other (now simply called your best friend) who lives two time zones away. But let's be real, the sea is vast with so many colorful fish.

Take a swim and meet all the interesting (and hot) people around you. If you take a dive and still want to get back with your ex, then power to you. At least you're making an informed decision.

2. Communication is the key.
It's hard to go from talking all day everyday, snapchatting constantly trying to not talking at all. But wait, you don't have to do that! Talking is a good thing. You don't need to drop your BFF completely, but keep in mind jealousy is a real thing. Be clear and draw boundaries.

3. There's more to it than just hookups.
If you just aren't feeling it and don't want to put yourself out there for others, then don't do it! You can put yourself out there without having to grind on some random guy and pretend you like it.

Join the co-ed tennis club like you were planning to but last minute got too nervous to try out for. Volunteer at that center you always found so moving but never had the time for. Chances are you'll meet some people just like you and everything will fall into place.

4. Cliched disclaimer: Be yourself.
"Just be yourself!" is an eye-roll worthy statement, but it's got some truth behind it. Don't try to be that "too cool for you girl" or that "ultra suave guy" if that's not you. It doesn't work, people will see past your fa?ade, and it's also just a huge turn off. Be yourself and you'll be surprised at how the right people will gravitate towards you.

5. Avoid new relationships like the plague.
Honey, you just got out of one. Don't swing from tree to tree! This is your time to be free, single and independent. If you've been in a relationship all of high school, you should figure out who you are without your ex always by your side. They aren't center stage anymore, so this time it's all about you.

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Six Reasons To Date The Ex Promiscuous Girl

Do I have to add that she's good in bed?

1. She'll be faithful to you.
Casual sex feels good for a while, and then suddenly it doesn't. The former promiscuous girl won't be as likely to cheat on you because unlike women who have never experienced the (initial) thrill of a one night stand, she's been there and done that and isn't inclined to return.

2. She's sensitive to your feelings.
Heaven knows she's been hurt before, so she would never want to cause the same pain to you. She's had enough experience that enabled her to distinguish between the right and wrong way to treat a person.

3. She's good in bed.
I'd be remiss if I didn't include this one. All that practice had to provide some lasting benefit, right?

4. She's spontaneous.
The promiscuous girl is prone to acting on whims and luckily for you, you'll now be included in her crazy and exciting antics.

5. She's honest.
She's been through a lot and doesn't sugarcoat anything. She'll give you her real opinion along with constructive criticism you'll actually use.

6. She could be the love of your life.
Unfortunately, no matter how progressive the world may be, there are still guys who won't give the time of day to girls who've been around the block. Yet in doing so, they're eliminating a large pool of girls, some who they may have lots in common with and a real connection if they had a chance. And that's a shame for the girls and the guys.

So forget the stigma-- enter every new relationship with an open mind, and don't dwell on each other's pasts. And maybe you'll realize the ex promiscuous girl was the person in you're life you've been waiting for after all.

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Four Types of Guys You May Not Want to Date

You've been warned.

Often times stereotypes are just that, stereotypes. But sometimes you come across an individual who makes you wonder if a certain stereotype was created in their honor.

Dating in today's modern and digital society can be hard enough, so let me give you a few types of guys you may want to automatically be wary about when it comes to the realm of love.

1. The skateboarder
We're college students, which means we are supposed to be on our way to becoming adults. So why are some guys still skateboarding around like the kid in high school who rebels against authority? The skateboard makes me uneasy and leads me to believe that you aren't trustworthy, and we all know how important trust is in a relationship.

Even if he may be very educated and lawful, keep in mind that one day you'll have to take him to a family function where your grandma may not fully understand why your boyfriend has funny-looking leaves on his socks.

2. The ironic mustache man
He can grow facial hair, and is proud to flaunt it. But when he rocks that large and unruly mustache just because he thinks it's funny, it becomes a concern. I've noticed that sometimes insecure men feel the need to hide behind this conversation piece on their face. No one asks questions about who they really are, because everyone just says, "WOW! Look at that hilarious mustache!"

As a college student, your time is valuable. So unless you have a very easy class schedule, I would recommend using your dating energy on confident young men who can be upfront and honest about who they are.

3. The "I'm still mean to you but it means I like you" man
I was really hoping these games would end in middle school, but it looks like this flirting tactic is here to stay. I can't deal with it and neither should you. When a guy says mean things to me in front of his friends just to make me feel awkward, I get extremely annoyed. Why would I want to have sex with someone who is rude to me?

At this point in life, you should be with someone who thinks you are just as awesome as you think you are. Instead, try a guy who will buy you dinner and tell you you're pretty without makeup on, even if it's a lie.

4. The man with yellow teeth
The yellow tint of the teeth means so much more than just poor hygiene habits. Brushing your teeth literally takes two minutes (hopefully longer but sometimes you are in a hurry). But when you see a guy sporting these golden nuggets in his mouth, you are forced to question how lazy he really is.

It makes you unsure that he can be trusted to fulfill adult responsibilities and take care of things. How is a guy like this supposed to take care of you if he can't even take care of his teeth?


The dating minefield is a rough one to navigate. But hopefully these warning signs will make your dating and/or hookup life just a little bit easier.

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The Five Guys You Shouldn't Date in College

I know you think dating your TA is a good idea, but it's not.

College is this whole new world of dick. Everywhere on campus, at college parties, bars, and in your building, there are all of these brand new hotties to be had.

Perhaps at some point you'll become the kind of girl who needs the security of exclusivity, which is fine. (I guess.) But some guys are just bad news by definition.

So unless you want your heart broken, your grades affected, or to come home to your boo banging your roommate, I suggest you stay away from the following archetypes.

The guy with a hot girl best friend

Famous last words from the guy you're dating: "Oh you don't have to worry about her, we're just friends." And even if it turns out to be nothing, you'll definitely resent her the entire time you're dating.

Your TA

Sounds great, right? A hot guy grading your exams, definitely sounds like some quid pro quo could be involved, very Serena van der Woodsen of you.

Until you break up, or he gets jealous of your study buddy, and suddenly that test you spent 10 hours cramming for has dropped your grade 5 percent. Do yourself and your GPA a favor and just stay away.

The guy in a top fraternity

Sure, he's hot, funny, and probably fucks like a champ, but you really expect him to be loyal when he's constantly surrounded by girls that make you look in the mirror and wonder if you're even female? Oh honey, you're just begging to get fucked over.

Your neighbor/housemate

Nothing says "I can't wait for this year to be over" quite like living with your ex. If there's a lease involved, you two shouldn't be hooking up. Period.

Your best guy friend

The idea of dating your best friend seems so great from every rom-com and sitcom we've ever seen. Half the time this works out perfectly and you get married with a white picket fence and 2.5 children. The other half you end up resenting each other afterward and tearing your friend group apart. Either way, that shit is terrifying.