Are You Ready To Date In 2017?
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Are You Ready To Date In 2017?

You could be setting yourself up for failure.

It's 2017, and for many people that means creating a list of highly unattainable expectations for this "new year, new you." Maybe you've got your hopes up that this will FINALLY BE THE YEAR YOU FALL IN LOVE! Or at least have a few subpar dating experiences. Honestly, I am entirely rooting for you if that's the case.

Before you set yourself up for failure like the majority of us with your resolutions, you should probably ask yourself the following questions to see, you know, if love is actually in the cards.
1. Do you still constantly think about your ex?
Be HONEST. If that's the case, you're probably only going to be comparing any and all new people to said ex. That's not fair to them, and it's only gonna drive you crazy too. Trust.
2. Do you even have TIME for a relationship?
College is hard. We're constantly forced to micromanage our lives as if we're *adults* or something. If your main objective is to do well in your classes, that's most likely going to require a lot of library time. Aka not spend-it-with-your-SO time. If you find yourself pre-planning when to schedule in a relationship time, that's a sign of failure right off the bat.
3. Do you love yourself?
Are you going into a relationship because you want to feel good about yourself, or are you doing it because you're already at that point and are ready to share the luurrrv and ur fiiiiine self. As Rupaul perfectly put it, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?"
4. Do you have standards?
This requires some serious self-evaluation. Are you the type of person who falls for pretty much any person who even blinks in your general direction? Simply because you are THAT desperate for some sort of affection? Three words, people: Don't. Settle. Ever.
5. How's your financial situation?
This may sound ridiculous to some... but really. Are you doing this just for the chance at getting some free meals out of the deal? I definitely strung some people along this past fall for that reason alone. No shame. Ok... some shame. Basically, you should try to avoid messing with people's heads and hearts just for the occasional freebies.
6. Do you have solid, supportive friend group?
This might seem irrelevant, but it's really not. If you do begin to date, you should never put these friends on the backburner. More importantly, having a solid base that involves no sexual anything is just vital for your well-being. Who is gonna be there for you when this person ends up being just as shitty as the others? Is that just my pessimism coming through?
If you passed this test and really think you're ready to put yourself out there, congrats! And if not, that's okay too. Taking time for yourself can be just as rewarding, or even more so, especially when starting off a new year.
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Weight Loss Tips For 2017

Get ready for the slim-down!

It can't get much worse than 2016, so there's no where to go but up! Most New Year's Resolutions circle around fitness.

The New Year comes right after the holiday season where we chow down on pie and get a little too comfortable in our winter bods. Whether you want to lose 20 pounds, five pounds, or just turn some fat into muscle, I have some tips for you!

Make sure you aren't taking adderall, skipping meals, and simply hoping for the best. This will not keep the pounds off permanently! In fact, it may even pack them on later.

Skipping meals slows down your metabolism and won't give you the long term results you want. In 2017, start exercising, eating healthy, and putting in the work.

Here are some ways you can help aid the process:

At least eight glasses of eight ounces every day.

2. Cut back on alcohol.
Choose red over white and lose the sugary mixers.

3. Do a cleanse.
Tea-Toxes are my favorite!

4. Speaking of tea...
Drink more green tea on the daily!

5. Turmuric.
It supports natural weight loss, aids muscles and joints, and reduces inflammation.

6. Take a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning!
It's gross, but it works.

7. Flaxseed Oil.
It supports natural weight loss and fights cellulite.

8. Eat flat tummy foods.
Almonds, asparagus, blueberries, oatmeal, salmon, spinach are all great for that.

9. Never Skip Breakfast!
Ever ever ever!

10. Eat Throughout The Day
Six little meals are better than three big meals.

11. L-Carnitine.
It regulates how the body metabolizes fats and carbs.

12. Hit the gym.
Go at least three times a week & never go three days without it.

13. Mix up your workout.
Try boxing, cycling, pole dancing, etc.

14. Add lemon to your water/tea.
It makes it taste better without any extra calories.

15. Avoid processed foods.
This should be obvious.

16. Whole grains are your friend.
Avoid white bread, white rice, and potatoes.

17. Crank up the cardio.
The more sweat, the more pounds you lose.

18. Enjoy your food.
Eat slowly!

19. Get enough sleep & reduce stress.
You'll be happier all-around, also!

You have to start now, keep your goals in mind, and remember that it won't happen overnight. It will be a happy new year indeed!

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The Stages of a Bad Date as Told By Amy Schumer

Get your wine ready.

God fucking bless Amy Schumer: a true hero, icon, and inspiration of our time. Her wit and grace truly embody what it's like to be a millennial. She's the voice of our generation--and the voice of shitty dates.

He comes to pick you up for your dinner date; you're all done up, feeling flirty, and ready for the night. You don't want to seem too excited so you keep it calm and cool with a breezy hello and a soft smile.

Uh oh... is he actually trying to talk to you about sports? Like at the beginning of the date? Really? Quick! Think of a favorite team!

By now you've realized that you're going to need a couple of drinks to get through a conversation with him. It's pretty much continued to spiral downward since the sports talk and at this point all you want out of this night is bottomless pinot.

Thank the fucking heavens he seemed to take the hint. You needed that wine more than you've ever needed anything and are hoping to have at least two glasses down by the time the entrees come, and 4 to 5 down by the time the check comes--the only two things that will come tonight, tbh. Hope he's rich, because you're planning on drinking your way through this tragedy.

OK, apparently he didn't get the hint because he's still talking about shit you don't give a damn about and pretty much dominating the conversation. Your wine isn't kicking in fast enough and you're considering switching to something a little stronger. You're in serious need of a little saving grace--time to start plotting a way out.

OK, fuck it. You don't even care at this point what he thinks of you. You're getting the check and you're getting it right now, with a to-go box for your filet because that shit is not going to waste. Maybe a to-go cup for your wine, too?

Apparently he's a little offended that you asked for the check in the middle of the meal. Sorry, buddy. Try not to suck so much next time. You're off to bigger and better things. *Grabs glass of wine and storms out with to-go box in hand to wait for the Uber you called mid-dinner.*

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The Lingering Ex

No, closing your eyes will not make your problems go away.

Being in a long-term relationship is a rollercoaster, but breaking up that relationship for college? Well that's another story. Where do you draw the line with your ex/still best friend/still want to get with them but that catch down the hall is a 11/10?

Here is my fresh takeaway thus far.

1. Go out, have fun, put yourself out there.
Yes, yes, all you want to do is mope around and FaceTime your ex-significant other (now simply called your best friend) who lives two time zones away. But let's be real, the sea is vast with so many colorful fish.

Take a swim and meet all the interesting (and hot) people around you. If you take a dive and still want to get back with your ex, then power to you. At least you're making an informed decision.

2. Communication is the key.
It's hard to go from talking all day everyday, snapchatting constantly trying to not talking at all. But wait, you don't have to do that! Talking is a good thing. You don't need to drop your BFF completely, but keep in mind jealousy is a real thing. Be clear and draw boundaries.

3. There's more to it than just hookups.
If you just aren't feeling it and don't want to put yourself out there for others, then don't do it! You can put yourself out there without having to grind on some random guy and pretend you like it.

Join the co-ed tennis club like you were planning to but last minute got too nervous to try out for. Volunteer at that center you always found so moving but never had the time for. Chances are you'll meet some people just like you and everything will fall into place.

4. Cliched disclaimer: Be yourself.
"Just be yourself!" is an eye-roll worthy statement, but it's got some truth behind it. Don't try to be that "too cool for you girl" or that "ultra suave guy" if that's not you. It doesn't work, people will see past your fa?ade, and it's also just a huge turn off. Be yourself and you'll be surprised at how the right people will gravitate towards you.

5. Avoid new relationships like the plague.
Honey, you just got out of one. Don't swing from tree to tree! This is your time to be free, single and independent. If you've been in a relationship all of high school, you should figure out who you are without your ex always by your side. They aren't center stage anymore, so this time it's all about you.

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Diet Tips For The New Year

Simple Tips to Help Achieve Your Diet Resolutions for 2017

Many things happened in 2016 that I think we all want to forget. Famous stars passing, a stressful election, and for some unlucky students, possibly the freshman 15. I know we all want to forget it but those pounds unfortunately carry over.

If you are like me, then you want to make some changes for the better. Here are some diet tips that can have a big impact on your health this next year and get you ready for bathing suit season!

  • Cut the soda and energy drinks. I know that early classes suck, especially if you are like me and you don't like coffee. However, replacing these with water will have a huge impact on your diet. Look at it in a numbers kind of way. Each soda bottle you drink is roughly 180 calories and approximately 50 grams of sugar. So if you had two bottles of soda a day that you cut from your diet, you lose 2,520 calories and 700 grams of sugar. It adds up real quick.
  • Watch the fruits and the fruit juice! I know what you're thinking. "I thought fruits would be a good substitute for candy bars and soda!" You aren't wrong; replacing some junk food with fruit is a great idea... when it's not done in excess. Fruits are sweet because they contain natural sugars. A couple of servings throughout the day are great, but when you eat too sugar that you don't burn off, it turns to fat.
  • Salads don't always equal healthy eating. Sure it sounds great in theory: veggies in a bowl... what could possibly be bad about that? It's got to be healthier to eat a side salad than a thing of fries right? Well not every salad is healthy. Time for more numbers! The average salad from a restaurant contains over 500 calories, most all of which comes from the fatty dressing (honey mustard, ranch, the good stuff). An average order of fries contains roughly 520 calories; they are practically the same. However, using light vinaigrette or limiting the portion of dressing down to the recommended two tablespoons can greatly increase the healthy aspect of that salad. If ya do that, then you are good to go!
  • Substitute deserts with better substitutes. For me, a meal isn't complete without something sweet to eat. Unfortunately that cake does not contain some magical healing properties. It probably contains 240 calories and 50 grams of sugar. It's the same concept as the soda; it all adds up over time.
  • Portion control! This is the single biggest tip for dieting. Any good food can turn into something unhealthy if it's eaten in excess. Websites like can give you a great look into what portion sizes you should be eating to have a healthy diet.

These tips are here to promote the healthier you this year! Let's start this New Year off right!

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What Your New Year Resolution Says About You

New Year, New Meme.

We all make a resolution and forget about it by the end of January. And every year we promise it'll be different this time around and you will commit. Whatever promises you choose to make to yourself says a lot about you.

1. Reduce your carbon footprint.
What Al Gore said in An Inconvenient Truth is just now hitting you. That or the weather during the winter has been really weird lately and you feel as though mother nature is trying to get your attention. You are normally a skeptical person but can no longer deny the facts.

2. Eat healthy and exercise.
This one mostly comes from the fact you let yourself eat everything and anything between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. You are a person that likes to treat themselves so this will be the hardest one to keep.

3. Learn something new.
You don't want to waste your life doing the same four things you did last year. You want to do things a little different this year, like developing self-control in the snack aisle. You are somewhat of a boring person and are looking for something to spice up your life.

4. Travel.
Whether you are a world traveler or have never left your state, you want to experience a new culture and see new sights. The food being the thing you look forward to the most. You are an adventurous soul, but only as adventurous as your bank account will allow you to be.

5. Be a nicer person.
This is one of the easier resolutions to keep. And Karma told you to do it. You are becoming more sensitive to others.