Pump The Breaks, Liberals
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Pump The Breaks, Liberals

Bill O'Reilly's exit from Fox may be a little untimely.

At any normal point in time, Bill O'Reilly losing his job and being denied the opportunity to poison minds on national television would be a massive victory.

Unfortunately, the point in time that we are currently residing in is anything but normal.

Partially because the man who is currently running the country is the most unqualified, unintelligent, short-fused, scatter-brained bafoon to ever do so. Oh, and he's also probably the most racist as well (which is saying a lot for a country that was once headed by Woodrow Wilson).

However, the main reason that this period of time is so unprecedented is because of alternative facts (or in layman's terms: lies). From the size of the president's inauguration crowd, to accusations of wire-tapping by his predecessor, to the size of the president's hands, lies plague the Trump administration.

No that didn't sound right... lies are the Trump administration. But that shouldn't be too shocking: we are talking about a group of megalomaniacs being run by an overweight oompa-loompa who believes that vaccines cause autism, an alleged homophobe, a former robber baron, the Grim Reaper, Melissa McCarthy, a woman who (through nothing short of a medical miracle) only knows how to talk out of her ass, and a wannabe J.Crew model.

So no, the fact that the Trump administration lies about almost everything shouldn't be surprising. Actually, it shouldn't even be concerning, because in an ideal world, the media would weed out what's true and what's bullshit.

Too bad we don't live in an ideal world.

Of course the media should be bipartisan, but they're not, and nobody has proven that more than conservative news outlets (looking at you Fox and Friends). Ever since Trump has come to office, these outlets haven't just kept their mouths open for Trump's hearty helping of bullshit: they've taken it down with a smile and asked for seconds (I know that's a gross visual, but Trump is president now and anything goes).

That's where Bill O'Reilly came in. Yes, he's a piece of shit. Yes, he's essentially a conspiracy theorist. Yes, he brainwashes his audience. But in this new world where conservative news outlets pick up whatever President Trump puts down, Bill O'Reilly (whether he knew it or not) was actually a valuable tool in the anti-Trump tool box.

Because if there's one thing that Bill O'Reilly loves more than anything in the world, it's Bill O'Reilly. I hate to say it, but he might actually love himself more than President Trump loves himself. And because of that, he's willing to say and do pretty much anything to get headlines.

For example, calling out President Trump on not fact-checking his information.

It's been a long running joke that The O'Reilly Factor is only viewed by senior citizens as they get ready for bed, but in reality, that joke isn't even a joke. The median age of O'Reilly's viewers is 72.1 years old, which means most of his viewers fall into the 65+ demographic, a demographic that heavily favored President Trump in this past election.

Interesting: why would O'Reilly criticize a man whom his audience clearly supports? Well kids, here's the magical thing about Bill O'Reilly: he's the Jim Jones of network television.

He doesn't have to say anything, because his followers believe whatever he says. So when he calls out Trump on live television, or criticizes the president for being woefully unqualified, his fans don't turn the TV off: they eat it up!

So believe it or not, but an extremely popular, or rather the most popular, popular conservative news anchor with a heavily Trump-centric fan group and a world class level of hubris could have actually been a blessing in disguise for liberals (and all other sane humans) during the four-year reign of President Trump.

Maybe he would have broken from his conservative mold more often to garner better ratings or get his name in the headlines. Maybe him breaking from that mold would have swayed some of his fans to abandon President Trump altogether. I know it's far fetched, but who knows!

All I'm saying is that if your main goal is to get Donald Trump out of the White House ASAP, maybe Bill O'Reilly and his shitty show were somewhat beneficial. And maybe (emphasis on mayyyyyyyyybbbbbbeeeeee) it would have been timelier for this O'Reilly scandal to break in, oh, I don't know, another...

1,290 days?

However, if your goal is to maintain the integrity of humanity, than congrats! Today was clearly a big day for you.

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Why the Internet Needs to Stop With "Donald Trump Will Never Be President" Articles

Because he actually might be.

Source: K.C. Uthus | FlockU

I've considered deleting my Facebook numerous times this election season. Scrolling through a feed full or pro-Hillary and pro-Bernie articles is enough to make any serious Republican reconsider social media.

However, what really gets me is the overwhelming sharing of pieces like the one here... and here...and here...and here, all stating that Trump will never be president. Because, realistically, he just might be.

Lots of Democrats and even some Republicans will tell you that there is absolutely no way in hell a man like Donald Trump would ever be elected president of the United States.

A year ago those same people would have told you Trump wasn't a serious candidate at all, that his campaign was a joke and he was too controversial and outspoken to even make it past the primaries.

Look where we are now, with Trump as the eventual Republican nominee. He's proven his doubters wrong to this point. So what makes them think he won't keep going?

What the people writing these articles are also forgetting is that while to them, yes, voting for someone like Trump is completely unfathomable, others think the same about other candidates.

So many people so passionately dislike Trump that they forget there are people who feel that passionately about supporting Trump.

The numbers are definitely looking promising for Trump as well. Helmut Norpoth, an extremely respected and accurate statistician and political science professor at Stony Brook University, create a statistical model that according an article on usnews.com has correctly predicted the outcome of every election (except for 1960) since 1912.

This model reported that if Trump wins the Republican nomination (which he most likely will) that there is a 97 to 99 percent chance that Trump will win his spot in the White House. If 104 years of accuracy isn't enough to convince you of the reality of Trump as POTUS, you must be Lena Dunham.

I get that you may be blind to the fact that an outrageous amount of people support Trump, but you can't deny the numbers. Trump might as well have his seat in the Oval Office reserved. All of these articles you're reading are written extremely biased by Democrats only looking at morals, political correctness, and fellow anti-Trump voters. They aren't looking at the numbers.

We all need to get used to the fact that Trump is quite likely to be running our country for the next four years.

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Any Given Wednesday

Bill Simmons is back with a vengeance.

If you don't know who Bill Simmons is, I'm not sure what you're doing in the sports section of FlockU. Every sports fan needs to know who Bill Simmons is. He is an icon in sports media and has had a bit of a controversy following him throughout his career.

However, he has persevered, as he has just launched a new website called The Ringer (RIP Grantland) and has a new HBO show premiering on June 22 called Any Given Wednesday.

Let's back up though. For those of you who do know who Bill Simmons is, just know that he likes to speak his mind and that's why he draws such a strong and loyal following. However, this was eventually the reason he had to part ways with his 15-year employer, ESPN.

What set it off was a derogatory comment about infamous Commissioner Roger Goodell after the Ray Rice scandal in the fall of 2014. Simmons received a two-week suspension and pay-cut for these comments on his podcast and this led to a dwindling relationship between ESPN and Simmons. He lasted a bit longer, but ESPN coworkers and authorities higher than Simmons believed he thought too much of himself.

Simmons was vital to ESPN, as he was one of the creators of the 30 for 30 series and Grantland, and was paid the most of any "talent" ESPN had ever had. However, ESPN had enough because in May of 2015, they announced it would not renew Simmons' contract. Simmons, meanwhile, is doing just fine, but still jabs at ESPN every now and then.

Simmons has overcome his demise at ESPN and the loss of Grantland. He has been entrepreneurial and experimental. Equipped with many previous staff members of Grantland, he created his website,The Ringer. It is part of the Bill Simmons Media Group and was primarily funded by HBO, meaning Simmons will be able to speak his mind again.

Along with The Ringer, HBO's newest show (premiering June 22 at 10 PM) is Any Given Wednesday. You have probably seen an ad for the show in which Simmons explains a few things he believes. This is a good preview for things Simmons may discuss in his show. He has a good mix of sports and pop culture and he even sneaks in an F-bomb at the end, which we know he is excited about thanks to the language leniency of HBO.

The show will have guests who Simmons interviews and practices the "sport of conversation" with every week for a half-hour. "I'm excited about the show, I'm excited about the title and I'm really, really excited to drop my first F-bomb on TV," the host said. "We are going to figure out nudity down the road, as long as it's tasteful."

This new era of Bill Simmons content of sports and pop culture conversation is exciting for sports media. Check out The Ringer and listen to Simmons' podcasts. He has eight different podcasts on his podcast network and his commentary is always entertaining as he talks about sports teams, athletes, betting, pop culture, and more. And make sure to tune into HBO on June 22 at 10 p.m. for the first edition of Any Given Wednesday.

Oh yeah, and he plays fantasy sports, but continually discusses how much he hates them. I think most of us can relate.

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If Liberals and Conservatives Existed in Game of Thrones

A convo play-by-play of what would happen

Major Spoilers Ahead

Last Sunday's "Battle of the Bastards" was arguably the best episode in Game of Thrones history. We got to see Daenarys Stormborn take on the slave masters and their fleet, Tyrion chide Theon Grejoy, Jon Snow punching Ramsay in the face, and the latter receiving retribution in the most poetically just way.

Ramsay Bolton is dead, and I don't think Thoros of Myr or Melisandre will be able to bring him back.

But, his death prompted me to ask the question: "What if the world of Ice and Fire were real, and my liberal and conservative friends lived in Westeros? How would they react to such a menace?

Since I have friends who sway on both ends of the political spectrum, always letting me know their stances on issues via Facebook, I conjured up a conversation between a liberal and a conservative who live in the Game of Thrones universe.

Liberal: None of us are arguing over the fact that Ramsay Bolton was one evil son of a bitch.

Conservative: Wow, something we can agree on. Okay, but what were the conditions that made him such a disgusting human being?

Liberal: It's obvious, Ramsay Bolton was a product of his environment. He lived in the harshest conditions of the North, and is only responding violently because Jon Snow is invading his homeland!

Conservative: Gimme a break! Let's be honest with ourselves. Ramsay Bolton was a product of the fanatic religion of the Old Gods, worshipped solely in the North. He's been indoctrinated to believe that he is living a just life. I'm not saying ALL of the worshippers of the Old Gods flay people alive, but all men who flay people alive worship the Old Gods. Plus, Ramsay initially stole Winterfell from the Starks!

Liberal: Don't even get me started on the Starks, NONE of this would have happened had Ned Stark just stayed home and minded his own business, instead of worry about what was going on in King's Landing.

Conservative: Oh, what, you don't think the North had a moral obligation to help out the Realm?

Liberal: Was that why he was there, or did he have ulterior motives? He accused Jon Arryn's murder on the Lannisters, that was a deliberate lie and you know it!

Conservative: So, he was wrong about the Lannisters, but they were still an evil family. Let's get back to the point, what could we have done differently about Ramsay Bolton? I'm glad Jon Snow and his men went into Winterfell. Ground troops all the way!

Liberal: Granted, Jon Snow was successful, but think of how many lives could have been saved if he had simply funded the houses around him to overthrow Ramsay? Plus, I think this has greater implications. The Mother of Dragons is standing on our doorstep. We might not be affected by her Dragons, but our children will!

Conservative: Oh, here we go with the "Mother of Dragons" hoax. It's never even been proven that she will come to Westeros! I want to hear facts, not rumors and myths about some "Dragon Queen" invading Westeros!

And it goes on like that until both of them unfriend each other on the Game of Thrones version of Facebook, because if anything makes or breaks a friendship, it's politics and Game of Thrones.

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Gretchen Carlson is Suing Fox News

Can the men at Fox put an ice pack on it?

Holy shit. After watching this two minute video, it's no surprise that Carlson is filing a sexual harassment suit against Fox. The entire video is a compilation of co-anchors, guests, and other Fox employees inappropriately complimenting Carlson on LIVE news.

One of the many reasons this is infuriating is that by doing so, they downplay the academic and professional accomplishments she has made, and instead focus on her good looks. Yeah, she's beautiful, but she's also a boss-ass lady.

Not a bold prediction, but this lawsuit will be over faster than the video.

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LeBron James Nearly Flattened Bill Belichick

The Hoodie was almost placed on IR.

Bill Belichick, one of the most revered head coaches in the history of professional American sports, is respected for his brilliant mind almost as much as his stoicism. He almost never reveals his emotions during games, hiding under his signature grey hoodie until the Patriots have steamrolled every opponent in his sight.

Well, it turns out he actually does have emotions, like the rest of us human beings, and one of them is the fear of being squashed into a tiny pile of dust by a colossal human being named LeBron James.

Belichick was sitting courtside at the Cavaliers vs. Celtics game in Boston Wednesday night, watching what turned out to be a very good basketball game. The Celtics won by four points.

But the outcome doesn't really matter. What matters is this:

Let's break down Belichick's reactions:

0:01: Oh, my, that LeBron fellow sure seems to coming fast towards this here basketballing hoop. I wonder if he will score the points. I know I sure like scoring points. God the Patriots are SO GOOD.

0:02: Hm, it seems the LeBron man missed scoring the basketball points. Too bad for him. I never lose, so I don't know what that feels like.

0:03: Oh goodness me, he's still moving very fast. Sir, please slow down! You might scuff this nice sport jacket I have put on instead of wearing my traditional hooded sweatshirt, which is extremely comfortable! Sir please stop moving towards me!


0:05: I think I peed myself.

0:06: Phew. I'm alive. Where was I? Oh, yes. The Patriots. My, the Patriots are so good.

Belichick escaped his near-death experience with the human bulldozer that is LeBron James relatively unscathed. But we now know that, in the face of an unstoppable force like LeBron, even emotion-less Bill Belichick will fear for his life.