Pizza Girl Wins Kiss Cam
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Pizza Girl Wins Kiss Cam

I feel like we should be friends.

If you're like me, and you only go to sporting events for the Kiss Cam, mascot races, and the hot dogs, then it's your lucky day, my friends, because this chick just slayed the kiss cam, with just two pieces of pizza and sheer creativity.

As for the pizza-loving chick in the vid, I really feel like we should be friends. Your friend in this video clearly does not appreciate your talents. Are you on Bumble BFF?

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Things I Don't Understand About Girls on Tinder

Why does having a dog in your picture make such a difference?

Although I've been using Tinder for about five months now, I haven't actually met anyone in person yet. I feel like there are unspoken practices regarding the app that I'm still having trouble grasping.

For example, I first downloaded Tinder when I was traveling around Mexico. While I was there, I just had to message a girl, "Hey. How are you?" or, "Hola, amiga!" and we were conversing. Now, back in New Hampshire, all of a sudden I have to jump through hoops just to initiate a conversation with a girl. I feel like they don't want to converse like normal human beings. I always assume that they want me to throw my best line at them, which either makes them laugh or makes them designate me a total creep.

Here are a few other things that I'm having trouble understanding on Tinder:

-Girls who put their height in their bio, but then say that they aren't looking for hook-ups. This makes me think that these people all have neck problems and don't want any of the lifelong friends that they make through Tinder to be taller than them.

-Girls that write in their bio that they don't use Tinder often. I mean, it's very considerate of them to put that in there, but my question then becomes, "Why the fuck are you even on Tinder to begin with?"

-Girls that only swipe right for a guy's dog or pizza. I don't really understand the latter, but it makes me think that I need a photo of myself with a dog in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other; maybe feeding the dog the pizza?

-Girls whose heads get cut off in the first picture. Maybe this is meant to entice me to look into the matter further?

-Girls who don't specify who they are in the group photos, or girls who may have changed their hair color or lost weight from photo to photo. I wouldn't know that though, because they all look like totally different people!

-Girls who say that the age on their profile isn't their real age, but can't understand why it's like that. Why does Tinder always seems to mess up the profiles of the girls who are under 18?

-Girls who, for whatever reason, only chat with me for the length of a night. How do people lose their attention span before we've even exchanged five basic messages? And, not to go off on a rant, but these girls never unmatch with me later on; they just linger there, which leaves me wondering, "Are we playing the game still?" and, "Would it be a sign of weakness to message this chick a week after we last chatted?"

Through all the stuff I don't understand about Tinder, there are a few things that I feel I do understand. One of those things being that I think a lot of people I see on Tinder need to lower their standards, at least on Tinder, because it's only making it harder to use an app that is supposed to make it easier for people to meet.

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Week 3 NFL Storylines

Is it panic time for Cam?

Week 3 of the NFL season is a Monday Night Football game away officially being in our rearview mirror, so without further adieu, here are (in my opinion of course) the biggest storylines from the 3rd NFL Sunday of the year.

Eagles 3-0 & top of the NFC East.
One week before the NFL season, the Eagles traded their presumed starting QB in an effort to free up some time for rookie Carson Wentz. The thing is, no one actually thought that Wentz would start Week 1 or he'd even be that good. Wentz has proved everyone wrong (but the Eagles, who traded up to take him 2nd overall). The Eagles are 3-0 and are in sole possession of first place heading into their bye week.

This division, thought to be a two-team race this year, is of course wide open. The Giants lost to the Redskins on Sunday who lost to the Cowboys (led by another surprising rookie Dak Prescott) who narrowly lost to the Giants in Week 1.


Fitzpatrick throws SIX interceptions en route to an 8 turnover embarrassment.
The Jets are just gonna Jet. Fitzpatrick hasn't exactly done much to justify the long hold out or the large contract and Sunday just added to it. Fitzpatrick had 15 interceptionss in 16 games last year. Through three he has seven and is on pace to throw 37. I'll just leave that there.

Oh and...

These damn Patriots keep winning.
Yes. The villainous Patriots somehow, to the disdain of Roger Goodell are on the verge of handing Tom Brady the keys to a 4-0 team. This is scary because it's Tom Brady and he's 100 years old and basically got four weeks extra rest. Brady's four game suspension was supposed to give either the Dolphins, Jets, or Bills a chance to compete for the division.

Yeah, not so much.

Terrelle Pryor puts up a historic stat line.
Yes, the once QB actually played QB again. (Sorry Tebow, you should've just made the TE switch, but now you're a minor league baseball player). Pryor had over 200 total yards between passing, rushing, and receiving yards. Oh, and he lined up at safety.

He's clearly doing well adapting to his new WR role, even if it is on the Browns.

What's going on in Carolina?
Last years NFC champions look nothing like NFC Champions. Cam Newton is getting hit on seemingly every other play and that has led to an unexpected 1-2 start. Is this the time to panic? Not quite sure, but at least history is on their side here.

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Fantasy Football Week Four Preview

Follow this to win your week.

Fantasy Football week four is upon us and this post should help guide you to figuring out who you should be starting and sitting on Sunday.

QB Highlights
Cam Newton
With Aaron Rodgers out this week and Cam with a relatively easy matchup in the Georgia Dome, Newton becomes the top quarterback. Given the way Atlanta's offense has starter, I'm expecting a pretty high-scoring game here and Cam should be the beneficiary of that, especially because Carolina's run game will take a hit with the absence of Jonathan Stewart for another week.

Drew Brees
Brees is one of my riskier plays this week, even with the favorable defensive matchup. Thus far, he has been a top three fantasy quarterback and that bodes well for his weekly ranking, especially taking into account his incredible history as a player. But drawing from said history, Brees has always been much better at home than on the road, and that trend already began this year. It's visible when you compare his week one and three performances in New Orleans to his Week 2 performance in New York. He should post enough points to start, but don't expect him to carry your team this week.

Jameis Winston
Winston is ranked in the top 10 for fantasy quarterbacks this year, so dropping him out of my top 24 is pretty bold. I attribute this to the phenomenal Denver defense and my belief that Mike Evans will struggle being matched up with Aqib Talib and safety help over the middle. If they can neutralize Evans, Winston's in for a tough day, ridden with turnovers, which he's been prone to dating back to his time at Florida State.

RB Highlights
Le'Veon Bell
The Steelers are going to have a welcome back party for Bell this week, as he'll rejoin the team now that his three-game suspension is up. DeAngelo Williams was one of the league's best rushers during the first three weeks, and Bell is leaps and bounds ahead of Williams in terms of pure skill. The Steelers will look to get back in sync after a rough Week 3 outing against Philadelphia and Le'Veon Bell will help them do so. It wouldn't be shocking if he touched the ball 35 times this week and that keys him in for a high fantasy point potential.

Jamaal Charles
Charles is set to make his return against the Steelers for Sunday Night Football this week. Many are projecting him to get a small workload and be rather ineffective and while it's certainly possible given it's his first game back from ACL surgery, I'm fairly certain the Chiefs wouldn't bring Charles back unless they knew he was ready to assume his starting role. Keep in mind, his postponed start to the season came after reports that he'd be ready to go Week 1. Luckily, the Chiefs depth at the position helped them get Charles the added necessary rest, and so if he is truly healthy, even a semblance of the player he was prior to the recent surgery within the Chiefs offense against an average Steelers front seven should post nice a nice fantasy number this week.

Orleans Darkwa
This is a fairly risky play this week, but the Giants backfield is really banged up. Darkwa seems to be the only rostered running back over the past three years who hasn't gotten a serious look in the starting role. I think that changes this week, in order for the Giants to compensate for their injuries, and while he won't absolutely wow anyone, it's hard to imagine him being any less serviceable than the likes of Rashad Jennings or Shane Vereen. If that's the case, he's a decent RB2 play.

WR Highlights
Marvin Jones
Jones has been terrific in the attempting to achieve the difficult task of attempting to fill the shoes Calvin Johnson left behind. He's definitely Matthew Stafford's number one receiver and he should have a lot of targets coming his way this week as the Lions take on a weak secondary in Chicago. This looks primed to be a blowout though, so I'm thinking most of his fantasy points comes early on Sunday.

Terrelle Pryor
Pryor will be a popular DraftKings play this week, given his role in the offense last week. The opportunity to get both quarterback and number one wide receiver exposure from him make him almost a must-play as a WR2. Washington's defense (particularly their secondary) hasn't been as great as fans had hoped after their offseason add of Josh Norman, and Pryor will get his chance to expose them this week.

Quincy Enunwa
You might be shocked to find Enunwa as the only Jets receiver on the list. This is because Eric Decker is hurt this week and Brandon Marshall has underperformed and will likely continue to as he'll be matched up with Richard Sherman this week. The Seahawks secondary has come out as tough as ever, but the game-plan for most teams squaring off against them will continue to be to throw the way opposite Sherman (toward Jeremy Lane) and that's where Enunwa will be frequently this week.

TE Highlights
Rob Gronkowski
Last week, the news that Gronk was returning came with jubilance for fantasy owners, until a few hours later when that jubilance turned into frustration and disappointment. He only played 14 snaps and put up a goose egg. This may cause some hesitation for fantasy owners to start him this week, but as he gets worked back into the offense, I think he connects on a few passes from Jimmy Garoppolo this week and returns to fantasy relevance.

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Thoughts You Have When You See Another Engagement

*Pins wedding stuff for hours*

They say that death comes in threes, but it seems like engagements come in the thousands. My FB and Insta have become a constant feed of bad rings and awkward af engagement pics. (WHY.) We're in college, WTF is going on?

1. Alright, let's see this ring.
2. Tiny.
3. I need to remember to have my nails done when I get engaged.
4. How long have they been dating?
5. Like 5 minutes, that's cool.
6. They are going to be buried next to each other. I need to stop watching scary movies.
7. I'll need to meet my husband like... this year...nah.
8. Holy shit... marriage.
9. So bored.
10. Maybe I'll get a puppy.
12. Yep, alone forever.
13. Damn, we are getting old.
14. I need a glass--bottle--of wine.
15. Maybe I should get Bumble.
16. *Downloads Bumble*
17. Well, I ran out of guys to swipe.
18. There better be an open bar at the reception.
19. Maybe I'll meet a hot groomsmen.
20. Who would I even bring as a plus one?
21. Her knuckles are hairy.
22. I should get off FB
23. I'll order pizza. It's fine.
24. Actually, I want fun engagement pictures like that.
25. *Pins wedding stuff for hours*
26. Wait...marriage is a lot of commitment.
27. *Hides under blankets watching sad Netflix movies*
28. I think I'd like to sleep with whomever I want for a few more years. Thanks, though.
29. I'm hungry.

At this point I can't even imagine committing to a major, let alone committing my life to someone. Me and pizza it is!

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Why Valentine's Day is Overrated

...and no I'm NOT single.

The day o' love is approaching and the posts about flowers from lovers or plans of staying home sobbing and eating a gallon of ice cream with no date has officially begun. I'm in a long term relationship and we haven't "celebrated" Valentine's Day for the last three years, because Valentine's Day is horse shit.

1. It's a MONEY grubbing holiday.
Every holiday brings in the big bucks for retailers, but at least the others seem to have some meaning behind them. Christmas and Easter are religious holidays; Halloween even has a little bit of significance behind it. But Valentine's Day was created to make money...and it works. It's insane.

2. It's uncomfortably clich?d.
How special can you possibly feel that someone bought you something special on the same day every other lover did as well? I want to get flowers on a Tuesday when I have a hangover and I'm sad--not when everyone else gets them, too. Lame. Roses and chocolates, Ugh. Hard pass.

3. What are anniversaries for?
I guess Valentine's Day is meant to be another day to celebrate your coupledom, but to me, that's what anniversaries are for. The day is special specifically to the two of you and what's more romantic than that?

4. It sets unrealistic expectations.
I'm poor and not creative. All this stress about photo albums and cooking dinner. Can we just not?

5. Restaurants are standing-room only.
We eat at Moe's every Valentine's Day because everywhere else is a joke. Avoid the "sit-down" scene for the whole day because you'll be elbow to elbow.

6. While some celebrate, others weep.
Half of us are enjoying overly-priced gifts and a romantic night with our SOs while others prefer to sleep right through the day. Not saying everyone hates being single, BUT Facebook and Twitter are generally flooded with "i'm so single" and "another valentine's day with no kiss" posts on V-day. It's freaking depressing.

7. Surface relationships.
People actually rush into relationships just so they can have someone to call their Valentine. It's like cupid hit them with a temporary dumbass arrow. But hey, whatever you need to get through your day!

8. Christmas was two months ago.
Broke college kids can't buy food, let alone fancy necklaces or dinners. You JUST emptied your bank account in December. Couldn't they have at least made Valentine's Day in June?

I'm over it. Let's all just move on.