New Trump Budget Wants To Cut Meals On Wheels, The Arts
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New Trump Budget Wants To Cut Meals On Wheels, The Arts


President Trump released his new budget proposal which includes funding cuts to the National Endowment of the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and steep cuts to the EPA and State Department.

Trump wants to completely eliminate funding for the NEA, NEH, and the CPB which is a huge blow to the arts community. Trump also wants to eliminate the Institute of Museum and Library Services. All of these organizations support art organizations, museums, libraries and public broadcasting affiliates.

Not only cutting the arts, Trump wants to slash the EPA's budget, notably stopping funding for the Clean Power Plan, international climate change programs, climate change research and partnership programs and related climate change efforts.

The worst part of the budget proposal however, is the elimination of federal funding of Meals on Wheels programs, which provide meals to the elderly, poor, veterans, disabled and others that can't leave their homes.

Meals on Wheels uses funding from several sources so eliminating federal funding wouldn't kill it, but it certainly doesn't help.

On Twitter, #MealsonWheels and #SavetheNEA are currently trending.

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Vegas Can't Afford Schools But Will Build The Raiders A Stadium?

Yeah, makes sense.

The Clark County School Board will consider a tentative budget that involves cuts of $21.5 million which will result in larger classes and a higher student to teacher ratio. The cuts were proposed last year and will go into affect this upcoming school year.

You know the cost of the new Raiders stadium was on everyone's minds then this budget was being proposed. It is unfortunate for the teachers, students, and parents of Clark County schools who must deal with these budget costs to help pay for the stadium, which is expected to cost $1.2 billion. Vegas will seemingly be on the hook for $750 million of that.

If I were involved in these schools at all, I would become the biggest Broncos, Chiefs, and Chargers fan. Yes, all three because screw the Las Vegas Raiders who can't be happy wherever they are currently located and have to move and build a brand new stadium using tax payers and school children's dollars to pay for it.

Chief financial officer of Clark County schools said, "We certainly know people are moving here. We know developments are going up ... so we're attributing it to charters."

Developments meaning this gigantic, ridiculously expensive stadium. I hope the Raiders go 0-16 in their first year in Las Vegas for what they are doing to the promising youth of Las Vegas.

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How The Enormous Iceberg Separating From Antartica Impacts Us

Not quickly, but quietly.

Over the past number of years, an enormous crack had developed in the Antarctica ice cap. Just this morning, the crack that stretched 120 miles in length separated from the rest of the continent. The iceberg that is now floating solo weighs more than a trillion metric tons and has tremendous implications for our future.

Short term, it seems that many maps will need to be redrawn and recreated due to the colossal break from the Antarctic Peninsula. The scientists who have been observing the crack and witnessed the break cannot say whether or not the breakage occurred as a result of climate change or not.

It is not expected to rise the sea level by much, but it may initiate a series of breaks in the continent that could lead to significant sea level rise.

The breakage doesn't change anything immediately, but over time could mean a lot, especially considering what the continued rise in global temperature will mean for the ice caps. With sea levels expected to rise, this could put entire cities underwater, impacting the world as we know it tremendously.

I'm sure the observers will keep close watch over the iceberg, its behavior and its melting rate to see if it does, indeed, contribute to the rising sea level. Let's just hope it doesn't crash into a cruise ship and break it in half. Been there, done that.

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Five Best Places to Eat at Rutgers

So much better than the dining hall.

Guys, we made it to the end of the school year. You know what didn't make it? Our initial love for dining hall food. We're beyond tired of coming up with new ways to mix up the boring food, so why not just abandon it altogether and look off campus for places to eat? Rutgers has a plethora of options on every campus. Here are the top ones I've on the College Ave. campus.

1. Hansel 'n Griddle
Sandwiches. Paninis. Everyone on campus agrees that this is one of the best spots to go. Because of this, they fill up fast. Grab your friends so you have someone to pal around with while you wait for a table. My suggestion: buffalo chicken panini with a mango smoothie to cool you down.

2. Paulies Pizza
A classmate of mine told me about this restaurant after exams. I hate sharing food and Paulies make it easier with their personal pizzas. Yes, you can get normal sized pizzas too, but the smaller ones are more fun. My suggestion: garlic knots and a personal margherita pie.

3. Cookies N' Crepes
Okay, so this is more dessert, but what's wrong with dessert for dinner? Everyone needs some way to satisfy their sweet tooth and this place can't be beat. The restaurant is adorably intimate and you get to watch your crepe be made right in front of you. My suggestion: the all-American crepe is to die for.

4. Noodle Gourmet
Anywhere you can get bubble tea and good food is a good place. Even though, the sign says noodle, every dish at this restaurant is fantastic. My suggestion: green tea with tapioca bubbles and shrimp with mixed vegetables (because we want our parents to know we're responsible) and white rice.

5. Stuff Yer Face
When you talk to anyone about Rutgers, they will mention this restaurant. Home to the stromboli, it's flat out awesome and needs to be recognized. Their strombolis (a calzone-like sandwich) come in three different sizes. I would suggest getting one of the larger sizes (9 or 18 inches) so that you have leftovers to enjoy later. You get so many options to customize your sandwich that you will never get tired of coming.

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Trump, Plastic Bags And Political Parties

...walk into a bar.

I have been living in Europe for the past month. While here, I have noticed three things. One: I love it here; do not take me back to the land with the orange president. Two: There are no free plastic bags. And three: why in the world are there so many political parties?

I will start with Two because I cannot handle One.

Basically, in Europe, unless you are going to a small mom-and-pop store, you will be handed your purchases in a paid-for plastic bag, your own bag, or sin-bag.

This is not a new thing here, either. All the way back in January of 2016, the Netherlands banned free plastic bags from even being a thing.

The Netherlands are not alone in this. One year ago, Germany signed a deal to cut their usage of plastic bags, and the EU as a whole has promised to cut plastic bag usage by 80 percent in the next 15 years. For Heaven's sake, they even created a Bag Free Day on July 3rd. Happy Bag-Free Day. But plastic bags are just a small component of working towards more environmentally and sustainable lifestyles and policies.

And the US is falling behind.

This lag is going to hit us hard.

While half of our nation, and specifically that one individual in the Executive Branch, refuse to acknowledge climate change, much less not call it a hoax, Europe is leading the way in transitioning its energy systems to renewables and creating sustainable infrastructure.

Germany has a baby that the whole nation helped cultivate called the Energiewende. Long story short, the Energiewende is an energy transition promise, wherein Germany will cut CO2 emissions by 80-95 percent by 2050, phase out coal and nuclear energy, increase renewable energy production and decrease energy consumption, among other targets.

This energy transition brings me quite close to tears. Yeah, it is absolutely amazing that Germany is fighting climate change and using wind and solar at such intense, innovative levels; but what gets me is that the whole nation wants this.

Everyone in Germany is for the Energiewende. Economists, dog sitters, vloggers, cashiers, CEOs and even politicians are all overwhelmingly for the Energiewende.

That is not happening in the U.S. It is not even occurring at a fraction of the pace. The "leader" of the states does not want to create sustainable policy. That individual wants to disgustingly cyberbully TV hosts on his Twitter.

The U.S. is failing.

And that brings me to Three.

That individual only came to power because our political and social systems are going haywire. We are a country of oppositions. And when I say "oppositions", I mean it in the sense that not only do we have two opposing political parties, but that the ideologies of those political parties are only created on platforms constructed against the opposing "side".

In the U.S., we have Democrats and we have Republicans. And we have liberals and we have conservatives.

However, it is more than that.

Democrats are liberals, but Democrats are also anti-Republican. Republicans are conservatives, but they are also anti-Democrat.

We are a nation of hate.

Our system is broken, and when you throw climate change into this oppositional state of States, the substance of the issue is torn apart by the dichotomy of ideas.

Meanwhile in Europe, many nations like the Netherlands, Germany and France have multi-party political systems. And so, when they bring issues like climate change to the table, the substance of the issues is not torn apart by the dichotomy of ideas; but rather, the issues are discussed due to the diversity of ideas.

The US has a problem. And I don't know how to solve it. But I do know we must resist.

Because Trump shouldn't be president. But he is.

And I shouldn't feel the need to write a rant on plastic bags. But I just did.

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A New Budget But A Poor Investment

And he calls himself a businessman?

President Trump has revealed his 4.1 trillion dollar budget, which increases spending for military and border control, while cutting significantly into programs such as health care and student loans. Border security will be allocated 2.6 billion dollars, and yes, 1.6 billion (with a b) of that will go towards building the infamous wall.

It proposes a huge cut to taxes and assumes an economic growth rate of three percent. And to top it all off, it is titled "A New Foundation For American Greatness".

It also will take 800 billion from Medicaid over the next 10 years, 272 billion from all welfare programs, and 72 billion from disability benefits. The budget prevents funding for any type of clinic providing abortions cutting into their ability to offer many other health services.

He is also planning on saving 40 billion dollars by preventing undocumented immigrants from collecting child care. However, Trump has also allotted 19 billion dollars to provide six weeks of paid leave to new parents. The new program is lead by his senior advisor, Ivanka Trump.

So, here we are. Building a wall, having our daughters be our senior advisors, cutting funding for student loans, but hey at least parents are getting six weeks of paid leave.

Really though, does Ivanka have any qualifications to be a senior advisor? Ohh wait, our president doesn't have credentials either. Now the pieces are starting to come together.

The theory behind building the wall is that preventing undocumented immigrants from coming into the US and acquiring jobs, it will provide more job opportunities for American citizens. What I don't understand is, how do we profit off of this investment? 1.6 billion dollars is a large chunk of money to frivolously throw towards building a wall that does not seem to have any economic return whatsoever.

Putting that money towards something like student loans, invests in the education of our society. And, although it does not return short-term dividends, it instead creates long-term benefits as a result of more educated population.

Sigh. I truly hope that this budget makes America great again, but it seems as though it is only disenfranchising the exact people who elected him to office in the first place.