Why New Girl Is The Most Relatable Show Of All Time
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Why New Girl Is The Most Relatable Show Of All Time

Nick Miller is my spirit animal.

Whether you've already been a fan or it's next on your Netflix Bucketlist, it won't take much convincing to prove that New Girl may be the most relatable show ever. As much as we want to pretend that we have it all together, we absolutely don't.

As millennial humans we spend much of our time being random, spontaneous, savage, forward, and... awkward. Whether you are Jess, Nick, Winston, Cece, or Schmidt, this show really captures what it's like to be a 20-something today.

Here are just a few times that we could all relate to the most:

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The only way to proper deal with a break-up: wine and T-Swift.

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Resume: Working on it

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Hookup culture 101

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Said every millennial ever.

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How about just some Chipotle & Chill?

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We never learn... YOLO?

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Drink, drank, drunk.

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We care about things. *organizes protest*

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Adulting... Sorta.

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Overanalyzing texts for days.

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Pretending not to care

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Forever solving problems with happy hour.

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....... Basically.

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Being in a Big Family as Told by the Kardashians

Nobody loves you like family.

When literally everyone's getting engaged, married, or pregnant and you're sitting there like...

Getting drunk with your parents for the first time...

When you'd rather chill with your sibs than go out with anyone else...

Family vacations, dinners, and basically any event together is a giant, dramatic shitshow...

And trying to get a fucking picture during these moments is an event in and of itself...

That one family member that everyone knows is psycho...

But that person still isn't as bad as the sibling that still mooches off of your parents...

When you can look back and laugh at your epic high school fights...

But then your sibling tells a story from high school in front of your parents and mentions something illegal you did...

You still fight with your siblings as much as you used to...

But when someone outside the fam tries to fuck with one of your siblings, all hell breaks loose...

Because now that you're older, you know that family are the only people who will always be there.

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10 Days You'll Have This Summer

You'll spend at least one full day in bed.

The Day After Finals
The sun? The outdoors? Other people? They don't exist until you've slept at least 73 hours straight in your bed with blackout curtains over the windows. You're in too much sleep debt.

The Day After the Day(s) After Finals
You're groggy from sleeping so much, but rested, so you shower it off, clean up your room (which of course has been trashed since the end of April), and you get ready to emerge as a student on summer vacation.

The Day You First See Your Friends Again
Filled with 'OMG's and planning out summer shenanigans. It's the day you know that actual, real summer has started.

The Day at the River
Or whatever body of water is closest to you. It doesn't matter, because you'll drink its volume in cheap beer anyway, all while getting a sunburn that you insist will turn into a tan.

The Day of the First Storm
There's always something a little special about the day when you go outside and you can smell the petrichor. And then the sky almost literally opens up and just dumps an Olympic swimming pool on your fucking head.

The Fourth of July
Bourbon. Bonfire. Bottle rockets. A winning combination for setting someone's roof on fire.

The Day of the Trip
Whether it's with your parents, friends, or random strangers you found hitch-hiking, it's a day full of fighting over who controls the music and where to stop for food. But it's all about the journey, y'know?

The Day in Bed
For some reason, you just don't feel like doing much of anything. So you just stay in bed, eat some chips, and watch some of your favorite movies.

The Day of the Reminder
Your mom calls and asks, "You excited for the new semester?" and you feel the earth drop out from under you because oh SHIT, when did it become August?!?

The Last Day
It's like a death in the family. Quietly, somberly, you put the memories of those glorious shining days to rest, and prepare yourself for the days ahead.

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16 Annoying Life Experiences All Girls Can Relate To

Every. Single. One.

Being a girl can sometimes be the actual worst. Yes, I am a single, independent woman who don't need no man (JK I am actually engaged), but shit still hits the fan sometimes. Here are 16 annoying life experiences that every single girl can relate to:

1. Accidentally liking a picture on Instagram from 18 weeks ago.

2. Forgetting to close your bar tab.

3. Closing your bar tab but realizing you didn't tip your favorite bartender and you have no idea why.

4. Remembering you vommed at the bar in front of your crush and he definitely saw you with puke in your hair.

5. Accidentally sending a text about your crush TO YOUR CRUSH.

6. Going to class but then the teacher doesn't even take attendance.

7. Matching with a bunch of guys on Tinder who know the last guy you met from Tinder.

8. Trying not to have a mental breakdown when your period is a week late.

9. Scrounging up enough money to buy new heels before a night out.

10. Receiving a text from an ex hookup while you're with a new hookup.

11. Doing a walk of shame and passing people that you know.

12. Showing up to a party only to find out that the bitch you hate is wearing the same shirt.

13. Drunk texting your crush 15 times to come over.

14. Drunk texting your ex boyfriend 15 times to come over.

15. Drunk texting your mom 15 times to bring you pizza.

16. Realizing your ex's new bae is actually kind of a catch.

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Nick Jonas Explains His NARB on the Tonight Show (Video)

Maybe he shouldn't have eaten that marijuana lollipop.

Last night on Jimmy Fallon's, The Tonight Show, Nick Jonas opened up about his funny experience with a marijuana lollipop. His friend offered him the weed lolly the night before presenting an award at the Young Hollywood Awards. Nick explains in the video that he doesn't usually do things like that but what was the worst thing that could happen? He figured he'd just go to sleep and wake up the next morning feeling fine. Wrong!

When Nick woke up the morning of the Young Hollywood Awards, he was high out of his mind. He freaked out for a little them calmed himself down. He got ready for the award show, but once he got there, he got a NARB!

According to Nick Jonas, a NARB is a "non apparent reason boner". So naturally, the only thing one can really do in that situation, is just kinda casually cover that area! Might I remind you he was on the red carpet, being watched by thousands!

Props to Nick though, at least he laughed it off! And, to all the men that experience NARBs... good luck.

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14 Times Rihanna Was Your Spirit Animal

Let's hear it for Bad Gal Ri.

Rihanna was recently honored with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award (aka the Lifetime Achievement Award) at the age of 28. She is now considered a living legend and to pay homage to Bad Gal Ri, here are 14 times Rihanna was your spirit animal:

When Drake confessed his 6-year-long love for Rihanna and she dabbed on him....

When your ex re-adds you on snapchat.

When the hot guy from class adds you on snapchat via your number.

When you get home at 3 a.m. and there's pizza in the fridge.

When someone posts about making the Dean's List.

When they ask for nudes but you're not really sure about it.

When you touch the curling iron and it doesn't feel that hot but you realize you got burned.

When someone charges you on Venmo.

When you're having a bad day but you remember that you're the shit.

When no one in the group chat responds to your question.

When you have a quick question but the prof asks if you can come to their office hours to get an answer.

When they call your number at Wawa.

Half way through the night when you realize there's snacks at home and a "Harry Potter" marathon is on.