Mysteryland Phase 2 Just Dropped and It's Insane
04.04.2016 | Entertainment Source:

Mysteryland Phase 2 Just Dropped and It's Insane

I want to live on the boat stage. Forever.

Mysteryland, the longest running electronic music festival in the world, is back again this year at the historic Bethel Woods grounds, AKA home of the original Woodstock.

Phase one of the lineup was announced a few months ago and boasted a pretty ridiculous mix of great headliners-Odesza (Friday), Skrillex (Saturday), Bassnectar (Sunday)-and tons of underrated gems like future funk/vaporwave artist Skylar Spence (Hit Vibes is a GOAT caliber album, btw).

Phase two, which includes 40 different acts, is just as stellar. We've been teased all week long with hints of things to come on the MLUSA Facebook page, but here it is in all its glory.

Here are the three things that we're most looking forward to.

Bethel Woods
Besides being absolutely gorgeous, Bethel Woods is where the legendary Woodstock music festival was first hosted. You'll be sharing the sacred ground where Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Keith Moon, and countless hippies walked on. That's seriously cool.

To get the full experience though, if you're 21 and over, I recommend staying on the Holy Ground campgrounds, located on the actual festival site where Woodstock 1969 took place. You can find more info here.

If you're not 21, the Lander's River campsite is the next best thing. It's only a couple minutes away and there's a free shuttle. There's also hotel accommodations for those that can't hack it. Hey, no judgement, I like a good bed just like anyone else.

Uhh did we mention that there is a boat!?
Mysteryland is teaming up with Dancing Astronaut to host the Sunday boat stage. Here is what it's expected to look like:

It's a little known fact that anything, when done on a boat, becomes instantly better. And Sunday at Mysteryland is going to be no exception. The DJ sets are literally going to rock the boat. No, I don't feel guilty about making that joke.

Check out the boat from MLUSA 2014.

Sneaky good hip-hop acts
While Mysteryland is known for its great house and electronic music, this year's lineup surprised with some serious hip-hop chops. Phase one announced Young Thug (Slime Season 3 absolutely bangs btw) and now phase two boasts rap acts like Ty Dolla $ign and Allan Kingdom. Kingdom is totally underrated and dropped one of the most slept on LPs of the year so far in January.

Psych yourself up for the third annual Mysteryland USA with this handy Spotify playlist of the phase one and two lineups.