Men Should Not Control Our Uteruses
12.17.2016 | Health Source:

Men Should Not Control Our Uteruses

If congress bans abortions, will men be required to have vasectomies?

As we all know, Donald Trump is our President-elect. No matter how you feel about it, there's an issue that seriously needs to be talked about, especially in regards to women and their reproductive rights.

Let me just say first, men should not be able to control what women do with their bodies.

Trump plans on repealing Obamacare. I get it, Obamacare does have some crappy aspects (I get that paying over $1,000 for healthcare per year, and for some per month, out of pocket isn't ideal). However, Obamacare has made it possible for many women, even young women under 18, to access birth control at an extremely affordable rate.

A lot of women (including myself), cannot afford to pay $50 a month for birth control (yes, it really can get that expensive), and because of this, we should not be forced into having children before we're ready.

The arguments of "oh, just use a condom," or "just close your legs and be abstinent" are not valid anymore. Condoms fail, even if used correctly. Abstinence works unless someone is violated without consent. Nothing is fool-proof, birth control isn't even 100 percent effective, however it is still the best alternative (when used correctly).

Now, it won't be within the first day Trump is officially in office for this to happen. But it has women freaking out everywhere. Women all over social media even report that they're rushing to get a form of birth control that lasts longer than Trump will be in office, like an IUD.

However, this isn't the only thing that the men of congress want to take away from people who actually have the uteruses in question.


Trump also mentioned he wants to defund Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe v. Wade. While initially in his campaign he wanted to ban abortions completely, he has since retracted his statement and said he'll leave it up to the state to decide the laws and punishments on abortions.

For all you "pro-lifers" out there, I definitely feel you. Most of you voted for Trump because Hillary was totally for late-term abortions, meaning that she wanted abortions to be legal in all 50 states during or after the second trimester.

However, Hillary actually doesn't necessarily support late-term abortions, she only feels that women should have the option if they could justify why. And the "why" really comes to the mother and the baby's health.

Donald Trump made a comment during a debate about how "babies are ripped from the womb during the 9th month," which actually doesn't happen. If a doctor determines a baby is able to live outside of the womb, usually after 24-26 weeks, then the baby will be birthed no problem.

If the mother decides she doesn't see herself fit, she goes through the adoption process right there.

However, 90 percent of abortions take place before 12 weeks, 1.5 percent happen after 20 weeks, and the majority are before 24 weeks. A lot of late-term abortions happen because the mother's health is in danger, or the baby will be born with an abnormality that could leave it in pain for as long as it will survive.

Roe v. Wade even states that abortions should be legal under these circumstances, yet many states make it extremely difficult for a woman to have an abortion even if her health is in danger.

A study shows that women often waited until their second trimester for abortions because they were unsure they were pregnant or could not afford the cost of one, or had to drive three hours or more to their nearest clinic to receive one.

Forty-one states have abortion restrictions currently, and they're changing every so often. Many states have a law stating that women are not allowed to have an abortion after six weeks, when a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Many women, even those who are ready to be mothers or get pregnant and are able to care for a baby, don't even know they're pregnant until six weeks or later.

Babies are huge responsibilities, and many young women get pregnant during their time away in college. Some get abortions, some don't, but why do people without uteruses get to say what we get to do?

Finding out you're pregnant is a scary thing for someone who isn't ready, and why should the government force women to be ready when they really aren't?

Really though, it comes down to this: if the government wants to make birth control harder to come by, and ban abortions, the least they could do is expand our schools' sex education.