Men Should Not Control Our Uteruses
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Men Should Not Control Our Uteruses

If congress bans abortions, will men be required to have vasectomies?

As we all know, Donald Trump is our President-elect. No matter how you feel about it, there's an issue that seriously needs to be talked about, especially in regards to women and their reproductive rights.

Let me just say first, men should not be able to control what women do with their bodies.

Trump plans on repealing Obamacare. I get it, Obamacare does have some crappy aspects (I get that paying over $1,000 for healthcare per year, and for some per month, out of pocket isn't ideal). However, Obamacare has made it possible for many women, even young women under 18, to access birth control at an extremely affordable rate.

A lot of women (including myself), cannot afford to pay $50 a month for birth control (yes, it really can get that expensive), and because of this, we should not be forced into having children before we're ready.

The arguments of "oh, just use a condom," or "just close your legs and be abstinent" are not valid anymore. Condoms fail, even if used correctly. Abstinence works unless someone is violated without consent. Nothing is fool-proof, birth control isn't even 100 percent effective, however it is still the best alternative (when used correctly).

Now, it won't be within the first day Trump is officially in office for this to happen. But it has women freaking out everywhere. Women all over social media even report that they're rushing to get a form of birth control that lasts longer than Trump will be in office, like an IUD.

However, this isn't the only thing that the men of congress want to take away from people who actually have the uteruses in question.


Trump also mentioned he wants to defund Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe v. Wade. While initially in his campaign he wanted to ban abortions completely, he has since retracted his statement and said he'll leave it up to the state to decide the laws and punishments on abortions.

For all you "pro-lifers" out there, I definitely feel you. Most of you voted for Trump because Hillary was totally for late-term abortions, meaning that she wanted abortions to be legal in all 50 states during or after the second trimester.

However, Hillary actually doesn't necessarily support late-term abortions, she only feels that women should have the option if they could justify why. And the "why" really comes to the mother and the baby's health.

Donald Trump made a comment during a debate about how "babies are ripped from the womb during the 9th month," which actually doesn't happen. If a doctor determines a baby is able to live outside of the womb, usually after 24-26 weeks, then the baby will be birthed no problem.

If the mother decides she doesn't see herself fit, she goes through the adoption process right there.

However, 90 percent of abortions take place before 12 weeks, 1.5 percent happen after 20 weeks, and the majority are before 24 weeks. A lot of late-term abortions happen because the mother's health is in danger, or the baby will be born with an abnormality that could leave it in pain for as long as it will survive.

Roe v. Wade even states that abortions should be legal under these circumstances, yet many states make it extremely difficult for a woman to have an abortion even if her health is in danger.

A study shows that women often waited until their second trimester for abortions because they were unsure they were pregnant or could not afford the cost of one, or had to drive three hours or more to their nearest clinic to receive one.

Forty-one states have abortion restrictions currently, and they're changing every so often. Many states have a law stating that women are not allowed to have an abortion after six weeks, when a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Many women, even those who are ready to be mothers or get pregnant and are able to care for a baby, don't even know they're pregnant until six weeks or later.

Babies are huge responsibilities, and many young women get pregnant during their time away in college. Some get abortions, some don't, but why do people without uteruses get to say what we get to do?

Finding out you're pregnant is a scary thing for someone who isn't ready, and why should the government force women to be ready when they really aren't?

Really though, it comes down to this: if the government wants to make birth control harder to come by, and ban abortions, the least they could do is expand our schools' sex education.

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The Simpsons Take On the Election

Homer's choice is just what you thought.

It was only a matter of time before cartoons started to get involved in this year's election, and, of course, The Simpsons were the ones to give their opinion (they've seen quite a few elections).

Shots were fired at both Hillary and Trump, but Homer and Marge made it pretty clear who has their vote this year, with a little dig at the DNC for Homer's decision. Check out the video above!

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Trump and Clinton Remind Us Why We're Over This Election

Karl Becker 4 Prez.

After the release of the explicit and disturbing #Trumptapes and an additional 2,000 emails linked to Hillary Clinton's scandalous "mistake", we all knew that this debate had the potential to be a dirty slugfest. That tone was immediately made very clear as both candidates avoided shaking hands before the start of the debate. Not a good look.

Moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz used questions written by the undecided voters in the town hall audience and at home to guide "the people's debate". One would hope that given the close proximity and interaction with the voters these candidates are trying to pull, there would've been more civility. NOPE, no such luck.

Instead of giving a full run down of the debate, I decided to do something a little less painful: focus on these two incidents specifically and how they were discussed last night by the candidates. The opening question asked by Patrice Brock in the audience dove right into the mess.

"The last debate could have been rated as MA, mature audiences, per TV parental guidelines. Knowing that educators assign viewing the presidential debates as students' homework, do you feel you're modeling appropriate and positive behavior for today's youth?"

She's right. Think about all the extremely vulgar language and the lack of model behavior these candidates have shown. As college students we may be used to hearing and seeing this in our unfiltered daily life, but it doesn't make it right or anything we should be aspiring for in our leadership.

Despite being a great question, both candidates' answers were pretty lackluster and clearly avoided any mentions of Brock's references, focusing instead on their campaign slogans of "stronger together" and "make America great again."

I know avoidance is the go-to tactic of politicians, but when the media blasts concerning new stories about the candidates every single day, you just can't ignore the elephant in the room.

Anderson Cooper had no qualms in trying to make Trump answer specifically about the tapes, stating: "The question from Patrice was about are you both modeling positive and appropriate behavior for today's youth.... You bragged that you have sexually assaulted women. Do you understand that?"

Trump's excuse for his lewd commentary?

"Just locker room talk" and that "it's just words folks," which to him means harmless. He then discussed Bill Clinton's scandals as "far worse" so as to avoid responsibility, minimize his statements, and take a dig at Hillary. In reality, Trump is a prime example of the rape culture we have created and accepted in society.

On the Democratic side, when asked specifically how she can reason that her email "mistake" was not "extremely careless," Hillary restated her apology and that she takes responsibility for her actions, but quickly shifted to discussing the lack of any evidence proving the "misleading accusations from critics".

It's important that she does continually apologize and take responsibility, but when she defers to telling people to "check the facts", it's hard to know what to believe and even what to check when there are thousands of emails missing.

Trump made this loud and clear and emphasized that if he takes office, he will have a special prosecutor on her case.

Are you thoroughly exhausted from this election? Because I sure am. The only bright spot came at the very end when audience member Karl Becker single-handedly won last night's debate by asking both candidates to name one positive thing about the other. Honestly our hero.

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We Need More Women In Government

Why we need more women representing us.

Now more than ever, it is pertinent we get some women representing this country. With the results of the recent presidential election no one can be too sure of what is about to change in this country. But one thing is for sure, nothing is safe and that includes women's rights.

For some odd reason our rights as women have been debated by older white men, whom I am pretty sure have never had a vagina attached to their bodies a day in their lives. For this reason alone, women's rights, and legislation regarding our wellbeing, should not be in the hands of men.

Women are overwhelmingly outnumbered in both the Senate and the House, a gap we cannot afford these next four years. If we want change and true equality, we need to get in there and fix what should have been fixed long ago.

If we want to fight for reproductive freedom and equal pay, get your butts to Congress. If you want to make some serious change in this country, don't just talk about it; get yourself in the White House. Now more than ever do we need strong female role models.

We need women who are not afraid to stand up for what's right. We need women who are not fearful of men who hold high office positions. We need women to begin to understand their worth and understand they can make a profound impact on this country.

I, along with many women, are fearful of the next four years. We are fearful, but not defeated. I hope this election shows that it is time for change in this country. There is no more time for slacking off or trusting others to step up and represent your rights. Only you can speak for you.

No, Hilary Clinton did not win, but she sparked a fire in women. She showed us that more women need to be representing this country, so instead of sitting behind computer screens and TV monitors, take action.

Let's not sit back any longer and let men dictate our future. Women's rights should be in the hands of women and what we choose to do with our bodies should be up to us. You don't see women creating bills on how to control male sex organs, so it should not work the other way around.

Ladies, we have a lot of work to do in the next four years, but we will not fall silent. In fact, after this term, I hope we see a spike in strong women coming out of the wood works and getting involved in politics. This is where we are most needed, so let's be role models to future generations and show them what women are made of.

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Athletes React To Trump's Win

Some were happy. Others weren't

If you didn't know it by now, The Apprentice guy, Donald Trump, was elected as the President of the United States. And if you checked Twitter, you'd probably think the world was ending.
There was plenty of reaction throughout the world on the result, so here is a look at how some athletes reacted to the news.
Reading everyone's complaints online, I'd say this is accurate.
Salt in the wound, Curt.
The electoral college, that's how.
Kind of dangerous to stand in front of a car. Barack Obama already served two terms. Not much he can do now.
This is accurate.
Hey, that sounds a lot like the 76ers these past few seasons.
I believe that stands for: Make America Great Again.
*Slow clap*
Can you at least take Miley Cyrus with you?
Safe to say who Gee was pulling for.

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Trump Hosted a Reddit AMA

Conveniently during the DNC...

I hate to say it, but I have to give Trump credit for getting more young people involved in the election by hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) last night, which is where anonymous members of the Reddit community can field questions to the celebrities (or in this case, politicians) who participate in the AMA.

To say this Reddit forum was a sophisticated interaction with voters would be far too kind.

To be fair, there were set rules and comments monitored for racism... but they also banned "Dissenters or SJWs," aka "Social Justice Warriors"- an offensive name for people with progressive views.

The rules also mandated any Bernie fans wishing to be involved "MUST Assimilate", providing a link to The Reformed BernieBots Guide on Assimilation. Considering Trump is trying to gain Bernie supporters, the bluntness was pretty shocking. To give you a taste:

"The Trump Train may have no breaks, but it does have rules. The rule is: YOU MUST ASSIMILATE!! This is not a merge, this is you joining us. We will not change our culture. You must change yourself."

Talk about welcoming! The Guide proceeded to be extremely explicit and derogatory of the former democratic candidate, and Trump himself said in one AMA response that Bernie "has given up on his revolution," a far cry from the truth. To any former Bernie fans: I truly question your choice in switching to Trump.


Typically, Reddit prides itself on allowing an "open forum for the free exchange of ideas," but Trump's AMA allowed users to censor "unwanted comments". Olivia Nuzzi of The Daily Beast asked about releasing tax returns, and within 15 minutes, her post was deleted. Because who needs the First Amendment anyway, amirite Trump?

Your chances of actually speaking to "the-realDonaldTrump" were limited, for he only responded to twelve of the 24,000 questions. Therein lies the convenience of Reddit- Trump could pick the "best" questions and provide some real, filtered answers (unlike his normally brash on-air responses).

Even if he had provided decent answers, it was incredibly difficult to follow given the unnecessary commentary from Reddit users, primarily MAGA (Make America Great Again) and ludicrous commentary digging at Democrats and Hillary. I will say I got a kick reading this one user's angry chicken nugget fiasco.

In regards to Trump's response, yes, these are important issues for young voters, but a brief explanation of his plans to reform the education system and create these "millions of new jobs" would've been nice.

As much as he "trumped" up the AMA to be a "HUGE" event, it was pretty lackluster. Yes, I'm biased, but for someone who went to Wharton, you'd think he could come up with a more sufficient answer to "Mr. Trump, what is your plan for reducing or removing the influence of money on politics?" than "Keeping Crooked Hillary Clinton out of the White House!" Also, can you be any more original than just repeatedly calling Hillary "crooked"? Talk about sad!

Ultimately, if you didn't make it to the Reddit AMA, you did yourself a favor. Here's to hoping that regardless of your views, you decided to be a more informed voter!