Meet John Cena's Life Coach
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Meet John Cena's Life Coach

Someone check her resume...

Last night ESPN hosted their annual award show, The ESPYs. The event covers a recap of sports over the past 12 months, and is packed with superstars such as LeBron James, Steph Curry, and most importantly, host John Cena.

Check out the ESPN video above of Cena's life coach, comedian Leslie Jones. She's... interesting to say the least. I think Cena might want to interview a few new candidates for the position.

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Hockey Coach Gets Ejected, Tries To Blame Assistant Coach

Coach: He did it!

It's time for another international hockey highlight (well, lowlight in this case). This one comes to us from the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), a league comprised of teams from various European and Asian nations, including Croatia, Finland, China and Russia.

Lokomotiv was facing off with SKA in a Gagarin Cup (the league playoff championship) series matchup on Monday. While the video doesn't show what exactly happened to deserve such a response, Lokomotiv head coach Alexei Kudashov threw a water bottle onto the ice. That water bottle hit an SKA player -- forward Ilya Kablukov -- and Kudashov was promptly ejected from the matchup.

When officials catch him in the act, Kudashov attempts to put the finger of blame on the assistant coach, who is willing to put the heat on himself. But nice try there, Kudashov. That's like doing something, getting caught by your parents, and then attempting to blame your sibling. Not going to work here.

For those interested, Lokomotiv lost this game 2-1 in overtime, bringing them down to a 3-0 series deficit.

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The Growth Of A Mania -- WrestleMania That Is

A little something for everyone.

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh. Wrestling. "Who the hell watches that fake stuff?" First of all, it's choreographed -- not 100 percent fake. Second of all, you know your favorite TV show? There's a good chance yours is one that's "fake" too.

Anyways, on Sunday night, WWE put on the 33rd edition of its WrestleMania event. For those who don't know, WrestleMania is essentially the biggest show the WWE puts on every year. It's their season finale, their Super Bowl, their grandest stage of them all.


And it has come a long way since the first one in 1985. It drags in many fans from all over the world -- both live and on TV. It rakes in a lot of revenue at the gate, as Mania has gone from normal arenas like Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center to stadiums such as the Superdome and Citrus Bowl. Hell, cities now bid on hosting WrestleMania just like the Super Bowl, World Cup and Olympics.

It's not just one event, it's a multitude of events. There's rallies with several youth organizations and schools. There's a WrestleMania reading challenge. There's Axxess -- where fans can have meet-and-greets with the superstars and see cool memorabilia and fun activities like impersonating a superstar's entrance. There's the Hall of Fame ceremony. And there's NXT Takeover, a big event for the minor league system of WWE.

All that time, WrestleMania has come with the same promises year after year. It's where rivalries can be settled and new ones started. It's where new stars can be made. It's where some of the best in-ring action can happen. And celebrity involvement is always a must-have.

WrestleMania is for the casual fan, too, not just the hardcore one that watches over five hours of WWE programming a week. To quote WWE chairman Vince McMahon in the WWE Network's WWE 24: WrestleMania Dallas mini-documentary: "WrestleMania is the single-greatest live event in the world today. Part-theatre, part-rock concert, soap opera, pyrotechnic extravaganza and, most importantly, world-class athleticism."

And for those of us, a legion of wrestling fans, who watched WrestleMania 33 last night, it proved to be quite the show to look back on -- especially if you grew up watching wrestling in the 1990s and/or 2000s.

First of all, from a designer's standpoint, just look at that beautiful set. WrestleMania is the time of the year where the WWE goes all-out and all-different than their normal sets for weekly shows Raw, Smackdown, NXT and 205 Live. With Mania in the Citrus Bowl this year, they went for a Universal-parody display, complete with a roller coaster in the background to add to this year's slogan: "The ultimate thrill ride."


The stars came out to play right away before the main card even kicked off. During the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal that aired on the pre-show, Mojo Rawley was given a win with assistance from an old football teammate, and good friend of his. That friend? Rob Gronkowski, only one of the best tight ends in the NFL today with the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

From there, we saw hellacious action from the likes of Shane McMahon -- Vince's son -- as well as AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho and the women of Raw.

Then came Raw's tag title match, and something else Mania always tends to have -- a shocking return. This year, it came in the form of the Hardys, who are one of the most famous tag teams, known for their death-defying stunts and, since last year, quite the persona that follows the tandem out of the ring.

Then came out the names more people are familiar with. John Cena and girlfriend Nikki Bella won their match (ring announced by Al Roker of all people), and Cena finally proposed in the middle of the ring. Hooray, something else to use for Total Divas and Total Bellas.

Triple H lost his anything goes brawl, the two world title matches saw a Mania with two world titles have two new champions for the first time since 2005 (one match featuring the ring with creepy lighting and graphics through the match, while the other had Brock Lesnar and Goldberg).

Then came the main event. Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker, and following the bout, Undertaker left his hat, coat and gloves in the ring, and he walked away. The Dead Man finally hung them up.

For any fan who grew up in the eras I said previously, this one may sting. Yeah, he was an older wrestler -- much older -- but The Undertaker was always one of the most loved superstars in the WWE by fans and peers alike. His look was so badass, his entrance gave you the chills and he just had this great aura over him. And to know we won't have that anymore in the WWE, it is a sad goodbye to a legend.

Thanks for the memories, Deadman.


So, yeah, maybe WrestleMania may not mean much to you if you want to mock the sports-entertainment industry. To me, I respect the industry, and I respect the evolution that has come over it. Maybe the WWE isn't what it was because when I was seven -- 15 years ago. But the WWE and WrestleMania has always been a part of me. I've always treated Mania like a holiday, and days like yesterday when it coincides with MLB's Opening Day is even better.

So, I love WrestleMania. I hope you've gained a respect for it, too.

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Cena Rocks The Ring With A Ring

Every girls dream, right?

Everyone's favorite good-guy musclehead is about to be all wifed up. After a win in the WrestleMania ring against The Miz and Maryse, John Cena surprised his longtime honey with a different kind of ring.

Cena and Nikki Bella have been together since 2012, following Cena's divorce from Elizabeth Huberdeau. According to both Cena and Bella, things have been pretty rosy since then. He has publicly spoken about how much he respects her, how happy they are together, and referred to her as the love of his life.

To that end, Cena concluded his and Bella's winning match of a33 with a speech detailing how far Nikki has come since her neck injury, and a heart-melting conversation they had in the wake of her surgery.

After grabbing the microphone from guest announcer Al Roker, Cena told Bella how tremendously proud he was of her progress and her strength, and then mentioned the following snippet of conversation between the two of them while she was still anesthetized post-surgery:

Cena allegedly asked Bella, "Can you hear me? Do you know one day I'm going to marry you?" To which she groggily answered "Yes". Cena concluded his speech asking Bella to "say yes one more time."

She did, he put an enormous rock on her finger, and they shared an unfairly photogenic kiss. I don't think it's cosmically right for two people who have just finished whooping ass on two other people, and who are probably stupid amounts of sweaty, to look that good making out with one another. Real MVPs, I nominate them for the next Nicholas Sparks book cover.

We're going to backtrack for one moment and talk about that ring because it is just so unbelievably BIG. Seriously, people, it's on a Real Housewives kind of level. Looking at it, I get the sincere suspicion that it's meant to double as a self-defense/ sucker-punching device (which would make sense, given the couple's shared profession).

Anyway, that breathtaking diamond aside, they seem like a very sweet, goofy, happy couple, and I wish them all the best. Unfortunately, I'm still not going to buy that WWE viewer membership Google is now heckling me about.

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John Cena Scares the Shit Out of His Biggest Fans (Video)

"You can't see me, five knuckle shuffle."

Basically just a series of small children freaking out after being unexpectedly greeted by WWE wrestler John Cena. Fans are prompted to introduce a poster of Cena as if it were the real deal. Once they finish announcing him, he rips through the poster. Some were elated, running to hug him, while others were literally scared shittless and left in awe.

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Top Five Coach Ejections in Sports

There's nothing funnier than a coach getting tossed.

The month of July is filled with fireworks. The U.S. celebrates Independence Day, the French celebrate Bastille Day, and the MLB hosts its All-Star festivities during this month.

But the best fireworks in the game don't always come from a home run or a post-game show, rather when the team's coach gets tossed from the game. It can produce quite the show. Here are my five favorites.

Honorable Mention: Baltimore Orioles Manager Earl Weaver
While Bobby Cox holds the MLB record for all-time ejections, Earl Weaver is the man who not only hated umpires, but made them hate him back.

5. Chicago Cubs Manager Lou Piniella (6/2/07)
He has the nickname "Sweet Lou," but don't let it fool you. Lou Piniella has had his fair share of meltdowns. This one in particular is quite memorable, as it was Piniella's first as the manager of the Cubs, and he already got his money's worth.

4. New Jersey Devils Head Coach Robbie Ftorek (1/29/00)
Ftorek was angry the referees did not stop play after a collision that bloodied one of his players up in a game against the Detroit Red Wings. After the Red Wings scored because of the continuation, Ftorek decided to voice his displeasure by throwing part of the Devils' bench on the ice. He would be ejected, suspended for one game and eventually fired before the Devils could win the Stanley Cup that postseason.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates/Seattle Mariners Manager Lloyd McClendon (6/26/01 and 6/2/15)
Here's proof that some things just don't change. As manager of the Pirates in 2001, Lloyd McClendon had a memorable solution as to how to respond to his ejection. Fast-forward 14 years and McClendon just let everyone have it as the Mariners' manager during a game against the New York Yankees. And if these two videos aren't enough, have fun going on a McClendon ejection video watching spree.

2. Indiana Men's Basketball Head Coach Bob Knight (2/23/85)
Bobby Knight is no stranger to controversy in the world of college basketball, but this must be his greatest, most memorable moment.

1. Mississippi Braves Manager Phil Wellman (6/2/07)
It's been a little over nine years since this AAA baseball meltdown by the then-manager of the Atlanta Braves' affiliate. It was viral then, and it's nostalgically viral to this day.

Has anyone else noticed June 2 is a great day to see a baseball manager ejection?