Lil Terio Is With The Steelers, Bet The House On Pittsburgh
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Lil Terio Is With The Steelers, Bet The House On Pittsburgh

Kill 'emmmm.

Wild Card Weekend of the NFL Playoffs, otherwise known as a top three sports weekend of the year, is upon us. The Steelers have the Dolphins coming to town on Sunday. The Dophins aren't even going to know what hit them. It's going to be a massacre.

Antonio Brown, the best wideout in football, posted a live video of Lil Terio getting down in the Steelers locker room. That can only mean there's on thing you need to do. Bet everything on the Steelers to win the Super Bowl. It's a lock.

You don't bring a guy like Terio in to lose. Terio doesn't lose. He's the American Dream in living form. If the people around him are any version of smart, he's made some money off his internet stardom (RIP Vine). You can just feel the energy in that room. Steelers by 50 on Sunday.

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Another Athlete Made a Bad Rap Song

Stick to sports.

You may know him as "Juice" or, more likely, Le'Veon Bell. The Pittsburgh Steelers star running back is the newest rapper in the game with his SoundCloud release of Focus. Apparently, Le'Veon has some haters he is trying to silence, but this song probably will just fuel the fires.

I have not heard anyone, with the exception of Bengals and Ravens fans (sorry Browns, you're irrelevant), talk shit about Le'Veon Bell. I guess Le'Veon sees it differently. This rap is supposed to intimidate his "haters" who don't think he's focused. The lyrics and beat are pretty funny, but I doubt he was going for the comical route with this one.

Let's take a look at some of the lyrics.

"They think I need to refocus
They think that I'm smoking
I know they gon' hate on me cuz I'm the dopest"

Bell is referring to his three game suspension in 2015 when he was caught smoking pot with teammate Legarrette Blount. I guess people started to doubt how focused Bell was after this and whether or not he was a real baller.

His 2015 campaign was not great as he had the three game suspension then missed seven games due to a knee injury thanks to Vontaze Burfict. Bell played just six games last season and averaged 92 yards per game with three touchdowns and no fumbles. Maybe he did lose some focus, but I don't think anyone was really doubting his skills. It was a tough year.

He also raps about being focused and how nobody thinks he's focused for a while, but then it gets interesting.

"Ima need 15 a year and they know this
I pay for a check and don't look at the bill
These athletes they play it all for the fame
And I play it to give my family a name
These dudes they collecting a check
I play for 7 like I'm Leonard Fournette"

First of all, he says he needs 15 mil a year then he says he pays for the check without looking at the bill, presumably buying bottles like its water. Then he says other athletes do it for fame while he is just trying to give his family a name.

Isn't giving your family a name playing for fame? And didn't he just say he needs more money? He plays for seven like he's Leonard Fournette? Is he suggesting Fournette is being paid by LSU or that $7 mil is nothing? So many questions.

However poetic Juice's spit game is, it has some holes and that could be made up for with a nice beat, but he falls short there too. Every few seconds there is this static noise and every once in awhile it sounds like something between a man grunting and a cow dying. The he just kind of says "focus" a lot. Mediocre Future rip off at best.

Nobody is challenging your focus, Le'Veon. Stick to your day job cause you're damn good at it.

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Fantasy Football is Making Me a Bad Fan

A confession of my betrayal.

Father I have sinned.

It was last Sunday night. As I sat down at my desk streaming the Sunday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and my Pittsburgh Steelers when I should have been studying for my Spanish exam or Religious Studies exams I had the next day, I saw myself doing something I have never done in my entire life as a fan: I started rooting against the Steelers.

The thing is, Father, on my fantasy football team, I had Kansas City star tight end and wannabee Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce. Having a player on my fantasy team that goes against the Steelers is not something new. I've drafted AJ Green and signed Giovani Bernard in free agency last year. However, anytime they played Pittsburgh (and yes I am starting AJ Green every week because what person wouldn't) there was always the understanding I want both players to score once and that's it. Get me a couple points and be over with it. And Kelce did exactly what I wanted: he caught a few passes and scored a touchdown.

But when I looked to my opponent, I saw the player that could destroy my 40 point lead. Antonio Brown. I thought "okay, Kansas City has a good defense. Brown will obviously get his receptions, but maybe they'll keep him out the endzone." Before the end of the first quarter, Brown had two touchdown passes. It was at that point, I started internally screaming that Brown be taken out the game.

"He's scored enough! It's over! No Mas, no mas!"

What am I doing? It's the first quarter. Brown is the best wide receiver in the league (sorry, not sorry Julio Jones fans). Why am I cheering for Pittsburgh to take their foot off the gas? What fan are you?

Brown wouldn't score another touchdowns in the game. Pittsburgh would beat the Chiefs in fairly convincing fashion. But where I am now? A fair weather fan who will drop his team at the drop of one of the two Pittsburgh Steelers hat I currently own?A fantasy football fan that only roots for the teams of which have players you use?

Next week, Pittsburgh goes against my brother's favorite team, the New York Jets. So maybe family bragging rights will push me back from fantasy fan to football fan. That and 10 Hail Mary's.

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Bengals-Steelers Has Become the NFL's Best Rivalry

Games full of cheap shots and suspensions are what really make rivalries great.

Forget the Steelers/Ravens rivalry. Forget the Bears/Packers rivalry. Forget the 49ers/Seahawks rivalry. It's all about the Bengals and Steelers these days.

The two or three Bengals-Steelers match ups each year may be a headache for our friend Roger Goodell, but sure is exciting for all of us fans. It has been feisty for a while, but last year's three late games -- including the one we all know in the Wild Card round -- really solidified this rivalry as the best in house.

To kick things off, Vontaze Burfict delivers a controversial hit on Le'Veon Bell that knocked him out for a year due to a knee injury. Then in the crazy Wild Card game, Burfict delivered a (clean) hit on Big Ben that knocked him out for part of the game, but he didn't seem to be throwing the ball the same when he returned to the field. Fnally, Burfict delivered a late game helmet to helmet hit on Antonio Brown that gave him a concussion that knocked Brown out for their next game against Denver that they ended up losing, likely due in part because of Brown's absence. Here is a nice video recap.

This season, Le'Veon Bell and Vontaze Burfict will be serving three and four game suspensions, respectively, which includes the first matchup between Cincy and Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh Week 2. You know tensions will still be high in this game and there will be some classic AFC North hits and an emotional factor from both the Steelers who want to protect their players who they felt were cheaply injured by Burfict last year; and the Bengals, who still cannot believe they let the Wild Card game slip from them which makes their fifth straight playoff loss.

After 13 weeks apart from each other, they face again in week 15 on Sunday Night Football. Vintage will be back. Le'Veon will be back. It will be the end of the season and both teams will likely be playing either for a playoff spot or, knowing the recent history of the AFC North, both teams will have clinched spots and be competing for the all-important playoff seeding. Then, if the stars align as they did last year, the two teams could play in the playoffs again and oh how special that would be.

Bottom line is that these are two classic hard hitting, grind it out AFC North teams that have been excelling recently and have been competitive with each other for a while now and have a new recent dirty component thrown into the games. So enjoy Week 2, but the real dirt will come Week 15.

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Best Plays From Monday Night Football

A twerking Steeler and much more.

Week 1 of the 2016 NFL season has officially come to a close with two Monday night football games. Monday was full of surprises, great plays, and crazy celebrations, mostly by Antonio Brown. These two games conclude a crazy week one, but here we'll take a look at the best moments from Monday night.

Eli Rogers First NFL Touchdown
Before Monday, I'm guessing most of America did not know who Eli Rogers was. Before Martavis Bryant was suspended, Rogers wasn't even supposed to see many snaps on the field. But, once Bryant and Wheaton were out, it was the next man up and Rogers took advantage of that on Monday.

After Ben Roethlisberger threw a bullet pass to Sammie Coates in the end zone, it bounced off of his chest and right into the facemask of Rogers. Somehow, Rogers put his hands out and caught the ball in the end zone after it smacked off of his face. This will truly be a touchdown to remember for Eli Rogers.

Antonio Brown Twerks in the end zone
Antonio Brown is an athletic freak. After Monday, Brown shut up his haters and showed the world why he's awesome. After his second touchdown of the game he pulled out quite the celebration.

In a non-PG act, Brown twerked in the end zone. Yes, he actually twerked. I think it's safe to say that this is the first time ever an NFL player has twerked in the end zone. After his infamous celebration, social media blew up. There were memes, tweets, and even gifs of Brown in the end zone.

Mike Tomlin Pulls a Jack Del Rio
After seeing what Del Rio did on Sunday, Tomlin tried to upstage him and that he did. On a 4th and 1 situation, Tomlin decided to go for it and boy was he rewarded. Roethlisberger threw a perfect dime to Antonio Brown in the end zone. Brown beat the corner once again to reel in a 29 yard touchdown to put the Steelers up by 1. Del Rio's call may have been more risky and ballsy, but Tomlin's call was a lot more flashy thanks to the work of his talented offense.

Aaron Donald Gets Ejected
In what was a rough night for Rams fans, Defensive Lineman Aaron Donald did his team no favors. Donald has cemented himself as one of the best defensive lineman in the league with his ability and toughness. But, his temper got the best of him on Monday night.

After a rough play and a little skirmish in the middle of the field, Donald went face to face with Quinton Patton. Donald proceeded to grab his neck and thrust his helmet off of his head and flags were thrown. Ultimately, Donald was ejected from the game, getting a nice sendoff from the 49ers fans across Levi Stadium.

Drunk Fan Runs Onto The Field
In probably the most exciting play of the night for the fans in Santa Clara, during the 4th quarter of a boring and lopsided game, a fan ran onto the field. While this is not an uncommon feat, a fan running onto a football field hasn't been done in a long time. Unfortunately for us at home, the cameras didn't show the fan running around, but we got great commentary from Sports radio announcer Kevin Harlan about the incident. While the fan was running around the field, Harlan narrates the whole occurrence to the joy of all of the people watching at home.

Two games, two very different endings. With Week 1 one in the book, teams will look to improve this week and get everyone healthy for Week 2. Week 1 is always a spectacle to, but the question is, what will Week 2 of the NFL season have in store for us?

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The Steelers Have the Hottest Sports Fan

Black and Yellow looks pretty freakin' good on Sofia Vergara.

While the top athletes in sports tend to garner tons of attention, so do the attractive wives of said athletes. You can't go a day without someone fawning over Ayeisha and Steph Curry. Or go a day without a headline article about how some athlete has "the hottest wife of all time". Or even a day without some tweet going viral with a picture of an attractive women captioned, "Even when (insert athlete's name) is losing, he's still winning."

WAGs are what is used to refer to the wives and girlfriends of famous athletes. Today we found out that the Steelers' most attractive WAG may actually be the famous wife of a pretty famous Steelers fan.

In an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel, modern family star Sofia Vergara detailed her husband's (famous actor Joe Manganiello) affinity for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Manganiello was born and raised in Pittsburgh and played sports there as an adolescent, so the fact that he's a fan of the team isn't shocking. Yet, the way she describes his team pride is hilarious and reminds us that Hollywood stars have the same type of passion for their team as us diehard fans do.

While Sofia Vergara also described her newfound love for the Steelers, she may want to work on putting a bit more effort into pronunciation of the player's names.

Here's Sofia sharing a bit about her husband's love for the Steelers and her shaky attempt at pronouncing the name of Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. (We should probably cut her some slack though, it's not exactly the easiest name to figure out.)

In response to her failed pronunciation attempt, the Steelers sent out a hilarious video via social media of "Big Ben" assisting her in the pronunciation of his name, followed by him gloriously welcoming her to Steelers nation. It can be seen here:

Editor's note: Hopefully she is in Philly this weekend when the Steelers take on the Eagles. If so, you are more than welcome to come to my tailgate, Sophia. More than welcome.