Kevin Durant Unleashes The Twitter Fingers
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Kevin Durant Unleashes The Twitter Fingers

The champ strikes back at the haters.

Less than a week after winning the championship, Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant took to Twitter Sunday night to respond to a bunch of critics.

Unlike most athletes, Durant may have let some of these tweets get to his head as he snapped back with some questionable responses during his multiple back and fourths.




One specific user seemed to really catch Durant's attention.




Now that it's summer time and Durant is a champion, he has all the time in the world to kick back, relax, and roast users on Twitter.

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Questions Nobody Wants to Ask About the Warriors

Nobody is just handing them a championship.

Can Steve Kerr make this work?
So we know this much. Steve Kerr has proven to be a good coach. Is he a great coach? That remains to be seen. One could argue that Kerr's coaching success is a result of the personnel he signed on for, consider Luke Walton reeled off 24 straight wins to begin the season in Kerr's place, en route to a 39-4 record (second best in league history).

Will the Warriors miss Barnes and Bogut?
This seems laughable on the surface. Bogut's role has dwindled every single year and Barnes was a no-show in the NBA Finals. But consider their impact throughout the year: Bogut had 5 Blocks in Game 2 and the Warriors winless after his injury (They were up 3-1 going into Game 5 in which Bogut left with the leg injury). The Warriors won 73 games with Harrison Barnes as their forward, but once he stopped hitting shots, the Warriors really were not the same team.

Not just on the court though, will the Warriors miss the chemistry those two provided? By all accounts, Bogut and Barnes are team-first players that were huge parts in the Warriors past success. Think about Miami in their first season and the struggles they had, is this something we can expect?

How will Klay Thompson be affected by a diminished role?
I mean, he's clearly the odd man out here. You could argue that Draymond and Klay are fighting for that third spot behind Durant and Curry. We saw transcendent performances in the playoffs from Klay; 41 points in an elimination game in Game 6 and 37 points (albeit in a losing effort) against the Cavs among those. Klay evolved into a go-to option this post-season and the acquisition of Durant may only cause problems.

Another thought: IF this doesn't work out, Klay may bolt to be the first option elsewhere (see: James Harden).

Everybody talks about there only being one ball (especially when talking about Carmelo and my Knicks), is Durant mature enough to watch his shots possibly cut in half?
There have been reports that Durant was frustrated with his lack of shots and lack of "open shots". These were and are rumors (Durant hasn't actually come out and said this), but there has to be some truth here especially because of his departure. Now in Golden State you have five guys that can, will, and have scored 20 points on a given night and there will be nights where it's just not his turn. He's 27, supposedly in his prime, but just like LeBron was, is clearly searching for playoff success and ultimately the oh-so-elusive championship ring.

If they don't win 74 games, is the season a failure?
If not wins, how will we measure the success of this team, this move? If they win a championship, sure it's a success, but they won a championship without Durant, that was success too.

The expectations for this team are very very high, and we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out. These are serious question marks and hurdles for this new Warriors team. The Philadelphia Eagles signed a dream team in the summer of 2011, only to go 12-20 in the two seasons thereafter. The Heat had numerous players only meetings before failing in their first NBA Finals appearance. These Warriors? Stay tuned.

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Dubs Win, So The NBA Has To Be Rigged

There's no other explanation for it.

In every clique there is at least one friend who gets a little (or alot) crazy when it comes to conspiracy theories. These characters are pretty mundane unless you trigger certain buzzwords. Then it's a landslide of questionable logic and cover up accusations on repeat.

Well tonight's contest was for those paranoid few. With the elimination of all-time NBA legacy potentially coming two games early, and a lot of revenue loss on the line for the NBA, it's easy to see why fans are abuzz with suspicion. I'll recap the best accusations twitter had to offer and gauge the plausibility to get down to the nitty gritty truth.

The Refs, It's always the Refs
It's a classic complaint when presented in the right context can indicate something more ominous. Tonight had all the context and stakes necessary to transform "poor reffing" into "this game is rigged."

A rough quarter set the perception for the rest of the game.

First Thoughts: Nothing to See Here
The first quarter was admittedly rough, but like most things, given time it all evened out in the end. The Thunder were called for 26 total fouls, but this isn't an insane discrepancy next to the Dubs 18 total fouls. A proper, home court advantage if anything.

Draymond is Untouchable
Draymond Green's lack of suspension despite his recent transgressions is already enough fuel for corruption junkies. His antics continued tonight which won't help to placate those angry fans that demand equality.

At this point I'm convinced that Draymond has realized there is no turning back. He will forever now feel pressured to kick everytime he jumps. Green earned one technical foul tonight, but that felt more akin to theater rather than true justice.

Verdict: Stars will be Stars
This is nothing new. The NBA has always prioritized star players and will continue to do so until every player is equally responsible for revenue. Till then we'll have to accept the good with the bad and just hope the refs don't play favorites to hard.

Avoid Elimination with Condensation
Slippery courts is nothing new is the NBA. There are logical explanations. The weather is causing some natural condensation. Sweat dripped on the floor from players. The NBA really needs to ensure there is a game 6.

Verdict: Smoking Gun
Multiple witness saw and can attest to the greased floor, especially where Thunder players were concerned. There is simply no other explanation for the Warrior's victory. The media will sell you excuses like Steven Adams' early foul trouble combined with Andrew Bogut's reemergence. That the Dubs finally found space to shoot tonight amidst OKC length.

No more distractions from the truth, the NBA is undeniably rigged as assured by their conveniently slippery courts. I for one will be watching Saturday to catch the league red handed when they rig us a Game 7.

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To Golden State Warrior Fans, Kevin Durant Is The Real MVP

Kevin Durant shocked the NBA and left OKC today.

On a day that is supposed to be dedicated to sitting by your pool wearing your most patriotic bathing suit and looking for the best photo to throw on Instagram, Kevin Durant took all the attention away from fireworks and barbeques.

There was a lot of speculation about where the 2014 MVP would end up, but the majority of NBA fans probably had the feeling he'd stick with Oklahoma City. Unfortunately for Thunder nation, that was not the case. Durant decided to sign with Golden State, making him the newest de facto Splash Brother.

Following the newest trend that seems to be sweeping around high-profile athletes, Durant announced his decision in a post on The Players' Tribune called My Next Chapter. The point of the post was to basically say how tough the decision was, how much he loved Thunder fans. You know, the usual stuff.

In case you don't feel like reading the whole thing, a pretty poignant thing he wrote was this: "The primary mandate I had for making this decision was to have it based on the potential for my growth as a player, as that has always steered me in the right direction." Apparently, he felt as though the team surrounding him this past season wasn't making him a better player.

KD is expected to sign a two-year deal worth $54.3 million, according to ESPN's Marc Stein. He would have a player option after the first year, but after what he's done to some fans during this ordeal, his best bet is to probably stay in Oakland.

As you can imagine, Thunder fans are already starting to come out of the woodwork and damn the player that was once their hero. Countless OKC followers have already posted videos on social media of them burning their Durant jerseys. It's pretty hilarious how quickly these people can turn to hate.

Notably, Durant's signing with the Warriors will make Steph Curry the fourth-highest paid player...on the team. Durant will be No. 1, followed by Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Coming off a devastating seven-game loss to Cleveland in the NBA Finals, the Warriors are already the clear favorite to take it all next season. They broke an NBA record for single-season wins in 2016, and it isn't far off to think they can test that record come 2017.

Kevin Durant couldn't overcome the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals; so I guess, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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Mark Cuban Opened His Mouth Again

He's really gotta stop doing that.

On Monday, Mark Cuban, the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, boldly voiced his opinion...again.

Cuban said the Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook was merely an All-Star, but not a superstar.

Now, I'm confused as to how Cuban, who has a business degree and is clearly a smart guy, could be so dumb.

Russell Westbrook is one of the best guards the game has ever seen. I have never seen a player attack the rim as ferociously as he does. He averaged near a triple double during the regular season (24 ppg, 10 apg, 8 rpg).

Yeah, not a superstar.

I honestly don't get what Cuban was trying to accomplish here. Out of all the players in the league, one of the last players I'd want to rile up is Russell Westbrook. I mean look at this guy!


How did Cuban's trash talk pan out? The Mavericks were beaten 118-104, and knocked out of the playoffs. How did Westbrook do? He put up 36 points, 12 rebounds and 9 assists. I don't know about you, but those are superstar numbers.

What does this mean for Cuban?

Probably nothing. He'll just go film more episodes of Shark Tank and make up excuses as to why his team fell short.

But the question still remains as to how he could be so dumb as to insult one of the five best guards in the game.

Kevin Durant offered perhaps the most logical explanation.

He most likely realized his team was going home, and was trying to stay relevant. Cuban craves the spotlight. That's part of the reason that I like him. He's never afraid to criticize the refs when need be, which always results in large fines. He doesn't care. I can respect him for that.

I can't give him a pass on this one, though. His team won the NBA championship in 2011, and there's no way in hell Cuban's team can do it again with its current roster. Dirk Nowitzki, as amazing as he is, is 37, and won't be leading the Mavs to a title anymore on his own. It's time for Cuban to show his worth, and build a team that can win without Dirk. He needs to find another player, a superstar. But who could that player be?

Russell Westbrook hits the market next year. But nahh, he's merely an All-Star -__-

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Kevin Durant Has Options in Free Agency

Will he "transfer" or stay where he's always been.

There are times in life where people want change. That can be switching up what you order at Chipotle, deciding you are going to get that haircut to look like just enough like a combination of a soccer player mixed with Macklemore mixed with that guy in that one frat who's kind of cool, or deciding to transfer to another school.

Well, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder will have a summer where he can choose to stay in the place that he has grown accustomed to in tornado alley or he can choose to sign with another team that could offer him a much different pace to life than what he has now.

In college terms, KD has the chance to transfer to a new school that can offer him different things. Before he decides to declare for free agency, KD needs to think about what "transferring" to these other "schools" would bring him:

The Party School-The Los Angeles Lakers
Going to the party school is always the first thought anyone transferring has! Why sit in a house in the middle of nowhere when you can sit poolside in the Hills with Kobe Bryant in your ear and a Kardashian on your arm?!

Luke Walton is the new, cool coach in town and his schemes for KD will be as smooth as the Armani suits he'll wear courtside. KD can stroll into the clubs with Nick Young like Vaughn and Favreau in Swingers. He would have the chance to bring the Lakers back from the basement of the West and back where they belong in the Western Finals every year.

The Academic School-The San Antonio Spurs
Why party when you can study and dominate? Yeah, Nick Young has fun but he tends to forget the ball moves better down the court when you actually pass it to someone. KD can hit the books and learn from the greatest coach of our generation, Greg Popovich, and be the heir to the throne that Tim Duncan built.

Sure, it's San Antonio, but that Tex Mex tastes a lot better with a few rings on your fingers. Studying that much harder always makes you a better student than those other guys who go out every night, plus they won't get to eat those southwestern grilled carne asada burritos.

The School Back Home-The Washington Wizards
Sometimes transferring back home is the easiest choice. You're back on your turf in your own city. As soon as you are back you can immediately get back to hanging out with all those friends you had before you left. You know the entire area like the back of your hand, plus your mom is there to give you sandwiches.

KD can bring Washington to relevance in the East. He can also give Kyrie, Love, and LeBron a run for their money as the best big three with Bradley Beal and John Wall. With President Obama getting ready to leave, KD can pick up right where the president left off and run that city.

Not Transfer at All-The Oklahoma City Thunder
Why leave what you have loved for the past few years? What would he do with all of the hoodies and shirts that he got from his first few seasons there? Yes it's Oklahoma City, but KD can still hang out with his best bud Russell Westbrook in wrangling cows or eating corn dogs or doing whatever else it is they do for fun in Oklahoma City.

The entire city loves KD and he would break its heart by leaving after the incredible success they have had. There is a very real possibility that the Thunder can always compete with the Spurs and Warriors to make it back to the Finals and win one with him and Russell on the court.

Kevin Durant has a big choice with deciding where and if he wants to "transfer". The entire landscape of the NBA can be changed by one simple decision in free agency.

KD is one of the premier superstars of the league, it is his decision to continue being the chosen one for an entire city in Oklahoma or skipping town to go home, study or fist bump Jack Nicholson 41 times a year.