Kendall Jenner Reveals Year Long Battle With Anxiety
01.09.2017 | Entertainment Source:

Kendall Jenner Reveals Year Long Battle With Anxiety

Maybe the concept that celebs are just like us isn't BS after all...

I'm the first to roll my eyes at the the claim that "celebrities, they're just like us," just because a lucky paparazzo snapped a picture of Chrissy Tiegen doing her own grocery shopping.

Considering most of us aren't running to grab a jar of organic peanut butter surrounded by a team of security, I'd hardly call that relatable. However, I'm also willing to admit that while a majority of a celeb's life is fairly hard for most of us to relate to, there are always aspects that we actually can identify with on a deeper level.

Recently, Kendall Jenner opened up about her 12-month battle with anxiety -- an issue that touches thousands and thousands of college aged students around the world. The model, who also recently revealed a struggle with sleep paralysis due to high levels of stress and travel anxiety, has proven that no one's life is a perfect as it seems.

Jenner shared via a post on her exclusive, members only app, one of her more memorable panic attacks that she had to endure while on a flight.

While there a lot of things you can take from Jenner's struggle there are two points everyone should get from this:

1. No one, and I mean no one, is immune to personal issues in their life.
No one has it all together and no one should ever expect anyone to have it all together. Everyone has their own little struggles in life no matter how glamorous and together they may seem. There are thousands of people, some like you and some very different from you all struggling with the same thing.

2. People present the best versions of themselves.
Whether you're looking at some rich girl's Instagram or reading up on Taylor Swift's latest endeavors, you have to understand that everything you see is very likely a staged, perfectly cultivated image.

What people put out into the world is typically what they want the world to see and think of them. Sometimes the people that appear blissfuly happy on social media are the people who struggle the most behind the scenes.