Kendall Jenner Reveals Year Long Battle With Anxiety
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Kendall Jenner Reveals Year Long Battle With Anxiety

Maybe the concept that celebs are just like us isn't BS after all...

I'm the first to roll my eyes at the the claim that "celebrities, they're just like us," just because a lucky paparazzo snapped a picture of Chrissy Tiegen doing her own grocery shopping.

Considering most of us aren't running to grab a jar of organic peanut butter surrounded by a team of security, I'd hardly call that relatable. However, I'm also willing to admit that while a majority of a celeb's life is fairly hard for most of us to relate to, there are always aspects that we actually can identify with on a deeper level.

Recently, Kendall Jenner opened up about her 12-month battle with anxiety -- an issue that touches thousands and thousands of college aged students around the world. The model, who also recently revealed a struggle with sleep paralysis due to high levels of stress and travel anxiety, has proven that no one's life is a perfect as it seems.

Jenner shared via a post on her exclusive, members only app, one of her more memorable panic attacks that she had to endure while on a flight.

While there a lot of things you can take from Jenner's struggle there are two points everyone should get from this:

1. No one, and I mean no one, is immune to personal issues in their life.
No one has it all together and no one should ever expect anyone to have it all together. Everyone has their own little struggles in life no matter how glamorous and together they may seem. There are thousands of people, some like you and some very different from you all struggling with the same thing.

2. People present the best versions of themselves.
Whether you're looking at some rich girl's Instagram or reading up on Taylor Swift's latest endeavors, you have to understand that everything you see is very likely a staged, perfectly cultivated image.

What people put out into the world is typically what they want the world to see and think of them. Sometimes the people that appear blissfuly happy on social media are the people who struggle the most behind the scenes.

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When You Don't Have an Umbrella

What it's like to have anxiety and depression.

I've spent my entire life trying to put what it's like to suffer from anxiety and depression into words. I've always felt it, but I could never quite describe it.

As I child I wasn't eloquent enough to describe the unsettled feeling that constantly seemed to haunt me. As I grew to be a tween, I understood more about what I was feeling, but lacked the confidence verbalize it. I was embarrassed.

Now, as a college student who has begun to take a major interest in writing, one of the most freeing feelings in the world is figuring out how to describe not just the thoughts that go through an anxious person's head, but that seemingly indescribable feeling of fear or sadness that we get in our gut.

It's a feeling that shakes me to the core. But there's an overwhelming sense of calmness and solidarity that comes with describing it in an accurate way, and as a result, having others understand exactly how you feel.

The best way I've ever seen anxiety and depression described was on a doodle going around Facebook. It says that walking around with anxiety or depression feels like walking around in the rain without an umbrella. Everybody else has an umbrella, but no matter how hard you try you can't seem to figure out where they all got their umbrellas.

You search and search for an umbrella, and as you do it just begins to rain harder and harder. As you're frantically searching for an umbrella those with umbrellas begin asking you why you don't have an umbrella and how you could possibly let yourself get poured on.

As the over-thinker that I am, I thought more about the illustration. Would this analogy work to examine how others treat people with anxiety or depression?

First, there are always the people who do nothing at all to help the situation. They keep their umbrella to themselves and feel no sympathy for the fact that you don't have one. They might even give you a hard time about it.

Then, there are the people that share their umbrella with you, but only so that others can see them sharing their umbrella with someone who doesn't have one.

There are those that share their umbrella with you but constantly bring up the fact that they're sharing, making you feel guilty about it.

There are enablers, who have the best intentions, but are so generous about sharing their umbrella that when the time comes for you to walk through a little bit of rain to pick up an umbrella of your own, they say "you don't want to have to walk through rain" and keep you under theirs. They are kind and loving, but it's only a matter of time before the two of you will want to go separate directions, which is impossible when you've become dependent on them and their umbrella.

Finally, if you're lucky, you'll come across the perfect friend. They'll find you in the pouring rain and take you under their umbrella without making you feel guilty about it and with no intention of making sure others see them doing it. They'll allow you to stay under their umbrella until you dry off. Then, one day when you're under their umbrella the two of you will see an extra umbrella lying on the ground. It could be all yours, but to get to it you'll have to walk through a little bit of rain. You'll get a little wet, but then you'll have the luxury of your very own umbrella from that point forward.

It's scary though. What if you leave this safe umbrella to get your own but something happens? What if that umbrella is broken or you can't get to it? It's risky to go into the rain to get it. That's where your friend comes along. You leave their umbrella to get your own and every time that you look back your friend is standing their watching, making sure that you get to your own umbrella safely. And you do. And it works. And you're dry all on your own. And it's the proudest of yourself that you've ever been.

To those friends, thank you. Thank you for sharing your umbrellas, but most importantly, thank you for making sure that one day I was able to safely get my own.

If you need help finding your own umbrella, there are resources that can help.

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Weekly Entertainment Recap 7/8

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Celebrities, amiright?

Thank the lord for long weekends, am I right? Work has been pretty hectic lately, which you have probably caught onto if you've peeped any of my Internship Diaries series, which means finding time to figure out what shenanigans Hollywood has gotten into each week can sometimes feel like a chore.

Not this week though. I made sure to keep up with the going ons of our fav (and least fav) celebrities as they were happening. I also sorted through most of the Hollywood 4th of July party shit because who actually cares?

Well I guess there is one 4th of July party we do need to care about. Can you guess which? Did you say Taylor Swift? Good work! The reigning queen of girl gangs threw an Independence Day beach bash for her slightly altered squad and there is a lot to talk about. Can we just start with the fact that apparently Blake Lively has made it into the inner circle - wtf.

If you ask me, Blake Lively is way above Swift's gang and her and Ryan Reynolds looked nothing but out of place running around with Hollywood's most overrated crew. Although, Lively did look pretty bomb in that bikini, baby bump included.

There was also Swift's new boo Tom Hiddleston sporting an "I love Taylor Swift" tee while also sporting a temporary heart tattoo with a "T" in the middle , which was overkill, don't you think?

Overall, as much as I hate Taylor Swift, the festivities looked pretty fucking fun and the crew was nothing less than amazingly attractive.


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

In other 4th of July news, fireworks weren't the only sparks flying for Kendal Jenner. The seemingly most private of the Kardashian-Jenner clan spent the day with rumored love interest and LA Laker point guard, Jordan Clarkson.

The pair have reportedly been hanging out for a while, but the last week or so have brought confirmation that the two are "casually dating" - whatever that means. Up until this point, the model's love life has only ever been speculation. Maybe this one will be a little more public.

the 4th in Malibu thanks to @airbnb ????

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

In even more exciting couple news, Ciara and Russell Wilson tied the knot at the Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England (casual) this week. The wedding was a star filled affair, as expected, and the photos are amazing. Ciara wore a custom Roberto Cavalli dress that may go down as one of Hollywood's best wedding gowns ever. The couple looked absolutely stunning and the wedding looked even better.

The only negativity surrounding the marriage is Ciara's ex, Future. And, according to Ciara, she fears he may try to murder Wilson, not something I'd necessarily share with the public so close to my wedding day.

We are The Wilsons!

A photo posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

In case you didn't think there has been enough relationship drama in the last few weeks, Nick Young made sure to take care that. The Lakers player and Iggy Azalea's ex-fiance, emphasis on the ex, had some not too hot news drop involving him this week.

While cheating on Azalea with his ex, Young stumbled into an accidental pregnancy and is apparently about to be a daddy. Keonna Green, Young's ex, confirmed the rumors and stated that the baby is, infact, his. So there you have it folks. Also - Green doesn't give a fuck about Azalea.

Hey guys if you haven't make sure to check me out on the cover of Elle Canada.

A photo posted by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) on

And of course, what is an entertainment recap without at least one more Kardashian/Jenner report? This one surrounding the youngest of the clan, Kylie Jenner's beauty brand. Turns out those Lip Kits you're paying $40 for aren't that stellar, surprise surprise. The Better Business Bureau rated the company with an F this week, although it magically disappeared.

I wonder how much that set Jenner back? A million or so? After an ungodly amount of customer complaints it shouldn't have come as a shock that her rating was going to be anything less than stellar. Also, for those of you buying the kits, Color Pop is the exact same formula and its products range from only $5-$6, time to make a switch.

The collection. Still lots available at ?

A photo posted by Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) on

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How Well Do You Actually Know the Kardashians? (Quiz)

Or should I say Kardashian/Jenners?

Some equate them to American royalty, similar to Prince Williams and fam. While that may not be true, you can't disagree, there's certainly a lot of fuss surrounding them. See how well you know the famed fam here. Don't forget to share your results with friends!

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Depression Diaries Ep. Four

The stigma of mental illness.

As much as I wish it weren't true, there is a lot of stigma that comes along with a diagnosis of depression or anxiety. Episode four is where I share the stigma and labels placed on my by my peers as well as the support I received along the way.

If you or someone you know is dealing with depression or anxiety, there are many resources that can help.

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Weekly Entertainment Recap: 6/24

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Celebrities, amiright?

Hey there my lovely celeb-loving ladies and gents. It's been another long week interning, which also means another long week de-stressing by crashing in bed and educating myself on what's going on in Hollywood. Let me tell you, there has been quite a bit of action. While most weeks are filled with interesting, yet predictable, news about relationships, babies and things of that sort; this week was filled with a lot of shit flying out of left field.

Anton Yelchin, aka Chekov in Star Trek, died this week at 27 in a freak accident at his home. Officials report that the actor was found crushed between his car and gate. It's believed that his car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, rolled down his driveway, pinning him against the gate. Some models of Jeep Cherokees were recalled due to issues with their gear shift, making it unclear whether the car was in neutral or park. A sad and unexpected loss.

??? #antonyelchin

A photo posted by Anton Yelchin (@antonyelchin) on

In a little more positive, but equally bizarre news, Katie Holmes is now dating Jamie Foxx and I am confused as fuck. It's not so much that I dislike either, they're both very attractive, seemingly normal people. Where I'm thrown is how you go from Tom Cruise to Jamie Foxx. While I much prefer Jamie, it's no doubt that this couple is completely unexpected. Cruise and Foxx couldn't be more opposite. Clearly Holmes has no defined taste. Best of luck, they're a cute couple.

Perfect weather for my cozy plaid shirt ? checkout more of my fall essentials on @oldnavy & @refinery29 #oldnavystyle

A photo posted by Katie Holmes (@katieholmes212) on

In even more insane news, Michelle Obama just joined Snapchat. Who would have ever predicted that? I think we can safely say that she'll go down in history as the first FLOTUS with a Snapchat account. So hip, so cool, so young. Now to see what she posts. Any guesses?

Oh hey! Look who just joined Snapchat ? Add: MichelleObama ??

A photo posted by First Lady Michelle Obama (@michelleobama) on

Again on the serious news, police reports released on a 2005 search of Michael Jackson's Neverland estate reveal some serious allegations; reports claim they found child pornography, and images of animal torture and cruelty. Jackson was accused of child molestation in 2005, but was later acquitted of all 14 charges.

It's not #TBT, it's #MJTBT! To kick things off, let's go back to 1983 with Michael's "Human Nature" single cover.

A photo posted by Michael Jackson (@michaeljackson) on

And lastly, Kendall Jenner wore a shirt that would get the rest of us slut shamed. Of course, she looked hot af. Peep the nipple ring.


A photo posted by @kardashianclips on