Kendall Jenner Reveals Year Long Battle With Anxiety
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Kendall Jenner Reveals Year Long Battle With Anxiety

Maybe the concept that celebs are just like us isn't BS after all...

I'm the first to roll my eyes at the the claim that "celebrities, they're just like us," just because a lucky paparazzo snapped a picture of Chrissy Tiegen doing her own grocery shopping.

Considering most of us aren't running to grab a jar of organic peanut butter surrounded by a team of security, I'd hardly call that relatable. However, I'm also willing to admit that while a majority of a celeb's life is fairly hard for most of us to relate to, there are always aspects that we actually can identify with on a deeper level.

Recently, Kendall Jenner opened up about her 12-month battle with anxiety -- an issue that touches thousands and thousands of college aged students around the world. The model, who also recently revealed a struggle with sleep paralysis due to high levels of stress and travel anxiety, has proven that no one's life is a perfect as it seems.

Jenner shared via a post on her exclusive, members only app, one of her more memorable panic attacks that she had to endure while on a flight.

While there a lot of things you can take from Jenner's struggle there are two points everyone should get from this:

1. No one, and I mean no one, is immune to personal issues in their life.
No one has it all together and no one should ever expect anyone to have it all together. Everyone has their own little struggles in life no matter how glamorous and together they may seem. There are thousands of people, some like you and some very different from you all struggling with the same thing.

2. People present the best versions of themselves.
Whether you're looking at some rich girl's Instagram or reading up on Taylor Swift's latest endeavors, you have to understand that everything you see is very likely a staged, perfectly cultivated image.

What people put out into the world is typically what they want the world to see and think of them. Sometimes the people that appear blissfuly happy on social media are the people who struggle the most behind the scenes.

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Depression Diaries Ep. Four

The stigma of mental illness.

As much as I wish it weren't true, there is a lot of stigma that comes along with a diagnosis of depression or anxiety. Episode four is where I share the stigma and labels placed on my by my peers as well as the support I received along the way.

If you or someone you know is dealing with depression or anxiety, there are many resources that can help.

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Entertainment Recap 8/12

Kendall Jenner gets a boyfriend, people.

While this week hasn't had any huge revelations or major drama, it was still packed full with a lot of gossip and happenings that we need to talk about. Honestly, I kind of like these weeks the best.

It's always interesting to see what Kanye gets himself into or to follow all of crazy celeb relationship drama going on right now, but sometimes a steady flow of important but simple things makes for a much better week.

Speaking of important things is reported to be officially off the market, for real this time. The supermodel has been rumored to be dating a handful of people in the last year, but reports say that one of those rumors was and is very true. A$AP Rocky, the 27-year-old rapper and fashion icon, has got himself a Jenner. I'm honestly totally down with this duo. I love Kendall and A$AP. Not to mention we now may have Hollywood's most stylish couple.

And of course if you mention one Jenner, you have to mention the other. This Tuesday was the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner fam's 19th birthday. The social media star hosted her Kylie Cosmetic's themed birthday party last week at the Nice Guy in LA. Also, Tyga bought her another car, this time a Mercedes Maybach, and set my relationship goals only that much higher. Here's to another pretty sweet year for Kylie.

happy birthday to me

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Staying on the topic of (birth)days, Megan Fox just had her third baby with husband Brian Austin Green. So obviously a big congratulations goes out to the couple. The pair, who were considering divorce earlier this year, decided against it keeping in mind the pregnancy. So here's to hoping the new addition keeps them together, because that is not only one beautiful couple, but one beautiful family. Now to patiently wait for the first baby pic.

I will give you roots and I will give you wings.

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Just when you thought I was done talking about the Jenners and their crew, I come back with one last piece of news, LOL. You're forgetting that they do make up 78 percent of Hollywood. This week a judge ordered an arrest warrant for Kylie's man Tyga, for failing to appear in court.

The court appearance was supposedly between the rapper and his landlord. If you haven't been keeping up to date, there is a reported ongoing eviction case against Tyga and appears to not be cooperating so well. Just a little advice, it's not usually good to skip out on your court dates.

Now it's time for possibly the most important topic of the week - naked Orlando Bloom.

I have a million questions about what was going on with this. Were there other people on the beach? What made you feel the need to get naked? How did Katy feel about this? How big is it? In case you missed it, while on vacation in Sardinia, Bloom decided the best way to paddle board was sans swim trunks. Although the baseball hat still somehow made the cut. I'm not sure if he forgot that paps were a thing, or if he just didn't give a single fuck, but either way - we got a show.

See you Flockers next week.

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Entertainment Recap 9/9

Just admit that you eat this shit up.

You guys have no idea how excited I have been to write this week's Entertainment Recap and I'm hoping that you are just as excited to read it. While there's not necessarily any hard hitting news or drama (besides the Taylor/Tom breakup of course), there is still plenty that you need to know.

Not to mention that there really isn't a single irrelevant name or topic on this weeks recap. So, let's get started shall we?

First things first, we're obviously going to be starting this off with the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston breakup - a break up I can proudly say I saw coming. This week the pair split after their three month whirlwind romance. The internet has pretty much been freaking out since the beginning of the questionable romance.

So once the news of the breakup hit, conspiracy theories and probable explanations for the breakup have been consuming the internet and social media. All I know is that Taylor really doesn't seem to be too good at this whole dating thing.

I have this theory that young Taylor found herself watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and either took it way too seriously or didn't finish the movie and missed the part where Kate Hudson keeps Mathew McConaughey because she stops acting like a psycho.

I mean I've really never seen anyone go through men like T-Swift. I would also like to point out that the common denominator in all of Taylor's failed romances is herself. Oh well, another one bites the dust.

Ok, this next bit of news has really thrown me for a loop because it contradicts news I reported just a week or two ago. Rumor has it, key word being rumor, that Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles may have rekindled their past rumored romance. Which means she probably isn't dating A$AP Rocky, which to be perfectly honest I'm a little upset about.

I'd really like to know how Kendall keeps so private and so mysterious so damn well. We know almost too much about the rest of her famous family, yet here we are week to week trying to figure out what the hell is actually going on with this model.

So being that I can't 100 percent confirm a relationship, I'll just go ahead and let you know that the pair have been spotted out a lot together lately and spent three straight days in a row together this week. I'll just leave that there.

unpublished by @mertalas + @macpiggott

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This week reigning queen of many pop culture lovers hearts, Beyonce, turned 35 and did so with a Soul Train-themed birthday party. Reports say that Bey rolled up around 11 p.m. and partied the night away with the star studded crowd until about 4 a.m. the next morning.

Party goers included everyone from athletes like Carmelo Anthony, to super models like Chanel Iman, and other artists like Alicia Keys.

The bash also apparently had a noise complaint that caused the N.Y.P.D. to show up about halfway through the party. I bet the person who realized they just called the cops on Beyonce's party feels like a fool right now.

It's happened guys, we finally know who fought with Drake at the Cheesecake Factory and we can now sleep peacefully. In Drake's new Child's Play video, a 12 minute long production, Tyra Banks gets into it with our favorite Canadian while enjoying a nice meal at the Factory.

The video depicts how the now famous fight went down and involves a piece of cheesecake being smashed into Drake's face. If he likes the Cheesecake Factory as much as he appears to, he honestly probably wasn't even mad about it.


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Keeping with the Drake thing and to end this post on the best note ever. Drake and Rihanna got matching shark tattoos and all I can say is, "be still my heart." Drake appears to have had the shark tattoo for sometime, it's a replica of one he got her on a date at some point, and this week Rihanna got the same tattoo inked on her.

In conclusion, they are madly in love and no relationship has ever been more real or true. The end.

Camo shark for my dear friend @badgalriri Also... I just found out you can zoom on IG- enjoy :)

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Let's Talk About Medicating for Mental Illness

"You don't seem crazy enough to be on medication for that."

I've heard of our generation being referred to as the "Antidepressant Generation".

The rate of college students being medicated for depression has gone up over the past few years, and with that comes an awful lot of stigmas, and it needs to be talked about.

I've been medicated for mental illness for a while, and when I bring it up to someone, usually the response is: "Wow, really? Why? But you're so normal."

Or sometimes I'll get, "Isn't that for like, crazy people? You don't seem like that."

You see, whatever your version of "normal" is, the reason I'm like that is because of my medication. But really, that's not the point here. The point is that now I feel guilty and even slightly embarrassed because you made me feel like I need to be crazy enough to even be considered for medicine.

You see people who are on medication in TV shows often portrayed as literally insane.

You do not need to be clinically insane to have a mental illness. You can be depressed for three months, get on medicine for six, and go off and be perfectly normal for the rest of your life.

You might only need to take anxiety medication once a week, during a test, or while visiting your significant other's parents. Or you can take it once a day for the rest of your life because you and your doctor feel like that's the best thing for you.

But that does not make you crazy.

With that statement out of the way, I just want to point out that medicating, in no way, makes you weak. And choosing not to medicate at all doesn't make you stronger than anyone else.

In the end, we're all dealing with our issues the best way we know how, whether you work out for six hours a day to handle your demons or take a pill in the morning before you start your day. Everyone struggles, and no one has the right to tell someone how to deal with their problems.

So, if you're currently taking medication for something, I'm so proud of you for taking the steps toward getting your mental health back on track. College is hard work, both physically and mentally, and every step you take to get yourself together is worth a reward.

It's so hard to feel like you're doing the right thing for yourself when everyone on social media and, essentially all over the world, make you feel like less of a person just because you're medicated for your illness.

According to an mtvU in 2008, at least 13 percent of college kids have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression, and that number has climbed exponentially since then.

According to the same survey, nine percent of college students have even seriously considered suicide. There are more than 1,000 suicides on campuses nationally. Thankfully, since the proper use of medication and counseling has gone up in the recent years, that number is dwindling.

So, one more time, let me say that if you in any way feel like you haven't been feeling normal, you're missing your family and friends from back home, or you're having a hard time adjusting to college life, don't be afraid to make an appointment with a counselor on campus.

They'll get you in touch with someone who can prescribe you something, if you feel that's necessary. Of course, it's not for everyone, but never be afraid to ask for help and have all the options presented to you.

But if you need help, please reach out.

*If you or anyone you know is considering suicide, please call the 24 hour suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255

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When You Don't Have an Umbrella

What it's like to have anxiety and depression.

I've spent my entire life trying to put what it's like to suffer from anxiety and depression into words. I've always felt it, but I could never quite describe it.

As I child I wasn't eloquent enough to describe the unsettled feeling that constantly seemed to haunt me. As I grew to be a tween, I understood more about what I was feeling, but lacked the confidence verbalize it. I was embarrassed.

Now, as a college student who has begun to take a major interest in writing, one of the most freeing feelings in the world is figuring out how to describe not just the thoughts that go through an anxious person's head, but that seemingly indescribable feeling of fear or sadness that we get in our gut.

It's a feeling that shakes me to the core. But there's an overwhelming sense of calmness and solidarity that comes with describing it in an accurate way, and as a result, having others understand exactly how you feel.

The best way I've ever seen anxiety and depression described was on a doodle going around Facebook. It says that walking around with anxiety or depression feels like walking around in the rain without an umbrella. Everybody else has an umbrella, but no matter how hard you try you can't seem to figure out where they all got their umbrellas.

You search and search for an umbrella, and as you do it just begins to rain harder and harder. As you're frantically searching for an umbrella those with umbrellas begin asking you why you don't have an umbrella and how you could possibly let yourself get poured on.

As the over-thinker that I am, I thought more about the illustration. Would this analogy work to examine how others treat people with anxiety or depression?

First, there are always the people who do nothing at all to help the situation. They keep their umbrella to themselves and feel no sympathy for the fact that you don't have one. They might even give you a hard time about it.

Then, there are the people that share their umbrella with you, but only so that others can see them sharing their umbrella with someone who doesn't have one.

There are those that share their umbrella with you but constantly bring up the fact that they're sharing, making you feel guilty about it.

There are enablers, who have the best intentions, but are so generous about sharing their umbrella that when the time comes for you to walk through a little bit of rain to pick up an umbrella of your own, they say "you don't want to have to walk through rain" and keep you under theirs. They are kind and loving, but it's only a matter of time before the two of you will want to go separate directions, which is impossible when you've become dependent on them and their umbrella.

Finally, if you're lucky, you'll come across the perfect friend. They'll find you in the pouring rain and take you under their umbrella without making you feel guilty about it and with no intention of making sure others see them doing it. They'll allow you to stay under their umbrella until you dry off. Then, one day when you're under their umbrella the two of you will see an extra umbrella lying on the ground. It could be all yours, but to get to it you'll have to walk through a little bit of rain. You'll get a little wet, but then you'll have the luxury of your very own umbrella from that point forward.

It's scary though. What if you leave this safe umbrella to get your own but something happens? What if that umbrella is broken or you can't get to it? It's risky to go into the rain to get it. That's where your friend comes along. You leave their umbrella to get your own and every time that you look back your friend is standing their watching, making sure that you get to your own umbrella safely. And you do. And it works. And you're dry all on your own. And it's the proudest of yourself that you've ever been.

To those friends, thank you. Thank you for sharing your umbrellas, but most importantly, thank you for making sure that one day I was able to safely get my own.

If you need help finding your own umbrella, there are resources that can help.