Jim Harbaugh on Stage With Lil Dicky is Must Watch
12.16.2016 | Sports Source: twitter.com

Jim Harbaugh on Stage With Lil Dicky is Must Watch

It happened.

There's just a lot here. It helps that Lil Dicky and Jim Harbaugh are two incredible personalities. Throw in Snoop Dogg and that's a trio of a lifetime. Dicky stays true to character, with a solid thirty seconds of pushups and situps ... that are just so unnecessarily fantastic.

It's really hard to believe that Harbaugh actually doesn't know the words to the national anthem. After all, he's heard the song at least every week for the better part of his 52 years. Initially, Harbaugh seems pretty hesitant to sing on stage. But in typical Harbaugh fashion, he agrees to the riveting public appearance. Lil Dicky totally recognized Harbaugh's reaction, saying "It's so sick that I can kinda influence Coach."

In terms of Harbaugh's performance, my God I'm not sure if the man has ever sung before. His demeanor was much more appropriate for a pregame speech, but I guess that's his thing. He literally stood there like a statue while Dicky just jumped around. Whatever, it's Harbaugh's world and we're all living in it. Looks like the man's just blowing off steam after Michigan missed this year's College Football Playoff.