Jim Harbaugh on Stage With Lil Dicky is Must Watch
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Jim Harbaugh on Stage With Lil Dicky is Must Watch

It happened.

There's just a lot here. It helps that Lil Dicky and Jim Harbaugh are two incredible personalities. Throw in Snoop Dogg and that's a trio of a lifetime. Dicky stays true to character, with a solid thirty seconds of pushups and situps ... that are just so unnecessarily fantastic.

It's really hard to believe that Harbaugh actually doesn't know the words to the national anthem. After all, he's heard the song at least every week for the better part of his 52 years. Initially, Harbaugh seems pretty hesitant to sing on stage. But in typical Harbaugh fashion, he agrees to the riveting public appearance. Lil Dicky totally recognized Harbaugh's reaction, saying "It's so sick that I can kinda influence Coach."

In terms of Harbaugh's performance, my God I'm not sure if the man has ever sung before. His demeanor was much more appropriate for a pregame speech, but I guess that's his thing. He literally stood there like a statue while Dicky just jumped around. Whatever, it's Harbaugh's world and we're all living in it. Looks like the man's just blowing off steam after Michigan missed this year's College Football Playoff.

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The Best Lil Wayne Features Playlist

AKA Mr. make you wanna jam to his songs.

Lil Weezy. Tunechi. Birdman Jr.. Weezy F. Baby. Mr. Carter. Dr. Carter. President Carter. Lil Tune. Young Tune. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. I'm talking about the man with (probably) the most nicknames in music biz. I'm talking about Lil Wayne.

With as many monikers as he boasts, he has even more songs that he appears on as a featured artist. In fact, Lil Wayne is the most featured musical artist of all time, with hundreds of songs he adds a little something to (in second place is Elvis).

It makes sense that he is often asked to accompany artists on their beats (and make it all the more better to listen to) based on his track record of success. Although his first record, True Stories, debuted in 1993, he started getting real nods of approval in the industry as a featured artist and member of Hot Boys in 1997, and eventually in 1999 took off on his solo career with the release of Tha Block is Hot. Over time, he has accumulated awards, fans, and recognition as a top emcee.

As far as talent goes, though, I can't quite say what is particularly attractive. Like the way I felt about dancing at high school dances (frequently to his songs and features), I knew I liked it, but wasn't entirely sure what it was that I liked about it. His voice is raspy, he often repeats his own lines, and he can sometimes strike you as predictable. That being said, there is some kind of bounce in his rhythm and humor in his lyrics that keeps you hooked. Let's just say, whenever I hear his songs or features, I feel the need to rap along. Maybe it's just because we are not the same, he is a martian.

As the most featured artist of all time, it was hard to narrow the list. Despite the difficulty, I've mixed a playlist of some of the best songs he appears on as a feature that will leave you wanting to rap, dance, and hang out with friends. Thanks Lil Wayne, AKA Apple Eagle Weezle, for pumping up so many songs with your flow.

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Michigan Football Has Been Having Quite The Time In Italy

Teaching the Pope about the religion known as sports.

Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan football team have been in Italy for the past few days. While they'll be having some practice time there, they've been enjoying the sights and sounds of the country with several members of Harbaugh's family who came along for the trip.

The team has already done stuff like playing paintball and trying out authentic Italian pizza.

Coach Harbaugh also got reprimanded by an Italian mall cop for throwing around a football in the area.

But probably the team's biggest highlight so far happened very recently, when Harbaugh and crew got the chance to meet Pope Francis. It seems to be one of Harbaugh's best experiences yet -- not just in Italy, where his family roots trail back to, but in life. Harbaugh's wife, Sarah, said her husband, while extremely happy, was actually at a loss for words at one point, while she was crying and trying to breathe.

Harbaugh also presented the pope with quite a gift -- a Michigan helmet and shoes.

The Michigan football team will be having its last three spring practices tomorrow through Friday, while the team is still over in Italy. They'll then fly back to Ann Arbor.

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Lil Yachty Released An MTV Awards Ad Fit For Royalty

The king of the teens is back!

I'm not gonna lie, I think Lil Yachty might be one of the damn strangest artists ever. I can still remember the first time my friend showed me the video for "1Night" and I thought it had to be a parody -- that or some weird video shot in someone's basement. Who knew that a few months later he would become a hit sensation.

But here he is, looking wilder than ever in his advertisement for MTVs Music and TV Awards, donning his classic red braids and now rainbow grills to complete the truly nautical look. Despite the fact he won't be hosting the event (Adam DeVine has that honor), he still released a fresh video that follows his pre-show ritual that lives up to his "King of the Teens" status.

The ad starts out with King Boat demonstrating his musical talents on the xylophone and then sudsing it up half submerged in a bath fit for royalty. Once he's rub a dub scrubbed and clean, he whips out some mom approved dance moves and all around just looks like he's having a grand ol' time before announcing the anticipated event.

The MTV Music and TV Awards will air May 7, and from what we know about all things MTV, it is bound to be crazy. This year the awards show has amped it up by adding TV awards, as well as a few other random categories like "trending", all available for you to vote online.

I think Lil Yachty pretty much sums up the aim of the MTV awards- have fun, entertain, and not take yourself too seriously. He may have less than a year left to enjoy the rest of his teen life, but he's clearly living the most of it and we're just pleasantly going along for the [boat] ride.

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Lil Dicky's New Music Video Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Brain gotta poop.

On Lil Dicky's debut album, he released a song (or story) titled "Pillow Talking" in which he discusses everything from the war to aliens to midgets with a girl with whom he has just had sex. Fans have been hysterical about it, because it will have you laughing through nearly all 11 minutes.

Today, he released the music video, and it has blow away expectations with its incredible visuals, and putting a sight to the song we've all adored. You should probably be high for full effect, but this video is not one to miss-- especially with the cameo from his own brain.

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5 Coolest College Football Head Coaches

Everyone in their right mind should want to play for these guys.

A month from today, there will be college football in our lives again. The sport is filled with a variety of intriguing personalities. From the University of Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, the outside-the-box thinker that also pisses off many of his colleagues and annoys rival fanbases to no end, to the University of Florida's Jim McElwain who makes his player's Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.

With all the different personalities, it is only right to admire the top five coolest head football coaches at the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) level.

5. Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech University
The 36 year-old Kingsbury would love it if there were bottle service at his practices. Seriously. That alone places him in the top five. You can't forget the fact that Kingsbury really knows how to turn up on the dance floor - or the football field, whichever is more lit.

4. Bret Bielema, University of Arkansas
Bielema is quite the character, to say the least, at age 46. I mean, he told the whole world how excited he was to bang his wife following an overtime victory against Ole Miss. He commented on how nice defensive lineman Bijohn Jackson's ass is and even described the result of a victory over the University of Texas as "borderline erotic".

3. Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M University
Sumlin may be 51, but he sure as hell knows how to connect to not only his roster of ballers, but also the high school recruits considering his university. Not only did Sumlin make sure a DJ was spinning some fire from inside an 18-wheeler at a spring practice to show recruits on hand how cool Texas A&M is.

2. Jim McElwain, University of Florida
You simply can't compose a top five cool list without McElwain. The 54 year-old loves to make Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for his players! And, he is willing to take requests and cut off the crust when players, like Antonio Callaway, asks for it. Bonus points!

1. Jim Harbaugh, University of Michigan
This was an obvious choice. Aside from his unconventional, outside-the-box thinking, pissing off his colleagues and annoying rival fan bases, Harbaugh can relate to players and recruits like no other. From sleepovers at recruit's houses to climbing trees to wrestling prospective players to whipping his shirt off to play a little ball at a satellite camp, Harbaugh is as cool as they come.