Jim Harbaugh on Stage With Lil Dicky is Must Watch
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Jim Harbaugh on Stage With Lil Dicky is Must Watch

It happened.

There's just a lot here. It helps that Lil Dicky and Jim Harbaugh are two incredible personalities. Throw in Snoop Dogg and that's a trio of a lifetime. Dicky stays true to character, with a solid thirty seconds of pushups and situps ... that are just so unnecessarily fantastic.

It's really hard to believe that Harbaugh actually doesn't know the words to the national anthem. After all, he's heard the song at least every week for the better part of his 52 years. Initially, Harbaugh seems pretty hesitant to sing on stage. But in typical Harbaugh fashion, he agrees to the riveting public appearance. Lil Dicky totally recognized Harbaugh's reaction, saying "It's so sick that I can kinda influence Coach."

In terms of Harbaugh's performance, my God I'm not sure if the man has ever sung before. His demeanor was much more appropriate for a pregame speech, but I guess that's his thing. He literally stood there like a statue while Dicky just jumped around. Whatever, it's Harbaugh's world and we're all living in it. Looks like the man's just blowing off steam after Michigan missed this year's College Football Playoff.

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Lil Dicky Goes After NFL Players And It's Awesome (Video)

Pitting people against each other is as good as it gets.

The NFL is an intense profession to be in. It's undoubtedly the league with the most testosterone flowing around, seeing as grown men try and rip each other's heads off on a weekly basis for our enjoyment (thanks!).

With so much testosterone comes the thirst for insane competition. Every player in the league thinks he is the best at his position, even Sam Bradford, (though he isn't close to even a good quarterback, but I digress).

Lil Dicky, who somehow has unlimited access to NFL players in full uniform, tried to get Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown and Von Miller to say bad things about each other and filmed it. It's pretty comical, and shows just how trained these guys are by their team's PR staffs to say the politically correct thing.

Regardless, the video is pretty funny. And it let us know that Gronk really likes bananas, and might think they're berries. Gronk is the best.

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Michigan Football Going To Rome Is Absurd

How ridiculous...

The University of Michigan announced yesterday that its football team will using three of their 15 spring practices in Rome, Italy. I know some people are going to get upset about this, especially since I go to Michigan State, but seriously think about it.

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of people traveling to experience a new culture. If you want to study abroad, go for it. I encourage that. That is not what I find wrong or irrational about it.

It's the fact that their football team get to go over there to "practice" three times and do all sorts of other stuff for free, which just seems ridiculous on so many levels.

First of all, Italy is known for football, and by football I am talking about soccer, not American football. To practice a sport that is barely a thing over there (yes, I know of the Italian Football League, but still) seems very unhelpful and senseless for them to do this. Whatever they do to practice over there can be done over here. They literally won't learn anything new, football wise that is.

I also can't picture Coach Jim Harbaugh in Rome with his khakis. Although he is known for doing absurd things like having Tom Brady and Derek Jeter come to the U of M signing event and having a sleepover with someone who was a possible recruit, going to Rome for football practice might be his biggest stunt yet.

Sure, college basketball teams take training trips to Europe once every four years, but they play European professional teams, not just practice. Also, taking 20 people is much different from taking 100.

In an interview, Harbaugh literally said that he and the team are going to be ambassadors of the United States and University of Michigan during their visit to Rome. Why though? You guys aren't that relevant. We don't want a man child who is known for throwing temper tantrums, being totally shady, and whining about referees and opponents to represent the USA.

Besides, universities are not supposed to technically give NCAA athletes extra benefits, and the last time I checked, going on a trip to a foreign country for free is an extra benefit. I mean if any other college students wanted to study abroad, they would have to pay and actually study. Maybe that's just my opinion though. But then again, Michigan isn't quite known for following all the rules and it isn't completely out of the ordinary for them to try to push the limits.

It's not surprising that U of M football would go over the top either, they have always thought they are better than everyone else. I mean their favorite saying after all is "Who's got it better than us?" Even though it is not 100 percent out of the ordinary for Michigan and Harbaugh to send their team to Rome, it is still completely ridiculous.

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5 Coolest College Football Head Coaches

Everyone in their right mind should want to play for these guys.

A month from today, there will be college football in our lives again. The sport is filled with a variety of intriguing personalities. From the University of Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, the outside-the-box thinker that also pisses off many of his colleagues and annoys rival fanbases to no end, to the University of Florida's Jim McElwain who makes his player's Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.

With all the different personalities, it is only right to admire the top five coolest head football coaches at the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) level.

5. Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech University
The 36 year-old Kingsbury would love it if there were bottle service at his practices. Seriously. That alone places him in the top five. You can't forget the fact that Kingsbury really knows how to turn up on the dance floor - or the football field, whichever is more lit.

4. Bret Bielema, University of Arkansas
Bielema is quite the character, to say the least, at age 46. I mean, he told the whole world how excited he was to bang his wife following an overtime victory against Ole Miss. He commented on how nice defensive lineman Bijohn Jackson's ass is and even described the result of a victory over the University of Texas as "borderline erotic".

3. Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M University
Sumlin may be 51, but he sure as hell knows how to connect to not only his roster of ballers, but also the high school recruits considering his university. Not only did Sumlin make sure a DJ was spinning some fire from inside an 18-wheeler at a spring practice to show recruits on hand how cool Texas A&M is.

2. Jim McElwain, University of Florida
You simply can't compose a top five cool list without McElwain. The 54 year-old loves to make Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for his players! And, he is willing to take requests and cut off the crust when players, like Antonio Callaway, asks for it. Bonus points!

1. Jim Harbaugh, University of Michigan
This was an obvious choice. Aside from his unconventional, outside-the-box thinking, pissing off his colleagues and annoying rival fan bases, Harbaugh can relate to players and recruits like no other. From sleepovers at recruit's houses to climbing trees to wrestling prospective players to whipping his shirt off to play a little ball at a satellite camp, Harbaugh is as cool as they come.

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Chicago Was Baseball Central Wednesday Night

The Crosstown Cup was lit.

The Cubs and White Sox headed to Wrigley Field tonight for the third game of a four game series in what is famously known as the Crosstown Cup. Although the White Sox have technically won the cup because they've won the first two games and they won last year, there was still plenty of entertainment at Wrigley Field.

The first pitch of the game was thrown out by Jim Harbaugh, the head football coach at the University of Michigan. He's in town this week for Big Ten Media Days.

He took the first pitch very seriously. He headed to the mound in khakis, a Cubs shirt, a brand new pair of Nike cleats, and a Cubs hat. Matt Szczur had the honor of catching the first pitch.

The White Sox dominated for the first 6 innings. Starting pitcher Anthony Ranaudo had a no hit bid and scored his first career MLB home run off of Cubs starter Jason Hammel.

That was, until Kris Bryant hit a solo home run in the bottom of the 6th to tie the game.

Then the last three innings were all about the Cubs.

With Aroldis Chapman available, the Cubs took the lead in the 7th off of a 2- run homer by Javy Baez.

It appeared as though Chapman would come in to close his first game. He warmed up with Hector Rondon, the former-closer-turned-eighth-inning specialist.

Rondon had an easy top of the eighth inning. Then the fun started.

Kris Bryant got hit by a pitch, Anthony Rizzo knocked a base hit, and Ben Zobrist knocked a base hit to score Bryant. Then Miguel Montero walked to load the bases.

Up comes Addison Russell who drilled his first career grand slam out of the park, making the score 8-1.

The Cubs had enough of lead to not need a closing pitcher, but Chapman still made his debut.

Arolldis Chapman had a 1-2-3 bottom of the 9th and the Cubs won 8-1.

Between Jim Harbaugh, an almost no-hit bid, and a grand slam; this Crosstown Cup game proved to baseball fans that when the Chicago baseball teams are together, there's never a dull moment.

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Michigan and Ohio State Could Meet in the College Football Playoffs

Whether you like this or not, it could happen.

When you think of great rivalries in sports, you tend to look at professional sports. The Red Sox and Yankees come to mind. The Lakers and Celtics come to mind.

But nothing truly beats the rivalries in college sports. For over 100 years, Ohio State and Michigan have battled on the gridiron, and other playing surfaces. They are arguably the two most successful college football programs in the sports' history. Being in the same conference and having close proximity, to the point where lots of local studs play for either school and know one another, leads to an intense hatred and rivalry.

This season, the Scarlet and Grey/Maize and Blue rivalry could be taken to heights never seen before. The two teams will meet, as per usual, for the last game of the regular season. The game will be played at Ohio Stadium in Columbus. But that might not be the last time we see these teams duke it out this year.

There is a very good chance, in my opinion, that Ohio State and Michigan can both make the College Football Playoff. Right now, everyone is looking at Michigan as a lock to get in. That's understandable if you look at what they've been able to do in Jim Harbaugh's second season. They are unbeaten in Big Ten play, and 8-0 overall. Their defense is first in the FBS in nearly every category.

They beat Rutgers 78-0. They dominated Wisconsin defensively. They dominated Penn State, who just beat the Buckeyes. If Michigan finishes the season undefeated and wins the Big Ten championship, they'll get a playoff berth, hands-down.

And then there's the Buckeyes, coached by the great Urban Meyer. They were also considered a lock for the playoff before losing to Penn State in Happy Valley two weeks ago. However, with one loss, Ohio State still controls its own destiny.

It'll all come down to that final regular season game against Michigan. If they beat them, they'll be 11-1 and so will Michigan. OSU will get into the Big Ten title game with the tiebreaker.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. The chances are, Ohio State would win the title game if it gets in. The Big Ten East is much stronger than the West division. So if Ohio State is the Big Ten champ with a record of 12-1 overall, what would happen to an 11-1 Michigan team?

If the Wolverines' only loss is to Ohio State, the playoff committee would have a tough time leaving them out of the top four. Even an undefeated Washington Huskies team wouldn't get in. You could even make the argument an 11-1 Michigan team is stronger than an undefeated Clemson team.

It's still hard to predict how the final four will shape up, but we can all agree a potential Ohio State-Michigan semifinal game (or national championship for that matter) would be out of control.