J-Music: Playlist from the Far East
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J-Music: Playlist from the Far East

Be it Old or new, they're still good

We all know and have heard of K-Pop (I hope). Unless you are fluent or are learning Korean, you don't really understand what the artists are singing about unless you're looking at a translated lyric page you're following as the song plays. However, when has the language barrier ever stopped us from enjoying music? Be it EXO-K's "Overdose", BTS' "Blood Sweat & Tears" or PSY's "Gangnam Style" for that matter, you want to listen to it, bounce to it and dance to it with your friends over and over.

But K-pop certainly isn't all there is when it comes to modern Asian music. Look further to the island country east of Korea: Japan, the nation with the second largest music market in the world. They have their fair share of great music from the genres of J-rock, J-rap and, of course, J-pop. Obviously these are sung in Japanese, with the occasional English speckled here and there, but, again, when has the language barrier ever stopped us from enjoying music?

For those of you who want to expand your already (somewhat) eclectic tastes in music as well as the diversity of international friends, give these a chance to be your first steps.

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New Year's Eve Party Playlist

Time to celebrate all the good music that 2016 had to offer.

2016 was filled to the brim with quality tunes. Icons like David Bowie and Leonard Cohen passed away, but not without leaving us with everlasting opuses. Newcomers like Noname and Anderson .Paak released powerful debuts that have left us begging for more.

And of course, solidified stars like Kanye West and Bassnectar added incredible albums to their extensive discography. It was easy to get lost in the overwhelming sound of this year, so we compiled some of the best tracks that may have slipped through the cracks.

You won't find any Chainsmokers or "Fake Love" on here, but this is a chance to dive deeper into the music that you may have missed. Enjoy.

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The Feels Playlist

Embrace the emotion.

Honestly, this playlist was completely unintentional.

I was feeling pretty mellow today, which lead to a lot of Majid Jordan and Roy Woods, two of my favorite artists. While lying there I decided I might as well be a little productive and jumped on Spotify to make a playlist and spread the love a little.

I really didn't have a clear vision for what this playlist was going to be. I just wanted to put together a list of songs that you could really get into. At first I thought maybe this was a breakup playlist or a playlist to listen to when things just weren't going right, but that's not what the songs were about.

While these songs are definitely a little more on the emotional side, they're not sad songs. These are songs to vibe out to and songs to light some candles to. These are songs for when you're in the mood to embrace all your feels.

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Mom and Dad's Wine Night Playlist

Elton John ftw.

I have to say, this may be the favorite playlist I've made thus far, mostly because the songs I've picked are the songs I've grown up on. For those of you with music-loving parents like mine, I'm sure you'll find yourself pretty familiar with what I've got going on here.

Featuring artists like Elton John and bands like Judas Priest, the playlist may seem a little all over the place, but trust me, these are the essentials.

Disclaimer: This playlist is pretty rock and roll heavy, but I'd disappoint my father if I made it any other way.

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Mellow R&B Study Playlist

Good tunes, good beats, good grades.

If there's one thing I've learned over the last couple of years, it's that the end of the semester tends to be the most stressful time of year for college students, academically speaking. Think about it, all of those little things you've been putting off for the last few months are finally actually due very soon, leaving you only a month to get it all done.

I'd be amazed if any of you were able to make it through the last month of the semester without at least a couple of all nighters and a solid amount of library time. For those of you with trouble focussing, this can be even more overwhelming.

The key is to find songs that don't leave you wanting to get up and dance, but on the other hand don't put you straight to sleep. I've found that chill R&B tends to be the perfect, happy medium. So, next time you find yourself cramming at the end of the semester, try turning on this playlist.

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"The After Party" Playlist

Chill songs for a laid back, late night vibe.

Imagine after a long party on a cool, fall Saturday night. It's 1 a.m. and after a full day of football and partying, you're chilling in your room with a few people. The lights are off and there is a candle burning. People are either passing out or too tired to talk.

This playlist will provide a perfect backdrop for a setting like this. It's filled with bands such as The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Beatles, Herbie Hancock, and a lot of other really intense and powerful music.

This playlist is filled with bands such as The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Beatles, Herbie Hancock, and a lot of other really great musicians and bands that can create an intense mood through music.

If this is on in the background in a quiet room after a long day or night, it will captivate everyone. This music should create a powerful dynamic that's great late at night no matter the activity.