Is Tim Tebow This Generation's Bo Jackson?
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Is Tim Tebow This Generation's Bo Jackson?

What a MLB career could do for Tebow.

Well, Tim Tebow recorded multiple hits in a preseason game against a minor league pitcher, so obviously we need to discuss his spot in the Mets' outfield and chances at the MVP. Okay, kidding.

But what can we see about Tim Tebow right now? He certainly has the power of a baseball player and his speed seems above average. His fielding looks standard so far.

There are times at the plate against actual major league pitchers he looks like a person who has just recently picked up the sport after a decade away from it. But it's still early and how he looks after a season of at bats in single, double, or triple A baseball will determine whether or not he'll be given a chance at the major league level.

Maybe he'll make. Maybe he won't. Only time will tell. But on the slim, but real, chance he does find himself in a New York Mets uniform, we as fans have to discuss whether or not Tebow is one of the greatest athletes of this or any generation.

Let us consider this: Tebow is already one of the greatest collegiate football players in the history of the sport. Even his biggest detractors have to grant him that. Tebow did play a few season of NFL football that saw him have individual and team success with a postseason win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now the question becomes if Tebow finds himself patrolling the outfield at Citi Field or rocking a hanging slider 400 ft, does he become this generation's Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson?

As sacrilege as that sounds, let's not go crazy (I say as I just compared Tim Tebow to the greatest defensive back in NFL history and the greatest athlete in modern sports) because at this moment, Tim Tebow is Brandon Weeden, but in reverse.

Remember Brandon Weeden? Of course you don't.

Weeden was drafted by the Yankees, quit baseball before every making it to the pros, then got drafted by the Cleveland Brown to be their QB for the future, and now he's the worst quarterback on the Houston Texans' depth chart. That's a depth chart that last season had guys like Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage

Right now, that's Tim Tebow: a former football player that couldn't cut it in the league and now is trying his hand at another sport. And he's putting himself for a high risk, high reward situation.

If he's fails, it looks pathetic. But, on the chance that he finds himself in Major League Baseball for a season or two as a fourth outfielder or possibly even a starter in the pros, he goes from Brandon Weeden to Bo Jackson. ESPN makes documentaries about Bo Jackson, not Brandon Weeden.

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Top 10 TV Shows That All Men Watch

Cars + boobs, usually

There is definitely a proven formula to make the perfect television show for guys. (Read: cars and boobs.) While it was tough to narrow down because there is so much quality stuff on TV right now, here are 10 shows that all guys love.

The Walking Dead
Men love this show because it gives them an excuse to buy big guns. Guys who watch The Walking Dead are the same guys who constantly talk about the zombie apocalypse and are kind of secretly hoping that it's going to happen. They may or may not have a full-blown apocalypse plan.

This is like TV comfort food for guys. There is nothing quite like getting home after a long day just in time for your favorite talking heads to announce the top ten plays of the day. The reporters are gorgeous too, so that doesn't hurt.

Party Down South
What guy doesn't want to watch hot chicks partying and boozing? Even though it's on CMT, every guy is tuned in when this comes on.

First Take
This is probably the most polarizing show on ESPN. Say what you want about their controversial opinions, you can't deny that Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless shouting at each other about Tim Tebow makes for excellent TV.

Love and Hip Hop
This is the most ratchet show that I have ever seen on TV (besides Flavor of Love of course). Love and Hip Hop always has beautiful women, dirt on celebrities, fighting, drugs--and you can watch this and keep your masculinity intact.

Fast N' Loud
Is car porn a thing? If so then this is it. Fast N' Loud is for all the men who have the need for speed and want to begin planning their mid-life crisis prematurely. It's a lot easier to tune in once a week then drop $40k for the real deal, so we just settle for watching it on TV.

Wild 'N Out
This is Nick Cannon's crowning achievement (fans of Drumline can form a line and fight me). Famous for its improv, kind of like a dirtier Whose Line is it Anyway?, this is one of the best shows to watch celebrities literally clown each other.

The Wire
One of the first shows that set HBO apart from those scrubs at the cable networks, this is arguably the greatest crime series--or TV show ever--of all time. It gives the people who were fortunate enough to avoid the street life an insight into what it's all about. It also gave us some of the most badass characters and quotable lines.

Bless the genius TV exec at the Food Network who figured out that cooking shows were missing competition and gummi bears. This show will have guys feeling like they are the master chef.

This is the perfect show for music lovers. Empire goes into detail about how the music industry works and all the distractions that comes with it. This is another show with beautiful women, incredible acting, and music. It's a must-watch.

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3 Athletes Who Succeeded In Other Sports, And 3 Who Flopped

Not everyone can be good at everything.

Tony Romo announced his retirement from the NFL last month, as well as his transition to the CBS broadcast booth. However, it looks like he might try to balance some more time on the green with that...the green of the golf course that is.

Romo is an avid golfer, but he's going to look to show how good is golf game can be when he attempts to qualify for the U.S. Open. I can see this going several ways: Romo somehow pulls it off and qualifies for the U.S. Open...and then chokes at the actual event. Romo collapses right from the start and fails to qualify. Romo is forced to withdraw via injury.

Okay, jokes from the Giants fan in me aside, Romo is far from the first athlete to try another sport. The question is will he succeed at a professional stage? With that, here are three athletes who pulled it off, and another three who...well, didn't.

Failed: Jose Canseco (MMA)
Canseco is one of baseball's most controversial figures. While a several-time All Star and two-time World Series champion in his 20-year career, known for his power, he has admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs and pointed out others who have during their careers as well. Canseco also claims to be a black belt in karate and taekwondo, a Muay Thai practitioner and a nunchucks expert.

This did him little to nothing when he competed in his one and only pro MMA bout at Dream 9 in Japan on May 26, 2009. Canseco lost the bout via submission in just 1:17.

Succeeded: Bo Jackson (baseball and football)
This choice should come as a surprise to few, as Jackson is often cited as one of the best athletes there has ever been due to his success in both sports. While still participating in college baseball and track and field, Jackson won the 1985 Heisman Trophy and was drafted first overall in the 1986 NFL Draft.

However, he wanted to play both baseball and football -- something the Tampa Bay Bucs didn't want -- and so when the Kansas City Royals drafted him in the MLB Draft, he chose to play with them. Fortunately, Al Davis and the then-Los Angeles Raiders were willing to let him play both sports. He went on to become one of a select few to be named an All-Star in both, being a 1989 MLB All-Star and a 1990 Pro Bowl selection.


Failed: Brock Lesnar (football)
Lesnar has had quite the incredible career, starting with winning the NCAA Division I championship in heavyweight wrestling. He then moved to another kind of wrestling -- professional wrestling -- where he has since won the WWE title four times and is the promotion's current universal champion on its Raw brand. During a break from the pro wrestling biz, Lesnar competed in MMA, going on to win the UFC heavyweight championship in November 2008 -- in just his fourth pro MMA bout.

Unfortunately for him, he just couldn't cut it in football. Lesnar originally left WWE in 2004 to pursue an NFL career. Playing defensive tackle, Lesnar played a few preseason games in 2004 with the Minnesota Vikings, but the team released him right before the start of the season. He received an NFL Europa invitation, but he declined because he wanted to remain in the U.S. with his family.

Succeeded: Deion Sanders (football and baseball)
In college, Sanders, in addition to being a College Football Hall of Famer, once played game one of a baseball doubleheader, ran a leg of a 4x100 relay, and then played the other baseball game. That shows you the kind of athlete he is.

Sanders primarily focused on his NFL career, becoming an eight-time Pro Bowl and First-team All-Pro selection, as well as a two-time Super Bowl champion. However, in baseball, Sanders ended his career with a .263 batting average, as well as leading the National League in triples in 1992.

He is the only man to have hit an MLB home run and scored an NFL touchdown in the same week, to play in a Super Bowl and World Series, and to have a Super Bowl reception and interception. He is also only one of two players to score an NFL touchdown in six different ways.

Failed: Michael Jordan (baseball)
Oh, Michael. I know you wanted to move to baseball because who had tired of the basketball grind and wanted to tribute your late father. But, man, should've stuck to basketball.

After shocking the world with his first NBA retirement, Jordan pulled off another shocker when he signed with the Chicago White Sox. Participating in its AA minor league affiliate, the Birmingham Barons, in 1994, Jordan's numbers were...unimpressive. He batted just .202, with three home runs and 51 RBIs.

Fortunately for Jordan, he returned to the Chicago Bulls and helped them to another three NBA titles.


Succeeded: Dave Winfield (baseball and basketball [and "football"])
Winfield is known as a great baseball player. He was a 12-time All-Star, seven-time Gold Glove winner, six-time Silver Slugger, and a member of the 1992 World Series champion Toronto Blue Jays. He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001.

But, in college, Winfield was more than just a baseball guy. In fact, he is only one of two people in history to be drafted in four different leagues' drafts. The San Diego Padres selected him fourth overall in the 1973 MLB Draft, and the NBA's Atlanta Hawks and ABA's Utah Stars also drafted him. And despite not playing one college football game, the Minnesota Vikings also selected him in the 17th round in the 1973 Draft.

What an athlete.


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People Actually Care About Tim Tebow's Baseball Career

This guy really gets bored easily.

Tim Tebow will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest college football players to ever play. Under Urban Meyer, he was a part of two national championship teams -- as a freshman and junior -- and nearly missed playing for another as a senior. He was awarded the Heisman Trophy in 2008 during Florida's undefeated run. Despite this, he'll also go down as one of the recent Heisman busts.

He joined the Denver Broncos in 2010 and quickly guided them to a playoff appearance in his rookie season. Things were looking bright for the popular lefty, before his career went spiraling downward. He was traded to the Jets in 2012 and shared time with Mark Sanchez, while the Jets were probably in the darkest days of their history (the Butt Fumble took place that year.) Tebow recently tried out for a roster spot with New England, and Bill Belichik expressed interest in a special teams position for the former QB. Well, that didn't work out so well, and Tebow was officially out of the NFL.

Now, when most high-profile athletes see their playing days come to an end, they usually have a go at coaching or broadcasting. Tebow pursued the latter, and was a pretty damn good broadcaster on College GameDay and the SEC Network. Knowledgeable, good-looking and natural on camera, Tebow was a perfect fit with Rece Davis and Kirk Herbstreit, but apparently, the gig wasn't enough for him.

As of now, Tebow is pursuing a professional baseball career. He was a great player in high school, but that's the last time he's played organized ball. Despite this, on Tuesday he dug up his mitt and wood bat and worked out for several teams across Major League Baseball. His full workout included a 60-yard dash (which he demolished), batting practice, infield and outfield work, and of course, a press conference.

Personally, I think a guy like Tebow is just what the MLB needs. The national pastime has sort of taken a backseat to sports like football and basketball, just for the sheer lack of action that takes place during a baseball game. Tim Tebow is an incredible athlete who has arms the size of tractor trailers, and I'm sure he could crank one into the right-field upper deck if he got a hold of it. Not only that, he's a great leader and a great personality, and his appearance in games would certainly draw bigger crowds.

Of course, there's a lot of people who completely disagree with this new move. Stephen A. Smith, always the unpopular opinion, said that current MLB players should be offended by this. He called Tebow arrogant. Orioles manager Buck Showalter also expressed dislike to Tim Tebow the baseball player.

Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, you've got to hand it to Tebow. He's only 29, and he's confident his days as an athlete aren't quite over. Don't be surprised if you see him back on a playing surface soon, specifically, a diamond-shaped one.

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Why Does Everyone Hate on Tebow?

The dude gives it his all.

Why does everybody hate Tim Tebow?

I'm not going to sit here and tell you I've followed Tim Tebow my entire life because I haven't. I'm not going to tell you he should be in the NFL (he should), but I will tell you that this guy is better than everything you will ever be and that is why you all hate on him. And guess what.

He doesn't give a fuck.

This guy is the epitome of a competitor. Day in and day out, no matter what this guy does he puts in 150 percent.

A couple days ago the former NFL Quarterback held an open tryout for MLB scouts to watch him play baseball. The last time he played he was 17 years old.

One scout said, "I can see someone giving him a chance to go to spring training and maybe Double-A"

Tim Tebow may not be a future MLB player, but he sure has the heart to do it.

His goal, he said, isn't simply to make the big leagues but "to have a career in the big leagues." Many people will laugh at this, but to show his seriousness he held up his callus-covered batting-practice hands as proof.

Michael Jordan, a basketball player (I say this lightly because he's not JUST any basketball player), gave baseball a shot and he had far more to lose.

TIm Tebow has nothing to lose, and that is why, in my opinion, he has a chance to succeed.

But as always, the internet made a bunch of memes (see below) to roast Tebow on his latest professional sports venture.

I have to say, for someone who's played less than three seasons of professional football, he's arguably the most controversial and polarizing non-superstar of our generation.

I must ask though, why not root for him?

Would you rather watch a guy that looks like this sit in a suit and tie and talk SEC football, or would you rather watch Tim put his god given physical skills (if not his leadership abilities) to good use?

I vote the latter.

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NFL Week 1 Was Full of Surprises

In case you missed it and live under a rock.

The first week of football hasn't even technically ended yet, but there are already highlights and feel good stories galore. I honestly don't care about your opinion, but I hope you care about mine. Here's my some of my favorite stories, stat-lines, thoughts from the first football Sunday of 2016.

The Giants aren't the Giants of old...yet.
Have to put this in hear because I am a Giants fan, but I 100 percent had zero confidence that, with about a minute left in a game against a 4th round rookie quarterback making his first start, that our defense could stop the Cowboys. I was wrong, and I couldn't have been happier.

Also Cruz salsa'd for the first time in like 700 days. Yesterday was a good day to be a Giants fan.

New England fans are the worst, but the Patriots are still *gag* the best.

Nine and a half point under dogs. A QB making his first career start. No frat star tight end. The result? My snapchat stories being filled with nothing but cocky, elated Pats fans. (The only football related damper on my Sunday). Context: I go to school in Massachusetts and actually have friends (kinda).

RG3 is a lost cause.
Man. I had a hard time rooting against this guy when he was tearing up the NFC East his freshman season which now seems light years ago. I want this guy to be good almost as bad as I want Tebow to play another NFL snap (let alone throw a pass).

Statically he didn't look too awful, but if you watch just the highlights of the game, you can just see he has zero confidence and that the Browns will not be anywhere near as successful as the Indians or Cavs. Like light years away. Like they should sign Tebow and have a Tebow/RG3 double QB thing just to maybe figure something out.

Blair Walsh is going to be very out of job.
What do you call a kicker who can't make field goals? Out of a job. Welcome to unemployment, Mr. Walsh.

Oh and for those of you who forgot. And for those that didn't:

AJ Green is a monster.
AJ Green absolutely tore up not just the Jets, but their top (and former top corner in the league) for 12 receptions 180 yards and multiple take overs of Revis Island.