I Went to the Luke's Diner Pop-Up Shop and Here's What It Was Like
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I Went to the Luke's Diner Pop-Up Shop and Here's What It Was Like

Oy with the poodles already.

Only 51 days until the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, but who's counting? (Me. I am.)

ICYMI, today there were hundreds of Luke's Diner Pop-Ups across the U.S., where you could go, get free coffee, a nifty Gilmore Girls coffee sleeve or themed cup, see a life sized cutout of everyone's favorite diner owner, and generally pretend like you're in Stars Hollow.

According to our coffee sources, (aka we asked the barista), Netflix just sent them a box of goodies to display around the store. See: totally on-point no cell phone sign.

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And, if you're lucky, you might just get a Luke-themed barista. Notice the backwards hat. (Shout out to HubBub coffee in Radnor, Pa. You rock.)

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There were even two ladies knitting at one of the tables, which, for all my fellow super fans, is a clear reference to S.7, Ep. 9, Knit, People Knit. The women said they were just there by chance, but I am 100 percent convinced it was NOT a coincidence. (I see you, Netflix.)

Also, is anyone else super pumped to see Luke's take on modern-yet-annoying trends like the man bun and Instagramming your food at restaurants? Us, too.

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One more, because who doesn't need their 3 p.m. coffee served up in a Lorelai Gilmore-themed coffee cup? Yup, keeping that cup.

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And if that isn't enough for you thirsty little GG super fans, here is a new Gilmore Girls preview of the show (well, mostly old clips from the show mixed in with some new interviews), but we'll take what we can get, amiright?

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What It Was Really Like to Go to an All-Girls Boarding School

There's no Netflix and there's no chill.

I feel the need to educate the masses about what it was really like to go to boarding school. I attended an all-girls boarding school in high school from sophomore to senior year. It was one of the best times of my life, but there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about my experience there. I blame pervy teenage boys and Zoey 101 for these lies. Here's how it really went down.

There were no pillow fights in our underwear. This didn't happen. Not even once. No. If there were ever any pillow fights (and there weren't) they were in baggy sweatpants. As an all-girls school, sweatpants were basically our uniform. The most sexual activity was changing clothes in the hallway. No guys, no shame.

We were all gay. This is the only myth that is somewhat rooted in truth. Yes, a lot of girls actually were gay. But, personally, I think that was only known because our school was just so open and cool with everything so it was never a big deal. You like girls? Cool! You like girls and boys? Also cool. You have a crush on the only male teacher, even though he's 67 years old? Somehow also acceptable.

We did drugs/something bad and that's why you go to a boarding school. "So what did you do?" is the first question I always get every time I explain my boarding school past. First of all, how rude. Second, no, I did not get busted for drugs. I wasn't pregnant. These boarding prep schools aren't for delinquent youth, but rather for smart kids looking for a more challenging education.

There was a lot of hazing. Actually, there was... But it was fun, I promise! Who doesn't love cutting the lawn with nail clippers and public shaming?

We are all bratty, privileged rich kids. I blame Gossip Girl for this. There's no denying that many of my peers came from privileged, wealthy households. However, there was also a large scholarship endowment for students who could not afford tuition on their own. I received scholarships, as did several of my close friends. It was normal, and definitely not weird. All of my classmates, regardless of family, were held to the same academic and disciplinary standards.

We basically chilled all day. Um, no. Imagine your college course load on acid, mixed with leadership positions, varsity sports, and study hall. Even with all this, you will only graze the surface of the crazy workload prep schools force on students. Living at school means the school day never ends. Literally never. Even after study hall (7:30-9:30 p.m.) there is still so much more work to do, not to mention the strict curfew and internet restrictions. There's no Netflix and there's no chill.

It's not weird. Hopefully I've enlightened you about the real life of boarding schools. We aren't all rich lesbians! We're real people just like you!

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Chris Brown Releases Trailer for his Documentary

Look at me now.

Have you ever had two really good friends start dating and then eventually break up? It's awkward. You try to stay friends with both of them, but inevitably you have to pick one, especially if one of them majorly fucked up. Well, in 2009, the world picked Rihanna. (It also doesn't help Chris' case that her music is 10x better.)

As is usually the case, the top YouTube comment sums up exactly how I feel about a video.

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The open-minded, benefit-of-the-doubt-giving part of me wants to watch this and hear Chris Brown's side of events, but the cynical part of me sees this as a desperate and transparent PR grab to reel in his waning popularity.

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Netflix Drops Original Movies And Series Like They're Hot

Clearly Netflix is thirsty for more Academy Awards.

With a new month comes a new start. Or in Netflix's case, a buttload of Netflix Original trailers. Maybe their Academy Award nominations and wins left Netflix thirsty for more. And these kick-ass trailers will do the same to the viewer.


From the mind of House of Cards creator David Fincher comes Mindhunter. Set in 1979, it tells the story of FBI agents working with serial killers to solve unfinished cases.

War Machine

This Netflix Original movie is inspired by the book The Operators: Wild & Terrifying Inside Story of America's War. Brad Pitt stars as a four-star general whose position plummets when a journalist takes him down. All we can say is, "Yes, sir!"


While not an official trailer per se, original series GLOW has an official air date set. We won't be getting ready to rumble quite yet. For now, we'll prepare ourselves for watching kick-ass women wrestling.

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Fuller House Season Two Trailer Released

It's finally here.

Netflix has definitely been stepping up their game lately with all the throwbacks and revivals. They are making our childhood come back to life. (See: Gilmore Girls coming back this month).

We clearly didn't think it could get any more exciting, but today Netflix has officially released the trailer for Season Two of Fuller House. It is bringing back even more memories and full of so many exciting things.

Here is a quick rundown of what looks like is about to happen this season:
1. They will be celebrating the big holidays during this season: Kimmy, Stephanie, and DJ team up to make a successful Thanksgiving turkey, the families have matching pajamas for Christmas morning, and of course have a huge New Year's Eve celebration.
2. Danny Tanner is back and seems to be having a mid-life crisis. He is turning 60 (Whoa making us all feel old too). Now we all know that Danny has always tried to be hip, but this time it looks like he is taking it a bit too far.
3. We get to see a romance brew for Stephanie, and she is caught kissing a Gibbler of all things. Yup that's right. Kimmy's brother makes an appearance and I'm already shipping it.
4. First kisses. Kimmy's daughter Ramona wants to get her first kiss out of the way, which she finally gets with her guy friend.
5. DJ finally makes a decision between Matt and Steve... a little too late. Looks like they both already have girlfriends. You also see Matt playing with the kids in their room while DJ watches him, and Steve makes some intense eye contact with DJ. So I guess we will see what happens there.
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Bubby and Pop Pop: On Buzzfeed Quizzes

More like Bubby and Bro Bro.

In the latest episode of B&P, Bubby and Pop Pop try to find out what percentage "bro" Pop Pop is (these titles are starting to sound like Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes) by having him take a Buzzfeed quiz.

It's a pretty revealing episode. We find out that Pop Pop once broke his leg during a game of beer pong and that he wears a kaftan and fez.