I Went to the Luke's Diner Pop-Up Shop and Here's What It Was Like
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I Went to the Luke's Diner Pop-Up Shop and Here's What It Was Like

Oy with the poodles already.

Only 51 days until the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, but who's counting? (Me. I am.)

ICYMI, today there were hundreds of Luke's Diner Pop-Ups across the U.S., where you could go, get free coffee, a nifty Gilmore Girls coffee sleeve or themed cup, see a life sized cutout of everyone's favorite diner owner, and generally pretend like you're in Stars Hollow.

According to our coffee sources, (aka we asked the barista), Netflix just sent them a box of goodies to display around the store. See: totally on-point no cell phone sign.

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And, if you're lucky, you might just get a Luke-themed barista. Notice the backwards hat. (Shout out to HubBub coffee in Radnor, Pa. You rock.)

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There were even two ladies knitting at one of the tables, which, for all my fellow super fans, is a clear reference to S.7, Ep. 9, Knit, People Knit. The women said they were just there by chance, but I am 100 percent convinced it was NOT a coincidence. (I see you, Netflix.)

Also, is anyone else super pumped to see Luke's take on modern-yet-annoying trends like the man bun and Instagramming your food at restaurants? Us, too.

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One more, because who doesn't need their 3 p.m. coffee served up in a Lorelai Gilmore-themed coffee cup? Yup, keeping that cup.

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And if that isn't enough for you thirsty little GG super fans, here is a new Gilmore Girls preview of the show (well, mostly old clips from the show mixed in with some new interviews), but we'll take what we can get, amiright?

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What It Was Really Like to Go to an All-Girls Boarding School

There's no Netflix and there's no chill.

I feel the need to educate the masses about what it was really like to go to boarding school. I attended an all-girls boarding school in high school from sophomore to senior year. It was one of the best times of my life, but there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about my experience there. I blame pervy teenage boys and Zoey 101 for these lies. Here's how it really went down.

There were no pillow fights in our underwear. This didn't happen. Not even once. No. If there were ever any pillow fights (and there weren't) they were in baggy sweatpants. As an all-girls school, sweatpants were basically our uniform. The most sexual activity was changing clothes in the hallway. No guys, no shame.

We were all gay. This is the only myth that is somewhat rooted in truth. Yes, a lot of girls actually were gay. But, personally, I think that was only known because our school was just so open and cool with everything so it was never a big deal. You like girls? Cool! You like girls and boys? Also cool. You have a crush on the only male teacher, even though he's 67 years old? Somehow also acceptable.

We did drugs/something bad and that's why you go to a boarding school. "So what did you do?" is the first question I always get every time I explain my boarding school past. First of all, how rude. Second, no, I did not get busted for drugs. I wasn't pregnant. These boarding prep schools aren't for delinquent youth, but rather for smart kids looking for a more challenging education.

There was a lot of hazing. Actually, there was... But it was fun, I promise! Who doesn't love cutting the lawn with nail clippers and public shaming?

We are all bratty, privileged rich kids. I blame Gossip Girl for this. There's no denying that many of my peers came from privileged, wealthy households. However, there was also a large scholarship endowment for students who could not afford tuition on their own. I received scholarships, as did several of my close friends. It was normal, and definitely not weird. All of my classmates, regardless of family, were held to the same academic and disciplinary standards.

We basically chilled all day. Um, no. Imagine your college course load on acid, mixed with leadership positions, varsity sports, and study hall. Even with all this, you will only graze the surface of the crazy workload prep schools force on students. Living at school means the school day never ends. Literally never. Even after study hall (7:30-9:30 p.m.) there is still so much more work to do, not to mention the strict curfew and internet restrictions. There's no Netflix and there's no chill.

It's not weird. Hopefully I've enlightened you about the real life of boarding schools. We aren't all rich lesbians! We're real people just like you!

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Fangirling Over the Return of Gilmore Girls

We appreciate our fave show even more as adults.

A show that captured my teenage heart (and then broke it when it concluded in 2007) is going to be returning this year; and I am more excited about it than anything else in my life right now. I thought I loved Netflix before, but I love it 10 times more since they announced the Gilmore Girls reboot.

In anticipation of your favorite mother-daughter duo returning to TV, here are six things you can now appreciate about this show as an adult.

Luke and Lorelai taught us the rules of friend zoning.
We all saw it coming, but you have to admit, we all felt like we were falling in love when Luke and Lorelai finally got engaged. And while the longtime best friends broke our hearts when they broke up, I'm hearing whispers of a reconciliation in the reboot. While we don't know this for sure, these friends-turned-lovers taught us that letting someone out of the friend zone can sometimes be worth it.

We're past the awkward sex talk with our moms.
Lorelai and Rory were tight knit, but listening to their many discussions on sex and all things relationships gave us anxiety for the long awaited (and dreaded) talk we knew was gonna happen eventually with our own moms. Now, nine years later, we're past the point of talking (in more ways than one).

You finally understand Sookie.
Food is fabulous; and in college, cooked meals are everything. And now that we're of age (or close enough to pretend that we are and get away with it), you also agree with her thoughts on alcohol.

Paris and Rory's nights in make sense now.
They always seemed like the lame college students when they chose to stay in (especially on spring break), but we all understand the impact that a night-in watching a movie and eating takeout can have on a tired college kid's soul. It's refreshing, and there's always tomorrow night for partying.

We are secretly hoping that Rory and Dean work out this time.
Even though the show ended with Rory dating someone else, we always secretly hope that the first loves end up back together. College has made us hopeless romantics, (probably because our one night stands do nothing for our souls), but who doesn't want their first love to be their last? OK, OK, so maybe if your first boyfriend was anything like mine, you for sure don't want that... but who didn't love Rory and Dean (and their fights)?

You're ready for more GG advice.
They taught you more than you even realized when you were in middle school and now you're ready for some more, even if it is just a reminder that you need sleep.

I may need to take fall semester off.
Because let's be honest, as soon as this comes to Netflix, my grades will be as low as I felt when Gilmore Girls ended in back in '07.

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The Chainsmokers Went Full Sell Out

What we've seen coming has come in full force.

The Chainsmokers have blown up in the past year. That's undeniable.

Their songs "Closer" and "Don't Let Me Down" both reached quadruple platinum in December, and when "All We Know" went gold, critics were finding it more and more difficult to debate their success.

The duo's rise really began a few years before with their song "#SELFIE", and they exploded into mainstream popularity almost a year ago this week with their shockingly hard and well-received set at Ultra Music Festival 2016.

Today, their music is quite different.

They are not what they used to be, and the transition has been rapid and shameful. The past few months they've completely bought into producing full on pop, as opposed to a hybrid of EDM and pop, if you will.

Recent releases have been absolutely disappointing.

Though "All We Know" went gold, you could sense that it had departed a little further from the two previous songs. Their song with Coldplay, "Something Just Like This" is admittedly listenable, but their new single "The One" off of their upcoming album just sounds plain awful.

I'm all for creating what you wanna create, but they're just two sellouts now. Even as they transitioned between EDM and pop with the two quadruple platinum songs, I defended them!

I argued they were creating a new genre that people who were stuck in one genre could come together and appreciate. Even one of their old girlfriends that I met said, "They were much better when they stuck to DJing and producing EDM. Now it's just some douche that jumps off stage a couple times a show with a barely average voice."

What's worse is that they will be headlining their tour Memories: Do Not Open (named after their upcoming album) this spring and summer, but it won't be anything like their DJ set at Ultra.

Instead, based off of their teaser videos on Facebook, it seems they are going with a live performance, drums, guitar and all. The last thing I wanna do is hear that one kid poorly serenade a bunch of shrieking high school girls.

I want the old Chainsmokers, who made the crowd go "OHHHHHHH" with their drops, who played songs like "Propaganda" by DJ Snake, and at least mixed together popular songs with hard drops.

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What Iconic Teen Drama Should You Binge Watch This Summer Based On Your Style? (Quiz)

Are you more Gilmore or Gossip Girl?

While summer is the time for adventure and activity, it's also a time for sitting on your ass with a new series, knowing you have no responsibilities for the next couple of months. If you're anything like me, your indecisive nature can make deciding on a new show quite the challenge.

Luckily, I've watched enough of Netflix to help you out. Take this quiz below to see what your summer style says about what show you should check out!

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Everyone in College Should Be More Like Vince Staples

He's all-around amazing.

Everyone loves Vince Staples. From GQ, to Teen Vogue, Playboy, Time Magazine, and Complex, Vince (sometimes called Vincent) can be found pretty much everywhere. If you don't already know, Staples is a rapper, signed to Def Jam, ARTium, and Blacksmith records.

Other than being one of the biggest up and coming rappers, it seems that people are also interested in literally anything Staples has to say.

Out of nowhere, Vince Staples has become a fashion, music, entertainment and basically all-around pop culture authority. People want to hear what he has to say because he's hilarious in the most honest way.

In the words of J. Cole, "all good jokes contain true shit" and I think Vince Staples embodies that better than anyone (besides Cole obviously).

GQ's YouTube series entitled, "Vince Staples Reviewing Every Fucking Thing" is a must watch if you're into pop culture. Staples isn't afraid to say things that celebrities probably shouldn't say.

For example, when reviewing fashion moments in hip hop, Staples gives Drake a 10 for his "Grandpa Beard", Future a seven because "he's from Atlanta," and the guy on the left a zero, while never acknowledging him by his name. Clearly savage.

Source: YouTube.com

Staples reviews healthy foods, NBA stars, and the 90's, but his best work comes from his Twitter. Here's what he had to say about Solange Knowles' new album.

He remains down to earth by letting his hacker know that he still uses coupons.

He also remains knowledgeable and open on issues that we face as millennials.

We should all be a little more like Vince. He clearly doesn't give a fuck about what other people think of him and that's pretty cool. Thanks Vince Staples.