How To Still Be A Human Being Over Winter Break
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How To Still Be A Human Being Over Winter Break

Humans don't hibernate for 3 weeks.

So you made it past finals, your trek home, and after being reunited with home cooking and your pets, you start to fall into a routine of sorts. And sometimes, that routine is not only the least efficient use of your time, it's just setting you up for failure when you return to school.

So whether your break is just starting or you've been off for a week already, it's not too late to use these tips to help you be a real person and not just a lazy heap of fuzz over winter break.

1. Get the right amount of sleep

You would think that without finals to study for and with an absence of $2 Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays in your life, you'd actually start getting some quality shut eye.

You thought wrong.

It's easy when you have no obligations to stay up all night and sleep all day just because you can, but you're literally going to sleep away your break. Use this time to catch up on sleep, but also to try to get back on a healthy routine before you have to go back to school.

2. Eat this, not that

There is nothing quite as remarkable as your first home cooked meal with your family after returning from a slew of McDonald's, Hot Pockets, and plain chicken breasts. Take advantage of the food your family wants to cook for you.

You can eat all the Mexican and fast food you want when you get back to your lifestyle fueled by coffee and Chick-Fil-A. Enjoy the authenticity and being waited on by your momma. Not to mention, you're probably way less likely to retain all that stressful finals week binge eating weight. Say goodbye to that Finals Fifteen.

3. Keep your shit organized

Yes, technically you can live like a vagabond for three weeks with your socks and study guides strewn across the house in a trail that leads to your room. You can save yourself (and your mom) a lot of hassle by trying to keep your mess confined. That way when you're frantically packing an hour after your ride was supposed to pick you up to take you back to school, you're less likely to forget something of value like oh, I don't know, your laptop... or worse yet... your straightener.

4. Spend time with the fam -- I mean actually hang out with them

Don't get me wrong, I try to keep in touch with everything going on in my friends' lives through group chats, Snaps, and Instagram stories. Take some time to actually spend time with your family and put your phone away. You never know how much you'll get to see them throughout the year, and they're excited to see you. You'll get to spend the next six months with your friends, so turn your phone on airplane mode and watch a Christmas movie together.

5. Actually do something

Make a craft or read a book. Go outside and do stuff in the snow. Take a drive to see Christmas lights. Do things you don't have the time or means to do during the school year. There's a difference between relaxing and slowly becoming a part of the sofa downstairs.

If for nothing else, just do it so when people ask what you did over break, you can pretend it was something other than drinking your parents' liquor in the basement while you played Madden for a record 21 hours straight. Trust me. It's fun and you're saving yourself the shame.

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What Breaks Mean To the Overly Ambitious

Quit slackin' and make shit happen.

It means there isn't actually such thing as a fucking break. You're now just another kind of busy, but hey, that's cool with you. You've got names to take and shit to do. Better get to work.

1.Getting serious work done for your side hustle. Whether you contribute to a few websites, are working on a startup with a few similarly ambitious pals, or doing some freelance work on the side, what is meant to be three weeks of freedom is not. It's actually just three weeks to seriously get some shit done. Whatever hustle you pushed to the side can now be your sole focus and there is no doubt that it will be.

2.Doing some work on personal projects. When you aren't working on a side hustle, you can get back to focusing on personal projects. Websites, art projects, whatever it is you do - now is your chance to do it. You now have time to focus on cleaning up and improving work you've already done as well as time to start promoting and spreading the word that you're working on something really fucking awesome.

3.Spending hours researching and applying to internships. Because for 365 days a year, all your mind actually is doing is figuring out how you can start breaking into your industry. You're consumed by making sure you take every opportunity to make connections and build experience. Summers aren't meant for relaxing at the beach, they are meant for working your ass off to get yourself where you want to be after college. To you, it was time to start looking for that internship yesterday, and now that you have time, you're going to start making moves.

4.Figuring what else you can do to build your resume. Your mind is a constant cycle of questions. What am I doing now? What else can I be doing? What clubs can I join? What internships are hiring? What new website can I write for? Your resume is your baby and you're determined to make that thing as impressive and unique as possible. There's always more to be done and new endeavors waiting.

5.Brainstorming potential startups. Because once again, there is always more to be done and new opportunities to take. You know that one of the best ways to be successful after college is to graduate with a startup, so it's time to get started. You're an entrepreneur at heart, and you are looking for that idea to grab by the horns and run with.

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Depression Diaries Episode 3: Spring Break in a Mental Hospital

Not your typical spring break.

While most of my friends went to the beach for spring break this year, I was admitted to a mental hospital. Episode 3 of the Depression Diaries is about my experiences and the process I had to go through once admitted for serious treatment.

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I'm Spending Five Weeks in the Middle of Nowhere

The perks of an alternative vacation.

Monticello, Utah is basically in the middle of nowhere. It has a population of 1,975 people, is the center of Mormon country in Utah, and offers little to no 4G access in most areas - and it's where I'm spending five weeks camping in a tent, living outside the comforts of society and working to conserve the environment.

The typical response I get is a look of serious concern for my well being, because I can't say I've been camping for more than two nights before, gone a week without a shower, traveled across the country alone, or done much real manual labor. It's definitely a new and unexpected experience for me, but at least I'm keeping my "new year, new adventures" resolution alive, right? So here's how I respond to the "OMG why would you do that?" response I tend to get:

The Views
I get to wake up to this every morning:

The Friendship
You get to know people when you live in a tent with them for five weeks. Meeting new people is always exciting.

The Disconnect
Life is just too much sometimes, and a five week break from everything, be it social media, typical responsibilities, or just the daily norms of life, is a relaxing change.

The Fitness
I'll be getting in shape with some physical work and group exercise sessions, as well as the all natural food I'll be eating.

The Travel
I've never been to Utah, so my wanderlust self is pretty excited about seeing some canyons and getting a change of scenery.

The Peace
I'll be alone, but surrounded by peace and quiet, which is a nice change from my noisy life. It's a good de-stressing opportunity.

The Education
When else in my life will I learn about conservation and the environment in a national park? Probably never.

The Making-A-Difference Feeling
I'll be removing invasive species, building fences, or taking part in some other project to help the environment and conserve the park.

The Adventure
It's a unique opportunity to do something different, and I'm excited for it. Exploring canyons, boating down a river, and long term camping are all new to me.

I might be preemptive in this suggestion considering I haven't actually roughed it quite yet, but I recommend saying yes next time you have the opportunity to go on an adventure! It's worth it. I think. I'll update you on that though. For now, I'm pretty positive about it and I'm excited to go.

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Why You Should Wait Until Winter to Get a Tattoo

Tat healing is better during the cooler months.

Tattoos are definitely becoming more mainstream, with 29 percent of Americans having at least one tattoo. However, there is a right and wrong time to get a tattoo. Unfortunately, the summer is the wrong time to get your dream tattoo. The best time to get a tattoo is during the fall or winter months.

First off, the cooler months are just more comfortable for literally everybody. Who likes having to blast the air conditioning to combat the heat, especially while getting a tattoo? The cooler months are just that - cooler - and you will definitely be more comfortable. Plus, you don't sweat during the winter months so that's something you won't have to deal with when it comes to your new tattoo.

Tattoo healing is also better during the cooler months. Sweat is not your friend when it comes to your tattoo. Neither is constant exposure to the sun. When you first get a tattoo, coverage is key. You will avoid fading, damage, possible infection, and it will heal easier and faster.

When your tattoo heals, it goes through stages. The first stage is the healing and scabbing of your tattoo. The second stage is when your tattoo will begin to itch and peel. And the third stage is the final healing, when the scabs will fall off and it will begin to look much better. It's definitely in your best interest to cover up your tattoo during the healing process. No one really wants to show off a healing tattoo. It's the healed tattoo that you want to display.

Lastly, the winter season is the slow season for tattoo shops. That means less waiting time to get your tattoo and your tattoo artist will be able to spend more time with you, making sure that the tattoo you want is the tattoo you get.

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The Definitive Stages of Winter Break

...I even miss my roommate, who I hate.

Exams are finally over, and you can actually chill for the first time in four months. It's winter break and you have four weeks of uninterrupted binge watching Netflix and swiping through Tinder (turns out your old high school Algebra teach is on it?! And you matched?!). However, is this break really the winter wonderland of holiday cheer it claims to be? Here are the definitive stages of winter break.

The End of Finals

You've just taken your last final. The vast land of holiday freedom lays in front of you like an unexplored new world. These four weeks offer so much promise--old friends, beer, Netflix, home cooked meals, more beer--nothing can bring you down from this natural high. Until you realize you still have to pack.

The Initial Homecoming

Your body doesn't know how to function without leftover pizza for every meal, so you lay on the couch like the dead potato you are. You've forgotten all the joys of home. Full sized showers, 24/7 pantry access, and a bed actually fit for a full sized human.


After two whole days of nothing but eating and Netflix, boredom sets in. No problem, you'll just call up a high school friend. But, it turns out, nobody else is going to be home until next week. Suddenly, the word feels like a sad, lonely place.


Finally, the holidays act as some relief from the boredom! Unfortunately, that relief comes in the form of your great aunt asking you why you aren't in a relationship yet, and if you know what you want to do after college. You consider strangling yourself with your napkin to end the misery.


The world seems even bleaker after the holidays. There's nothing to look forward to now. You recently re-discovered how lame your high school friends are, and suddenly you long for nothing more than the chaos of your dorm hallway. You even start to miss your roommate who hates you.


You didn't think you'd ever be this excited to live in a tiny square of a closet/dorm again. You know you aren't going home for spring break, that's for sure.