Hot Island Dance Playlist
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Hot Island Dance Playlist

Forget that you live in the cloudy USA.

Transport yourself to the islands. This playlist is a must-have for any party where you want to dance.

And I mean dance.

I'm not talking about swaying or jumping to One Direction or Taylor Swift.

I'm talking about Charly Black, QQ, and Mr Eazi.

This playlist is gonna make you sweat. You're going to move to the music in ways you never thought possible. And it won't just be you getting down. The entire party will be lit.

Literally, I kid you not, just listening to some of the songs on this playlist will teach you how to dance. Like you could listen to the first song and not even know how to move to a simple beat.

What can I say, this playlist is golden.

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The SWISS Playlist

It's a routine.

The SWISS process is one of the most coveted in a man's day. SWISS stands for shit, whack it, shave, shower.

It can range from a half hour to three full hours, and you need far more than just your phone and a friend's Brazzers account to get you through it. This playlist accounts for everything you could possibly encounter in the process-- the highs, the lows, the laughs, the crying, the sweating, even the blood.

It is crucial to your experience that you listen in order. I recommend you climax around song 15. Give it a listen.

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A Very Happy Birthday Bash Playlist

All you want for your birthday is Cake, Bacardi, and a Big Booty Hoe.

Cake. Birthday Sex. Bacardi. A big booty hoe. Ah, the simple pleasures of a birthday celebration. And if you can't get all of these blissful wishes in real life, you can at least sing along to the artistic musical renditions that call for them.

A birthday comes just once a year, and you should use it as a cause for celebration. Because the year is finally over? Because a new year for you is about to start? Because it's an excuse to get drunk and call dibs bringing someone back to your shared triple dorm room? Because you can shamelessly self brand (/remind people you are still relevant) on social media with some kind of birthday snap, post, status, or invite? Any and all of the above are the correct answers actually.

In the car on the way to classes or buying liquor, at the pregame, for a kegstand? Let the birthday music play. If it's not your birthday, blasting birthday songs is an easy and classic way to show your birthday mate that you care (enough to hit play).

So, use this playlist for rocking out for a celebration of the anniversary of your or your friend's birth! HBD PPL!

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Sean Paul Feat. Sean Paul Playlist

It's so spiritual.

I don't think I've ever more closely related to a tweet than when Mindy Kaling posted this beauty last fall.

Truly a spiritual moment for me. Why? Because Sean Paul is hands down one of my favorite artists out there. Now before you start laughing and/or criticizing my taste in music, I ask you all to just THINK ABOUT IT.

Sean Paul is one of those artists that somehow is featured in every other hit song out there. Unlike Pitbull who we've all had waaay too much of, with Sean Paul we don't complain because, sure, half the time we can't understand a single thing he says (is it English? Sean Paulanese?), but whenever he's featured on the track, you know it's bound to be a good time.

Here to provide you with some of the classics, as well as some long-lost gems featuring our favorite Jamaican.

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The Essential "This Friday Is Payday" Playlist

You're on top of the world, friend.

There's nothing like that moment when your direct deposit hits on payday. Where you once had only $3 left in your bank account, you suddenly have a lot more.

It's enough to make you feel like you're on top of the world... at least until you spend it all and go back to being broke again. But that's not what this is about. You've got money to burn, and you feel invincible.

This playlist is all about that feeling you get on payday. It captures that untouchable feeling and also has a lot of songs that are thematically about money. Even if you're not getting paid this week, listening to this playlist will at least remind you that it won't be long until you get paid next.

Plug in your earbuds or connect your favorite speaker, and make it rain with your hard-earned cash.

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"The After Party" Playlist

Chill songs for a laid back, late night vibe.

Imagine after a long party on a cool, fall Saturday night. It's 1 a.m. and after a full day of football and partying, you're chilling in your room with a few people. The lights are off and there is a candle burning. People are either passing out or too tired to talk.

This playlist will provide a perfect backdrop for a setting like this. It's filled with bands such as The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Beatles, Herbie Hancock, and a lot of other really intense and powerful music.

This playlist is filled with bands such as The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Beatles, Herbie Hancock, and a lot of other really great musicians and bands that can create an intense mood through music.

If this is on in the background in a quiet room after a long day or night, it will captivate everyone. This music should create a powerful dynamic that's great late at night no matter the activity.