7 High-deas You Have About People
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7 High-deas You Have About People

Come to Jesus moments brought to you by your bong.

I have smoked a good amount of weed in my day. Most of it was a great time, but occasionally it was horrifying. Like anything in life, you win some, you lose some.

One of the things about marijuana that always amazes me is its ability to help me see clearly. It feels quite trite to say though. We all know that stoner who proselytizes, "the herb frees your soul, man!"

Or the pothead who does absolutely nothing and justifies it by trying to argue that he can actually see the world more clearly and we just don't get it. Oh, and to that I respond, just because you're enlightened, you shouldn't sit in own your Cheetos dust for two days straight (in the common area of shared apartment) without showering or changing your clothes... I may be a little bitter about something.

Either way, I have been lucky enough to feel like marijuana can help me have enlightened realizations. At times, it is the drug's ability to help me focus on subtle idiosyncrasies of myself and those around me because I'm usually too aloof to notice.

In other ways, pot rewired something in my head to help me realize ideas I've either been repressing or unsure how to get to.

Most of these stoned "come to Jesus" moments revolve around people: my friends, love interests, or myself. From talking to my fellow smokers, I know this a thing. And these are the high-deas we all have about people like our friends, love interests, and ourselves.

1. I shouldn't spend time with you anymore.
You realize your relationship with someone, a friend or love interest, is not right for you now (or never has been or never will be). Maybe it's the person, the situation, or you, but you suddenly see that it's anywhere from not good to toxic. It could mean a gentle parting of ways, a ghosting, or a break up, but either way, the marijuana helped you see it's the right thing to do.

2. I don't like you like I thought I did.
Perhaps the dynamic between the two of you is off. On the other hand, you might just have been slapped in the face with what kind of person he or she actually is. Maybe he's the type that claps when a plane lands or she is rude to waiters or they are someone who never listens. A deal breaker just suddenly materializes, and you know you don't really like them. These are scary, but important realizations.

3. This person is my spirit animal.
These are much happier than number two. It could be a person you know is your best friend or just a friend or a love interest, but when you are high, your altered state of mind unexpectedly relays or emphasizes that this is your fucking person. They are special, not just in general (although this is probably true), but special to you. And you couldn't be happier that the stars and bongs aligned to land you next to each other watching Cheech and Chong.

4. Did we just become best friends? YUP.
Someone you just met or knew but didn't really know suddenly emerges as a ray of fucking light (and it's not the lighter, it's the metaphoric halo around their head). You suddenly realize you are on the same wavelength as this person and it feels beautiful.

5. I'm the worst.
If you haven't had a high experience where you completely shit on every aspect of your being, you haven't smoked enough weed. I'm not saying it's good, but it is inevitable. A common theme is that I'm wasting my potential or not being the best or most real version of myself.

6. Is there something wrong with me and everyone knows except me?
One time when I was high, I convinced myself I had autism and that everyone knew, but didn't tell me because they felt bad. I woke up the next day with a note on my phone that said, "You're on the spectrum. It's OK though." When I told my friend, she said that she had had the same experience. I kept realizing that many people have a similar realization. While maybe some of you do have this self-diagnosed issue, you probably don't. You are just realizing insecurities.

7. But am I the next Neil deGrasse Tyson?
Something, anything, sparks an unprompted formation of knowledge. Sometimes it's unbelievably complex, but sometimes it's so simple it seems crazy that you never saw it in the first place. These high thoughts can indeed sometimes be groundbreaking. I know because I keep a high journal. And then other times, it doesn't seem that special. Or at least your recollection of the realization seems insignificant. Like the time I realized allergies was your body rejecting something. Yeah, but like, did anyone ever contest that?

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Perfect Things to Do When You're High

May or may not involve food.

Chances are, while you're in college someone is going offer you a puff of marijuana. If no one offers this to you, you're probably not hanging out with the right people.

I'm kidding. Be a good friend to your buddies whether they smoke weed or not. Trust me, it's easy to get away from your sense of self when you get to college, and being a good friend is really important.

Anyway, you can be a good friend to your non-stoner friends and still befriend stoners. What will you and your stoner friends do once you're high? Read on to find out.

Don't eat at all. (Just kidding, go to the dining hall immediately.)
Seriously. Go to your dining hall. We're talking about the unlimited supply of already-paid-for, buffet-style food.

What could be better for a high college student than rows and rows of pizza, prepared hot meals, soups, sandwiches, and French fries? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Roll in with your crew of high friends, grab a huge, round table, and have at it.

Warning: you may experience anxiety when exposed to so many non-high people, like for instance the person you hooked up with last weekend who keeps trying to force eye contact from across the room.

Just remember that you don't look out of the ordinary; you're experiencing time much slower than everyone else, and no one is judging you. They're too busy worrying whether you're judging them.

Play with puppies.
Quick, hit up your friend who has a puppy/dog/whatever and see if they will let you play with their dog. There is literally nothing more fun than playing with a puppy while high. Their cuteness, playfulness, and puppy-ness is magnified. Once you get your hands on that little ball of fur, your mood will soar. Nothing can make a high college student happier than puppies - not even the dining hall.

Go to the movies.
Preferably, a 3D IMAX movie. Nothing can make the plot of a movie pop like some marijuana. Even if you're too high, all you have to do while you're in a movie is sit there and not talk. It's the perfect activity.

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Parents, Grandparents, and Pot

I asked my Dad and Grama about their experiences with pot

I have always been curious to find out about how weed culture has changed over time. So I sat down with my dad and grandma and asked them about their experiences in college and throughout the years with marijuana. I also asked them if they think marijuana should be legalized and if they think the culture has changed from when they were in college.

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A Bong You Can Fit in Your Pocket

Has science gone too far?

Remember when a good smoking device was a water bottle with aluminum foil on top and two holes melted on the side? OK, maybe not good, but it did the job.

Well, now there is a rubber bong that you can actually fold up and put in your pocket. Smoking pot has never been this easy.

Scott McGovern, founder of Green Rush Daily, sat down with Cheddar TV to talk about some of the newest weed tech in the industry, like waterproof lighters and Snoop Dogg approved vapes.

Check out the video here.

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The Future of Smoking Pot

Puff, puff, dab.

In case you've been out of the weed game for a while, shits done changed. Gone are the days of buying ziplock baggies of brown schwag from your friend's sketchy dealer.

The recent wave of legalization and destigmatization of marijuana has ushered in a new era of hash oil, dabs, and complex smoking rigs that should require an engineering degree to operate.

Cheddar TV recently sat down with Matt Gray, CEO of Herb, the pot-centric content site formerly known as The Stoner's Cookbook, to talk about the future of weed and how the we'll all be consuming cannabis in a five years (my money is on smokey laser beams blasted into our pupils).

Check out the Cheddar interview here.

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How to Smoke Weed in Your Dorm Room

You shouldn't smoke in your dorm, but if you do...

Look, I've been there. You drank a ton, and now you're looking to end your night in a soothing way.

You're trying to figure out the right way to ask this girl if she wants to come over when the light bulb appears over your head with your brilliant idea: You can smoke with her. And you can execute this idea in your brand new dorm room! Everyone smokes weed in college. Nobody's gonna catch you. They're all just rumors! It'll never happen to you!

Well I'm here to tell you that even though you're finally independent with your own room and no parents around to punish you, you shouldn't smoke in your dorm room. Yup, that bright idea you just had is actually a bad one.

Anyone who isn't living in a dorm anymore will tell you that. Why? Because they probably got caught, or realize that police trouble isn't worth getting high. I'll even tell you right now to try and get my point across: do not smoke in your dorm room, you will get caught and it definitely is not worth it.

I'm not saying smoking weed is bad, but there are so many other alternatives. You can find a friend with an apartment, go to your fraternity house, literally anything but your dorm room please.

However, what do you do when you need that fix? I'm here to tell you how to get away with it, because me and my roommate were two of the lucky ones (even though he got caught with weed outside of our room).

So first, we would always take into account the time of day and where our R.A. was. Our R.A. had a board that would let us know where he was and what time. If it was night time, we knew that only two out of seven R.A.'s were on duty for the night.

Next, we would smell-proof the room. We would place a towel under the door, with a fan against the door blowing toward our window. We placed another fan on our window sill, facing out the window. While we smoked, we would cook two bags of popcorn, one after the other to mask the smell--but it's also great for your inevitable post-smoke snack. I know, I'm on the brink of genius here.

The process was very fine-tuned from this point. The smoker hits the bong/bowl/bubbler/pot toy next to the fan on the window sill, and blows the smoke through either a homemade sploof or a Smoke Buddy, into the fan, and out the window.

The person who isn't smoking at the time is next to the fan by the door, ready for a little spritz of Ozium, which chemically removes smell (be careful, too much of it isn't that great for you to inhale). You power your way through to beat the microwave timer, and BAM! You're high, (hopefully) safe, and now you have popcorn.

Smoking a joint or blunt is NOT your move. Have some common sense, guys. A vaporizer smells much less, but still more than other pieces. Your best bet is a bowl/bong/bubbler, or a battery with a refillable/prefilled wax or oil cartridge. They don't smell, and aren't nearly as smoky as any other options.

Don't be idiots and happy smoking!