Going On A Family Vacation, As Told By The Kardashians
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Going On A Family Vacation, As Told By The Kardashians

And we all know they vacay like pros.

Yay, it's finally vacation time! Wherever you're going, whether it be Florida, Mexico or Paris... you're sure to have a great time!

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But first, you have to go through airport security.

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...And you have to sit through your flight. You're so excited that you can't contain yourself!

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After all of that travel time, you've finally made it to your destination!

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When you wake up the next morning and you realize that you're on vacation...

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When your parents keep stopping because they want a ton of family photos.

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When you and your siblings start low-key fighting over the smallest things...

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But then you quickly resolve things...

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And your parents pay for all of your trip expenses.

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When everyone has been around each other for too long.

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When you've been in the sun for too long and you're starting to get cranky.

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When you desperately need to go on social media but you have no reception.

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When it's time to go back home and live your normal every-day life.

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Tristan Thompson Is "Kursed" By The Kardashians

All signs point to the curse being a real thing.

The Cleveland Cavaliers need all the help they can get against the Golden State Warriors this series. The Warriors are playing amazing basketball, and all of their stars are contributing to the cause.

The same can't be said for the Cavs, however, especially when they need all their stars playing to their full potential to even have a chance at winning one game against the Warriors.

Despite losing Game 3, LeBron and Kyrie Irving played amazing. Kevin Love made some plays, but Tristan Thompson has been NONEXISTENT the whole series. He scored zero points in the last two games.

This begs the question that Jalen Rose, on-air personality, brought up earlier this year. Is there such a thing as a Kardashian Kurse?

Tristan Thompson has been dating Khloe Kardashian since October, and it certainly hasn't helped his basketball game. He is disappearing when his team so desperately needs him. Maybe this curse has some substance to it?

It still baffles me as to why or how the Kardashian family became the most famous family in America. Anyways, let's look at the dynamics of their family, especially how they've affected men in the past. This is necessary when pondering this so-called "Kardashian Kurse."

Kris Humphries
After the 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian, it seems as though Kris Humphries' social life and basketball career have become obsolete. Could the embarrassing rise and fall of his relationship with Kim be responsible for his struggles?

Rob Kardashian
No one really knows what goes on with brother Rob Kardashian nowadays. He's gotten fat, dissociates himself from his family and has a puzzling relationship with Blac Chyna. He was once was engaged to a stripper, who previously dated Tyga, who dated youngest sister Kylie Kardashian. Got that? I know, it's a big shit show.

Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom and his relationship with Khloe Kardashian spiraled (almost fatally) out of control. Not all factors that lead to Odom's drug overdose were Kardashian-related, but it's safe to say that she didn't help at all. Marital problems and feuds with the Kardashian family escalated his issues and destroyed his basketball career.

Kanye West
We had our questions about Kanye's psychopathic, narcissistic nature before his marriage with Kim. Kanye was hospitalized last year for having a "nervous breakdown". He has since remained pretty low key and out of the news lately, but I definitely believe the Kardashian relationship was a contributing factor to his mental breakdown.

Honorable Mentions... Reggie Bush and Ray J
Ray J was a very popular artist before his sex tape with Kim K was released. Since then, he has had troubles staying relevant since he has become the butt of so many jokes.

After Bush's public breakup with Kim, he was traded from the New Orleans Saints to the Detroit Lions while the NCAA took his Heisman trophy away from him. He has since stated that his relationship with the Kardashian made his NFL career extremely difficult.

There is surely a lot of evidence to support the "Kardashian Kurse" claim. Fingers crossed that Tristan Thompson picks up his game so that we don't have to add him to the list of men that the Kardashians have corrupted.

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The Kardashians Are Kopy-Kats

Did I just spill the tea?

Let's be honest, the Kardashians and the Jenners are no strangers to the appropriation of any of the world's cultures. It seems that their favorite cultural appropriation is sourced in Black Culture. From their "boxer braids" (aka corn-rows) and full-lip injections, to their dreadlocks and Bantu knots, the Kardashians and Jenners have a long list of wrongfully credited "trends."

It seems, with their lifeless imagination, that they may finally get exposed for their undeserved fame.

The sisters have been deemed trendsetters when they should have been deemed professional thieves of cultures and ideas for profit. Last week, Khloe Kardashian was called out by Destiney of Dbleudazzled Designs for this very reason.

In Khloe's case, she ordered one of everything, including custom pieces from the Dbleudazzled Designs site, and used them her "Good American" lookbook. In the lookbook, the designs were passed on as Khloe's own without the knowledge of the original designer. Hence, Destiney was at first hesitant to call out the uninspired crook, but took to Twitter to call Khloe out for her snake-like ways.

In similar fashion, Kylie Jenner has shamelessly copied the designs of The PluggedNYC Store, which is owned by a designer name Tizita. You guessed it: Tizita is a Black woman. After being gifted pieces by the brand, Kylie Jenner has 'coincidentally' created a similar line. Kylie has posted selfies wearing the brand before so it's no wonder that Kylie became overly inspired by the PluggedNYC brand.

Meanwhile, while Tizita ensures that she didn't create camo two-pieces, she sure did revive the look from the 90's. Now, Kylie's decision to replicate the brand using her star power is essentially taking money out of Tizita's pockets.



Black women know that the Kardashians have been problematic for quite some time. However, the audacity - shall we say 'caucasity' - of both Kylie and Khloe makes me wonder how ordinary stealing someone's concepts is for this family.

These women must imagine inspiration as a completely different concept than most people, but then again, they obviously have no imagination to begin with. Thus, the lack of independent artistry remains.

Can someone tell me why the Kardashian/Jenner Party isn't over?

This story is poorly covered by the media as if it's worthless. While such Kardashian appropriation is not a new concept, this direct replication of an already-existing brand of clothing by a star should be an issue that receives widespread attention. The lack of such points to the low value that has been placed on Black perspectives and challenges in modern society.

Are Black women, and our contributions to American culture, not worthy of recognition? Not only have the Kardashians snubbed the issues at hand, but so has the media.

When will the time come where Black people receive credit for their abilities to remain trailblazers? Black women continue to get the backhand when we are the very paradigm in which society bases its inspiration. Black girl magic is not a myth, but the world continues to neglect our incantation. Destiney knows that.

Wanting to appreciate the culture is one thing, but straight-up appropriating culture is another. Imitation is not always flattery. Claiming that such cultural transactions are beneficial denies the false veneer multi-culturalism that continues to perpetuate social hierarchies, when Black people are the keepers and creators of such popular culture.

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The Stages Of Tinder As Told By The Kardashians

Remind me again why I keep using it?

If you by some chance found your soulmate early on and never had to delve into the indescribable world of Tinder, props. Congrats. Kudos! That sounds delightful, I just... I just can't relate.

The Kardashians are known for being *at times* dramatic. Which, for those of us who have cycled through the Tinder stages we know drama is all too frequent and relatable when it comes to using the app.

When you've finally gotten over your breakup and are starting to get back into the game.

When you go through the *abysmal* selection and just find tons of fish pics.

Oh God... What if these people see me in public and recognize me, but I don't recognize them?

OR worse -- what if they're catfishing. Honestly he looks too good to be true.

Yup. Catfished.

It's OK there are always more. New date tomorrow anyway...

Ah yes, this guy wants to send a dick pic. What a catch.


And the date actually *gasp* goes well!

You already decide to start planning your future wedding because you just "clicked".

Because you have to know every single solitary detail about your new man, you do some research.

When you realize that he just broke up with his ex.

Or worse... still dating someone...

Back to the drawing board.

When he turns out to be as toolish as his profile.

When your date is sucking and you literally have nothing to talk about.

And you kind of just want to get to the point.

When you finally come to the realization again that being single might not be a bad thing for a while?

Who needs men??

Really, it's a time for yourself...

...but your cuffed friends always find a way to remind you daily of your singleton status.

So despite Tinder proving to be a failure time and time again, you re-download the app the second you delete it.

Aaaand we're back to the cycle.

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Finals Week as Told by the Kardashians

Sometimes we're all just Kim ugly crying.

Honestly, the Kardashians are way more fucking relatable than you may have thought--especially when it comes to finals week. They feel your pain. They get you. They know what disaster feels like. They also know that sometimes you just have to put it all in fate's hands and relax. Let's face it: Sometimes, we're just all Kim ugly crying.


It's Sunday evening and after a week of cramming for exams your confidence is at an all-time high. You got this shit in the bag. Bring it on, finals week.


OK, so like maybe you weren't as ready as you thought you were. Actually, you were totally unprepared but there is a whole week left of exams to go so you're trying to keep your cool.


Screw keeping your cool. It's only Tuesday, and shit is going down fast. Who the hell came up with the concept of "finals" and why the fuck did someone decide you deserve a whole week of them? You're just tryna live.


It's Wednesday and at this point another final honestly seems like it may be the death of you, but hey, death may be a better alternative to your calc final. I heard there's no cosine in heaven.


If you flunk out of college, you flunk out of college. You've had at least a few exams by now and there really are no fucks left to give. Spike your coffee on the way to your exam and kick back--it's up to the big man now (aka your professor, please have mercy).


It's Friday bitches! You're 99 percent sure you bombed at least half of your finals. But hey, sometimes that's just the way life goes. Kourtney's right, you can't plan your life out. Although you maybe could have studied a tiny bit harder. But, you know, live and let learn right? College is really fucking expensive anyways, you could always just drop out and become a Dash Doll.

BONUS: It's still Friday and you're free from the shackles of finals week! Get plastered and drunk text your ex. Enjoy the night and make decisions you'll regret in the morning. I promise you won't regret them more than you regret not studying for Spanish. Ol? mother fuckers.

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Family Holidays as Told by the Griswolds

Hallelujah! Holy shit, where's the Tylenol?

'Tis the season for giving, drinking, and dealing with the joys of family holidays. Not only is Christmas Vacation a holiday classic, it's also oddly relatable when it comes to holidays spent with the family members you see once a year. You'll find yourself identifying with Clark on a very deep level.

When your mom first tells you you're going to you grandparents for Christmas and that your whole extended family is joining along too. She's trying super hard to convince herself-and you-that this won't be a shitshow.

Five minutes after arriving to the lovely family gathering and she's already thrown in the towel on acting like you aren't all going to spend the day ahead of you in complete misery. How many times can your grandma call you by the wrong name and why the hell are all your cousins so fucking weird?

Here comes ever family's resident white trash relatives. Sure to pull up in an old beater and spend the next few hours complaining about financial issues that could really be fixed if someone in the family decided they should get a job. There will most likely be more than a handful of cigarette breaks, teenagers included. But hey, at least they provide some form of entertainment and a chance to reflect on just how together your life is in comparison.

You're half way through the day, way to go trouper. But after that hour of listening to your overly religious Grandma discussing the gays and healthcare your head may actually explode. Time to find a dark corner or empty room to hide in for a while.

You're begging your mother to go home and she's trying to tell you it's not that bad, you can make it another hour or so. Little does she know, you literally cannot make it 5 more minutes.

Finally, the time you have been waiting for. The day is over and it's peace out motherfuckers. See your crazy asses at the next family holiday.