Four Types of Shoes All Guys Need
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Four Types of Shoes All Guys Need

No great outfit is complete without a fresh pair of kicks.

That's a nice pair of pants; and that button down is fresh. I guess I only have one question about your outfit: WHAT are those?! Look, no matter how sick your shirt and pants combination is, it's no secret as to what brings your outfit together: your shoes. Here are five types of shoes every dude needs so that your feet look fresh in any situation.

1.The Tough Pair
There's no big secret here--You need either tan Timberland boots or the L.L. Bean's Bean Boots. My go-to pair are the Timbs. But both options are just flat-out the best pairs of boots on the market, look great, and get the job done. Plus, they work for more than just the college frat party scene. If you want to change it up, however, I'd go with a custom pair of Timberlands: The black boot/red bottoms and blue boot/tan bottoms are my favorites, if you're looking to take the road less traveled.

2. The Bar Pair
When you're going to a date party, a bar, or club, you need a pair of shoes that are classy, but that if they get dirty or drinks spilled on them, you'll be OK. If you're going for the less classy side, then a pair of Converse--low top or high top--are perfect. Personally, I'm a big fan of the leather pair. If you're looking to go classy, then a pair of Cole Haan Williams Derby are a great buy.

3. The Hangin' Around Pair
For just going to the mall or a friend's house, maybe a casual get together in someone's basement. Any pair of Nike or Adidas will suffice, but the best shoe in this category right now is the Jordan Eclipse. I have a pair of these myself, and they're the best pair of shoes I've owned in a while. They look best with a pair of joggers, but are also great with jeans.

4. The Gym Pair
These are sneakers that you don't mind getting a little sweaty, and are usually less about for looks and more for purpose, but I've found some pairs that fill the need for both. My first recommendation are a pair of the Nike Air Huarache. They are great to wear anywhere, especially the gym. My favorite pair, though, is the Nike LunaRacer +3.

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Five Articles of Clothing Every Guy in College Should Own

There are certain times in life when you'll need to wear a collared shirt. Sorry.

A solid pair of chinos: Chinos should be an essential part of any guy's college wardrobe. If you get a good pair in a pretty safe color, such as blue, black, or khaki, then they can be used in a ton of different social situations. Need a pair of pants to throw on minutes before class? Grab the chinos. Need a pair of pants for your formal this weekend? Throw those pants in the wash and you've got some pants that are easy to dress up. Need a pair of pants to look somewhat dressed up for that job interview tomorrow? You've already got 'em.
Good places to buy: J.Crew, Gap, H&M

A warm hoodie/sweater/fleece: Personally, I'm partial to hoodies, but having something warm with long sleeves is essential to a college guy's wardrobe. It's going to get cold at some point, regardless of whether you go to school in Maine, Texas, California, or anywhere else. It's better to invest in a warm and stylish hoodie than be the one walking around on campus in a tee shirt when it's 20 degrees outside. Get a fleece-lined one for even more comfort.
Good places to buy: Target, H&M, Patagonia

A pair of nice sneakers: Sneakers are experiencing a renaissance of sorts--it's now acceptable to wear them for more than just athletic activity. Sure, it's possible to get any sort of Nike running shoe and that only has one purpose, but all of the major shoe companies are also investing in a style of sneaker that is more dressed up than before. Think of them of shoes that can fit in at the gym or at the dance floor at a semi-formal event with a button-down and a blazer.
Good places to buy: J.Crew, Nike, Adidas

A pair of joggers: Joggers and sweatpants are also undergoing a fashion revolution as of late. While we all have those old sweatpants you get from high school lax or to wear around the dorm, what I'm talking about is the new, slimmer style of sweatpants meant to be dressed up a bit more than regular sweatpants. Joggers are perfect on a night where you may want to go out, but could be just as happy staying in. They're also perfect for sitting in a class you hate when hungover. You can get them with sweatpants material or even get joggers with a more chino-type material for more disguised comfort. (Elastic waistband ftw.)
Good places to buy: J.Crew, Gap, H&M

A button-down and a blazer: These choices are self-explanatory. You'll need to wear a collared shirt for some event in your near future: formals, job interviews, first dates, second dates, dinner with professors. The blazer should fit well, be able to button but not extend past your knuckles; and the nice shirt should be a material that has to be dry cleaned. Sorry, life. FYI: There's no need to go crazy and buy an incredibly expensive suit, but these items should definitely be part of your wardrobe.
Good places to buy: Nordstrom, Target, J.Crew

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Ten Fashion Trends You Should Follow in 2016

If one more person tells me to keep it classy...

It's 2016 and you're young. Follow some fucking trends while you still can. Here's what's hot and why you might as well just give in.

Criss-Cross Tops
If one more person tells me to keep it classy... Seriously, it's a frat party, not Sunday school.

High Halter Bikinis
SPRANG BREAK FOREVER. With the high halter, you don't have to worry about your lack of cleavage this summer. 2016 has got your back... Well, front.

Ripped Jeans
You can wear them in the winter, in the summer, at a party, to school, wherever. There's the boyfriend style for skinny bitches who can pull that kind of thing off and there's skinny jeans with knee rips. Ah, denim porn.

Over-the-Knee Boots
Dominatrix meets businesswoman meets go-go dancer. SO sexy.

Two-piece Sets
These are probably going out of style soon, so buy now or forever hold your PIECE.

Chelsea Boots
I don't know who Chelsea was, but she had great taste in shoes. Chelsea boots can be worn dressy or casual with ANYTHING. Some can also double as rain boots (like this J. Crew pair) and aren't as heavy and fugly as Hunter boots. #sorrynotsorry

Mixed metals
Yeah, I was reluctant--like REALLY reluctant--to give into this one, too. We can't all afford FIVE Cartier love bracelets--cough, Kylie--but we can still mix what we got.

Fuzzy Shit
Like the really fuzzy shit, you know? It's like having a plush baby puppy giving you a hug ALL the time.

Sporty caps
Bad hair day? Just trying to tell the world "I didn't try today" but "I still look good as shit."

Backless Dresses
Sometimes backless is so much hotter than letting your titties hang out. Trust me.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Going Out Shoes

The holy grail: Hot, comfortable shoes.

One of the first things you should purchase before heading to school in the fall is a reliable, yet hot pair of going out shoes. It's a delicate balance: shoes that compliment your outfit and make you look good, but that you can still walk across campus in.

Also, don't bring your most expensive pair of shoes to college--because someone will spill a drink on them or you will absolutely destroy them by walking across campus in the rain/sleet/snow.

I made the mistake of bringing my expensive leather booties to college with me, and now they're worn-down, puked on, and extremely faded. To help you avoid this tragic mishap, we compiled a list of going out shoes do's and don'ts.

DO buy shoes that are comfortable. If you're going to wear heels, make sure you can walk in them, and that you won't want to cry by the end of the night--or worse, resort to walking home barefoot. We all want to look like Gigi Hadid when we go out, but sometimes (like if you're walking 2 miles across campus to some party your roommate has to go to,) heels just aren't worth it. If all else fails, bring Band-Aids. Or call an Uber.

DON'T lend your shoes out if you don't want them to be destroyed by the end of the night. Borrowing friends' clothing of any kind can get pretty messy in college. If you're even the slightest bit nervous about something happening to them, keep 'em to yourself. If you feel awkward saying "no," tell your friend that you got them as a gift and don't want to lend them out.

DO choose shoes that are practical. Although the royal-blue suede heels with spikes may seem appealing at the time, you won't be able to match them with most outfits in the long run. They don't have to be boring, but try choosing a more versatile pair.

DON'T sport your open-toed wedges when it's 30 degrees and snowing outside. Sure, they probably look great with your outfit. But you'll soon regret that decision after you realize the party is a half-mile walk away.

DO have a backup pair. You'll want at least one pair of good going out shoes for dressier nights, and another pair for the low-key nights as well. I recommend booties with various heel heights because they're extremely comfortable and can be worn throughout the year. They also look great with almost any outfit, whether it's jeans and a top or a flirty dress. Try cuffing your jeans to add something extra to your look.

DON'T spend a ton of money on your going out shoes. These shoes are going to be covered in all sorts of unmentionable substances by the end of the year, so make sure you don't spend your life savings on them. To buy going out shoes, I recommend places like Target or DSW where the deals are great and so is the quality of the shoe. Also, spray them with some kind of protector to help them last.

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Stan Smiths Just Got A Serious Upgrade

For that walking-on-a-cloud experience.

I was a dedicated Nike girl until I moved to Europe, where it's literally impossible to walk two blocks without seeing a plethora of Stan Smiths. And let's be honest with ourselves- Europe is the mecca for fashion world. People look so put together- and EFFORTLESSLY. If they're doing it, it has to be cool.

Stan Smiths are beloved universally for their versatile, classic look. While the white does require some upkeep, they literally go with anything. There's a reason Adidas keeps making new releases- we demand it! And now, Adidas has announced ANOTHER upgrade; the Stan Smith Boost Primeknit.

So... definitely a mouthful, but the new design lives up to it's name. Fans everywhere will be happy that the new shoe sticks to the slick white look (aka still wearable with any look), but instead of the traditional leather upper, Adidas has replaced it with its Primeknit technology. As in your feet can breaaaathe and possibly avoid smelling so bad (that's not just a me problem, right?)

Okay so you might be thinking "I swear I've seen this shoe before..." To which, yeah visually you're kinda sorta absolutely right. The Stan Smith Primeknit has been available for some time now. But as our parents have told us for ages, it's what's on the INSIDE that counts, and these new shoes have Boost soles- aka they give you a suuuuper comfortable walking-on-a-cloud type of experience. What's more, they'll have the options for classic white, white and green, and white and *navy* YAAS.

Style, breathability, and comfort? Really the release is just too good to be true. And if you're not really a fan of the Primeknit and prefer the leather top, Adidas ALSO just made the Stan Smith Boost in Metallics available. Safe to say we're in shoe heaven rn.


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