FLOTUS Makes Philly the City of Sisterly Love
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FLOTUS Makes Philly the City of Sisterly Love

Michelle just dropped the hottest speech of 2016.

Michelle Obama spoke at the first night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last night... and boy, was she good (to say the least).

Hold on, I'm not done picking my jaw up off the floor yet.

Ok, I'll try and pull it together for a second... LET'S F*CKING GO MICHELLE! SLAY!

Wow. Watching her full speech last night left me in awe. Michelle has done more than can be put into words in her time as FLOTUS, and somehow she keeps raising the standards for the next FLOTUS... or possibly FHOTUS!

Either way, the important part is that Michelle is behind Hillary, and her speech last night, and Bernie's, of course, were an incredible start for the DNC.

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Bernie Supporters React to Hillary Endorsement

What does this mean for Bernie fans?

Despite previously stating he would campaign through to the Democratic convention, Bernie Sanders finally threw in the towel yesterday and publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.

In his thirty minute speech, Sanders pledged, "I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States."

As to be expected, given this raucous campaign year, Sanders' decision to back Clinton has been met with widespread, mixed responses.

For many, Bernie's eventual support for Hillary was to be expected. She was leading in delegates and has numerous credentials and experience to her name as former Secretary of State.

One sophomore I interviewed said she began supporting Hillary over Bernie after he lost the state of Ohio in the primaries. "It became clear to me that his chances of winning a general election weren't high enough, especially with an opponent as scary as Trump."

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The push to defeat Trump was clearly at the forefront of Sanders' decision to join forces with Clinton. He repeatedly mentioned the need to join together as a party and celebrate the diversity of our country, values he feels Clinton would uphold.

"In these stressful times for our country, this election must be about bringing our people together, not dividing us up. While Donald Trump is busy insulting Mexicans, Muslims, women, African Americans and veterans, Hillary Clinton understands that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths."

However, this choice to form a coalition has left numerous Sanders' supporters feeling betrayed as they took to the Senator's Facebook Campaign Page to voice their concerns and distrust with the Hillary as the nominee.

The decision could potentially backfire on the Democratic party, as many have stated they would prefer to write in Sanders as their nominee rather than vote Trump or Hillary.

"I'm Bernie or Bust... I think people need to vote for something rather than against something," said Marie Clark, a New Hampshire Sanders' supporter.

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The amount of time and dedication - both physical and emotional - that individuals had put into backing Sanders was clearly evident. As lamented by Jessica Watrous Boyer of Rhode Island, "You chose her over us.... Truly shocked and saddened by this."

The refusal to vote for Hillary among Democrats isn't universal. As stated by a senior at Oberlin, "I knew this was coming, but I'm still disappointed. I'll definitely vote for Hillary this fall, but I wish that I both trusted and connected with her as I did Sanders. I think doing more research will help."

Current events also play into the decision to research. As stated by another sophomore, "after some of the incidents this year related to gun violence, it became really important to me that my president took a stance for gun control."

As the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens. Now that it's been narrowed down to Trump and Clinton, it's the perfect time to learn more about their agendas and hold them accountable to the current pressing issues that matter most to us going into this election.

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Trump Hosted a Reddit AMA

Conveniently during the DNC...

I hate to say it, but I have to give Trump credit for getting more young people involved in the election by hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) last night, which is where anonymous members of the Reddit community can field questions to the celebrities (or in this case, politicians) who participate in the AMA.

To say this Reddit forum was a sophisticated interaction with voters would be far too kind.

To be fair, there were set rules and comments monitored for racism... but they also banned "Dissenters or SJWs," aka "Social Justice Warriors"- an offensive name for people with progressive views.

The rules also mandated any Bernie fans wishing to be involved "MUST Assimilate", providing a link to The Reformed BernieBots Guide on Assimilation. Considering Trump is trying to gain Bernie supporters, the bluntness was pretty shocking. To give you a taste:

"The Trump Train may have no breaks, but it does have rules. The rule is: YOU MUST ASSIMILATE!! This is not a merge, this is you joining us. We will not change our culture. You must change yourself."

Talk about welcoming! The Guide proceeded to be extremely explicit and derogatory of the former democratic candidate, and Trump himself said in one AMA response that Bernie "has given up on his revolution," a far cry from the truth. To any former Bernie fans: I truly question your choice in switching to Trump.


Typically, Reddit prides itself on allowing an "open forum for the free exchange of ideas," but Trump's AMA allowed users to censor "unwanted comments". Olivia Nuzzi of The Daily Beast asked about releasing tax returns, and within 15 minutes, her post was deleted. Because who needs the First Amendment anyway, amirite Trump?

Your chances of actually speaking to "the-realDonaldTrump" were limited, for he only responded to twelve of the 24,000 questions. Therein lies the convenience of Reddit- Trump could pick the "best" questions and provide some real, filtered answers (unlike his normally brash on-air responses).

Even if he had provided decent answers, it was incredibly difficult to follow given the unnecessary commentary from Reddit users, primarily MAGA (Make America Great Again) and ludicrous commentary digging at Democrats and Hillary. I will say I got a kick reading this one user's angry chicken nugget fiasco.

In regards to Trump's response, yes, these are important issues for young voters, but a brief explanation of his plans to reform the education system and create these "millions of new jobs" would've been nice.

As much as he "trumped" up the AMA to be a "HUGE" event, it was pretty lackluster. Yes, I'm biased, but for someone who went to Wharton, you'd think he could come up with a more sufficient answer to "Mr. Trump, what is your plan for reducing or removing the influence of money on politics?" than "Keeping Crooked Hillary Clinton out of the White House!" Also, can you be any more original than just repeatedly calling Hillary "crooked"? Talk about sad!

Ultimately, if you didn't make it to the Reddit AMA, you did yourself a favor. Here's to hoping that regardless of your views, you decided to be a more informed voter!

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What You Need to Know About the DNC

Philly is blue af.

The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia comes to a close today and there is a lot to be said about the divide in the party, as well as the plea for unity. Here is the lowdown on all three days of the convention to keep you an informed college voter.

Day One

The DNC kicked off with Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz getting booed off stage and announcing she would be taking a backseat for the rest of the convention. She made this decision in order to "make sure we can start the Democratic Convention on a high note."

Shit went down with Schultz when it surfaced that the Democratic Party had favored Clinton during the primaries. Ouch. This angered everyone across America, and Schultz offered a formal apology to Sanders in hopes to smooth the whole thing over. She announced Sunday that she will be stepping down.

Bernie Sanders took the stage at the DNC and pleaded to all of his supporters that they cast their vote for Hillary Clinton. Bernie supporters booed him following his statement.. probably not the reaction Bernie was hoping for.

Michelle Obama also took the stage during day one, making a groundbreaking speech endorsing Hillary Clinton, with the focus being on her daughters addressing the fact that they are America's future. She also honed in on the fact that the outcome of this election has the potential to be very damaging to America's youth.

Day Two

It was formally announced that Hillary is the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Former president Bill Clinton gave a speech in support of his wife, stating that Hillary is ready to make changes for our country going forward. He and his wife tried to rid the public of the traditional view of "crooked Hillary", and instead perceive her as someone willing to do whats right for this country through reforms.

The other big discussion this day was Donald Trump's friendliness with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia argued that giving a man power who's friendly with (basically) a dictator and has access to US nuclear weapons is a horrendous, possibly devastating plan. It was also stated that Putin is in support of Trump winning... yikes.

Day Three

Obama, Biden, and VP nominee Tim Kaine took the stage for day three. Obama offered support for Hillary in his speech, which was optimistic. He urged the public to realize how dangerous electing Trump would be. He stated that Hillary has a similar view for the future of the country as he does, and that Democrats should band together and support her. See a common theme?

Tim Kaine, Hillary's running mate, who is fairly moderate and has experience in the political ring, took the stage and tried to address Republicans who were dissatisfied with the shape of the current party.

Current Vice President Joe Biden also gave a speech, and tried to gain support from the middle class of America. He argued that Trump is absolutely unfit to lead a nation through the world at this time. People love Joe, which isn't too hard to understand.

*Biden lowers hand*

Overall, the DNC can be deemed a success because with the amount of scandals in the Democratic Party surrounding this election, anything less than a riot is a success. This election is definitely about to make history - for better or for worse.

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Kareem With His Nastiest Dunk Since 1989

Throw it on a poster and hang it in your room!

Wow, NBA legend and Hall-of-Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spoke at the DNC last night! He probably had a really powerful speech.

DAYUM. That's a slam dunk reminiscent of Vince Carter's in the Olympics. Who knew Kareem had that kind of ice in his veins? I mean to come out and speak at such a huge political conference and start your speech like that takes the stuff of champions.

I don't exactly expect Trump to come back with a diss of his own. He already got dunked on, why go and get yourself blocked into the next decade?

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Bernie and Hillary Unite to Create a More Progressive Democratic Platform

Bernie loses the primaries but wins over Hillary.

While Bernie Sanders' decision to endorse Hillary Clinton was a pivotal moment for the Democratic Party, his participation during this presidential election has served to make potentially long-lasting changes to the party he only recently joined.

It's easy to forget that Bernie originally ran for the presidency in order to "fortify a grassroots movement," not himself as a candidate.

That's not to say he wasn't "in it to win it." Rather, his main objective was to push for a progressive agenda for the Democratic Party Platform, which has had minimal opposition or changes in the last few decades.

Given the division between Hillary and Bernie supporters, the collaborative agreement on some of the amendments is pretty remarkable.

July 9 marked the conclusion of the Democratic Platform Committee's final approval of amendments, to which DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman states was a reflection of both candidates "who ran strong campaigns that addressed the priorities of the American people."

The most relevant of these "unity amendments" to college students is the compromise for free public higher education for families with an income of up to $125,000. Although that cutoff prevents certain students from receiving a free education, it does include up to a whopping 83 percent of American families.

It's very likely that this amendment would not have been pushed had Sanders not stayed this long in the race, considering "college for all" was one of his top priorities.

It wasn't until July 6 that Hillary "embraced ideas from Bernie's college tuition plan," a decision that was designed to unify the party and gain Sanders' supporters.

Another impressive addition to the Democratic Party Platform is the plan to raise minimum wage to $15/hour. While both candidates were adamant about an increase, Hillary previously favored the raise to only $12, demonstrating once again a reform push from the far left former candidate.

Before you get too excited about potentially doubling your income and rising to the ranks of an only "semi-broke" college student - remember that the wage increase would be incremental, with 2020 as the ultimate goal.

In addition to amendments that will hopefully put some money into your pocket, a number of additional progressive amendments were discussed like health care, criminal justice, and environmental plan reforms.

Although Hillary has agreed with Sanders on certain far-left leaning proposals, leaving many moderate Democrat voters with mixed feelings, it did allow for Sanders to endorse her, ultimately allowing him to leave the race.

Surprisingly enough, this endorsement and unification has provided a sigh of relief for long-time Hillary supporters, who were previously afraid to be vocal in their pride for the former Secretary of State. The New York Times found this ostracism was particularly felt in the younger crowd, with one 22-year-old stating he was " treated like a traitor to my generation."

Ultimately, the recent successful convergence of the increasingly divisive two sides of the Democratic Party paves a hopeful light for the party's future.