Fans Petition To Make Princess Leia An Official Disney Princess
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Fans Petition To Make Princess Leia An Official Disney Princess

May the Force be with her.

While fans are still mourning the death of the iconic Carrie Fisher, it appears they are making extra steps to make sure she won't be forgotten. One way is by giving her role as Princess Leia a permanent mark on Disney.

A guy named Cody Christensen has created a petition to have Fisher's most famous character, Princess Leia, commemorated as an official Disney Princess alongside icons like Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle. (Disney, of course, now owns Lucasfilm).

In many ways, it makes sense. When George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney, Star Wars was technically put under Disney's umbrella. It's officially in the same room next to those memorable animated features, and associated with the late legendary filmmaker that Disney was named after.

So far, the petition has been backed up with over 90,000 signed supporters. As much as we are still dealing with losing Carrie Fisher and her mother, perhaps commemorating Princess Leia with the same honor as the other great Disney princesses can help us cherish her memory just a little bit more.

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"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and So Did My Inner Fangirl (Video)

"The Force, it's calling to you. Just let it in."

The newest "Star Wars" trailer premiered last night during the commercial break of "How to Get Away With Murder," combining two of my favorite pastimes: science fiction and hot law students.

The trailer looks badass, highlighting a ton of Stars Wars fan favorites and igniting some new excitement deep in our bellies.

The last "Star Wars" trailer came out a couple weeks ago, and you probably remember the internet flipping out; some in excitement and some in confusion. To the surprise of a few, one of the main characters is a black actor named John Boyega. I was thrilled. Others weren't.

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Ranking The Best Throwback Disney Channel Movies

This is what dreams are made of.

In honor of Disney Channel finally getting their shit together and playing a marathon of every beloved DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) there ever was, here is a list of the best of the best--but only true childhood throwbacks (sorry, no HSM).

10. Life-Size (2000)
Pre-ANTM Tyra! Pre-crack Lindsay! Shine bright, shine far, you're a star! Thinking about this movie makes me so nostalgic I could shed a tear.

9. Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off (2003)
The big cooking contest the same day as the big game. The Bobby Flay appearance. The bullying from teammates and his overbearing father. It all adds up to make a truly great DCOM (Sidenote: Eddie apparently works at Jimmy John's now, so there's that).

8. Cadet Kelley (2002)
Seeing Lizzie McGuire go to military school was almost as great as seeing her sing "Hey Now" with Pablo. Wait, that wasn't the same character? Same difference.

7. The Color of Friendship (2000)
A true classic. We've really gotta hand it to Disney Channel, for probably the first time in the network's history, they tried to confront and portray racial issues. Looking back, the final scenes may have been inaccurate (and very cheesy), but the movie was so heartwarming and inspiring that it will always be considered a DCOM classic.

6. Brink! (1998)
Oh my god was Andy, or "Brink," hot. You may not have had a childhood if this wasn't your first DCOM favorite or if Brink wasn't your first crush. I have to wonder, though, what compelled Disney to pick competitive roller-blading of all things as the subject for this movie.

5. Johnny Tsunami (1999)
The surfing scenes, the tension between skiers and snowboarders, the heartbreaking move, and the lessons in friendship make you almost forget about the crazy plotline.

4. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999)
Zenon is the epitome of '90s-kid coolness. How could you not envy her space station home, amazing fashion, best friend (Raven Symone), and even her pop-star crush? She's a Disney icon and a forever Supernova Girl.

3. The Halloweentown series (1998, 2001)
It wasn't really Halloween until you watched at least one of the installments of Halloweentown--even though it scared the shit out of you (only the first two movies were included because they are true throwbacks and the best).

2. Luck of the Irish (2001)
Because only Disney Channel could take a story about a boy turning into a Leprechaun and turn it into a staple for millennials. Fun fact: the main guy (with the spiky bleached hair) turned into a bad guy on Pretty Little Liars.

1. Smart House (1999)
The house-woman-thing still gives me nightmares, I still want to throw a party as great as the one in the movie, and I still plan on fulfilling my childhood dream of buying that house one day. When you think DCOMs, you think Smart House. It's the classic of all classics, the craziest plot-line of all crazy plot-lines, and the best of the best.

Honorable Mentions: Don't Look Under the Bed, The Thirteenth Year, My Date With the President's Daughter, Model Behavior, High School Musical, The Cheetah Girls, Motorcrossed, Double Teamed, Phantom of the Megaplex, The Ultimate Christmas Present, The Other Me

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There's A Petition To Make March Longer

Make March great again.

What we all witnessed last night was special, that's for sure. Kris Jenkins' shot to propel Villanova to its first National Championship since 1985 was one of the best championship games, if not THE best, ever.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the game had all the elements of March Madness... yet it was in April.

April doesn't have the same ring to it, right Jon?

Lucky for us, a dude named Beau Morrison created a petition to make the month of March longer so the championship game takes place before April. Bold.

The post says, "We can keep the same amount of calendar days, 365 if you did not know, but take away from the other less important months. I think we can shorten April or maybe even January. February is already too short in my opinion."

As of 1 p.m. on Tuesday, it has four signatures. I know college basketball junkies might sink their teeth into this when they get ahold of it.

It's something I can get behind. Sure, maybe it's never going to happen, but you can't knock the hustle here.

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Jenna Marbles Sews a Dress For Her Boyfriend

Why is she the funniest person on the planet?

Jenna Marbles is the creme-de-la-creme of Youtube gurus, as you probably already know. In this hilarious video, Marbles attempts to make her boyfriend a Disney princess dress in another episode of "Jenna's Ratchet Fashion Boutique." And, to be honest, she does a really impressive job.

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The Beauty and the Beast Trailer is Everything

Walking while reading = life goals

If you haven't already seen it, you need to watch the Beauty and the Beast trailer, because it is everything dreams are made of, from Emma Watson's eyebrows to that yellow dress to a walking, talking Lumiere.

If you're anything like me, your fave Disney princess was Belle, because 1. she rejected Gaston like a true savage, 2. she loved to read (I was a true, true bookworm), and 3. SHE COULD WALK WHILE READING. Let me tell you, that is not as easy as it looks. Also, that rolling library ladder is still alive and well on my Pinterest boards.

Watch. Relive your childhood. Get excited that Disney is remaking all our favorites into movies that are acceptable to watch as adults.