Fans Petition To Make Princess Leia An Official Disney Princess
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Fans Petition To Make Princess Leia An Official Disney Princess

May the Force be with her.

While fans are still mourning the death of the iconic Carrie Fisher, it appears they are making extra steps to make sure she won't be forgotten. One way is by giving her role as Princess Leia a permanent mark on Disney.

A guy named Cody Christensen has created a petition to have Fisher's most famous character, Princess Leia, commemorated as an official Disney Princess alongside icons like Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle. (Disney, of course, now owns Lucasfilm).

In many ways, it makes sense. When George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney, Star Wars was technically put under Disney's umbrella. It's officially in the same room next to those memorable animated features, and associated with the late legendary filmmaker that Disney was named after.

So far, the petition has been backed up with over 90,000 signed supporters. As much as we are still dealing with losing Carrie Fisher and her mother, perhaps commemorating Princess Leia with the same honor as the other great Disney princesses can help us cherish her memory just a little bit more.

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So You Want to Apply To The Disney College Program

Because working at the Happiest Place on Earth doesn't sound too bad.

The Disney Parks are basically the ideal place to be. Not only is it super fun, but it can lead to a career if you want it to. Luckily for college students, the Disney Parks offer an internship exclusive to college students. Here's some do's and don'ts to the Disney College Program (DCP) in application order.

Before starting your application process in the DCP, hit up an advisor on your campus.
The program is open to everyone, but Disney might not be the right fit for you.

Do research what are the deadlines for the semester you plan on being at a Disney Park.
The DCP opens applications for the Fall Semester typically during February to March and opens for the Spring Semester typically during August to October.

Send your application based on what semester fits you best.
Unlike attending school and being able to leave campus to visit family, you are stuck in California or Florida. You get days off but not enough days to visit friends and family. Are you planning a family trip during Thanksgiving break? Don't pick the fall semester because you will most likely be working during Thanksgiving break.

Send your application as early as possible.
Early applications will give you a better advantage to get early acceptance.

Include everything.
Making sure to include every single experience regardless of how useless it seems allows the recruiter to create an idea of what you are capable of.

Don't forget references.
They want actual stories behind what you are providing.

If your resume is accepted, your next step is a questionnaire. Read the questions closely. The questionnaire often attempts to keep you on your toes, ensuring you aren't just clicking "highly agree" over and over again.

Don't push the questionnaire to a later time. The questionnaire is only available for three days after receiving an e-mail. To ensure you don't miss your three-day window, make sure your email notifications are on.

You will receive a notification immediately if your questionnaire was successful, leading you to the final step, the phone interview.

Don't watch any YouTube videos of phone interviews.
If you do, you will come off as dishonest in your interview because of how scripted you can sound.

Schedule your phone interview during a day off.
When you set your DCP Interview, you want to ensure that you will be in a quiet place without any sort of distractions. This is oddly one of the most important things to do when it comes to your phone interview. Many people who are not accepted are the ones who forget about their interview.

Take notes during the phone call.
Just taking note of the recruiter's name and thanking them by their name can impact their opinion.

Research requirements for roles.
Some requirements might seem small to some but could make or break the job for you. For an example, if you are working as florist, you are required to drive and make deliveries by yourself. If you are uncomfortable with driving alone, maybe this job isn't the right fit. There are similar "buts" to each role that you can be assigned so keep this in mind.

When your phone interview is over, you will hear from the DCP in two to three weeks.

When you are accepted to the program, congrats! If you don't get in, no sweat, you can apply each semester. Roughly one in four students will get accepted to the Orlando DCP and even less get accepted to the Anaheim DCP.

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"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and So Did My Inner Fangirl (Video)

"The Force, it's calling to you. Just let it in."

The newest "Star Wars" trailer premiered last night during the commercial break of "How to Get Away With Murder," combining two of my favorite pastimes: science fiction and hot law students.

The trailer looks badass, highlighting a ton of Stars Wars fan favorites and igniting some new excitement deep in our bellies.

The last "Star Wars" trailer came out a couple weeks ago, and you probably remember the internet flipping out; some in excitement and some in confusion. To the surprise of a few, one of the main characters is a black actor named John Boyega. I was thrilled. Others weren't.

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Ranking The Best Throwback Disney Channel Movies

This is what dreams are made of.

In honor of Disney Channel finally getting their shit together and playing a marathon of every beloved DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) there ever was, here is a list of the best of the best--but only true childhood throwbacks (sorry, no HSM).

10. Life-Size (2000)
Pre-ANTM Tyra! Pre-crack Lindsay! Shine bright, shine far, you're a star! Thinking about this movie makes me so nostalgic I could shed a tear.

9. Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off (2003)
The big cooking contest the same day as the big game. The Bobby Flay appearance. The bullying from teammates and his overbearing father. It all adds up to make a truly great DCOM (Sidenote: Eddie apparently works at Jimmy John's now, so there's that).

8. Cadet Kelley (2002)
Seeing Lizzie McGuire go to military school was almost as great as seeing her sing "Hey Now" with Pablo. Wait, that wasn't the same character? Same difference.

7. The Color of Friendship (2000)
A true classic. We've really gotta hand it to Disney Channel, for probably the first time in the network's history, they tried to confront and portray racial issues. Looking back, the final scenes may have been inaccurate (and very cheesy), but the movie was so heartwarming and inspiring that it will always be considered a DCOM classic.

6. Brink! (1998)
Oh my god was Andy, or "Brink," hot. You may not have had a childhood if this wasn't your first DCOM favorite or if Brink wasn't your first crush. I have to wonder, though, what compelled Disney to pick competitive roller-blading of all things as the subject for this movie.

5. Johnny Tsunami (1999)
The surfing scenes, the tension between skiers and snowboarders, the heartbreaking move, and the lessons in friendship make you almost forget about the crazy plotline.

4. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999)
Zenon is the epitome of '90s-kid coolness. How could you not envy her space station home, amazing fashion, best friend (Raven Symone), and even her pop-star crush? She's a Disney icon and a forever Supernova Girl.

3. The Halloweentown series (1998, 2001)
It wasn't really Halloween until you watched at least one of the installments of Halloweentown--even though it scared the shit out of you (only the first two movies were included because they are true throwbacks and the best).

2. Luck of the Irish (2001)
Because only Disney Channel could take a story about a boy turning into a Leprechaun and turn it into a staple for millennials. Fun fact: the main guy (with the spiky bleached hair) turned into a bad guy on Pretty Little Liars.

1. Smart House (1999)
The house-woman-thing still gives me nightmares, I still want to throw a party as great as the one in the movie, and I still plan on fulfilling my childhood dream of buying that house one day. When you think DCOMs, you think Smart House. It's the classic of all classics, the craziest plot-line of all crazy plot-lines, and the best of the best.

Honorable Mentions: Don't Look Under the Bed, The Thirteenth Year, My Date With the President's Daughter, Model Behavior, High School Musical, The Cheetah Girls, Motorcrossed, Double Teamed, Phantom of the Megaplex, The Ultimate Christmas Present, The Other Me

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"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" Is Finally Heading to Broadway

American Potter fans rejoice.

The wishes of American Harry Potter fans have finally been realized. As much as we loved to hear that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was doing so well in London, readers and theater heads were praying that this hit play would make its way to Broadway.

Now it looks like it's going to happen.

On Thursday, producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callendar announced they are having discussions with Ambassador Theatre Group in New York to open Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway in spring 2018 at ATG's Lyric Theatre.

"We are thrilled about ATG's ambitious plans, which will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a unique theater space tailored to the specific needs of the production over the play's two parts," said Friedman and Callendar in an official statement.

"The remodeled Lyric will include a smaller auditorium redesigned to the specifications of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child team, as well as an adapted proscenium and stage that can house designer Christine Jones' glorious set without swamping or compromising director John Tiffany's brilliant staging. The spacious front-of-house environment will also be transformed to optimize the atmosphere and audience experience."

The producers added: "Above all, ATG's plans will provide Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with a bespoke home that will be intimate enough for a drama, yet big enough for us to deliver on our commitment to provide audiences with access to low-priced tickets throughout the auditorium."

J.K. Rowling recently spoke about the news saying, "I'm delighted we are one step closer in bringing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to Broadway and very excited by the proposed plans."

The two-part play was written by Jack Thorne, but based on an original story by Rowling, Thorne and Tiffany. It follows the challenges of Harry, Hermione, and Ron as they face the unknown territory of parenting teenagers, picking up on the beloved characters, as well as the next generation, 19 years after the final battle of Hogwarts.

The play was an immediate hit when it opened at London's Palace Theatre in July to stellar reviews and sold-out crowds. The production was so successful, the theater extended the show through February 2018.

The script was published and released the day after the London premiere, and became one of the bestselling books of 2016.

As much as Harry Potter fans loved reading the book, they've always fantasized about seeing the play. And now they can in the spring of 2018!

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I'm Not Drunk Enough For This Shit, Ep. 9 (Video)

Miss Colombia wins 2015 Miss Universe ... JK JK JK

On this week's episode, Star Wars nerds everywhere are losing their shit; Serena Williams pulls a Sasha Fierce; the infamous Martin Shkreli will need to start practicing butt clenches; Home Alone's Kevin is back as an Uber driver in a twisted sequel; and Steve Harvey crowns the wrong Miss Universe. It was all just so beautiful.

Karla channels her inner Yoda. May the drank be with you.

Directed by David Estrada
Shot by David Estrada & Kris Walker
Edited by Taylor Henderson
Scripted & Hosted by Karla Macias
Motion Graphics by Michael Leng
Post Written by Karla Macias
With help from The Daily Pnut