The Kardashians Are Kopy-Kats
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The Kardashians Are Kopy-Kats

Did I just spill the tea?

Let's be honest, the Kardashians and the Jenners are no strangers to the appropriation of any of the world's cultures. It seems that their favorite cultural appropriation is sourced in Black Culture. From their "boxer braids" (aka corn-rows) and full-lip injections, to their dreadlocks and Bantu knots, the Kardashians and Jenners have a long list of wrongfully credited "trends."

It seems, with their lifeless imagination, that they may finally get exposed for their undeserved fame.

The sisters have been deemed trendsetters when they should have been deemed professional thieves of cultures and ideas for profit. Last week, Khloe Kardashian was called out by Destiney of Dbleudazzled Designs for this very reason.

In Khloe's case, she ordered one of everything, including custom pieces from the Dbleudazzled Designs site, and used them her "Good American" lookbook. In the lookbook, the designs were passed on as Khloe's own without the knowledge of the original designer. Hence, Destiney was at first hesitant to call out the uninspired crook, but took to Twitter to call Khloe out for her snake-like ways.

In similar fashion, Kylie Jenner has shamelessly copied the designs of The PluggedNYC Store, which is owned by a designer name Tizita. You guessed it: Tizita is a Black woman. After being gifted pieces by the brand, Kylie Jenner has 'coincidentally' created a similar line. Kylie has posted selfies wearing the brand before so it's no wonder that Kylie became overly inspired by the PluggedNYC brand.

Meanwhile, while Tizita ensures that she didn't create camo two-pieces, she sure did revive the look from the 90's. Now, Kylie's decision to replicate the brand using her star power is essentially taking money out of Tizita's pockets.



Black women know that the Kardashians have been problematic for quite some time. However, the audacity - shall we say 'caucasity' - of both Kylie and Khloe makes me wonder how ordinary stealing someone's concepts is for this family.

These women must imagine inspiration as a completely different concept than most people, but then again, they obviously have no imagination to begin with. Thus, the lack of independent artistry remains.

Can someone tell me why the Kardashian/Jenner Party isn't over?

This story is poorly covered by the media as if it's worthless. While such Kardashian appropriation is not a new concept, this direct replication of an already-existing brand of clothing by a star should be an issue that receives widespread attention. The lack of such points to the low value that has been placed on Black perspectives and challenges in modern society.

Are Black women, and our contributions to American culture, not worthy of recognition? Not only have the Kardashians snubbed the issues at hand, but so has the media.

When will the time come where Black people receive credit for their abilities to remain trailblazers? Black women continue to get the backhand when we are the very paradigm in which society bases its inspiration. Black girl magic is not a myth, but the world continues to neglect our incantation. Destiney knows that.

Wanting to appreciate the culture is one thing, but straight-up appropriating culture is another. Imitation is not always flattery. Claiming that such cultural transactions are beneficial denies the false veneer multi-culturalism that continues to perpetuate social hierarchies, when Black people are the keepers and creators of such popular culture.

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The Teatox Generation

Time to get sippin'.

Have you noticed all the tea-toxers out there as you scroll through your Insta feed? Whether it's a random social media model or Chuck Bass himself, they are all promoting some current tea trend. With bathing suit season sneaking up on all of us, I decided I would look into these "teatox" programs and decide if they really worked.

One thing you should already know is that nothing should claim to work wonders without pairing that program with healthy eating and exercise. No matter what type of liquid you decide to go with, don't forget your cardio with a side of fruits and veggies.

I'm not the type of girl who wants to give up a meal for even a smoothie, so the teatox programs really pulled me in. They offer a way to cleanse your body the way you want without sacrificing a single bite of food. Most programs that revolve around tea have you simply having a cup of tea once a day, twice a day, and no more than three times a day.

What should you look for in a teatox program? Like anything you buy off the Internet, read the reviews. Is it working for others? Will it work the way YOU would want it to?

Next, read the ingredients. Sugar and caffeine are two things you don't want in your teatox. Caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness, stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting, and increased heart rate and respiration. Considering you'll be drinking a lot of tea over the coming days, you don't want to overdose on side effects like these.

There are natural ways to enhance alertness, endurance, and focus without using caffeine. Many of these teatox programs resort to using these healthier, herbal ingredients to keep the body up and at 'em without harming vitals.

After you inspect reviews and ingredients, consider what the program promotes and for how long. There are 28 and 14-day options. Fourteen days is perfect for beginners, especially since you'll be wanting to monitor food and liquor intake for that period.

Teatox itself usually means to "cleanse", so alcohol isn't recommended. You'll cleanse your gut, liver, kidneys, and overall feel brand new. Some teatoxes promote weight loss, others promote enhanced health and decreased bloat.

Fox News did a great job at comparing some of the top-selling teatox programs to get you started on the best one for you! Personally, I tried Get Clean by the Republic of Tea and loved it. I was familiar with Republic of Tea as a company and trusted them.

My goals were to reduce bloat, cleanse my insides, and lose about three to five pounds in two weeks. Get Clean accomplished all of this for me. The next on my list to try are FitTea and NakedMe. Worth noting: It's important to allow at least four to six weeks in between each program.

So my take on the "teatox" trend: paired with a healthy diet and the right amount of physical activity, I found it to be a good way to reach my fitness goals. So, get to sippin'.

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McDonald's Worker Strikes Back

Sweet tea isn't always sweet.

Look, if you're gonna intentionally be a douche, expect people to get angry. Especially if the person you're going to be a douche to is: 1) handling your food, and 2) probably already hates their job.

Check it out above, and take notes, because if you're gonna prank someone, you should probably take a little precaution.

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How Well Do You Actually Know the Kardashians? (Quiz)

Or should I say Kardashian/Jenners?

Some equate them to American royalty, similar to Prince Williams and fam. While that may not be true, you can't disagree, there's certainly a lot of fuss surrounding them. See how well you know the famed fam here. Don't forget to share your results with friends!

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Kim Joins Calvin Harris, Throwing Shade Swift's Way

Oh shit, Taylor, you're getting it from all sides.

I literally love the Kardashians. I have no idea why, well aside from the fact that they work it and twerk it everyday. Actually, maybe it's because their voices are a good mix between "valley girl" and betchy. Whatever, in this episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim tells us all what she really thinks about Taylor Swift. Also, don't mess with Kanye, Kim will get you.

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Kanye Made an Insta!

Can you just imagine the shit he will post?

Yeezy fans around the world have something to celebrate! After years of refusing to create an Instagram account, the King caved late Saturday night, causing thousands of fans to quickly follow his verified account. Even without any posts until Sunday afternoon, people were going crazy on social media for this new Kanye development. As an artist who has both a unique media presence and a family that slays the selfie game, you'd think he would've joined a while ago. So this prompts us to ask, why now?

Not that we are complaining about Kayne's Instagram account, but was it created by peer pressure from his social media maven family? Did he join to try to become even more Famous? Is that even possible? Back in March Kanye did make it clear that this move would be entirely up to himself, but we also know how much he loves his wife and would do anything for her.

Last I checked, Instagram is mostly used on phones... But Kayne, who recently got rid of his phone, I guess you are a God, so I won't question it. I'm a dedicated follower of all things Kanye (and admittedly a borderline addict to Keeping Up with the Kardashians), so I'm really interested to see how his Instagram will play out.

Will he follow in Kim's footsteps and achieve a following of over 82 million followers, or will his account break all the traditional rules of Instagram? Currently it's looking to be the latter, as his account has no profile picture and follows zero accounts, not even Kim. (This is so her rn.)

Oh, and his first post? A still shot from the 1990 Schwarzenegger movie, Total Recall. No caption (which is really risky), just a slightly eerie pic of a car in the dark. It's not even a photo of Saint/North/Yeezy Fashion/selfie, yet he still got over 300k likes.

A photo posted by Kanye West (@kanyewest) on

Honestly, that family could post a picture of a toilet and they'd get thousands of likes. Oh wait, Kris Jenner already did...

I love my new @TOTOUSA NEOREST 750H #HighTechToilet

A photo posted by Kris Jenner (@krisjenner) on

Sigh. I will never understand fame. (That is, until I'm famous... Hurry up Kanye and make it happen already.)

Regardless, the fact that his Instagram is so unexpected and confusing makes it all the more Kanye.What can I say Yeezus? You've left us all emotionally bound to following your account and hoping that maybe one day we'll finally understand your Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.