Dwight Howard Is Such A Cry Baby
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Dwight Howard Is Such A Cry Baby

So much wasted intimidation potential.

Dwight Howard has the potential to be the absolute scariest man in the NBA. Scarier than LeBron, scarier than James Harden, scarier than Gregg Popovich, but no, he has to go and sniffle and cry his way through an interview just because his team is down 0-2 in the first round of the playoffs.

Does he not know anything? He sounds like Shaq on Inside the NBA, which is not a compliment. You know if he starts saying anything except "I don't know," he is going to absolutely break down like Matt Damon does to Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

It's only 0-2 in a seven games series and it appears that Dwight Howard has absolutely given up. Stop sniffling and be the scary mothafucka you can be.

When John Wall sees this video, he is going to rip Dwight apart on the court. For his size, Dwight now looks like the least intimidating player in the NBA.

Congrats Dwight, Tyler "Psycho T" Hansborough has passed you on the intimidation scale. How does that make you feel?

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Ryan Howard's 2016 Isn't Going Too Well

Nothing like eating up a massive salary!

Does the name Ryan Howard conjure memories of gigantic, towering home runs? Opportunistic advertising? A gigantic grin?

Unfortunately, it's just been a parade of disappointing plays and big ol' whiffs at the plate as of late.

Howard's 2016 season is just two months old, but things are starting to fall apart for the veteran.

His defense isn't hurting terribly, which is cool. For reference, check out this play he made just Tuesday night.

Howard's offense, however, is a different story.

In May, Howard batted a brutal .106. His batting average on the season (.156) is lower than Phillies pitcher Jerad Eickhoff (.200) and nearly as bad as Phillies pitcher Jeremy Hellickson (.154).

It's been a frustrating month for the big guy, and it's all led up to this.

(Well, not really that. He lost control of his bat after a swing. But you get the idea.)

In short, this is bad.

(We're going to pretend he says "this is bad" instead of "this is big.")

Howard was one of the few pieces from the team's World Series-winning golden days who didn't find a new home for the 2015 season. Shortstop Jimmy Rollins started his 2015 season out in Los Angeles with the Dodgers, and second baseman Chase Utley joined him there mid-season. Then pitcher Cole Hamels was jettisoned to Texas.

Now, with the Dodgers and Rangers competing while Howard and the Phillies flounder, it's become harder and harder to watch what will likely be The Big Piece's final season in Philadelphia.

(Different Ryan Howard, same feeling.)

But you know what's weird? Howard isn't even in the top 10 of the league in strikeouts this year. And he's still tied for the team lead with eight home runs.

Because of how passable he looked in the first month of the season -- 15 hits, five home runs, and 10 RBI -- his numbers, batting average aside, aren't dismal for a 36-year-old on the decline.

Still, Howard's precipitous dropoff, paired with one of the worst offenses in baseball, has the Phillies sliding real fast. The Phils were the league's feel-good story of the season in April, but they're just 2-9 in their last 11 games and have regressed to playing .500 ball for the first time since April 26.

All told, this season has been one to forget for Howard, and fast. Maybe it's time for him to move on, either from the Phillies or from baseball altogether. It's been a tremendous ride for Howard and Phillies fans.

Still, watching it end this way has been brutal for all involved.

Something tells us Ryan would much rather be eating Subway sandwiches. What say you, Ryan?

Yeah. Same.

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The Atlanta Hawks Lost To The Cavs, But Stole My Heart

What an effort it was.

NBA fans owe a big thank you to the Hawks bench tonight. The Cavs entered halftime up by 10 ready to coast to a 1-0 series lead. Al Horford was already considering his free agent options.

Que the bench. Dennis Schroeder boasting pure unadulterated german efficiency starts to mount the comeback. He put Atlanta on his back with a sweet 3 for 3 from the field with two of those attempts coming from downtown. And all of a sudden ...

The Hawks have life. We have a game worth watching. All because of this young gun with flow that should've earned him a cameo in Dope.

Every hero needs a lovable side kick, and tonight Schroeder found his in fellow benchie Mike Scott. Scott played your spark plug bringing life back into the Atlanta's defense.

LeBron James no longer seemed to be instilling his will. All of a sudden Paul Millsap is cleaning up the glass. Scott, a relative jobber, will forever have my love for those six minutes he gave in the third quarter. If that isn't enough he deserves it for being the biggest apple fan in the league. (I mean why is apple not paying this man money. Look at those tats.)

The third quarter ended with the hawks back within four points of the Cavs and made us think just maybe the Eastern Conference isn't the cakewalk it was chalked up to be. Alas, it was all too good to be true. LeBron turned on the muscle and it was pretty much over.

All of a sudden the script seems back on track. Cry not Atlanta, for Schroeder brought hope even if just for a quarter.

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Kevin Durant Has Options in Free Agency

Will he "transfer" or stay where he's always been.

There are times in life where people want change. That can be switching up what you order at Chipotle, deciding you are going to get that haircut to look like just enough like a combination of a soccer player mixed with Macklemore mixed with that guy in that one frat who's kind of cool, or deciding to transfer to another school.

Well, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder will have a summer where he can choose to stay in the place that he has grown accustomed to in tornado alley or he can choose to sign with another team that could offer him a much different pace to life than what he has now.

In college terms, KD has the chance to transfer to a new school that can offer him different things. Before he decides to declare for free agency, KD needs to think about what "transferring" to these other "schools" would bring him:

The Party School-The Los Angeles Lakers
Going to the party school is always the first thought anyone transferring has! Why sit in a house in the middle of nowhere when you can sit poolside in the Hills with Kobe Bryant in your ear and a Kardashian on your arm?!

Luke Walton is the new, cool coach in town and his schemes for KD will be as smooth as the Armani suits he'll wear courtside. KD can stroll into the clubs with Nick Young like Vaughn and Favreau in Swingers. He would have the chance to bring the Lakers back from the basement of the West and back where they belong in the Western Finals every year.

The Academic School-The San Antonio Spurs
Why party when you can study and dominate? Yeah, Nick Young has fun but he tends to forget the ball moves better down the court when you actually pass it to someone. KD can hit the books and learn from the greatest coach of our generation, Greg Popovich, and be the heir to the throne that Tim Duncan built.

Sure, it's San Antonio, but that Tex Mex tastes a lot better with a few rings on your fingers. Studying that much harder always makes you a better student than those other guys who go out every night, plus they won't get to eat those southwestern grilled carne asada burritos.

The School Back Home-The Washington Wizards
Sometimes transferring back home is the easiest choice. You're back on your turf in your own city. As soon as you are back you can immediately get back to hanging out with all those friends you had before you left. You know the entire area like the back of your hand, plus your mom is there to give you sandwiches.

KD can bring Washington to relevance in the East. He can also give Kyrie, Love, and LeBron a run for their money as the best big three with Bradley Beal and John Wall. With President Obama getting ready to leave, KD can pick up right where the president left off and run that city.

Not Transfer at All-The Oklahoma City Thunder
Why leave what you have loved for the past few years? What would he do with all of the hoodies and shirts that he got from his first few seasons there? Yes it's Oklahoma City, but KD can still hang out with his best bud Russell Westbrook in wrangling cows or eating corn dogs or doing whatever else it is they do for fun in Oklahoma City.

The entire city loves KD and he would break its heart by leaving after the incredible success they have had. There is a very real possibility that the Thunder can always compete with the Spurs and Warriors to make it back to the Finals and win one with him and Russell on the court.

Kevin Durant has a big choice with deciding where and if he wants to "transfer". The entire landscape of the NBA can be changed by one simple decision in free agency.

KD is one of the premier superstars of the league, it is his decision to continue being the chosen one for an entire city in Oklahoma or skipping town to go home, study or fist bump Jack Nicholson 41 times a year.


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Just Like Old Times in Cleveland

It's like LeBron never left.

Although the Cleveland Cavaliers haven't ever won an NBA championship, they got one game closer on Sunday. They beat the Hawks 100-99 for a four game sweep. This is the old Cavs we were so used to seeing for years. The departure of LeBron James in 2010 was a shock to Cavs fans and they did not exactly react well.

But now he is back and after their sweep of the Hawks on Sunday, they look better than ever and are giving Cavs fans hope that they can finally clinch a title with their new big three of LeBron, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love. Check out LeBron being clutch in game 4 and proving he is in top form and ready to bring a title home to Cleveland.

The Cavs will be making another Eastern conference finals appearance facing either the Toronto Raptors or the infamous (in Cleveland) Miami Heat. LeBron hit plenty of clutch shots in the series sweep of the Hawks, including that shot to give the Cavs a three point lead late in game four on Sunday, leaving the notoriously hilarious Hawks Twitter account to post this picture, representing their feelings towards the Cavs.

The Cavs shot 16-for-37 (43.2 percent) from downtown in game four, which, if sustained, would make their offense almost unstoppable. Game four was actually their worst three-point-shooting performance of the series. They made 77 out of 152 triples, or 50.7 percent, of their attempts from deep. It doesn't seem too sustainable, but if they did it for four games, who is to say they can't keep it up?

This fact should scare those other teams:

For the Cavs to win their first NBA Finals, they will have to go through Toronto/Miami then if they beat the winner of those teams, they will face either San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Golden State, or Portland. I feel confident they can handle OKC and Portland without too much trouble, but it is likely they will face either the Warriors or the Spurs, in which case, we are in store for a hell of an NBA Finals this year!

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10 Most Athletic Presidents

These guys do more than politics.

White-collar jobs tend to be associated with being indoors and being sedentary. While that might be true, not every single white collar worker enjoys being sedentary, especially presidents of the United States. With that in mind, here is a look at 10 of the United States' most athletic presidents.
Woodrow Wilson
While there is no record of him playing in any highly-competitive leagues, Wilson played baseball for his entire life. His position of choice was second base.
George W. Bush
Yes, he was a part-owner of the Texas Rangers. But before that, he had an athletic career of his own. He played baseball in high school and rugby at Yale. But perhaps his best achievement was his cheerleading career. It's way more than just holding the pom poms.
Barack Obama
From the sound of it, Obama was a decent basketball player who worked exceptionally hard to make the varsity squad. There is also rumors he was on the basketball team at Occidental College. If not, he balled up with the team, so he must have been pretty good. And of course, he had a court built at the White House. Super baller move.
Jimmy Carter
He could run, so that makes him an athlete. Carter was a cross-country runner at the Naval Academy. When someone goes to a military school and they have the time and energy to also compete in a sport, they deserve some serious credit.
Donald Trump
In addition to having billions of dollars, the president elect probably has billions of stories to tell of his standout high school career. At the New York Military Academy, Trump played varsity baseball, football and soccer. He even had pro potential in baseball.
Ronald Reagan
The actor? Yes. The actor. He was also quite the athlete back in his day. Reagan played football for Eureka College and was the swim team captain. He also played Notre Dame legend George Gipp in the movie, Knute Rockne, All-American, so there's that.
Teddy Roosevelt
Roosevelt always seems to have that tough-guy reputation. And there's good reason for it. Sure, he commanded the first US Volunteer Cavalry during the Spanish war, but athletically, he was a boxer Actually, he pretty much did anything that had to do with fighting. Wouldn't want to catch this guy in a bad mood..
George H.W. Bush
Captain of the Yale baseball team his senior year, he hit .245 and was a slick-fielding first baseman, posting a .992 fielding percentage. He also played in the College World Series twice and remains an avid baseball fan, like his son.
Dwight Eisenhower
The general-turned President received his education at the United States Military Academy. While he was there, he was a starting running back and linebacker. Good luck finding many people who could do that in 2016, let alone do half of what General Eisenhower did.
Gerald Ford
Before he started tripping over everything, Ford was a standout athlete. The former president played center and was a two-time national champion football player at Michigan (1932, 1933). As a senior, he was even named team MVP. Despite moderate NFL interest, he opted for law school. It worked out pretty well for him..