Beauty And The Beast Is A Dream
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Beauty And The Beast Is A Dream

Disney live actions are the best thing to happen to this world.

I can shamelessly say that I'm a Disney fanatic. My Disney Spotify playlist is often played at full volume for all of my neighbors to hear, at all hours of the day. I've had friends over to watch Treasure Planet loudly at 10 PM before. So, of course, I went to see Beauty and the Beast on opening weekend (with a group of four Disney-obsessed friends, might I add).

It was everything I could have dreamed of and more.

My childhood favorite was brought to life by Emma Watson and Josh Gad - casting choices that couldn't have possibly been any better, by the way. Emma Watson did an amazing job as Belle (though her voice sounded noticeably auto-tuned in some of the songs? Oh well, it didn't impact my love of the musical scenes).

The sass that Emma Watson gives Belle in this movie just improves upon the sass that Belle had in the original.

And Josh Gad? They could not have made a better choice. I knew it would be awesome from the moment I saw the first trailer, but what cemented it for me was the news that Lefou was going to be gay (wasn't he always though?). Having Lefou low-key hitting on Gaston for the whole movie was ultimately the best part. And the much-hyped gay moment? While only a few fleeting seconds of the movie, it was almost everything I'd hoped for.

Is it bad for me to say that Luke Evan's jawline really helped me to hate Gaston even more than I already did? Nothing against the guy, but his jawline really fit with Gaston's character - which is that of a grade-A asshole.

For some reason Lumiere was a very handsome candlestick. I felt some things during "Be Our Guest".

The new songs were unexpectedly amazing as well, and there were some things I like more about this movie than the original (surprisingly). One is that you get to see into both Belle's and the Beast's pasts.

We don't get that information in the original movie. Tied in with that is that it's a lot easier to tell that Belle and the Beast are growing closer. They share a touching moment over Belle's past, and we get just a little more insight into who the Beast really is. In the original movie, I sometimes wondered why Belle even fell for the Beast.

I should have been expecting this, but there was an immense amount of quality one-liners littered throughout the film. Cogsworth, Gaston, Lefou, Belle... everyone has one. Some were from the original (or slightly modified from the original) but there were a lot of new ones as well!

Also the action scenes were top-notch. They had a lot of flair but not so much that they seemed overdone. The action in Beauty and the Beast held just the right amount of emotion to pull at the heartstrings while still getting you hyped up.

With a current 86 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and an opening weekend that brought in about $170 million in the U.S. alone (which is a new record for family movies), it seems like I'm not the only one who was excited as hell and adored the movie.

My suggestion: take time out of your day to go see this tale as old as time in theaters... as soon as possible. It's worth it.

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Emma Watson's Boobs Teach Us A Lesson On Sexual Empowerment

"Feminists can wear anything they f*****g want."

After posing (nearly) topless on the cover of Vanity Fair, Emma Watson came face-to-face with critics. Critiques circulated that the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and HeforShe spokesperson was at odds with her self-proclaimed feminist title; people do not believe that she can be both a feminist and pose with nothing but an open knit sweater. Leading the charge was British radio personality Julia Hartley-Brewer on Twitter.

When this criticism was relayed to Watson in a recent interview, she appeared as surprised as she was agitated. Watson took the opportunity to shut down her critics with an explanation of what feminism means - the equality of men and women. She then summed up the crux of the public's complaints to the costar of her upcoming film Beauty and the Beast: "They were saying I couldn't be a feminist and have boobs."

The criticisms and Watson's reaction call to mind the pervasive debate between sexual empowerment versus sexual objectification. We've seen celebrities battling out the debate via social media; there's Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian (and Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian).

Then there is an average person's experience, particularly during college, which is enough to show the debate is alive and well. From my own personal experience, I have been called out as both sexy and confident and slutty and embarrassing on many different occasions.

When I was walking to the library early one Saturday morning with makeup on, I had an entire porch of guys yell, "Look at this slut! What a walk of shame!" One time a girl commented on the way I dressed for parties as "part high fashion, part slutty." Thanks...?

Even when I dressed up as Eve (of Adam and Eve) for Halloween in a nude colored bodysuit - with nothing but my arms, ankles, collarbone and face exposed- I was met with simultaneously approving and judgmental eyebrow raises.

My response to all these kinds of experiences (and the ones inevitably bound to happen in the future) is the same as Gloria Steinem's on Emma Watson's Vanity Fair cover: "feminists can wear anything they fucking want." And, as long as what I'm doing isn't illegal or harming anyone or anything, I'm a girl and I think I can do anything I fucking want. In fact, I'm quite stubborn and if you tell me to do something (like my ex-boyfriend who told me to stop wearing makeup) I will probably definitely do the opposite.

To help put a stop to this debate, about if a woman portraying herself as sexual (whatever you think that means) is a form of sexual objectification or sexual empowerment, I present this cartoon. Originally published by Ronnie Ritchie on Everyday Feminism, it clearly explains the difference. While it all comes down to one word - power - the cartoon provides a bit more explanation where there may be fifty shades of gray.

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Hunny of the Week: Emma Watson 2/23

Hunny /[huhn-ee] / noun: a badass bitch who's not just hot: she's funny, smart, strong, and\or ambitious.

After watching her transformation on and off the screen throughout the Harry Potter series, it's safe to say that I developed a personal connection and admiration for Emma Watson. Five years since the release of the final film, this brilliant Hunny of the week has cast an even stronger spell over us all with her public decision to take a year off from acting to focus on learning more about feminism.

Awarded the position of UN Women Goodwill ambassador in 2014, Watson is no newbie to feminist projects. She is a staunch activist for the UN Women's HeForShe campaign, a solidarity movement that promotes gender equality. And girlfriend is only 25.

Read Watson's interview with bell hooks [sic], renowned social activist and feminist, here. Having two of the most badass women out there admit their girl crushes for each other while also discussing their experiences with feminism and "celebrity activism"? YES.

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Ranking The Best Throwback Disney Channel Movies

This is what dreams are made of.

In honor of Disney Channel finally getting their shit together and playing a marathon of every beloved DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) there ever was, here is a list of the best of the best--but only true childhood throwbacks (sorry, no HSM).

10. Life-Size (2000)
Pre-ANTM Tyra! Pre-crack Lindsay! Shine bright, shine far, you're a star! Thinking about this movie makes me so nostalgic I could shed a tear.

9. Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off (2003)
The big cooking contest the same day as the big game. The Bobby Flay appearance. The bullying from teammates and his overbearing father. It all adds up to make a truly great DCOM (Sidenote: Eddie apparently works at Jimmy John's now, so there's that).

8. Cadet Kelley (2002)
Seeing Lizzie McGuire go to military school was almost as great as seeing her sing "Hey Now" with Pablo. Wait, that wasn't the same character? Same difference.

7. The Color of Friendship (2000)
A true classic. We've really gotta hand it to Disney Channel, for probably the first time in the network's history, they tried to confront and portray racial issues. Looking back, the final scenes may have been inaccurate (and very cheesy), but the movie was so heartwarming and inspiring that it will always be considered a DCOM classic.

6. Brink! (1998)
Oh my god was Andy, or "Brink," hot. You may not have had a childhood if this wasn't your first DCOM favorite or if Brink wasn't your first crush. I have to wonder, though, what compelled Disney to pick competitive roller-blading of all things as the subject for this movie.

5. Johnny Tsunami (1999)
The surfing scenes, the tension between skiers and snowboarders, the heartbreaking move, and the lessons in friendship make you almost forget about the crazy plotline.

4. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999)
Zenon is the epitome of '90s-kid coolness. How could you not envy her space station home, amazing fashion, best friend (Raven Symone), and even her pop-star crush? She's a Disney icon and a forever Supernova Girl.

3. The Halloweentown series (1998, 2001)
It wasn't really Halloween until you watched at least one of the installments of Halloweentown--even though it scared the shit out of you (only the first two movies were included because they are true throwbacks and the best).

2. Luck of the Irish (2001)
Because only Disney Channel could take a story about a boy turning into a Leprechaun and turn it into a staple for millennials. Fun fact: the main guy (with the spiky bleached hair) turned into a bad guy on Pretty Little Liars.

1. Smart House (1999)
The house-woman-thing still gives me nightmares, I still want to throw a party as great as the one in the movie, and I still plan on fulfilling my childhood dream of buying that house one day. When you think DCOMs, you think Smart House. It's the classic of all classics, the craziest plot-line of all crazy plot-lines, and the best of the best.

Honorable Mentions: Don't Look Under the Bed, The Thirteenth Year, My Date With the President's Daughter, Model Behavior, High School Musical, The Cheetah Girls, Motorcrossed, Double Teamed, Phantom of the Megaplex, The Ultimate Christmas Present, The Other Me

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Creative Jobs to Fulfill Your Artsy Dreams That You Won't Starve For

You can live your dream and make money at the same time.

Ever since I was a child, I fantasized about being an author, a writer, a creator. I wanted to create works of art on paper. But as I grew older, more and more of what I heard was, "You won't make it," "That's not a secure job," "That's a waste of time," "You'll starve with a useless degree in your hand."

To everyone around me, my dream was just that, a dream. But I wouldn't let it go, and neither should you. There are jobs that are creative and fun that still make enough money for you to be both happy and not have to eat hot pockets and ramen for the rest of your life.

Graphic Designers
This job is for all of you that like to sit down, scribble, and color to your heart's content. Not only is this an amazingly fun job, but it's projected to have more than 86,000 new openings in the next few years. This is one degree that won't be useless and have you end up working at Starbucks. Plus, median wages are between $40k and $64k. Score!

This job out of all of these has the most potential. The median wages for any writer is between $30k and $69k, but if you're lucky and become the next J.K. Rowling, you'll be rolling in cash and be able to have all the Starbucks you want. Even better though, the projected amount for openings are above $20,000, so you definitely won't be left starving in the streets while working at JCPenney. Shove that in your distant relative's faces when they try to insult you at Thanksgiving dinner!

Video Game Designer
Do you want to be the creator of something like Call of Duty, Legend of Zelda, or even Minecraft? Seeing your work come to life on thousands, even millions of screens across the world? Well, this job is for all you video game nerds out there. Video game designers median salaries are in the 70k range and their market is projected to grow at least 14 percent. In other words, you could eat steak whenever you want.

Knowing all of these opportunities, drop the stuffy business degree and go tell all your doubting relatives to suck it. Go live your dreams, and be true to yourself and your passions.

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Dream Kardashian Is Verified on Instagram

I don't understand this world we live in.

I am sure many of you have heard that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian had their baby five days ago. Naturally, we are happy that the baby is healthy and adorable. Blac Chyna and Rob seem to be completely overjoyed to hold their baby in their arms.

They named her Dream, which compared to many celebrity baby names, such as Blanket and Apple, isn't all that bad and is actually kind of cute. So go them for that. Obviously, it is the right thing to do to congratulate and be happy for the new parents, but there is just one thing that I find quite strange and frankly pretty absurd.

Dream Kardashian has an Instagram account.

Morning ? it's bonding time with mommy!

A photo posted by Dream Kardashian (@dream) on

It is one thing to showcase your child all over your own profile. Go ahead. Be proud and show your baby off. But this child is five days old. She is freshly out of the womb and already has her own Insta. I mean obviously the account is run by her parents, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, it says so in the bio. But still I ask why?

She has done nothing. She doesn't even know how to crawl, walk, talk, sit up, or even smile, let alone what the internet is. She doesn't have the slightest clue what is going on. She doesn't even know that she is filthy rich and extremely famous. Yet she gets an Instagram account.

Her account is verified. Verified. She literally has over 459 thousand followers. Of course, she is only following two accounts, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Not that she really had a choice in that, but still... 459 thousand people have chosen to follow her. A five day old child. Why do you need to be updated on her life? What could possibly be the significance of this?

Do you know how many Instagram followers I have? 463. I have had an Instagram for four years and all I have is 436 followers. Dream Kardashian has been on this planet for five days and has 459 thousand people following her. That makes me feel so incredible about myself.

I do not understand this world we live in.

P.S. If you want to give me a follow, hit me up: @craigy3. Maybe I will have 464. Yay me.