Beauty And The Beast Is A Dream
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Beauty And The Beast Is A Dream

Disney live actions are the best thing to happen to this world.

I can shamelessly say that I'm a Disney fanatic. My Disney Spotify playlist is often played at full volume for all of my neighbors to hear, at all hours of the day. I've had friends over to watch Treasure Planet loudly at 10 PM before. So, of course, I went to see Beauty and the Beast on opening weekend (with a group of four Disney-obsessed friends, might I add).

It was everything I could have dreamed of and more.

My childhood favorite was brought to life by Emma Watson and Josh Gad - casting choices that couldn't have possibly been any better, by the way. Emma Watson did an amazing job as Belle (though her voice sounded noticeably auto-tuned in some of the songs? Oh well, it didn't impact my love of the musical scenes).

The sass that Emma Watson gives Belle in this movie just improves upon the sass that Belle had in the original.

And Josh Gad? They could not have made a better choice. I knew it would be awesome from the moment I saw the first trailer, but what cemented it for me was the news that Lefou was going to be gay (wasn't he always though?). Having Lefou low-key hitting on Gaston for the whole movie was ultimately the best part. And the much-hyped gay moment? While only a few fleeting seconds of the movie, it was almost everything I'd hoped for.

Is it bad for me to say that Luke Evan's jawline really helped me to hate Gaston even more than I already did? Nothing against the guy, but his jawline really fit with Gaston's character - which is that of a grade-A asshole.

For some reason Lumiere was a very handsome candlestick. I felt some things during "Be Our Guest".

The new songs were unexpectedly amazing as well, and there were some things I like more about this movie than the original (surprisingly). One is that you get to see into both Belle's and the Beast's pasts.

We don't get that information in the original movie. Tied in with that is that it's a lot easier to tell that Belle and the Beast are growing closer. They share a touching moment over Belle's past, and we get just a little more insight into who the Beast really is. In the original movie, I sometimes wondered why Belle even fell for the Beast.

I should have been expecting this, but there was an immense amount of quality one-liners littered throughout the film. Cogsworth, Gaston, Lefou, Belle... everyone has one. Some were from the original (or slightly modified from the original) but there were a lot of new ones as well!

Also the action scenes were top-notch. They had a lot of flair but not so much that they seemed overdone. The action in Beauty and the Beast held just the right amount of emotion to pull at the heartstrings while still getting you hyped up.

With a current 86 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and an opening weekend that brought in about $170 million in the U.S. alone (which is a new record for family movies), it seems like I'm not the only one who was excited as hell and adored the movie.

My suggestion: take time out of your day to go see this tale as old as time in theaters... as soon as possible. It's worth it.

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Raven Symone Is Coming Home

Ya nasty.

I hereby apologize for getting the theme song to That's So Raven stuck in your head upon reading this headline.

Actually, I don't feel that bad about it, because I'm singing it under my breath as I write this. Good memories.

That said, rejoice, all you Raven Baxter fans. Disney Channel has officially announced a spin-off series entitled Raven's Home, which will continue the plot and characters of the classic show.

Both Raven Symone (obviously) and Anneliese van der Pol (our fav ginger) have signed on to return to the show, accompanied by Isaac Brown of Black-Ish fame, and a whole gaggle of kids who will portray the ladies' tweenaged little ones, one of whom seems to be exhibiting signs that resemble Raven's own future-gazing talent.

On that note, I want to shed a little light on a theme Raven's Home will be addressing in abundant detail, and for which I would like to commend the show's creators.

In the new series, Raven and Chelsea will play divorced single moms attempting to raise their kids and keep some semblance of order in their lives while they're at it.

This is a fairly rare setup for a Disney Channel show, with The Suite Life of Zack and Cody being an obvious exception, and I am very excited to find out what this unusual, but nevertheless valid, family dynamic will add to the experience of watching the show.

I cannot put enough emphasis on the value that diversity has in media, which might be the single most broad statement in the history of the English language, so let me narrow it down. In this case, I think it is tremendously important to showcase a family setup not generally seen in children's TV shows.

Disney Channel is good at this type of representation, though, and this just happens to be a family dynamic they have not yet touched upon. They have, however, explored many different ways to make a home sweet home.

In Jessie, the kids have famous parents who travel constantly, but nonetheless show love and support for their children. There are many two-parent households as in Liv and Maddie, Lizzie Maguire, That's So Raven, etc. Now the long-awaited Raven sequel will take a look at the single-parent life, and I have high hopes that Disney will give us a positive, realistic picture of the ways homes like that can function.

I look forward to knowing that children raised in single-parent homes will have another healthy example in the media to validate the way they are being brought up.

Raven's Home does not have an official release date yet, but IMDb indicates that the show will premiere before 2017 is over. Keep on the lookout!

Oh yes, one more thing...

Can I get an "Oh, snap"?

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The Mulan Remake Doesn't Need Music

Let's get down to business.

Niki Caro, director of the 2018 live action Mulan remake, stated in an interview that there are no songs planned for the upcoming movie.

Of course, fans were enraged at this decision and took to social media. This wasn't the first time this film has caused backlash, such as rumors of a white-washed cast. (Thankfully it was debunked.) Naturally, nearly all of these tweets included the iconic "dishonor on your cow" gif.

"WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT?!" this twitter user exclaims. I hate to break it to you (and anyone else out there who's pissed about this news), but there probably is a point. I'm going to take on the role of the most rare and beautiful flower of all and defend why no music is actually a good decision. Let's get down to business, shall we?

Adaptations of just about anything are going to have haters. No movie is ever going to be like the book, nor will they ever be "faithful" to their origins, either. It's impossible to compare two different mediums and expect the same results.

Yes, Mulan is a movie. But the 1998 Mulan is animated; this upcoming one is live action. Those are two different mediums. Animation allows more freedom in ways live-action cannot. Sure, we have amazing CGI effects nowadays, but let's be real: a CGI Mushu isn't going to have the same effect on audiences as the wise-cracking pocket-sized lizard--I mean, dragon--Mulan carries around.

This moment in the 1998 film would not translate well into a live-action Mulan. Mushu is not supposed to be scary or frightening. CGI might be able to achieve a similar cutesy or humorous effect, but it depends on the CGI and the movie's tones.

Mulan is not a movie about what it means to be a princess or having a whirlwind Disney romance. It's about the devastating effects of war. Mulan takes her father's place in the army because if no one else does, he'll die. It's not necessarily about her finding love (although she does question her motives regarding honor), but about her fighting in a war that would have taken her father's life.

Animation is fluid and allows more flexibility. It's easier to balance a musical number and tragedy.

"A Girl Worth Fighting For" does this beautifully in how this song ends. It cuts off abruptly when Mulan and her comrades stand before a destroyed village. In it are the remains of the villagers, as well as Shang's father and army. Now, imagine this exact scene remade with real people. It's an inappropriate (maybe even obscene) scene with the music.

But take the musical bit away in that live-action imagining. There are soldiers marching off to battle, knowing that they could very well die on the journey. It's not as fun, but it's appropriate given the situation. That's the point. War is not a fun, light-hearted affair. I'm not saying that the live-action Mulan should not have some fun in it. It definitely should have some humor here and there.

What it needs is good taste. And that's what a live-action Mulan without musical theatre antics would create.

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Why The Disney Princes Suck

They're duds.

I hadn't watched a single Disney movie in ages until I had to babysit this past weekend and we ended up watching Mulan. Now I've probably seen that movie 20 times, but this time all I could think was DAMN, General Li Shang can GET IT.

Disregard the fact that I'm fawning over a cartoon, but that guy is swoon worthy.


I began thinking about what other Disney princes were of any interest, but then realized these dudes (or should I say, DUDS) are partially the reason we have fucked up perceptions of what's OK in a relationship.

We watch and rewatch these "classics" as a child and fawn over these fairy tale princes, yet some of them exude the specific reasons why some men completely and utterly suck.


Prince Eric
He's like all those attractive dudes that I've fallen for that have absolutely zero intellect whatsoever. Not to mention he's a complete and utter meninist. He literally decided to hitch a naked girl he just found on the beach, and enjoys her for the fact she can't speak. NEXT.

Prince Philip
He goes out of his way for Aurora entirely based on her beauty, despite the fact she has no personality whatsoever. The definition of "Trophy Wife Syndrome", and "future disaster", and we see it SO OFTEN in college. As someone who has been accused of being a "trophy wife" in the past, this one really ticks me off.

John Smith
Try to be less of an ethnocentric d-bag. He's a freaking COLONIZER... He's def the sweet talking type that try to make you pity them to win you over. Deep down he only "feels" for the Native Americans after getting hot and bothered by an 11-year-old. Grossed out yet?

Prince Charming
Swears he loves Cinderella, but doesn't remember wtf she looks like? Don't even TRY to tell me he fell for her personality -- we know he was just blackout the whole night.

Prince Adam aka The Beast
I honestly don't know wtf Belle was doing trying to put up with that bad temper. Anger management issues are REAL and lead to ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS. CAN I BE MORE CLEAR??? Also, stubbornness? All around just not cute.

Aladdin is like all those boys who woo you over with gifts and fancy dinners that... wait did they pay for them? Absolutely not. Mom and daddy sent a big fat check (sorry genie, get over yourself).

The Prince [Snow White]
Literally a Do Nothing Bitch. Also HELLO ever heard of CONSENT?? No of course not, you were too busy jacking off the entire movie until you made your "grand appearance" and "saved the day." Vom.

Prince Naveen
Pride is one of the deadly sins for a reason, and Prince Naveen absolutely reeks of it. Seriously, narcissistic guys who know they're beautiful are the absolute worst. He may have wound up with the good girl in the end, but he's a total player and you just know he'll always blame the "other girl" if anything shady happens. Funny, he's starting to sound a lot like my ex...

I may be single, but it's safe to say I won't be needing "saving" anytime soon.

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They're Making An American Live Action "Cowboy Bebop" TV Series

This could go really well or really poorly.

It's definitely been a trend of studios to make live action adaptations of anything 2D: comics, cartoons, video games, you name it. With anime becoming more mainstream in the US, this territory has remained unexplored for American filmmakers. Now, they are snatching up the opportunities to cash in on these popular shows and movies.

This has gone... relatively poorly, so far. While Japanese filmmakers have been producing pretty damn good live action adaptations for a while now, American filmmakers just can't seem to hit the mark in their attempts. Namely, Ghost in the Shell, which took heavy hits in the box office due to the casting of Scarlett Johansson as the protagonist, Motoko Kusanagi. I'll give you a sec to read the name of the protagonist again to understand why.

The issue of whitewashing is one that's plagued Hollywood for a while, but this film was met with a huge outcry due to the fact that the story itself is inherently Japanese, despite that a location is never specified. Not only that, but the whitewashing ends up being a huge plot point in the film, with Kusanagi being born as a Japanese child before having her brain implanted in a (white) cyborg's body. While there's enough ambiguity of identity in the plot to argue both ways, it's still an issue that critics are really paying attention to.

Netflix then announced a live film adaption of Death Note, which is again, an inherently Japanese story, actually taking place in the country itself and starring almost exclusively Japanese characters. What does the Netflix adaptation do? Move it to Seattle, and cast a white actor as the protagonist, Light Yagami. Or, as he'll be known in this adaptation, Light Turner.


While the film casted Keith Stanfield, a black actor, to play Light's enemy, the detective L, an Asian-American actor named Edward Zo claimed that he was told he could not audition for Light's part because they "were not looking for Asian actors to play Light Yagami." Not really sure what the deal is with that.

While many of these adaptations are tone-deaf, they also just don't seem to understand the source material they're adapting. The director of the Death Note adaptation promises lots of "nudity, swearing and violence," three things that the original... really doesn't have much of. You see lots of people die, you see violence, but it isn't over the top or gore-y. As for the nudity and swearing, not really a thing either. The original "Death Note" was focused on the elaborate dance of chess and death between Light and L, and while America eats up the things that the director promises, it's almost a betrayal of the original. Would certainly be an Americanized adaptation, that's for sure.

That's why the announcement of a live action "Cowboy Bebop" has been met with trepidation. Definitely the easiest to maneuver in terms of tone and character, being it's a heavily Westernized story featuring a protagonist born on Mars. There's still some question about whether the source material will be honored properly or if it will, again, be a somewhat warped adaptation. We don't know much about it yet, but going by the past and current attempts, I'm not holding my breath. But maybe they'll prove us wrong.

You're gonna carry that weight, Netflix.

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9 Foods That You Must Try In Disney World

The happiest place on earth.

Ah, Walt Disney World. One of the world's most popular vacation destinations. And why is that? It might be because of the really cool theme parks, the awesome rides, the Disney characters... or, maybe it's because of the FOOD.

I'm not lying when I say that I've had some of the best food of my life while at Disney. So, if you're planning a trip to Walt Disney World in the near future (or even if you're not, you might want to after reading this article...), I suggest you take note of the items on the following list.

1. Strawberry Oolong Tea Smoothie
This is such a refreshing treat, especially if you're visiting Disney in the summer! It's the perfect blend of fruit and tea. I recommend ordering some dumplings to go along with this. If you're a smoothie lover and a tea lover, this drink will be perfect for you.

Location: Joy of Tea, World Showcase (China), Epcot


2. Mickey Premium Bar
C'mon. You can't go to Disney World and NOT have a Mickey Premium Bar. It truly is a classic. This isn't just some mediocre-tasting, over-priced ice cream bar, either. It's actually REALLY good.

Location: Various ice cream/snack carts around the park


3. Dole Whip Float
This is another Disney classic. It tastes like vacation in a cup! The traditional Dole Whip is made with pineapple soft-serve and pineapple juice, but you can also get it with vanilla or orange soft-serve.

Location: Aloha Isle


4. Churro
You really can't go wrong with these churros. They are the perfect combination of crispy and soft. They also come with caramel sauce. I'll take five, please.

Location: Cantina de San Angel, World Showcase (Mexico), Epcot


5. Jalapeno and Cheese Stuffed Pretzel
This is definitely one of my favorite snacks in all of Disney World. It's got a little bit of a kick from the jalapenos, but it's not too spicy. It's pretty filling as well, so it's a great snack to have when you'll be walking around the park the entire day!

Location: Eight Spoon Cafe, Animal Kingdom


6. Honey Chicken
This is always my go-to lunch when I'm in the Animal Kingdom. Perfectly breaded chicken with a honey glaze served on top of rice. Yum. A quick and easy lunch.

Location: Yak and Yeti Cafe, Animal Kingdom


7. Caramel-Ginger Ice Cream
If you're looking for something to help you cool off on a hot Florida afternoon, then you should try this ice cream! It's a unique flavor, but still pretty mild. The caramel and ginger flavors go really well together! 10/10 would recommend.

Location: Lotus Blossom Cafe, World Showcase (China), Epcot


8. Prosciutto e Melone Pizza (Prosciutto and Melon Pizza)
I know it sounds like a weird combination, but the fruit and meat thing they got going on here is actually very good! If you're looking for authentic-tasting pizza (outside of Italy, of course), look no further than Via Napoli.

Location: Via Napoli, World Showcase (Italy), Epcot


9. Funnel Cake
You really can't go wrong with these funnel cakes. They're light, sweet, and not too greasy. You can get them with powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, or vanilla ice cream. Yes, please!

Location: World Showcase (The American Adventure), Epcot