Baylor's Post-Game Tribute To Craig Sager
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Baylor's Post-Game Tribute To Craig Sager

At another interviewer's expense.

Dana Jacobson didn't see it coming.

The CBS correspondent was covering the USC-Baylor Round of 32 match-up last night -- a game that saw Baylor earn its first spot in the Sweet 16 in three years. Back then, as stated by Baylor head coach Scott Drew, the team celebrated by messing with the hair of Craig Sager. Sager sadly died of Leukemia back on Dec. 15.

So, to mark Baylor's achievement, Drew had his players mess with Jacobson's hair. While you can say, "Oh no, poor Dana," it's a well-done tribute, and you can tell she took it in stride.

It's clear everyone in the sports community, not just the basketball community, still misses Craig and his crazy suits.

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Best First Round Matchups In The NCAA Tournament

Don't sleep on anyone.

Yesterday's bracket reveal has many of us scratching our heads. Plenty of teams appeared to get a strange benefit of the doubt, while many proven teams were left out or not given that same benefit.

However, we must digress, as the only thing that matters now is picking those crucial games which will make or break (read: definitely break) your bracket. This year is one of the most level field in a long time, so get yourself ready to win your friends' money!

Here's some of the better games to study up on and watch for in the first round!

Miami vs. Michigan State
While both teams in this matchup have seemed off their recent marks this year, watch this game for no reason other than a matchup of coaching GENIUSES. Izzo is an obvious legend, and Miami coach Jim Larranaga knows what it takes to bring a team with the odds against them late into March-- just ask that 2006 George Mason team.

It is no secret that the ACC is incredibly dangerous, and has beaten up on each other nonstop this season, but the committee didn't feel the same for the Big Ten, and neither do I. I'm leaning Miami in this one.

MTSU vs. Minnesota
The 12-5 matchup just might be my favorite matchup in all of sports. The 12 seed tends to be the top of the lesser-known mid major schools, and unless you're from that school or conference, you probably have absolutely no idea what they are like. Middle Tennessee State comes into the tournament at 30-4, a record that shows one thing-- they win. Minnesota, on the other hand, is also in the somewhat shaky Big Ten.

While I have certainly not watched MTSU, I have seen Minnesota. They are solid at times, but worry me. Coach Richard Pitino (Rick Pitino's son) will have to use some savvy methods to win this one. No pick here... just don't sleep on MTSU.

Dayton vs. Wichita State
Wichita State has absolutely no business being a number 10 seed. Just about every analyst agrees that this is an absolute robbery by the tournament committee. They are 30-4. For comparison, just two years ago they came into the tournament at 30-5, and were a seven seed, advancing to the Sweet 16.

Dayton is the A10's highest ranked team at seven, which tells you a decent amount about the A10 this year. It'll need some more studying, but I gotta say Wichita State has an edge here. The added motivation of proving people wrong should push the Shockers through.

Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt
This game will be great for no reason other than it will be Northwestern's first EVER NCAA Tournament game. Every year, they always approach the bubble, and late in the season can't get that final crucial win to put them on the inside. Their last second win over Michigan this year did just that, and for that reason alone I am blindly picking them to win their first ever game in mid-March.

I'll probably be wrong, because that's how every pick I make tends to go, but I'm riding this one for the emotional value it has to Northwestern.

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Northwestern Won Its First NCAA Tournament Game Ever In Dramatic Fashion

Purple is the new black!

In case you missed it -- and how could you?! -- Northwestern made its first appearance in 78-year history of the NCAA tournament on Thursday, the 8-seed Wildcats facing 9-seed Vanderbilt.

Considering the history behind the game, there was a pretttty big Northwestern fan contingent on hand to watch the game, including a certain former Seinfeld star and current Veep star...

Don't you wish your school had super awesome alumni to come and watch sporting events? (I sure do. BE COOLER, DREXEL!)


After a close first half, Northwestern was totally feeling it from the field early in the second half, racing out to a colossal 49-34 lead with 13:41 left to play.

But there's a reason this was a matchup between an 8-seed and a 9-seed: these teams, in the end, were pretty darn even.

Vandy launched a dramatic comeback to try and salvage things, burying three three-pointers in 79 seconds, drawing within two points with five minutes to play. On the other side, Northwestern couldn't buy a bucket, scoring just six points in a 7:07 span.

Then, with 1:32 left in the game, Riley LaChance nailed a three to give Vanderbilt a 62-61 advantage, its first lead since *way back* in the first half, back when it was 5-4. So, of course, Northwestern came back down the court and hit a jumper of its own to take the lead back.

Was Northwestern's first game ever going to be anything but dramatic? I mean, c'mon. It had to be this way.

After another bucket from Vanderbilt, Northwestern's Dererk Pardon (not a typo in his first name, which is amazing!) was fouled going up for a shot with 26.1 seconds left, and knocked down both free throws to give the Wildcats a 65-64 lead.

Then Riley LaChance knocked down ANOTHER shot to put Vanderbilt back up one.

And then Northwestern received a goshdarn gift.

Because Vanderbilt's Matthew Fisher-Davis, in all the chaos, thought his team was still down. So he fouled the best foul shooter on Northwestern, Bryant McIntosh, who made both free throws.

And Northwestern wins, 68-66.


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This Baylor Chase Down Block Almost Made Me Pregnant


On Friday afternoon, Baylor and New Mexico State played basketball. Baylor was favored to win the game because they, a 3-seed in the tournament, were bigger and stronger and faster and everything-er than 14-seed New Mexico State. At halftime, though, New Mexico State was actually winning by two!

That didn't mean Baylor wasn't bigger and stronger and faster, though. In fact, New Mexico State's lead kind of baffled everyone, because in the first half Baylor was ALL OVER THE PLACE blocking shots.


Baylor was dishing them out constantly in the first half. The way the Bears play their zone defense, and the way they can have 7-foot-tall Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. and 6-foot-10 Johnathan Motley alternate defending the rim, leads to plenty of insane blocks.

But this one was by far the star of the first half, the best play in a 20-minute period that featured multiple NBA-distance three-pointers:


That's LeBron James-esque.

That's the equivalent of killing that pesky fly in your dorm room by getting a half-mile running head start, while wearing a jet pack, and then throwing a six-pack of atomic bombs at the dang bug.

That was by far the most incredible play of the NCAA tournament so far. I know, it's only the second day, which means there will probably be plenty more insanity to come, but seriously, I am in love with that block.

I think I might even want to marry that block!

This Twitter user sounds like a little salty about how incredible Baylor is at blocking shots:

Look, man, I'm also rooting for New Mexico State to pull off the upset. But if you can't appreciate that block, then you just don't get art.

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NCAA Tournament Commercials You Definitely Hate By Now

You've seen each of these, like, a 100 times already.

The great thing about the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament is that you're likely able to flip from channel to channel for four straight days and be provided with constant basketball. There's almost always a game on, and on the surface, it looks like there's no reason to ever see a commercial, especially if you've perfected the art of channel flipping.

But, things don't always go that smoothly. Eventually, you'll be really plugged into one particular game because the concurrent games are blowouts. Or, it'll be the last game of the night, so you're forced to stick to the lone matchup remaining. Or, you opt to stay and watch commercials because the only other game is at halftime and you can't bear the thought of seeing Clark Kellogg on your screen again. Basically, commercials are a necessary (perhaps the only) evil of the NCAA Tournament process.

Here are the five commercials that you've seen no fewer than 500 times this weekend.

1. The Taco Bell one with the song about going to Taco Bell for breakfast.
It's the one where the guy is driving in his car and it seems like he's off to a pretty good morning, but then his "phone falls into the abyss." The "abyss" mentioned in the catchy song that narrates the commercial is that area in your car between the center console and the passenger seat. It's where lost items go to die.

But, the singing narrator insists that getting your breakfast at Taco Bell can fix all those classic morning struggles, like your phone falling into the abyss. "When your morning is hell, just go to Taco Bell!" is how it goes. And I hate it. I'd be lying if I told you I hadn't been walking around my house singing that little jingle. I hate it, but kudos Taco Bell.

There's also another variation, which can be seen below.

2. The Allstate Mayhem one where the guy is a phone.
By this time, you're familiar with the Allstate Mayhem commercials. For the Tournament, Allstate hit us with a new one, where "Mayhem" is actually your phone. Mayhem explains, "I'm your phone, and I've fallen between the seats while you're driving." (See, here I find it really fascinating that there are TWO different commercials during the NCAA tournament dealing with people losing their phones within their own cars).

Anyways, while the man is looking for his vibrating phone, he takes his eyes of the road, and rear-ends the car in front of him. I used to like the Mayhem guy - I thought it was clever, and generally pretty funny. But, it's 2017 now, and I've been seeing those commercials since 5th grade, and I really didn't need a new one for the Tournament.

3. That crazy guy covering Aerosmith in the car with Greg Gumbel.
There are several variations of this, but the one I've seen the most is where this man is driving a convertible with CBS' Greg Gumbel sitting shotgun. They approach the exit of a parking lot to the structure where you pay the fee. The man is singing Aerosmith's "Don't Want To Miss a Thing," but changing the words to "But your team's tied at the half with a mid-major school, and you don't want to miss a thing."

See, he's plugging the March Madness app, where you can watch any Tournament game at any time on all of your devices. So, he's advising the parking garage worker to get this app, so he doesn't miss his alma mater's game while on the job. Especially because, you know, his alma mater is tied at the half with a mid major school.

This commercial honestly gave me a really solid chuckle the first 45 times I saw it. But, we're now approaching 200+ times and I'm honestly not sure if I remember the real lyrics to the Aerosmith song, which is a problem.

4. The one where the mom has a big car because her kids play large instruments.
Rule #1 of advertising is that it's important to make sure your viewers know what company the commercial is for. I couldn't tell you which SUV is in this ad, but I do know that a mom pulls up to pick her kids up from school and her daughter rolls out to the curb with what appears to be a cello. The mom looks at her daughter, who can't be older than six, and asks "I thought you were going to pick the flute!" (Get it? Because a flute would be small, and a cello is really large.)

Then, the mother asks her daughter where her brother is. To her bewilderment, her son (who appears to be the same age as the daughter) is sitting on the school steps with a tuba, which is also a very large instrument!

So I think the point of the commercial is that having an SUV is good because there's a chance your children will choose to play really large instruments instead of, like, soccer or something. I don't know.

5. The one where the chocolate rabbit leans in and kisses the jar of peanut butter.
They kiss and then sparks fly in the form of Reese's chocolate peanut butter eggs. I have nothing negative to say about this ad. It's awesome.

Honorable Mentions:
- Any of the Charles Barkley ads.
- The Viagra single packs ads.
- The Gatorade "All of the Lights" ad.

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March Madness 2017 Pick 'Em: Elite 8

Who will see the third weekend of the Tournament?

(Update 3/25): After a exciting Sweet 16 round, there are only eight teams left to fight things out. The four winners head to Glendale for a chance to play for the title. Who do you think will be on of the final four teams standing?

Well, we're down to 16. After 48 games this weekend, there's only 15 left to decide who will be raising the trophy in Arizona next week.

How is your bracket doing thus far? If you're anything like me, it is probably in the dumpster, but that's ok. You can still have your voice heard by voting in this poll below.

Wondering how the public has been doing in picking the winners thusfar? Check out the infographic below.