Badminton Is Back And Better Than Ever
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Badminton Is Back And Better Than Ever

Best sport, hands down.

It really doesn't get more exciting than this. Just dudes being dudes out there, rallying that shuttlecock like their lives depend on it. Tremendous effort on both ends.

Imagine being the black team and putting all that effort just to lose the point. How do you rebound from something like that? Short answer, you don't.

Side note: badminton is the premier gym class/lawn sport. There's no debate. You get the opportunity to showcase your athletic ability that has ever so slightly been deteriorating, while sometimes having the opportunity to smash the birdie into someones face. It's a win win. Yes, I was that kid who stayed late at gym class to play (and beat) the gym teachers. Shove it, Joe Corley.

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USA Reaches First World Baseball Classic Final Behind Unfair Pitching

We did invent the sport, so this is reassuring.

While Spring Training is being overshadowed by the NCAA Tournament and Opening Day essentially right around the corner, the United States has rather quietly put together a very strong showing in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. At rainy Dodger Stadium Tuesday night. the United States slipped past Japan 2-1 to reach its first final in the event's history.

USA will face a very hot Puerto Rico side on Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Los Angeles. It might sound dramatic that the US has never reached the final, but this is only the fourth tournament.

Tuesday's win over Japan was still a milestone victory, as the Japanese had won two of the first three titles since the creation of the WBC. The Nationals' Tanner Roark, the most mediocre pitcher in Major League Baseball, threw four scoreless innings before the United State's bullpen closed it out.

USA fell to Puerto Rico 6-5 earlier in the World Baseball Classic and left a runner on third in the dying moments of the game. But honestly, if the US loses to its fucking territory ... I don't care WHAT sport it's in ... That's embarrassing. I'll take the Yankees in a close one, despite the Puerto Ricans inevitably becoming a state one of these decades. So really, America wins either way.

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Modern Pentathlon is the World's Weirdest Olympic Sport

How is it even in the games?

If you're not familiar with the Summer Olympics, you might think that it's just a super long, spring-break like excursion for privileged college students to hang out, drink some dirty water, and worry about contracting the Zika virus.

Yes, with all of the (well-deserved) negative hype surrounding Rio De Janiero, it's easy to forget that the Olympics is actually a global sporting event.

Not a 485 square mile cesspool.

And while everybody knows about Olympic basketball and Olympic swimming, there are a ton of other interesting sports that fly under the radar every year.

Synchronised swimming (Yep, that's still a thing); Golf (as if we really needed more golf); or, my favorite, Equestrian (because nothing screams sports more than making a horse jump over things).


But in the kingdom of bizarre olympic events that probably shouldn't exist, one event reigns supreme:

The Modern Pentathlon.

Now, before I go forward, try to guess what events the Modern Pentathlon entails. For those of you who slept through math class, here's a hint: there are five of them.

Got it?

OK, well if you guessed fencing, swimming, horseback riding, running, and pistol shooting, than congratulations! You've clearly heard of the event before. Cheaters!

First things first, we need to raise an important question: Who the fuck knows how to do all five of those things?

Apparently, a decent amount of people considering that a combined 72 athletes competed in the event in 2012 and the event has been happening since 1912. And if you think finding someone who can actually compete in this event might be crazy, you should see how the event is laid out.

So let's step into the shoes of these athletes for a little while.

First, it's time to fence. And we're not talking about just one or two fencing matches. Try 35 of them, because you have to compete against every other athlete in the event. Not to mention it's composed of essentially 35 sudden death matches.

You get poked, you lose. Once you're done getting poked and prodded by some stranger that probably doesn't even speak your language, you get to take the rest of the day off.

The next day, you move on to the rest of the four events, starting with a nice, relaxing swim. More specifically, a 200m freestyle race.

Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Well, then things get a little iffy.

Because just when you thought we were done with the whole fencing thing, guess what?


Yes, that's right: a bonus round of fencing where players actually get the chance to improve their original rankings. Makes sense, given the wildly unpredictable nature of fencing.

But let's forget about fencing for the moment and move onto the exciting part: horse riding. Uh... Not really sure what to say here. A bunch of adults ride around on some horses, and if your horse runs into the least things, then you get the most points.


So now without further ado, I introduce to you the final 40 percent of the strangest olympic event ever invented: combined running and shooting.

Now, taken for face value, this doesn't sound that strange. As a matter of fact, a lot of "athlon" events have some kind of cross country/shooting dynamic that makes them unique. Hell, in the Winter Olympics they have an event that only consists of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, called the Biathlon.

However, while the running is pretty much what you'd expect (how can you really corrupt a simple 3200 meter run?) the pistol shooting part do I put this? Digital. Because that's literally what it is. Freaking digital. No bullets. No loud bangs. No pistols, even.

You just stand there with a bunch of ironman athletes, and fire plastic laser guns at a digital target like a bunch of nine year olds at a boardwalk arcade.

Take a look at this video. Because the Olympics are dumb, we can't embed it for you, so go right to the 2:10 mark and start taking it all in. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

What a fitting end to such a, frankly, stupid event. If that's what the greatest sporting event in the world has come to then why not save some money altogether and just have them play a round of Big Buck Hunter every 800 meters?

So this August, sit back, relax and enjoy what I can only imagine are your five favorite sports all rolled into one.

Or just watch basketball like everyone else.

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What Makes a Perfect College Athlete Recruit

It's more than just being good at your sport.

July is a big recruiting month that can make or break where high school athletes can play their college careers. When it comes to being a college athlete it takes more than simply being good at your craft. Having the intelligence and poise to take your journey as far as you can is what it should be about.

With so many young kids and athletes ruining their futures before they even have a chance to start them, I take a look at five attributes that make a perfect college athlete recruit.

1. Be polite to everyone you meet along the way.
So many athletes take relationships for granted. They don't understand the importance of higher-ups, media and the people that will help them get to where they want to be. Having a good attitude and being courteous to everyone that approaches you is key.

I know it is hard to trust some of these people, but they've been in the business for a long time and most of them simply want to share your story and give you the recognition you deserve. Being polite will go a long way as you look to further your athletic career.

2. Watch game film often.
When the top athletes in the world aren't playing their respective sport, guess what they are doing? Yeah, that's right, watching game tape. They look at other athlete's games, old and new, and aim to further their success no matter what level they are at.

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but sitting around intently watching game film isn't the most exciting thing to do. Buckling down and taking your game serious is something that you can lean on that will help your mindset and knowledge of the game.

3. Practice your craft.
Much like breaking down game film of yourself or others, there really isn't anything better than simply practicing your sport. You get plenty of time to practice during team sessions, but you should do even more than that, whether it's personal training or training with some of the best athletes in the area.

Repetitions are the key to developing and doing all that you can on the court, field, ice, etc. Making the most of your time on your game is something that you can't take for granted. When no one else is training, or is even awake yet, is the best time for you to do all that you can.

4. Be smart on social media.
Here is something that you'd think would be easier said than done. However, we find athletes of all ages that simply don't know how to keep their mouth shut on social media. In this day and age, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are more important than you think.

Social media is something that may seem childish, but the younger generation looks up to these kids. Stop saying stupid and ignorant things on social media. Leave your opinions to yourself and please don't curse (that is probably the worst thing you can do). Go out and train or hang out with friends instead of making yourself look bad on social media.

5. Have fun.
Last but not least, this the most crucial attribute of all that may get lost in the shuffle because of your determination and hard work. Having fun is something that won't last forever. If you can succeed, that's great and that will make you happy, but enjoying every moment is key.

Go have fun. You won't be young forever and you definitely won't be playing your sport for the long haul. It takes a lot of luck and effort to play a sport for a long time, so don't take it for granted.

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Philadelphia Eagles' Long Snapper Is Still Insane at Magic (Video)

He may have a new career on his hands.

It's getting to the point where I'm genuinely worried that my beloved Philadelphia Eagles won't have a long-snapper for this season. Jon Dorenbos is just THAT good at magic. After his audition for America's Got Talent went swimmingly (to say the least), he showed up to the next round, and to be honest I really didn't know what else he had in him, but I never ever doubt one of my Eagles.

Boy, would I have been wrong to doubt him. Jon showed up confident as ever, and straight up blew the minds of every single person in the room and at home, and most importantly, the judges. Check out Ne-Yo's reaction in the video!

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Cheerleading is Definitely a Sport

That shit's way harder than it looks...

Just because a lot of people believe something, it doesn't mean it's true.

There used to be people who thought the world was flat, Greek/Roman mythology was real and the Friends spinoff, Joey, would be just as successful as the original show. There's also a lot of people out there who don't think cheerleading is a sport. Well, they're wrong too.

It's easy to see why some might think it's not. They see cheerleaders on the sidelines at other sporting events and think: that's it. No. Those girls (and occasional guys) oft compete on their own in their own competitions. And it's lit.

They do backflips. They do front flips. They do several handstands in a row. They lift each other up. They act in unison. And they compete against other cheer squads in hopes of outperforming one another.

Think about that while looking at the Oxford Dictionary definition of a sport: "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment."

There is plenty of physical exertion. There's skill involved, definitely a lot of flexibility. There's a team. Not to speak for everyone, but many people find cheerleading entertaining to watch.

That's a fair definition of a sport. It defines all the major sports. But some sports that are generally accepted, like golf, could come into question. How many people over the age of 50 could do a full cheer routine? Even if there is one, how many people would want to see that? Not me. Sounds gross. There goes the entertainment value.

There's probably a lot of people out there who would never cheerlead but think it looks easy. Look closely. It's hard. There's also a lot of kids at schools who sign up for classes they think look easy and fail because it wasn't what they were expecting.

Wait, so does this mean NFL cheerleading is a sport? No, that's a glorified pom squad. Holding pom-poms doesn't make them competitive cheerleaders in the same way wearing boxing gloves doesn't mean you can knock out Tyson Fury. Sorry.