Badminton Is Back And Better Than Ever
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Badminton Is Back And Better Than Ever

Best sport, hands down.

It really doesn't get more exciting than this. Just dudes being dudes out there, rallying that shuttlecock like their lives depend on it. Tremendous effort on both ends.

Imagine being the black team and putting all that effort just to lose the point. How do you rebound from something like that? Short answer, you don't.

Side note: badminton is the premier gym class/lawn sport. There's no debate. You get the opportunity to showcase your athletic ability that has ever so slightly been deteriorating, while sometimes having the opportunity to smash the birdie into someones face. It's a win win. Yes, I was that kid who stayed late at gym class to play (and beat) the gym teachers. Shove it, Joe Corley.

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The Newest Olympic Sport Is Among Us

3-on-3 basketball is here, and it could be awesome.

It's official! The International Olympic Committee has just announced that the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will include 3-on-3 basketball for both men and women.

Since team USA has dominated the competition in regular 5-on-5 basketball for many years with only one loss on their record, some people will not be as excited to see this new event. However, as dominant as team USA has been in this event, 3-on-3 basketball is a very different challenge.

The pace of the game is extremely fast with only 12 seconds to shoot each possession. Extreme focus and precision is essential when making decisions and taking shots due to the quick turnaround that one mistake can cost a team. The high stakes and rapid pace of the game should have spectators on their on the edge of their seats during every possession.

To spice things up even more, team USA will also need to get used to the FIBA rules. Besides the ball being slightly smaller than the NBA ball, the biggest difference in these rules is that once the ball hits the rim, anyone is free to swat the ball off. In the NBA, this would be considered goaltending and would give the offense the basket. However, FIBA rules allow this to be a major part of the game. This adds an extra element that NBA fans are not used to seeing and could be very fascinating to watch.

An interesting entity to think about is who would possibly play in this 3-on-3 competition. There are a multitude of potential very exciting trios that could be extremely fascinating to watch.

Would LeBron James team up with some of his super friends Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony for a chance to finally play together? Would former teammates Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Kevin Durant join forces again to see what could've been? Could we possibly see two of the best ball handlers in Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry team up, or best defenders Kawhi Leonard and Draymond Green join forces. The options here are limitless.

However, LeBron James was recently asked about playing in this competition and he didn't seem to personally have an interest. He was quoted saying, "I'm not very good at the 3-on-3 thing" and "I'm more of a 5-on-5 guy." This could be the mindset of other NBA stars but for right now we will just have to wait and see. The Tokyo games are a couple years away, so everyone has ample time to think this through.

Retired NBA players might even decide to join the fun. They could actually be slightly more likely to represent Team USA than NBA players. Former players such as Allen Iverson, Stephen Jackson, Jason Williams, with many more, are all competing in a 3-on-3 competition this summer put together by Ice Cube called The Big3.

These same players may very well likely be the ones available when it's time for the Olympics. As of right now, the Big3 league is noncommittal on this subject. They did however put out a statement supporting the new Olympic sport saying "This decision reconfirms our gut instinct that 3-on-3 basketball is what sports and entertainment fans want to see."

Whether it is current or former NBA players representing the U.S. for 3-on-3 basketball in 2020, the games will be widely successful. This type of pickup style basketball is something that many fans can relate to, and now they can watch the greatest athletes in the world play in this unique setting.

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USA Reaches First World Baseball Classic Final Behind Unfair Pitching

We did invent the sport, so this is reassuring.

While Spring Training is being overshadowed by the NCAA Tournament and Opening Day essentially right around the corner, the United States has rather quietly put together a very strong showing in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. At rainy Dodger Stadium Tuesday night. the United States slipped past Japan 2-1 to reach its first final in the event's history.

USA will face a very hot Puerto Rico side on Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Los Angeles. It might sound dramatic that the US has never reached the final, but this is only the fourth tournament.

Tuesday's win over Japan was still a milestone victory, as the Japanese had won two of the first three titles since the creation of the WBC. The Nationals' Tanner Roark, the most mediocre pitcher in Major League Baseball, threw four scoreless innings before the United State's bullpen closed it out.

USA fell to Puerto Rico 6-5 earlier in the World Baseball Classic and left a runner on third in the dying moments of the game. But honestly, if the US loses to its fucking territory ... I don't care WHAT sport it's in ... That's embarrassing. I'll take the Yankees in a close one, despite the Puerto Ricans inevitably becoming a state one of these decades. So really, America wins either way.

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Why You Should Pick Up Golf in College

Other than it being the best sport out there.

There are a number of good reasons to pick up the great game of golf in college. A lot of students already have, but for those of you who haven't, heed the advice.

Golf is a good skill to have down the road. A lot of men like to have business "meetings" or outings at a golf course. You know, for when you aren't in college. Scary thought, I know, but you can prepare now by hitting the links. You don't want to be that guy who "only plays tennis".

You can bet. There are so many games that can involve money in golf. From the simple Nassau game to the more complex game of Wolf, there's something for everyone. You can bet as much or as little as you'd like, but with the useful handicap system, you can compete against your buddies for a nice prize. Or you can play straight up. Just know who you're going up against.

You play outdoors! You get to go to the golf course in the fall or spring when it is warm out and walk around or drive your golf cart (hovercraft?) around and hit the ball. It is the most casual sport that exists, so next time there is a clear sunny day and you don't want to study, get out and golf!


You can drink beer! Golf is so casual and can cater to any vice. So pack a cooler full and throw it in the back of your cart. Or convince a friend to carry it around. It's up to you. Have at it, but don't throw, clubs and treat the greens well and you shouldn't get thrown out.

If you feel like you're not good enough, just go turn on the Masters and watch how easy it is for them. That's what always gives me inspiration to work on my game. One piece of advice: high expectations leads to disappointment. Golf is hard. Have fun with it.

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Give College Volleyball A Chance This Spring

It's the best sport you're not watching.

Spring is in the air, and you may still be entranced in the NCAA National Championship game from last week. What are you supposed to do now? What spring sport can you watch until football in the fall? Is there a college sport that will give you the same heart-racing excitement that March Madness did?

Yes, there is. The sport?

Men's Volleyball.

Men's Volleyball should be the spring sport you turn your TV on to watch. Many well- known schools in the country have competitive Division 1 programs. Ohio State, UCLA, Stanford, Penn State and Hawaii are all ranked in the top-15 in the country.

Loyola University Chicago is the defending champion after beating Lewis last year. They have won two championships in a row. Being at a school that wins a national championship in anything is fun, but in such a high-intensity sport like volleyball makes it even more fun to go to.

The games are fun to watch simply because of how fast they can change in a matter of seconds. A block, kill, or a player misreading the ball can change the game in the blink of an eye. This year, BYU and Ohio State are sitting at the top of the rankings, but there are lot of teams in country that could win the title. Much like March Madness, anything can happen during the tournament.

Men's Volleyball will be one of the many sports to watch this summer in the Olympics, and many of the men playing this spring on college teams are candidates to join Team USA this summer in Rio.

So sit back, turn your TV on, and get ready to watch some volleyball. There are so many great teams to watch and thrilling matches to look forward to. If you're looking for that crazy feeling you felt in the final seconds of Villanova/UNC, you can bet you'll find feeling that again.

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Sex Is Better Than the Indians

Sometimes you have to take scoring into your own hands.

As if Cleveland needed another blow to their dismal sports scene, a couple was caught on camera having sex at the top of the stands during a game last Saturday while playing the Mets.

The Cleveland Indians are kind of a forgotten about franchise, but this reminded everyone that the Indians are here and they suck. First of all, this game was on a Saturday and there are three people in that picture. Two are a bit preoccupied and don't care too much for the baseball while the other looks like a lurking employee catching a glimpse of the action.

I think we can safely say the Indians are baseball's version of the Bills Mafia. If you don't know about the Bills Mafia, look it up. They are complete savages in the parking lot before games. Here is a prime example of the Bills Mafia in action if you are new to the term.


At least the Bills fans have the courtesy of doing it in the parking lot before the game. The Bills are like the Indians in that they don't have enough respect for their team, city, or selves for that matter to care one bit about who sees them getting it on.

Do you think a Yankees or a Patriots fan would do this? Absolutely not. They have way too much respect for their franchises.

I wonder if the couple even knows that the Indians beat the Mets that day? And besides, its Cleveland; they're doomed in the end anyways. It's not really the baseball that matters here.

The Cavaliers are the only thing Clevelanders hang on to nowadays and everyone knows that won't work out. The Indians can already forget about the pennant this year, but that's nothing new.