Badminton Is Back And Better Than Ever
01.10.2017 | Videos Source:

Badminton Is Back And Better Than Ever

Best sport, hands down.

It really doesn't get more exciting than this. Just dudes being dudes out there, rallying that shuttlecock like their lives depend on it. Tremendous effort on both ends.

Imagine being the black team and putting all that effort just to lose the point. How do you rebound from something like that? Short answer, you don't.

Side note: badminton is the premier gym class/lawn sport. There's no debate. You get the opportunity to showcase your athletic ability that has ever so slightly been deteriorating, while sometimes having the opportunity to smash the birdie into someones face. It's a win win. Yes, I was that kid who stayed late at gym class to play (and beat) the gym teachers. Shove it, Joe Corley.