Recap: The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 2
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Recap: The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 2


By now we've hopefully all recovered from the massive drama rollercoaster that was the second episode of this season of The Bachelor. I'm warning you all... MAJOR spoilers ahead. Stop here if you're a die-hard.

The first group date of the evening involved a handful of the lovely ladies doing wedding photo shoots with Nick. Yes. You read that correctly. Several of the girls were given "wedding stereotypes" to embody in the shoot with Nick... those that didn't end up with a wedding dress had to be "bridesmaids" in the shoot. #awkward

Corinne established herself as a MASSIVE presence... not necessarily in a good way. Her photo shoot involved her and Nick in a swimming pool, where she promptly took off Nick's shirt. And then her own. Oh. Alright then.

She continued to cause some tension throughout the entire group date, interrupting several girls' one-on-one time, patronizing everyone, and being an overall VERY annoying drama queen. This season's crazy girl, calling it now... but she somehow ended up getting the rose at the end of the date. That makes us question Nick's intentions a bit...

The first group date alone involved Nick kissing at least four of the girls... I lost count. This was all in the first 20 minutes. Stick with me, folks.

The coveted one-on-one date went to Danielle M., and involved a romantic helicopter ride and dinner date. The two clicked and I actually thought some serious chemistry was there. Danielle went REAL deep and opened up about her past, sharing that she'd been engaged before her fianc? passed away from an overdose.

Nick handled it well and the night ended with Danielle getting a rose, and a kiss on a Ferris wheel.

Meanwhile, major drama cooked up at the mansion, when Liz opened up to Christen about her past with Liz. The two met at previous Bachelorette Jade and Tanner's wedding, where they got a bit drunk and... go ahead and guess the rest. Yikes yikes yikes yikes....

The second group date (which included Liz) involved a bizarre trip to a breakup museum. How... romantic? All the girls tested their acting skills and had to stage a live "breakup" with Nick. It was cute and funny until Liz had her turn, and basically spilled her real feelings about their hookup story, leaving everyone confused, including me.

The group went to a nightclub for the evening, and the drama got even more heated (if that's possible). Christen stirred things up by telling Nick about her talk with Liz, leaving Nick paranoid. When it came time for Liz to talk to Nick, she ended up talking herself in circles. Nick wasn't having it, and sent her home.

That's not all folks. The episode ended with Nick returning to the group, without Liz. Of course he had to explain himself, and told the girls that he'd sent Liz home. He began to tell the story of his and Liz's past, letting it drop that he and Liz hooked up.

AND THEN THE EPISODE ENDED. No more roses, no nothing. We have to wait until next week. Wow. Is anyone else exhausted??? So much drama, so little time. That's The Bachelor, my friends.

Check back next week!

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Mistakes We All Make in Love as told by a Bachelor Alum

You know the crier? That was me.

I am an expert at being single on Valentine's Day--and for some reason so are a lot of my fellow Bachelors and Bachelorettes from franchise. It's probably because we have no chill when it comes to potential love interests: We obsess, we embarrass ourselves, we overanalyze, and we act desperate and crazy. Oh, and bonus? It's all on national TV.

Being on The Bachelor has been a learning experience for me in so many ways. I've learned from my own mistakes and those of others also in the franchise, so read on for the mistakes we all make in love...and try not to do the same, k?

We'll start out with one of my many missteps. If a guy doesn't seem to be that into you, it's probably not a good idea to call his ex and ask how she screwed him up. She most likely doesn't have much to do with why he's not into you. If he's not into you, accept it, and move on to the next.

If your love interest isn't giving you enough attention, it's not the time to slut shame or name call, like Ian in Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette

It's a good idea not to glorify the death of your former spouse or use it to your advantage. Probably won't get you a lot of dates. It also makes you a pretty bad person.

Nothing is worse than using personal tragedy to get laid, but telling a girl that you love her but that you don't know her very well, is pretty fucked up too. You should know a girl very well if you ever have the guts to say this. Where is Juan Pablo these days? It's ok.

If the date isn't going well, do them the courtesy of getting them an Uber --or in my case in the Badlands, a helicopter. Leaving a date stranded is poor manners.

If you want to have deep, intellectual conversations, have them. Don't talk about wanting to have them.

Also, try not to be insane.

If you're dating and sleeping with multiple people, make sure they have at least six degrees of separation from each other. Bachelor reunions are so incestuous.

It's a good rule not to call yourself "The Future Mrs. So-and-So" or practice signing your future last name until a man has committed to you or at least until you are, you know, dating.

Make a great first impression.

Guys, please, if you bring a girl to hang out with you and your buddies, put her first and don't bro out too hard.

In all seriousness, The Bachelor/Bachelorette has taught all of us to be honest and open. It's great to tell the truth but just relax. No need to disclose the herp on date number 1.

And being single this V-day doesn't have to suck. I've gathered my hottest guy friends from the show: Josh Murray, Ben Zorn, Nick Viall, Jared Haibon, JJ Lane, Joshua Albers, and Michael Garofola and put together The Biggest Group Date Ever. All the proceeds from this event will go to The Pennsylvania State Dance MaraTHON and help the families of pediatric cancer patients. For tickets, visit

7-10 p.m., Feb. 14 The Ainsworth, 122 West 26th Street New York, NY 10001

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Weekly entertainment recap: 1/29

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Celebrities, amiright?

Being that everyone has been in classes for a couple weeks now and the projects and tests are starting to roll in, I figure it's time for a little procrastination. I like to take mine in the form of obsessively stalking people whose lives I really probably shouldn't be concerned about, aka celebs, but hey I'll admit it I'm the queen of celebrity gossip and half my captions on Instagram are shitty puns based on some dumbass thing Kim Kardashian West said this week.

Speaking of which, you've probably heard about the Twitter feud between Kanye, Kanye's butthole, Amber Rose, and Wiz Khalifa, which all started because Kanye thought that Wiz tweeted his wife's initials, but really KK means weed. *giggles*

"this isn't feud of the year. this is feud of the life." - kanye

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But you know, Kanye being Kanye, all things cycle back to him. He took to Twitter to essentially put Wiz on blast, causing him to lose 2 million followers. He later apologized, deleted the tweets, and went back to tweeting strange things no one understands.

You can read some of said deleted texts here and here.

To recap: Wiz lost some Twitter followers and Kanye lost his dignity. (Side note though--if you're into butt stuff, go with your bad self and do it, just don't be a dick in general), and we are endlessly entertained. Thanks, fam.

In more Kardashian news drama, Rob is now apparently dating Blac Chyna, sworn enemy of the Kardashians, and Kylie's boyfriend Tyga's ex/baby mama. I'M DEAD.

Goals ?? rp the fab @thedailycrank ? get following my girl @thedailycrank @thedailycrank @thedailycrank @thedailycrank

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And the celebrity gods just keep giving. Please tell me you saw the most disastrously hilarious prank call Kendall Jenner made to big sis Kim while on her other big sis Khloe's new talk show, Kocktails with Khloe... No? Ok, well let me give you the rundown. In a short, sweet, summary, Kendall called Kim to tell her she was pregnant--so not true, but I'd be down to see her and Harry's Style's baby.

Anyway, she tells Kim she's the first one to know and them Kim being Kim basically tells Kendall that she's too busy right now and lists all the crazy things going on in her life at the moment. Oh, then she offers to let Kendall babysit her kids, ya know, like for practice and stuff. Golden.

I wonder how momager Kris is dealing with all this hype.

?? #confessionsofablonde ?

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Although this celeb baby isn't real, Tyra Banks--Surprise!--welcomed a new baby boy via surrogate. How long do you think it will take the baby to learn to smize? Also, I'd like to imagine when it was time for her to leave the hospital that the nurse very dramatically came in and said "It's time for you, to pack your things, and go home," dramatic pauses included. And I mean look, she already has the discipline thing down.

Oh yeah, and you can't forget about Louis Tomlinson's new baby, who is apparently "cute as fuck."

Wow, what a week. What a time to be...allliiiiivvvvvee.

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Recap: The Bachelor Season 21 Finale

It was *historic*....

FINALLY, time to figure out if Nick will ever find love (fourth time's the charm)...and to figure out how many times Chris Harrison can say the word "historic" in one episode of The Bachelor. Ladies and gents, the finale was huge.

The final drama fest began with Raven and Vanessa getting to meet Nick's family. Raven had a leg up on Vanessa here, having met the fam before, and seemed to please the entire crowd, especially Nick's adorable sister. Vanessa, on the other hand, let loose that she wasn't quite sure if she'd be ready to be engaged by the end of this journey. Um....little late for that hun.

She did have a very emotional conversation with Nick's father, and told him in tears that she had never met anyone like Nick before. Cue the ugly crying from everyone in the live studio audience.

Nick took his final two ladies on one last romantic date in snowy Finland before making his final decision. He and Vanessa rode horses through the scenic winter forest only to come across Santa Clause's cute little cabin. Santa gave Nick and Vanessa cute little couple gifts (thanks?) and Vanessa was grateful that Santa believed in their relationship.

Then things got a bit tense as Vanessa revealed to Nick that she doesn't like the idea of him having feelings for another woman, and that she feels as though something still isn't sitting right. OK, WHY ARE YOU ON THIS SHOW IF YOU DON'T WANT NICK TO LIKE OTHER GIRLS?

That little bomb freaked Nick out a bit...The thought of being rejected by yet another woman terrified him. Understandable. I don't see how anyone could put themselves through ONE heartbreak like that, let alone four. When Vanessa asked Nick if he'd be ready to propose by the end of this whole thing, he HESITATED and said, "The week isn't over." Yeesh.

After the tension and tears with Vanessa, Nick's date with Raven seemed like freaking sunshine and rainbows. The two went ice skating, which reminded Raven of their previous roller skating date, which was when she knew she was falling in love with Nick. Awwww, cute little full circle skating themed date.... AND THEN THERE WERE HUSKY PUPPIES! Can the husky puppies win The Bachelor? Please?

All in all, Raven was READY to be engaged, and totally sure of her feelings for Nick. Things seemed super promising.

The conflicted Nick brought in Neil Lane for engagement ring selection advice. For those who don't know, these are like GORGEOUS $50,000 rings. No big deal. It's fine. Ahem, future hubby, take notes please.

The stunning Raven was the first to arrive to meet her hopefully future fiance. Raven poured her heart out to Nick in what seemed like an actually not-staged confession of love. She waited for Nick to drop to one knee... but instead, he looked away, and could not meet Raven's eye for the rest of his time with her.

He told her that while he loved being next to her, he wasn't sure if it was actually love. Raven was understandably crushed, as was her conception of love. After the amazing chemistry she and Nick seemed to have, this was a shocker. #TeamRaven let out a collective sob as her car drove away.

Nick prepared himself to propose to Vanessa and was still unsure of whether or not she'd be ready to say yes. She arrived and Nick recited a very scripted sounding poetic monologue about how he'd never forget the first time he saw Vanessa.

She responded with an equally poetic speech about how she would in turn never forget stepping out of the limo on the first night. Regardless of how incredibly cheesy it was, Nick dropped to one knee and proposed to a very emotional Vanessa, who said yes.

Nick on the inside after finally getting engaged:

Nick, on cloud nine, affectionately took his fiancee by the hand and said, "let's go start our life." She responded, "let's do it. Literally." That, my friends, is love.

The final hour of the show was dedicated to the "after the final rose" live show. Raven confronted Nick for the first time since dumping her, and my lord, that girl is a class act. Despite the awkwardness of talking to Nick, she wished him and Vanessa the best. She also accepted a role on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Vanessa and Nick took the floor together next, and talked about cute couple-y things like realizing they didn't have each other's phone numbers, and how Vanessa just wants to ride in the same car as her fiance. Nick and Vanessa clearly have some issues to resolve, but Vanessa is planning on starting up a charity, while Nick will be competing on this season of Dancing With the Stars. Power couple for sure.

Everyone was still waiting for this "historic reveal" that didn't end up happening on the actual show. Rachel, our new bachelorette, took the floor of the live studio and discussed her upcoming season of The Bachelorette with Chris. Chris ended up sharing that our little "huge surprise" was actually for HER....that she'd be meeting some of the guys that would be vying for her heart. Right there. Like....right then.


Rachel was completely unprepared, and the handful of guys she did meet seemed super fakey and tense. One of them boldly told her that he was ready to go black and never go back. Rachel handed the whole thing like a pro, given that she had exactly five minutes to prepare herself to meet these guys.

Did she just meet her future husband??? That last guy that danced with her was super cute....early predictions??? Too soon???

GUYS so much anyone else exhausted?? Best of luck to Nick and Vanessa, and to Rachel! Until next time, bachelor nation!

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College Feminism 101: The Bachelor

I'm a feminist and I watch The Bachelor.

The Bachelor sounds like the least feminist show on television. Twenty-five women spend a season competing against one another for a male partner, oftentimes in objectifying ways like physical competitions--and all with the goal of marrying the bachelor at the end. (After six weeks of "dating".)

But hear me out on this one. It's not all bad--this season, the show has managed to impress me with some feminist themes.

Strong women
I'm mainly referring to Jubilee, who was active-duty in the Army for four years and served in Afghanistan for one. Women make up only 14.5 percent of active-duty military--and Jubilee is showing women that they can succeed in these roles. She also recently made sergeant.

Body positivity
Olivia may be considered a villain on the show after saying some pretty rude things. (Who can forget the Teen Mom reference?) But that doesn't excuse the body shaming the other girls targeted her with (like attacking her breath and toes). Yet, she stood up for herself and all women who have been body shamed. That's empowering.

Amanda is a single mom to two young girls--and she was dating, expanding the definition of a "good mother". Hint: It doesn't require always being home 24/7 with your children, giving up a career, or giving up a search for love. She does what works for her, and that's all that matters!

Slut shaming being shut down
Twins Haley and Emily addressed--and slayed--their slut-shamers when they responded to comments on their short shorts with, "I wore them because I look good in them." Exactly. The haters were shut down with that perfect answer--not that it's anyone's business to begin with.

Traditional gender roles are rejected
Everyone can cook. Men can cook. Women can cook. People of any gender can cook. Thank you to Ben for supporting that. Women shouldn't be expected to cook. It's 2016--this should be a given, but it's not, so we need people like Ben to say it out loud. Ben, to his credit, even responded to a sexist comment made by two chefs in Mexico City that appeared on the show.

Sex isn't the most important thing
You don't have to have sex (but you can) and both options are totally okay. Becca's a virgin, and that's important to her. Many of the other women aren't, and they're OK with that. The point is, no one should be shamed for whatever decision they make. Also, shout out to Becca for standing up for The Bachelorette's Kaitlyn, who was completely slut-shamed for having sex with Nick Viall before the fantasy suite. Also, this is my kind of workout.

Beauty + Brains
Being drop dead gorgeous and smart are not mutually exclusive. I'm so inspired by the women on this show. They are mathematicians, dentists, aestheticians, news anchors, and gerontologists, among many other really awesome jobs. Having a career doesn't mean someone can't pursue love, be on reality television, or be gorgeous.

So yeah, I'm a feminist and I watch The Bachelor. Ninety percent of the time, I'm cringing because of the objectification of women, the pressure/expectation to marry, and cutthroat competition/women putting each other down. BUT sometimes, The Bachelor just might surprise you with its feminist themes.

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What Iconic Teen Drama Should You Binge Watch This Summer Based On Your Style? (Quiz)

Are you more Gilmore or Gossip Girl?

While summer is the time for adventure and activity, it's also a time for sitting on your ass with a new series, knowing you have no responsibilities for the next couple of months. If you're anything like me, your indecisive nature can make deciding on a new show quite the challenge.

Luckily, I've watched enough of Netflix to help you out. Take this quiz below to see what your summer style says about what show you should check out!