Recap: The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 2
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Recap: The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 2


By now we've hopefully all recovered from the massive drama rollercoaster that was the second episode of this season of The Bachelor. I'm warning you all... MAJOR spoilers ahead. Stop here if you're a die-hard.

The first group date of the evening involved a handful of the lovely ladies doing wedding photo shoots with Nick. Yes. You read that correctly. Several of the girls were given "wedding stereotypes" to embody in the shoot with Nick... those that didn't end up with a wedding dress had to be "bridesmaids" in the shoot. #awkward

Corinne established herself as a MASSIVE presence... not necessarily in a good way. Her photo shoot involved her and Nick in a swimming pool, where she promptly took off Nick's shirt. And then her own. Oh. Alright then.

She continued to cause some tension throughout the entire group date, interrupting several girls' one-on-one time, patronizing everyone, and being an overall VERY annoying drama queen. This season's crazy girl, calling it now... but she somehow ended up getting the rose at the end of the date. That makes us question Nick's intentions a bit...

The first group date alone involved Nick kissing at least four of the girls... I lost count. This was all in the first 20 minutes. Stick with me, folks.

The coveted one-on-one date went to Danielle M., and involved a romantic helicopter ride and dinner date. The two clicked and I actually thought some serious chemistry was there. Danielle went REAL deep and opened up about her past, sharing that she'd been engaged before her fianc? passed away from an overdose.

Nick handled it well and the night ended with Danielle getting a rose, and a kiss on a Ferris wheel.

Meanwhile, major drama cooked up at the mansion, when Liz opened up to Christen about her past with Liz. The two met at previous Bachelorette Jade and Tanner's wedding, where they got a bit drunk and... go ahead and guess the rest. Yikes yikes yikes yikes....

The second group date (which included Liz) involved a bizarre trip to a breakup museum. How... romantic? All the girls tested their acting skills and had to stage a live "breakup" with Nick. It was cute and funny until Liz had her turn, and basically spilled her real feelings about their hookup story, leaving everyone confused, including me.

The group went to a nightclub for the evening, and the drama got even more heated (if that's possible). Christen stirred things up by telling Nick about her talk with Liz, leaving Nick paranoid. When it came time for Liz to talk to Nick, she ended up talking herself in circles. Nick wasn't having it, and sent her home.

That's not all folks. The episode ended with Nick returning to the group, without Liz. Of course he had to explain himself, and told the girls that he'd sent Liz home. He began to tell the story of his and Liz's past, letting it drop that he and Liz hooked up.

AND THEN THE EPISODE ENDED. No more roses, no nothing. We have to wait until next week. Wow. Is anyone else exhausted??? So much drama, so little time. That's The Bachelor, my friends.

Check back next week!