Ask Taze: I'm Having A Cash Problem
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Ask Taze: I'm Having A Cash Problem

What should I cut back on?

It's 2017. Woah. New Year's is a great time to use as an excuse to get it together.

Unfortunately a lot of our troubles stem from our mentality, as well as our environment. I decided to try and think about one thing specifically: budget. Many times I catch myself thinking that if something doesn't cost me my first-born, it's obviously a piece of crap.


With ever-tight budgets and ever-growing closets, it's easy to wither away into Oldhagdom from expense OR slither right into Bankruptville from addiction. We always want the best, but in college (and often after) we can barely afford the worst.

Unfortunately this isn't just about what's in our closet. We want to have fabulous lives. Sometimes to have great bounty, you have to trim away the dead branches that have stopped producing fruit. So here's my top five keep it/cleave it lists:

Top 5 Keeps on a College Budget:

5. Tennis Shoes
Contrary to what celebrities may have you thinking, shoes are not just about style. Having a decent pair of tennis shoes will not only help promote physical activity (which let's be honest, the freshman 15 is now more like the freshman 50), it may also help prevent later back problems and joint pain. A solid pair of sneakers is a must in a college kid's closet.

4. Alarm Clock
We know, we know, you have a phone. However, studies have shown that using an actual alarm clock to wake up promotes better sleep habits than using a phone.

So charge your phone across the room (where you can't just reach and grab it for a middle-of-the-night-Facebook-check) and invest a couple extra bucks into a real alarm clock for your poor, tired brain. Interested in reading more on sleep habits? Maria Konnikova of The New Yorker has a great read here.

3. Meal Card
Most college students have these. If you don't, get one. Why? Well ... if you actually use the card (not buy the card and then not use it) it will save you TONS in fast food, restaurants, gas station snacks and the ever-waiting vending machine.

In addition, practicing eating only when you're in the cafeteria will help regulate your body to recognize the cafeteria equals eating, not your bed. Plus if you're not hungry at 1 a.m., that's like $20 extra a week from cutting the late night Taco Bell runs.

2. Phone Case
Gosh darn it already! Get the best case! You KNOW you're going to drop your phone in the toilet on accident and then have to spend at least $100 on repair.

So just spend the extra $30 on a case that will defend your device. When picking, don't go cute. Go prepared.

1. Organizational Products
Ok, weird right? Why would this make the list? Because the point of college is to learn. It's harder to learn with clutter and chaos. And no, your BS answer about how you "know where everything is" will not fly here.You had to learn where everything was in the crazy, you can learn where it is in the calm.

What types, you ask? Bins, baskets, compartments, stackable drawers, label makers and ALWAYS cleaning supplies. Splurge on these things to help create an environment ready for hard work and success, because this is the time where it really counts.

Top 5 Cleaves on a College Budget:

5. Expensive Health/Beauty Products
Unless you have a SERIOUS condition, there's just no reason to spend $40 on shampoo. You hair will survive the next few years on regular ol' six dollar shampoo. And who honestly needs eight different body sprays? That's more than one per day of the week! Cut it back Jack. One smell will do for now.

Ladies: the makeup. It's okay to have it, but try different cheaper products and find ones that work for you. In fact, just last week I found a GREAT mascara for under two bucks! It is possible to maintain proper hygiene and care on a college budget.

4. Fast Food
It's. Not. Good. For your body or your budget. College students easily spend $50 a week on the Macs, Bells and Kings near campus. That's $200 a month!

Try to limit yourself to only eating out at good quality venues where you can enjoy both the food and ambiance of the experience. This will cut back your cost and give you fonder memories. AKA make it worth it.

3. Brand-Name Items
If you have to have something, fine. But if it's a product that has multiple versions, such as Fruit Loops, try the off-brand version. A typical brand name grocery trip can easily be five dollars more than an off brand grocery trip. Add up a yearly sum: that's an extra $260.

For clothes that can be even more expensive. A pair of jeans from Target or Walmart cost around $20, where a pair of jeans from brand name retailers average around $30-$60. Cutting back in brand allows for more spending in other areas.

2. Gadgets and Gizmos
While having them is awesome (Deus Ex Mankind Divided for real!!), they can and do take away from the important things. Also, they're ultra expensive.

I don't even feel a need to quote items and prices here, because everyone already knows this. Point being, spend your hundreds elsewhere or even just save for emergencies.

1. Smoking/Drinking
This is not a popular statement. I'm not talking about don't party ever. I'm talking about not every single weekend. It's literally spending hundreds for a rental. You can't keep the high. Eventually your body gives it up, and you're left a daydream late and a hundred dollars short.

Cigarettes, while yes, ruining the environment and your body, ruin your pocketbook even more. A pack costs on five bucks average. So If you smoke a pack every two days, that's $912.50 a year (that's like three car payments)! Plus apparently employers can tell when you smoke, even when you brush and spray. Smokers earn on average 20 percent less cash than employees who do not smoke!

Anyway you look at it, these "fun" activities rip giant holes in your pocket that prove difficult to patch. Interested in more info on smoking? Check this out.

Hope this list proved useful or at least got your gears going. As always

YOU ARE YOUR BIGGEST FAN! Treat yourself like it!

- Taze

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Alternative Jobs That Can Help You Pay For College

The reward of doing what you love is priceless.

One of the worst parts about being a college student is finding a reliable and sustainable source of income. Many of the jobs that many of us would kill for require a Bachelor's degree or a few years of professional experience.

Some jobs might not be willing to work around your school schedule. If you are lucky you might just find an internship within your field, but then you find out that it doesn't pay. Employers are like sharks hungry for college blood. We are young, posses a lot of youthful energy, and most importantly, we are desperate.

This is why so many students end up working dead-end jobs waiting tables or dishwashing. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with working at a restaurant, especially if you have culinary wet dreams of being the next Anthony Bourdain, but ideally we would all like to be doing something we are passionate about, something related to our field of study.

After I left my last restaurant job I took a leap of faith and decided I would never work another service job again. That might be a bit unrealistic, but I've dedicated my time to doing the things I love and finding ways to make money from them. We live in the digital era where the internet reigns supreme and the sky's the limit. Here's a few things myself and a few friends began doing that have kept us out of the slave labor of a "job" and into the throes of what could potentially become a "career":

Start a band.
If you think some employers are sharks, club promoters and venue owners can be even worse. But the light at the end of the tunnel is that there are many ways to make money from your music - you can sell songs online.

You can rent out small venues or buildings to put on your own shows and pocket the revenue. You can play on the streets in the busiest part of your city. And if you live in a small college town, you can create and dominate the scene like it's nobodies business. But keep in mind, you have to have at least some sort of musical talent.

Freelance writing.
As an English major, my dream is to one day pump out novels like Stephen King while wandering the earth like Bill Carradine in Kung Fu. But writing a novel is incredibly difficult and for some can take years.

I've been freelance writing for about a year now and it has quickly become my main source of income. For the first time in my life I honestly get excited and look forward to "working".

Make YouTube videos.
I've been meeting a handful of people that have established successful YouTube careers. If you can create engaging and entertaining content while maintaining a growing audience, that's really all you need.

The possibilities are endless, and no matter how obscure you think your idea is, someone somewhere will watch it, need I remind you of Corgi Flop?

Sell your art/stuff.
A close buddy of mine recently sold his collection of comic books he has had since he was a kid. He made quite a pretty penny on eBay and ventured on to sell whatever he thought someone might want to buy.

If you are an artist or some type of content creator there are a lot of websites that cater to the entrepreneur in all of us. Sites like StoreEnvy allow you to create your very own store, and sites like Fiverr also let you sell service online, no matter how bizarre.

The internet has made it possible for people to connect like never before, so use it to your advantage! These few things sometimes take time and hard work to develop, but the reward of doing what you love is priceless.

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ASK Taze: I Accidentally Drunk-Texted My Mom Instead Of My Boo

Damage control is key.

Well, well, well ... the old "whoopsie" huh? Young cats everywhere have been blindsided the morning after by this very same blunder. Depending on what you texted and whether or not you're sweet mamma responded will determine how much damage control is necessary.

Even if you're married, intimate texts are not something you want your mommy to read. It's awkward. I have broken down the accidental-mom-texts and fixes into three levels of severity that may just be a god-send.

"Hey you! I had a great time tonight. Miss you already :-*"
This level is not too terrible. It's usually vague and can be read in a few ways depending on your relationship with the person.

If you saw/talked to your mom the night before, you can just clarify with "*great time talking to you" or something similar. Then again, you can always tell the truth, "Sorry, that was for someone else."

However, if your mom got an A+ in NEUROTIC 101, you can repair it with something like, "Oh, sorry about that mom. My friend and I were playing laser tag and I accidentally texted you instead." Even if the "tags" were with lips instead of lasers. ;-)

"If you want to come have some fun, I'm still up..."
"I can't wait to see you in your birthday present."
OK, a little more suggestive, but not beyond damage control. It is at this point that you should consider not letting yourself text while you're drunk.

A quick repair of "Oh, sorry. I voice texted and Siri mixed it up. I said "I just want to come home for some food, I'm fed up..."

If you don't have voice texting options, you can say "I was just missing you and wanted to watch (insert mom movie) last night." With the birthday-present text, you can say "I picked it out yesterday. So excited!"

Then you need to make sure you get her something you can see her wear. As in, don't get her a lotion from the Israeli cart at the mall. And make sure you don't over-do-it on the explanation.

Yeah... this level is the level where you probably need to change your name and move. It's where you can't tell her you didn't mean to text her or blame Siri. It's the atomic-text. You should actually invest in a pager to take with you when you know there's a possibility of consuming alcohol.

So, if you have a mom that you can be super honest with, awesome. 'Cause it's pretty much tell the truth or blatantly lie:

"Oh mom, I'm so sorry! That was my friend last night. Don't worry, I've already unfriended them on Facebook and told them I can no longer associate with them because they are a terrible influence. It wasn't even funny."


"Mom, I'm really sorry! That was for (insert ya boo's name). I didn't mean to text you."

Either way, HEFTY apologizing. Sometimes this is a surprising way to grow closer; have a more honest relationship with your madre.

Here is the silver lining: she is your mom. She loves ya, kid. No matter what kind of crazy stuff you dish. So talk to your mom. Give her five minutes of your day today, huh?

Sometimes, she may have a really odd way of showing it (and let's be honest, sometimes you deserve it), but she's your first biggest fan.

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Six Beauty Tools You Need in Your Life

Say it with me... beauty blender.

It's crazy to think about how far beauty products have come. My mom told me she used to curl her hair with Coke cans and I believe it from the old photos I've seen. There are so many new beauty tools that help us minimize and speed up our morning routines. Here are six beauty inventions that you should be thankful for.

The BeautyBlender
The BeautyBlender sponge is a cult favorite for makeup artists. At first glance, it looks like a sponge or toy, but it makes a world of difference in terms of makeup. It's an edgeless, non-disposable sponge that doesn't soak up product.

Instead, it helps the makeup glide over your skin, creating a smooth, natural finish. The BeautyBlender has been duped many times by all different brands but for some reason, nothing compares to the OG.

The MakeUp Eraser Cloth
If you're a fan of makeup wipes, you will definitely appreciate the MakeUp Eraser Cloth. It's a reusable cloth, made of special fabric that takes off every speck of makeup off your face, even waterproof mascara. No soap, no chemicals, just a piece of cloth. I was skeptical when this towel first came out, so I had to buy it just to prove a point.

I ran the cloth under warm water and wiped my face completely clean. I took a makeup wipe to my skin just to test the effectiveness and the wipe was still white. The towel is apparently good for "a thousand uses" but even if it doesn't last that long it's still an amazing product, eco friendly, and chemical free.



The Beachwaver Curling Iron
Finally, a curling iron that allows me to be even more of a lazy person. The Beachwaver is a new iron that curls your hair for you. You clamp a strand of hair in, press a button, and you're done. A lot of hair stylists have caught wind of this timesaver and they've even started using them backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. That's when you know this shit it legit.


The Foreo LUNA Mini
An alternative to the widely popular facial spin brushes, this little vibrating face brush is full of silicone bristles that deep clean and exfoliate the skin. These brushes are a lot more gentle on the skin since it doesn't rub or scrape at your face. It vibrates and you use the bristles to remove dirt and dead skin without irritating your face.

Some spin brushes can run you close to $300 but this little guy is under $100 and, in my opinion, works a lot better.


The Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision
This laser hair remover is unlike anything you've ever used. It's a portable little laser that zaps away hair. Professional laser hair removal is used in medical spas to treat small areas of hair; and after six to eight trips to the doctor, you can be hair free. Unfortunately, each visit can run you up to $600 depending on the area.

The Tria laser will cost you half of that just once. The laser targets the hair follicle, zaps it, and prevents it from ever growing back.


The Tarte 'Pack Your Bags 911' Under Eye Gel Patches
This is technically not an invention, but definitely something new and worth checking out. These gel patches are heat activated and packed with antioxidants. The cooling sensation combined with the hyaluronic acid treatment leaves the under eye area a lot brighter and more refreshed.

In clinical trials, 88 percent of people reported an improvement in the appearance of crow's feet, which is amazing because wrinkles are hard to fix.


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How to Save Money This Summer

I can't not spend all of my money though...

One of the best things about summer is receiving that paycheck every other week. Sure, your days are long working at the local clothing store, lifeguarding, etc... But it's worth it, for you can admire your bank balance slowly increasing. That is, if you don't spend all the money you earn. Summer should be meant for fun things like road trips, concerts, and days lying on the beach.

However, those things often require spending money. Therefore, it's in your best interest to limit those activities that involve withdrawing money or several card swipes. This way you'll have money for that Luke Bryan concert you're dying to go to or that trip to NYC you've been planning. Here are five easy tips to save your hard-earned money while also saving up for those special excursions. Nothing will be worse than not having any money for the upcoming school year!

Cut back on eating out

There's no question that grabbing some friends and going out for wing night or to the Cheesecake Factory is a fantastic pastime. But going out for a meal does add up, and most students will tell you that more than half of their money goes towards food. In order to save money, limit how often you eat out. Set yourself a weekly restaurant budget and encourage your friends to all pitch in for groceries so you can make your own dinner together.

Shop at the clearance rack

If you do decide to hit up the mall, shop in the clearance/sale section. Money should go towards clothes, but you'll get more for your buck if you shop for clothes that are discounted.

Offer to go grocery shopping

Do yourself and your parents a favor by offering to do the weekly grocery shopping. They will most likely give you their debit/credit card along with a budget and shopping list. Plus, you'll be able to add items you want to eat into the cart. So, instead of paying to eat out, your parents will subconsciously pay for food you want to enjoy at home.


Gas prices are up again, and students tend to do a lot of driving during the summer. If you can, carpool with your friends when you go out or to work. This will save you from spending a crap load of money on gas.

Hang out more at home

It's hard to spend money at home (unless you go online shopping). You're not home much during the school year, so take advantage of a free night at home with your parents (or dog) or curled up in bed watching Netflix (and chilling).

Saving money is easier said than done. It's in our human nature to want things and to spend money on those things. But take the easy steps of asking yourself, Do I really want to spend money on this? Will I use it? Will I regret it? Happy saving!

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How to Conquer a Weeknight Hangover and Make It to Your 9 a.m.

...I will pay someone $1,000 cash to bring me a ginger ale

So, you've made it home after Tequila Tuesday, drenched in someone's beer (or worse), and reaching frantically for a glass of water. You check your wallet, Snaps, read your mom's concerned comment on last night's obscene status update, and realize you have less than 15 minutes to make it to class.

First things first: Always set an alarm prior to going out. Better yet--set a recurring alarm.
If your phone is your alarm, charge it like it's never been charged before. Be mindful of which apps drain your battery. Snapchatting your intoxicated adventure to Burger King or swiping everyone within a 50-mile radius may seem like a priority at the time, but waking up on time and being productive is imperative to keeping your shit together.

If you're among those who can sleep through just about anything, I strongly suggest multiple alarms. Make sure your alarm sound is obnoxious enough to really jolt you awake. I used to have an alarm that sounded just like those awful beeping timers at Starbucks. If you need an alarm that jumps around until you catch it then have G-ma buy you one. This should be the last reason you miss class.

OK, so, you're actually awake in time for class. Truly en-route-to-full-blown adulthood. So how do you collect yourself to stay awake for an hour-plus and maybe even learn something?

One of the main reasons for a hangover is dehydration, so drink water. Gatorade or coconut water are especially helpful in keeping the body hydrated, but nothing beats good old H2O. If you're a regular coffee drinker, have a coffee to avoid a caffeine withdrawal headache. However, while it may make you more alert, caffeine also narrows your blood vessels and increases blood pressure, and could actually make things worse. Moderation is key, so avoid the venti.

When it comes to hangover food, keep it light and focus on water intake. Otherwise, eat foods that are easy to digest, like cereals or yogurt, and avoid combining too many foods. Toast, the smell of which is scientifically proven to boost your mood, is another great option. Top it with a healthy fat like avocado or peanut butter--healthy fats will curb your cravings for greasy food.

If you're feeling nauseous, take activated charcoal. Traditionally used for food poisoning and "detoxing", it's extremely porous, so it has the surface area to capture the toxins (aka chemicals) hanging out in your gut and keeps them from being absorbed. It's inexpensive and available at drug stores in the form of pills, tabs or powders. Alka-Seltzer is a better-known option, and it contains sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda), which neutralizes stomach acid. However, added ingredients like aspirin or citric acid could irritate your stomach, so activated charcoal may be a better alternative when you want to play it safe.

Don't forget: A water bottle, eye drops, gum (the act of chewing actually keeps you alert, a major win-win) and inner peace--you're not the first to go to class hungover, certainly not the last, and you can give yourself a pat on the back for that fantastic display of willpower. Go forth my still-kind-of drunk-friend, go forth!