Ab And Booty Workout For A Lazy College Student
12.21.2016 | College Life Source: disgustingmen.com

Ab And Booty Workout For A Lazy College Student

Fitness fiends, back off.

Whether it's your laziness, busy schedule, or some other excuse, you might find you have a desire (burning or lackluster) to workout but just cannot make it to the gym. Just ate a quarter, maybe half, of a pint of chocolate fudge cookie dough ice cream?

Want to get your heart pumping and oxygen to your brain so you can study better? Feel like a lazy ass and want to do something about it? Well, don't worry. I've got your back.

Often times I find myself desiring some form of a workout, but I often lack the energy or time to do so at a gym. When I find myself in this predicament, I turn to my beloved dorm workout, which focuses on my abs and booty. Basic, I know.

You can do any of these workouts in your dorm. Grab a mat (or do it on the carpet) for added comfort.

P.S. I'm personally not a fan of plain old push-ups and sit ups, but you do you. This list is something you can pick and choose from, so add and drop exercises as your heart desires!

1.Squats (40 seconds)
If you can get low in the club, then I fully expect you to persevere through fast-paced, low dipping squats.

2.Wall Sits (60 seconds)
No comment. Just play music and try not to think about it.

3.Planks (3 Minutes, 15 Seconds)
Do all of these and do all of them well. Trust me, it's worth it.

A. Elbow Plank (45 seconds)

B.Hand Plank (45 seconds)

C.Side Plank (30 Seconds Per Side)

D. Dolphin Plank (45 Seconds)

4.Russian Twists (60 Seconds)
Hold your organic chemistry textbook for added difficulty!

5.Crunches (60 Seconds)
I think these are boring af but I guess they're a classic so they had to be added to the list.

6.Side dips (25 Dips Per Side)
One of my personal favorites to help define obliques.

7.Leg drops
A.Legs Together (30 Drops)

B.Legs Individually (20 Drops Per Side)

8.Bicycles (50 Repetitions)
Get on your back, turn the lights low, blast music and pretend you're at SoulCycle.

9.Mountain Climbers (60 Repetitions)
I always think of hot, hunky lumberjacks when I do this. Maybe just the name of the exercise? Regardless it's a nice image to think of when working out, I highly suggest.

10.Lunges (25 Repetitions)
A necessary evil.

11.Superman (60 Seconds)
Lay on your stomach with your arms stretched in front of you. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs and hold for 60 seconds. Prepare for discomfort.

12. Rapid Squat Jumps (20 Seconds)
Currently watching my roommate do this and it looks like hell, but hey I'm sure it really pays off.

Depending on your laziness and time, repeat one to two more times! Try making the exercise longer and harder as you go.