Ab And Booty Workout For A Lazy College Student
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Ab And Booty Workout For A Lazy College Student

Fitness fiends, back off.

Whether it's your laziness, busy schedule, or some other excuse, you might find you have a desire (burning or lackluster) to workout but just cannot make it to the gym. Just ate a quarter, maybe half, of a pint of chocolate fudge cookie dough ice cream?

Want to get your heart pumping and oxygen to your brain so you can study better? Feel like a lazy ass and want to do something about it? Well, don't worry. I've got your back.

Often times I find myself desiring some form of a workout, but I often lack the energy or time to do so at a gym. When I find myself in this predicament, I turn to my beloved dorm workout, which focuses on my abs and booty. Basic, I know.

You can do any of these workouts in your dorm. Grab a mat (or do it on the carpet) for added comfort.

P.S. I'm personally not a fan of plain old push-ups and sit ups, but you do you. This list is something you can pick and choose from, so add and drop exercises as your heart desires!

1.Squats (40 seconds)
If you can get low in the club, then I fully expect you to persevere through fast-paced, low dipping squats.

2.Wall Sits (60 seconds)
No comment. Just play music and try not to think about it.

3.Planks (3 Minutes, 15 Seconds)
Do all of these and do all of them well. Trust me, it's worth it.

A. Elbow Plank (45 seconds)

B.Hand Plank (45 seconds)

C.Side Plank (30 Seconds Per Side)

D. Dolphin Plank (45 Seconds)

4.Russian Twists (60 Seconds)
Hold your organic chemistry textbook for added difficulty!

5.Crunches (60 Seconds)
I think these are boring af but I guess they're a classic so they had to be added to the list.

6.Side dips (25 Dips Per Side)
One of my personal favorites to help define obliques.

7.Leg drops
A.Legs Together (30 Drops)

B.Legs Individually (20 Drops Per Side)

8.Bicycles (50 Repetitions)
Get on your back, turn the lights low, blast music and pretend you're at SoulCycle.

9.Mountain Climbers (60 Repetitions)
I always think of hot, hunky lumberjacks when I do this. Maybe just the name of the exercise? Regardless it's a nice image to think of when working out, I highly suggest.

10.Lunges (25 Repetitions)
A necessary evil.

11.Superman (60 Seconds)
Lay on your stomach with your arms stretched in front of you. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs and hold for 60 seconds. Prepare for discomfort.

12. Rapid Squat Jumps (20 Seconds)
Currently watching my roommate do this and it looks like hell, but hey I'm sure it really pays off.

Depending on your laziness and time, repeat one to two more times! Try making the exercise longer and harder as you go.

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Lazy Ways to Save Money in College

Minimum effort, maximum payout.

College is a fucking money sucker. The tuition is enough as is, and on top of that, you have to pay for every little thing you do--especially if you're like me and you go to school in the city.

There are so many things we waste money on that we don't even realize. I make a majority of the money I spend, so I try to be as frugal as possible. I'm slowly learning what's worth money and what's not, how to spend my money, and where to spend it. I have a few tips and tricks to help you save money for things you actually want to buy--important things like clothes and booze.

1. Paint your own nails, or find a friend to do it for you. You can get, like, 10 paint jobs out of one $9 bottle of polish as opposed to one $15 manicure.

2. Go grocery shopping and cook your own food. If you don't know how, Google a recipe. This is going to stop you from spending money at every food truck you pass.

3. Find a side job like babysitting or tutoring. It's not time consuming, and is an easy way to make fast cash.

4. Fucking WALK. Ubering everywhere is a waste of money, not to mention it'll make you lazy.

5. Don't just buy the first textbook you see in the bookstore. Search around, and check out Amazon or Chegg for cheaper deals.

6. Divvy up your money per month/term/semester. I get a total amount for the year, then split it into three portions, one for each term. That way, I don't blow it all at once, can rationalize my spending, and keep track a little easier.

7. Learn to like cheap alcohol. We all want Coronas at the bar, but you're in college. Man up, and shotgun that Natty Light.

8. Borrow clothes from your friends, instead of buying a new outfit every single time you go out.

9. Have roommates (at least for a year or two). You'll save money on rent; and you'll always have someone around to hang out with.

10. Invest in a Keurig. I don't even want to know the amount of money I spent on coffee my freshman year, but I can tell you it's an embarrassing number.

So there you have it--and I promise your bank account will thank you if you take some of these tricks and apply them to your own life.

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Ultimate Inventions for Lazy College Students

Washing dishes = hard af

College students are some of the laziest individuals on this planet. Name another group of people who can sit around all day and watch Netflix while eating unhealthy snacks and only moving to refill or take a dump? I'll wait. Here are some of the craziest inventions that will aid college students in achieving new levels of laziness.

Motorized ice cream cone: Have you ever bought ice cream and are just too lazy or high to keep turning it around and licking it? Fear not! This ice cream cone does all the turning for you, so all you have to do is stick your tongue out. Just as easy as your mother.

Beer-pouring robot: You thought this was something straight out of a sci-fi movie didn't you? Well it's real. This robot not only stores your beer to keep it nice and cold, it also pours the beer for you. Win.

Personal desktop microwave: Now that we've taught you how to get drunk the lazy way, here's how to get fat the lazy way! This microwave fits on your desk and is there for all your obesity needs when undergoing a Netflix marathon.

Toilet seat pedal: Man, bending over to lift the toilet seat up sure is physically taxing, especially if you have an animal for a roommate who pisses all over it. With this foot pedal, all you have to do is apply a little bit of pressure from your toes and--boom! You can let it all out.

Self-stirring mug: So you've just woken up in the morning and you're still tired af. You need your morning coffee, but damn, stirring that shit is the biggest chore ever. Well this one's for you! This self-stirring mug takes care of all of your stirring needs. Just add the sugar, and let the cup do the rest.

Ohea smart self-making bed: Check out this bed that actually makes itself. Ugh, life is a beautiful thing. There's nothing worse than waking up and having to make your bed--which is why I never do it.

Prism glasses: It's the 21st Century, yo. Why should we be forced to sit upright in order to watch TV or read a book?! Behold the prism glasses. This new piece of technology uses science to allow you to lie flat on your back while watching TV or reading a book. Genius. Shoutout to the scientist that made this.

God, this was hard to write. I need a nap.

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Jam in The Gym: Ultimate Workout Playlist

A little Notorious never hurt anybody.

Music is a huge part of most of our lives, especially when it comes to hitting the gym. We all need the perfect I Like Big Butts-esque jam to get our workout going. When I'm interval training on the treadmill, I can't even start my sprint until I've decided on the perfect bass-dropping single. There was a point where I had lost my headphones and felt like I couldn't even walk into the weight room without them.

So, to get you motivated on your next trip to the gym, I've compiled a list of songs that are sure to get your sweat on.

Headstrong, Trapt
Stronger, Kanye West
Flawless, Beyonce
Come On Eileen, Save Ferris
All I Do is Win, DJ Khaled
Booty, Jennifer Lopez
Kyoto, Skrillex
Rehab, Amy Winehouse
Monster, Kanye West
Anaconda, Nicki Minaj
Me & My Girls, Selena Gomez
679, Fetty Wap Feat. Remy Boyz
Pump it Up, Joe Budden
Phresh Out The Runway, Rihanna
Flex, Rich Homie Quan
Radioactive, Imagine Dragons
Come Get Her, Rae Sremmurd (James Kennedy Remix on Soundcloud is even better)
Man In The Mirror, Michael Jackson
Juicy, Notorious B.I.G

Whether you prefer rap, rock, pop, or to kick it old school, there are all kinds of songs to listen to during today's leg day. It could be the lyrics that make you want to keep running or the beat that encourages you to pump more iron--Music has a way of pushing us to reach our goals. If you're tired of magazines sayin' flat butts are the new thing, then throw on your beats and hit the gym.

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Thoughts All Gym Newbies Have

What the hell is that stretch?

Walking into the gym for the first time can be intimidating as fuck. Between all the hot bods and meatheads, it can be pretty easy to find yourself wondering what the hell you're doing there. It's definitely a whole new world to someone who's idea of a workout is walking to the clubs or bars on the weekend (and even then you'll probably ditch walking for an Uber). This is for all those gym newbies out there. We get it.

What is that machine? Depending on how your gym is set up, there is probably a section filled with rows and rows of things that look like ancient torture devices. You're too scared to even try to work one of those contraptions out of fear you'd make yourself look like a total dumbass. You're also a little freaked to head over to the free weights because what the fuck are you supposed to do with those? Maybe you'll just stick to the treadmill for now.

How long until I can lift that much? While you're walking on your treadmill (because I know you're not running), you watch in awe at the girl lifting more than you think your dad can. You wonder at what point in your gym career you'll be able to lift like that. Helpful hint: the answer is never if you continue to do nothing but walk on the treadmill.

How the fuck has she been biking for sooo long? You've only been walking for 15 minutes and you already have 911 on speed dial. You peep the girl in front of you on the bikes screen only to see that she's on minute 58 and has been going HAM the whole time you've been here. Fucking nuts, dude.

Do they live at the gym? You literally cannot figure out any other way someone could get so huge. It doesn't even look natural. You can barely imagine being able to flex and seeing the faint outline of a muscle, let alone be so built that you can't put your arms all the way down. While it's not necessarily a flattering look, it is fascinating to imagine how much time they have to spend here to look like that.

What the hell is that stretch? All I'm going to say here is sometimes you see someone in a position that actually pains you.

How long can I keep this up? Half an hour into your treadmill walk and you're just not sure how much longer you can keep this up. If you can barely take a leisurely stroll for a workout how are you supposed to do anything that can actually be considered a true workout? But stick in there, pal. I promise you'll figure out the whole gym thing in no time.

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What Workout Class Should You Try Based On Your Current Workout Habits? (Quiz)

Time to get that summer bod

I'm not sure what it is about the weather, but as soon as spring time rolls around it seems like most people's motivation levels sky rocket. Which means there's a lot of potential to get shit done.

One of my personal favorite things to put my energy into is a solid workout and with summer time rolling around that means it's time to really commit to that summer body. If you're new to the workout game, bored with what you're doing, or just looking to add something new into your routine, take this quiz to find out what group class you should try!