Ab And Booty Workout For A Lazy College Student
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Ab And Booty Workout For A Lazy College Student

Fitness fiends, back off.

Whether it's your laziness, busy schedule, or some other excuse, you might find you have a desire (burning or lackluster) to workout but just cannot make it to the gym. Just ate a quarter, maybe half, of a pint of chocolate fudge cookie dough ice cream?

Want to get your heart pumping and oxygen to your brain so you can study better? Feel like a lazy ass and want to do something about it? Well, don't worry. I've got your back.

Often times I find myself desiring some form of a workout, but I often lack the energy or time to do so at a gym. When I find myself in this predicament, I turn to my beloved dorm workout, which focuses on my abs and booty. Basic, I know.

You can do any of these workouts in your dorm. Grab a mat (or do it on the carpet) for added comfort.

P.S. I'm personally not a fan of plain old push-ups and sit ups, but you do you. This list is something you can pick and choose from, so add and drop exercises as your heart desires!

1.Squats (40 seconds)
If you can get low in the club, then I fully expect you to persevere through fast-paced, low dipping squats.

2.Wall Sits (60 seconds)
No comment. Just play music and try not to think about it.

3.Planks (3 Minutes, 15 Seconds)
Do all of these and do all of them well. Trust me, it's worth it.

A. Elbow Plank (45 seconds)

B.Hand Plank (45 seconds)

C.Side Plank (30 Seconds Per Side)

D. Dolphin Plank (45 Seconds)

4.Russian Twists (60 Seconds)
Hold your organic chemistry textbook for added difficulty!

5.Crunches (60 Seconds)
I think these are boring af but I guess they're a classic so they had to be added to the list.

6.Side dips (25 Dips Per Side)
One of my personal favorites to help define obliques.

7.Leg drops
A.Legs Together (30 Drops)

B.Legs Individually (20 Drops Per Side)

8.Bicycles (50 Repetitions)
Get on your back, turn the lights low, blast music and pretend you're at SoulCycle.

9.Mountain Climbers (60 Repetitions)
I always think of hot, hunky lumberjacks when I do this. Maybe just the name of the exercise? Regardless it's a nice image to think of when working out, I highly suggest.

10.Lunges (25 Repetitions)
A necessary evil.

11.Superman (60 Seconds)
Lay on your stomach with your arms stretched in front of you. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs and hold for 60 seconds. Prepare for discomfort.

12. Rapid Squat Jumps (20 Seconds)
Currently watching my roommate do this and it looks like hell, but hey I'm sure it really pays off.

Depending on your laziness and time, repeat one to two more times! Try making the exercise longer and harder as you go.

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Why I Hate To Run

Jogging, amirite?

Probably a strange title for a fitness post, right? Well it's true, I just don't really enjoy running. Sure color runs are fun and I'll partake in the occasional run on the beach over vacation, but running through the same town, down the same streets all the time gets boring.

To the people who enjoy running, you guys are to be admired. If you don't enjoy your workout, it probably won't be an effective one. There is no way you are going to put your all into a run if there are a million other things you would rather be doing. No, I'm not talking about going for a walk with your dog or power walking to the killer sale at Saks.

There are a bunch of different classes offered that work just as well as running for your daily dose of cardio. I personally love my cardio kickboxing class--like hello, I get in a killer workout and learn how to be a badass at the same time. What could be better? If kickboxing isn't your thing, try a Zumba or a spinning class.

There are a million forms of cardio. Running is not the only option and, if you're anything like me, running is probably the last avenue you'd take. So, try a few new classes at your gym or download a new fitness app (I personally love theNike Training app).

So the lesson is: don't throw in the cardio towel just because you don't want to run.

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Seven Tips To Keep Your Fitness Resolution

Trust me, you're a lot more capable than you think.

Committing to your health and dedicating yourself to hitting the gym more often is inarguably the most popular New Years Resolution. As an avid gym goer myself, I commend anyone who sets this goal. There's nothing more rewarding than a happy, healthy body.

However, neither of these results happen overnight. Unfortunately, people won't consider this so they'll quit, and then these results never occur. To keep this from happening to you, I've put together a few tips to help keep you on track and ultimately reach your goals.

1. Start out slow.
If you vow to hit the gym two hours a day for six days a week, you're setting yourself up to fail. I refuse even sugarcoat that.

Your body isn't accustomed to rigorous exercise and you need to allow it to adjust. Not only will you feel like shit if you start out too strong, but you'll be sure to burn out in no time from the over exertion.

2. Create a routine.
Are you going to focus on cardio? Weightlifting? Classes? Create a combination of the three? Whatever the case, plan your workout before you enter the gym that way you won't feel overwhelmed when you walk in.

I always recommend checking out youtube and fitness websites/magazines before planning your first routine. Once you become more experienced you may spontaneously decide the day's workout, but until then, a game plan is never a bad idea.

3. Set a goal.
Do you want to lose five pounds? Ten? Grow a pair of biceps? Squat 150 pounds? Just feel confident in a bikini?

You're more likely to stay focused when you're conscious of the changes you want to see and not just engaging in mindless exercise.

4. Be flexible when tracking.
Tracking your progress could be a great way to keep your eye on the prize, but it could also be a completely discouraging if you're moving slower than you expected. Instead of choosing specific deadlines to hit milestones, provide a range of around two or three weeks and don't beat yourself up if you're slightly under your expectation. Trust the process and have patience.

5. Eat healthy.
Many people don't think to add this to their resolution list, but it goes hand-in-hand with fitness. You're more likely to ask yourself "what's the point?" and throw in the towel on the days you ate like shit just because you were already off to a crappy start.

Your body is a temple and when you eat clean, you'll naturally feel compelled to continue taking care of your amazing self.

6. Plan your gym schedule.
Don't count on yourself to get to the gym whenever you feel ready; life gets in the way and if you don't set a time to work out you probably won't make the effort. At the beginning of each week, look at the times you go to class, eat, and study, and then create a time slot for the gym.

It will be a lot easier to hold yourself accountable when you have a schedule.

7. Find a gym buddy.
Another clever method of accountability is to hit the gym with a friend. Humans are naturally competitive, and neither of you will want to be the lazy undisciplined friend, and you'll force the other to get up off their ass too.

8. Imagine your future self.
Look back at #2 and envision yourself in your dream body having fulfilled your goals. Keep that mental picture in your mind every time you wake up, go to the gym, and especially on the days you feel inclined to quit.

The most satisfying result of fitness is realizing each day that you're a little more capable than you were yesterday, and within no time you'll become addicted to the feeling. So don't give up-- the only one stopping you is yourself.

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How to Switch Up Your Workout Routine This Summer

The treadmill is really boring.

There's nothing better than getting outside after being locked up all winter. Summer is one of the best times to change up your workouts and try new things because there are a lot more options now that you have the outdoors to utilize. Here are a couple of things you can do this summer to change your workout routine.

If you were using the treadmill try:
Assuming your home for the summer, head down to your old high school and run on the track. Running on the treadmill kills your knees. The track is a lot softer on impact and a change of scenery might help you finally meet your fitness goal.

If you were using the stairmaster try:
Find a set of bleachers either at your high school or local park. Running the bleachers is great for your legs and helps improve your cardiovascular system. It's a lot less monotonous than the stairmaster and you get a better workout because instead of going at a slow steady pace you're going slightly faster. This will increase your heart rate and burn more calories per minute.

If you were using the elliptical try:
Go for a run while doing intervals. Any exercise can be done in intervals. This is called HIIT (high intensity interval training). Basically you go as hard as you can for a set period of time (usually 30 seconds to a minute) then rest for 30 seconds to a minute and do this for 15-20 minutes.

HIIT burns more calories than steady state cardio because even after you finish working out, your body will continue to burn calories at a high rate. If you're tired of the elliptical, a HIIT run will give you the same burn you get from the resistance because you'll be pushing yourself a lot harder than if you were just running at a steady rate.

If you were using the rowing machine try:
The erg is one of the hardest cardio machines at the gym. The only thing that can compare to the burn you get from the rowing machine is jumping rope. Of course, you could jump rope inside at the gym but sometimes there isn't enough room or it's just awkward to whip out your jump rope and start getting after it in front of everyone. Jumping rope outside allows you to trip up and not whack anyone by accident. Jumping rope burns massive calories. It improves coordination and its pretty easy on the joints, just like rowing.

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Best Apps That Will Help You Get in Shape

Who needs a personal trainer?

Getting in shape is hard work, especially when you're not lucky enough to have a personal trainer, nutritionist, or life coach. With the help of modern day technology you CAN get the help from fitness experts without paying the ridiculous price tag.

Nike Training
The Nike Training app is amazing. It's completely free and has an enormous amount of workouts that are easy to follow. Within the app, you can select your fitness level, your goals and it allows you to listen to your own music while getting cues from the trainer. This app is great if you're thinking about getting a personal trainer but don't have the $$$ for it.

This is an app designed to help with your nutrition. It's basically a database with a huge list of foods. It can tell you the calories, carbs, fat, and protein from any food in its library and if the food you're looking for isn't in the library you can add it yourself. This app is free but the premium version is $8 per month. The app really helps you control your nutrition and food intake. It's similar to having a nutritionist for a little under $100/year.

Running is an app by Nike. Again, the app is free and ad free, which is a nice bonus. Within the app you can choose how long or how far you would like to run. This app also has a sort of "couch to 5k" feature called Coach. You can choose a distance you want to work up to (5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon) and it creates a custom list of workouts for you to complete to work up to your distance goal. If you don't have a running partner or someone who is willing to train you for a 10k, this app is for you.

Fitbit (Proven useless without a Fitbit)
I highly recommend getting a Fitbit or any fitness watch with a heart rate monitor. Knowing your heart rate during a workout is really beneficial because it can calculate calories burned more accurately. The Fitbit app can tell you how many calories you burned during your workout, how many miles you ran along with your pace (if you were on a run but it can also be used for bike rides, rowing etc.) and it tracks your heart rate at every minute of your workout so you can view when you were working the hardest.

The watch-app duo really gives you the motivation to workout because you can see visuals of everything. Having a fitness watch is like having a life coach but they never insult you or talk back to you. It just gives you the facts and you take it as your incentive to reach your goal.

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Why Beach Volleyball Should Be Your Next Summer Workout

Burning calories and a beach day? Say less.

Ah, summer. For all you fitness junkies and athletes out there (including me), the time has come to finally break out our Nike tanks and take our workouts outside. If you're bored of the same track workouts, trail runs, bike rides, and bleacher climbs, then take it to the beach for your next sweat session. While running on the sand is a great leg workout, it can get old pretty fast. That's why you should look no further than beach volleyball. Why?

It burns hella calories.
Sand is an unstable surface, which means you have to work harder to move. Add in all the running, quick shuffles, and jumping that volleyball entails, and we're talking a major burn of about 500 calories in an hour. Nice.

It's a full-body workout.
Going along with #1, all that moving around in the sand is going to get you a fantastic leg workout (you'll feel it the day after, I promise). You're also working your core to stay balanced, and your arms and shoulders to swing and serve. This totally counts as cardio too. You're hitting everything at once...what's not to like?

It's a great partner/group workout.
You're obviously going to need a couple buddies to join you in order to get a game going, so grab some fitness-minded friends and get swingin'. Volleyball is the ultimate team sport, so it's a great excuse to get your competitive edge going with some friends.

You won't feel like you're working out.
You read that right: volleyball is one of those magical sports that doesn't actually feel like a workout. You won't have to force yourself into a crowded gym and be miserable. You're in the sand, on the beach, playing volleyball with friends, having a great time, and still reaping major exercise benefits.

It's a great way to show off your six-pack.
Beach volleyball = perfectly acceptable excuse to wear a sports bra and spandex or a bikini. Just keep in mind that you're gonna get a little dirty diving in the sand.

It's FUN.
Bottom line, this sport is flat out fun! It's fast-paced and exciting, and there's something about nailing a perfect hit for a point that gives you an awesome rush. And as I mentioned, you're with friends, you're outside on the beach, and it's summertime.

You've found your solution to the summer workout blues. There are often countless summer beach volleyball leagues and tournaments to join, and many bars and restaurants have sand courts available for pickup games during the summer. Grab your shades, some friends, and go hit the sand!