Ab And Booty Workout For A Lazy College Student
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Ab And Booty Workout For A Lazy College Student

Fitness fiends, back off.

Whether it's your laziness, busy schedule, or some other excuse, you might find you have a desire (burning or lackluster) to workout but just cannot make it to the gym. Just ate a quarter, maybe half, of a pint of chocolate fudge cookie dough ice cream?

Want to get your heart pumping and oxygen to your brain so you can study better? Feel like a lazy ass and want to do something about it? Well, don't worry. I've got your back.

Often times I find myself desiring some form of a workout, but I often lack the energy or time to do so at a gym. When I find myself in this predicament, I turn to my beloved dorm workout, which focuses on my abs and booty. Basic, I know.

You can do any of these workouts in your dorm. Grab a mat (or do it on the carpet) for added comfort.

P.S. I'm personally not a fan of plain old push-ups and sit ups, but you do you. This list is something you can pick and choose from, so add and drop exercises as your heart desires!

1.Squats (40 seconds)
If you can get low in the club, then I fully expect you to persevere through fast-paced, low dipping squats.

2.Wall Sits (60 seconds)
No comment. Just play music and try not to think about it.

3.Planks (3 Minutes, 15 Seconds)
Do all of these and do all of them well. Trust me, it's worth it.

A. Elbow Plank (45 seconds)

B.Hand Plank (45 seconds)

C.Side Plank (30 Seconds Per Side)

D. Dolphin Plank (45 Seconds)

4.Russian Twists (60 Seconds)
Hold your organic chemistry textbook for added difficulty!

5.Crunches (60 Seconds)
I think these are boring af but I guess they're a classic so they had to be added to the list.

6.Side dips (25 Dips Per Side)
One of my personal favorites to help define obliques.

7.Leg drops
A.Legs Together (30 Drops)

B.Legs Individually (20 Drops Per Side)

8.Bicycles (50 Repetitions)
Get on your back, turn the lights low, blast music and pretend you're at SoulCycle.

9.Mountain Climbers (60 Repetitions)
I always think of hot, hunky lumberjacks when I do this. Maybe just the name of the exercise? Regardless it's a nice image to think of when working out, I highly suggest.

10.Lunges (25 Repetitions)
A necessary evil.

11.Superman (60 Seconds)
Lay on your stomach with your arms stretched in front of you. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs and hold for 60 seconds. Prepare for discomfort.

12. Rapid Squat Jumps (20 Seconds)
Currently watching my roommate do this and it looks like hell, but hey I'm sure it really pays off.

Depending on your laziness and time, repeat one to two more times! Try making the exercise longer and harder as you go.

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I Walked 10,000+ Steps Per Day For A Week

And here's what I noticed.

After implementing the gallon-of-water-a-day challenge into my normal routine, I decided to tackle another popular "fitspo" trend: walking 10,000 steps per day.

Walking is one of the easiest and most accessible forms of exercise out there. Walking daily can improve your heart health and heart rate, personal growth and even cholesterol levels. It's also hella relaxing and doesn't even feel like a workout at all.

Most people track their steps using a fitness watch, which is most accurate. I don't personally own one, but discovered that my iPhone's Health app tracks your daily steps. I cannot attest to the accuracy of this step tracker, but for one week, I consciously made an effort to ensure that number was over 10,000.

After a week, I successfully walked 10,000 steps each day, hitting a personal best of 13,728 steps. There were several things I noticed after completing this challenge.

1. My head was clearer.
Going outside and taking a long walk does WONDERS for your mental state. If you're like me and sometimes have approximately fifteen million things going through your mind at once, I'd recommend dropping what you're doing, throwing headphones on and taking a walk.

After walking, I found that I had a clearer head and could more easily tackle whatever had been bothering or worrying me. My anxiety calmed down, and my step count went up.

2. It's a workout.
It might just seem like walking, but when you're racking up three to four miles per day, especially in the summer, you sweat! Don't underestimate the exercise benefits here. I was able to get my heart rate up and actually felt good moving my body. Endorphins for the win.

3. It's an awesome technology break.
Getting outside to walk twice per day to hit my step count obviously took me away from the TV, my laptop and social media. I enjoyed the outdoors, found a ton of new walking music and felt genuinely good to not be staring at a screen (except to check my step count!).

4. It helps promote accountability.
At the end of the day, if I was short a couple hundred (or thousand... lol) steps, I would buck up, head outside and take a walk. Having that number as a goal made me more motivated to actually hit it and hold myself accountable for achieving it.

I didn't let things like bad weather stop me, either. My family has a treadmill, which I used on several occasions. I even had a dance party in my living room to rack up steps. Note: your brother will judge you if you do this.

5. It's awesome family time.
I got my mom and dad involved in the challenge and we all took walks together after dinner. Instead of spending time scrolling through IG and Twitter, I talked to my parents and enjoyed their company. Grab your mom, grab a friend, grab your dog... just get walkin'.

6. It felt good!
I can't stress this enough... moving my body and hitting that goal at the end of every day FELT GOOD. This isn't a difficult goal to achieve, especially if you're already an active person, but goals are goals, and when you hit them, it's a reason to be proud! #success

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What Workout Class Should You Try Based On Your Current Workout Habits? (Quiz)

Time to get that summer bod

I'm not sure what it is about the weather, but as soon as spring time rolls around it seems like most people's motivation levels sky rocket. Which means there's a lot of potential to get shit done.

One of my personal favorite things to put my energy into is a solid workout and with summer time rolling around that means it's time to really commit to that summer body. If you're new to the workout game, bored with what you're doing, or just looking to add something new into your routine, take this quiz to find out what group class you should try!

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Things For Your Lazy Ass To Do On Father's Day

You can be appreciative for just one day.

Well people, Father's Day is right around the corner (Sunday, June 18 for those of you who are terrible children) and it's time to start thinking about what to do for him on his special day. To help you brainstorm I have come up with a delightful little list for y'all.

  • Task 1: Get your gross ass up and clean your stuff up around the house. Oh, you don't have anything lying around the house you say? Bullshit! I know you do. I mean I don't even know you, but I just know you have crap lying around to clean up.
  • Task 2: Get your selfish ass up and go clean your Dad's car. Oh, it's too cold out to clean the car you say? Too bad. Also, you're a liar because it's June...
  • Task 3: Get your lazy ass up and go do something with your Dad. Don't act like there aren't a million activities to do.
  • Task 4: Get your punk ass up and mow the lawn. Oh, your Dad already did it? Well you should feel bad about yourself cause you're fat and lazy.
  • Task 5: Get your broke ass up and get your Dad some beer so he can get drunk enough to tolerate you for the day. Oh, your Dad already has beer? Go get more because he can never have too much.
  • Task 6: Get your uncreative ass up and attempt to make him a card. Oh, it looks like a third grader made it? It doesn't matter because your Dad will appreciate it anyways.
  • Task 7: Get your nice ass up and make your dad dinner. Oh, your Dad doesn't want you to cook for him? Ok, fine, you can get a pass on this for his own health.

So, yeah, do this stuff on Father's Day, and avoid doing this:

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I Drank A Gallon Of Water Every Day For A Week

Here's how I felt...

Something that you'll see at most gyms these days: people lugging around gallon-sized water jugs. What was once seen as a total gym-bro-douche move is now actually quite common amongst athletes, fitness competitors and gym-goers.

There are seemingly endless benefits to staying hydrated. Drinking water keeps your body regulated, gets things moving, increases energy, relieves headaches and prevents cramps, to name a few.

After seeing this trend blow up, I decided to take on the gallon-a-day challenge for a week and report it out to you guys. I didn't go out and buy a refillable gallon jug, however, but opted to use my normal shaker bottle and track water using my phone's Health app. I did complete it, and here are a few results, good and bad, that I noticed.

1. I had to pee.
Constantly. Like... every half hour. That became a challenge for me, especially during work. There was one day during the week that I took three bathroom breaks during ONE workout at the gym. I guess it makes sense... I was drinking more fluid. This is something that your body will adapt to... I hope...

2. I was more regulated.
Sorry, lots of bathroom references here, but I did notice that things were running more smoothly than normal.

3. I felt fuller longer.
This is something that I wasn't expecting to happen, but I did notice that because I was drinking so much water, I didn't feel hungry as often. I felt more satisfied between meals, and because of that, I didn't get the usual munchies before dinner.

4. My skin looked better.
Granted, this was only a week, and I'd have to continue this in order to see more of a drastic change, but my face looked clearer! For those who deal with acne problems, start drinkin' (water, that is...).

5. My workouts were better.
I'm no elite athlete, but I lift weights and do cardio like a normal human. My muscles didn't feel tight at all, which sometimes happens to me, especially in my legs. I was able to make it through workouts even when I was tired or not feeling it.

6. I felt less bloated.
Except for the one night I accidentally saved, like, 40 ounces of water for after 10 PM, I noticed that I felt considerably less of that yucky bloated discomfort throughout the day. That's because drinking water improves your digestion!

7. For lack of a better phrase, I felt better.
Drinking all this water was making my body perform more optimally, and this just made me feel better in general.

The Takeaway:
I'd recommend taking this challenge on for yourself! A gallon is a lot, but even making an effort to just drink more water in general does wonders for your body. I'd encourage you to use the Health app on your iPhone to track how much water you take in per day. That actually made me more inclined to hit my goal. Good luck friends, and drink up.

Now excuse me, I have to pee again.

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How to Switch Up Your Workout Routine This Summer

The treadmill is really boring.

There's nothing better than getting outside after being locked up all winter. Summer is one of the best times to change up your workouts and try new things because there are a lot more options now that you have the outdoors to utilize. Here are a couple of things you can do this summer to change your workout routine.

If you were using the treadmill try:
Assuming your home for the summer, head down to your old high school and run on the track. Running on the treadmill kills your knees. The track is a lot softer on impact and a change of scenery might help you finally meet your fitness goal.

If you were using the stairmaster try:
Find a set of bleachers either at your high school or local park. Running the bleachers is great for your legs and helps improve your cardiovascular system. It's a lot less monotonous than the stairmaster and you get a better workout because instead of going at a slow steady pace you're going slightly faster. This will increase your heart rate and burn more calories per minute.

If you were using the elliptical try:
Go for a run while doing intervals. Any exercise can be done in intervals. This is called HIIT (high intensity interval training). Basically you go as hard as you can for a set period of time (usually 30 seconds to a minute) then rest for 30 seconds to a minute and do this for 15-20 minutes.

HIIT burns more calories than steady state cardio because even after you finish working out, your body will continue to burn calories at a high rate. If you're tired of the elliptical, a HIIT run will give you the same burn you get from the resistance because you'll be pushing yourself a lot harder than if you were just running at a steady rate.

If you were using the rowing machine try:
The erg is one of the hardest cardio machines at the gym. The only thing that can compare to the burn you get from the rowing machine is jumping rope. Of course, you could jump rope inside at the gym but sometimes there isn't enough room or it's just awkward to whip out your jump rope and start getting after it in front of everyone. Jumping rope outside allows you to trip up and not whack anyone by accident. Jumping rope burns massive calories. It improves coordination and its pretty easy on the joints, just like rowing.