6 Times You Should Never Use Comic Sans
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6 Times You Should Never Use Comic Sans

But ultimately, there is only one truly acceptable place you should see Comic Sans: burning.

Although formally unaddressed, the inappropriate usage of Comic Sans is a truly prevalent problem in a society with easy access to word processors.

If you're a college student, chances are you own a laptop. And if you own a laptop, then you should know never to create a document or presentation or poster using Comic Sans.

Despite the ridicule and criticism that this Sans Serif font deservingly receives for its unprofessional appearance, it is still popularly used in places where almost any other font would've been a better choice. And college campuses are unfortunately no exception.

From the classroom hallways to bulletin boards, Comic Sans has developed a strong presence in a variety of unbefitting places. Let's be real, it looks like the handwriting of a boy in middle school.

Unfortunately, we must accept that modern society will most likely never escape this unprofessional font; so it must be addressed that there are occasions more suitable for its usage than others.

For example, memes (whose trashy levels of humor is similar to the trash level of Comic Sans).

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Yet, on the other side of the spectrum, there are times where the mere thought of using Comic Sans for a certain occasion would bring on shudders and tears. And yet, someone had the audacity to carry through with it.

Here are six uses of said font that prove the Comic Sans epidemic, although subtle, is still alive and needs to be reined in.

1. On a gravestone.
I don't know if it would be more disrespectful to dance over his dead body.

2. In a book that is not made for children.
Children's books, ugly yes, but I can vaguely see why it would make sense. However, a legitimate publisher should not be approving a book with an adult target audience in a hideous font.

3. Engraved into metal.
It will remain there forever. Forever.

4. On a public transportation sign.
Yet another reason to question the principles of your state government.

5. In an email.
I'm not talking about just a single word or even a phrase. The entire message.

6. In an ad on a vehicle.
It's now both your company and your self-identity, for anyone who ventures out in public to see. And you thought it couldn't be any worse...

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4 Reasons Why More R-Rated Superhero Movies Should Be Made

We've been given a savory taste and now, we want more.

In the span over a year, two Marvel superheroes made their R-rated cinematic debut. Deadpool and Logan have both caused a stir within the comic-book-loving community and the movie business.

Both movies have been revered as some of the best superhero movies of all time, not just by the comic book fans but also by movie critics. Both movies have above an 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

This is saying a lot considering there have been a few super hero movie failures that we just don't talk about. (I'm looking at you Fant4stic. You too, Batman V. Superman.) Now, these failure-movies wouldn't be better with an R-rating but Logan and Deadpool have the lack of "Parental Guidance" in their movie to thank for their success. And after the public has witnessed these treasures, more need to be made. Here's why:

1. For some heroes, it's incredibly appropriate.
Deadpool is not Deadpool if he has a filter. A lot of fans were worried about the possibility of a Deadpool movie with a PG-rating because it doesn't fit the crass, explicit, loudmouth that is Wade Wilson or the situations he gets in. Wade has shot heads off of bodies, has been impaled by an elephant's tusk, and he makes sexual jokes about everything even the elephant tusk encounter.

However, for other heroes, an R-rating isn't what they need to make it great. Heroes like The Flash or Captain America don't have the brutality in their action or the explicit language that warrants an R-rating. So, Marvel...DC. Use the R-rating, but sparingly, only for the heroes who deserve it.

2. The action is bloodier and better.
Admit it. One of the most satisfying things in a bloody action movie is when the villain you despise gets their cranium separated from their body. On the same token, one of the most unsatisfying things in a PG action movie is the anticipation before an incoming decapitation, mutilation, or amputation only to be let down by a cut away.

So, give us the bloodiest action you can muster. And even though Spiderman can punch someone's jaw clean off (he's done it before), R-rated action isn't something that fits into Spiderman's morals. Again, use the R-rating sparingly.

3. Directors are given more freedom.
When making a movie that isn't R-rated, directors and writers of all genres must stay within the bounds of their movie's ratings. Nowadays, the rating system is out of wack with the amount of sexual innuendos and nudity in PG-13 movies compared to 1939 (when saying, "I don't give a damn" in a movie was nearly punishable by law).

With an R-rating, the directors and writers aren't given many rules with what they can and can't show in their movie. David Ayer, Suicide Squad director, told the LA Times that he had to act as his own on-set cop against his normal nature of blowing heads off to keep the PG-13 rating. Giving directors the freedom of an R-rating lets them show exactly what they want to show in a movie.

4. We want them!
We really do. A survey conducted by Fandango found that 71 percent of over 1,000 Logan viewers want to see more R-rated superhero films. Give the fans what the fans want!

For some fans of comic books, they have been waiting around 50 years for their favorite hero to be put up on the screen, so Hollywood, you better do it right. And if we want a movie to be R-rated for it to be right, then R-rated is what we deserve. Give us a bloody, R-rated Punisher. Give us an insane, R-rated Moon Knight. Give us a darker, R-rated Batman. Please, just give us more!

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13 MORE Hotkeys in Word You Just Gotta Know

Fly, fingers, fly.

We promised we'd be back with a second list of hotkeys to learn once you mastered these basics. It's all in the name of writing faster, and when your roomies are beckoning you away from your homework with a beer, damn straight you better type like hell.

So here we go with a continuation of the Word hotkeys you should learn to fly, baby, fly across that keyboard.

Toggle between all uppercase letters, title case letters, and all lower case letters.

  • PC: Shift + F3
  • Mac: Shift + F3

Indent text.

  • PC: Control + m
  • Mac: Control + Shift + m

Apply/remove superscript (such as for citations or scientific/mathematic formulas).

  • PC: Control + Shift + equal sign
  • Mac: Command + Shift + plus sign

Apply/remove subscript (again can come in handy for scientific/mathematic formulas).

  • PC: Control + equal sign
  • Mac: Command + equal sign

Insert footnote at the end of the page (to create citations in the body and a list of sources at the end of a page).

  • PC: Control + Alt + f
  • Mac: Command + Option + f

Insert endnote at the end of the document (to create citations in the body and a list of sources at the end of the document).

  • PC: Control + Alt + d
  • Mac: Command + Option + e

Search the document for a word or character.

  • PC: Control + f
  • Mac: Command + f

Format text on single-spaced lines.

  • PC: Control + 1
  • Mac: Command + 1

Format text on double-spaced lines.

  • PC: Control + 2
  • Mac: Command + 2

Insert a page break.

  • PC: Control + Enter
  • Mac: Shift + Enter

Turn track changes on and off.

  • PC: Control + Shift + e
  • Mac: Command + Shift + e

Spellcheck the document.

  • PC: F7
  • Mac: F7

Print document.

  • PC: Control + p
  • Mac: Command + p

Writing faster now? Good. You deserve to go party.

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7 Times It Is Acceptable To Pick Your Nose

We all do it, it is just a matter of where.

We all know the saying: there are two types of people. Well, there are only two types in this case also:

1. People who pick their nose, and...
2. Liars.

It is the most natural thing a human can do and you are bullshiting me if you try telling me that you don't. It is borderline the most rewarding thing that a human can do for free (masturbating obviously being number one). Well, for all you nose pickers out there and you deniers, I have compiled a list of the seven times it is perfectly acceptable to pick your nose.

1.In your bed.
The wake up and check if there are any bats in the cave routine has been a past time since the birth of man. I nose that you all do it (lol).

2.In the bathroom.
While this is a bit of an obvious one, I feel as though it is my duty to remind you of how good a place this is to dig for gold. Not only do you have the privacy to go digging and inspect your prize, but you have a sink at your disposable to was your hands.

3. In the car.
OK, I know that these are kind of obvious so far, but you can't deny that flicking a booger out the window is a wonderful feeling.

4.In the bar.
It's dark, you can flick it at someone you don't like. Chances are, the hot member of the other sex isn't looking at you, and if they are, they probably are impressed with your confidence.

5.During a test.
No one is looking and it is a great way to get yourself on a roll. One good booger and the next answer will come to you in an instant. Plus, there are some good flick opportunities if you are into that kind of stuff.

6.If you are in a class with no attractive people of the opposite sex.
I have preached this ever since fifth grade and have positively impacted the life of my peers ever since. If you don't care who judges you, then go to town.

7. If you are on live TV walking by a blonde woman who looks like she needs some boogers whipped on her.
Ok, maybe this one is a little specific, but it gets the point across. You can pick your nose anytime anywhere and it is still OK. And if you do it in the right situation you can have a whole country of people talking about you.

Well, there you have it. The seven times it is acceptable to pick your nose. Hope you learned something new!

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Can Anyone Own A Swear Word?

What's in a slang?

Valentine's Day, 2015: I am sitting in the audience in a dark ampitheater, looking at a sophomore girl standing in the spotlight on stage. She raises her voice in a chant, and encourages us to do the same. And before I know it, I find myself joyously shouting...the c-word.

Yeah. That c-word.

If that shocks you, give me just a second to elaborate.

The particular piece of work I was watching, and participating in, that night is an excellent piece entitled The Vagina Monologues, and the monologue which so prominently featured that naughty little word did so to encourage the ladies in the audience to "reclaim" that word for themselves.

This is a concept that has come up a lot recently in many of my classes, and my social circles.

It comes up in my classes because I study English, and most of our wet dreams involve dictionaries, but it also comes up in my social circle because many of my close friends (I'll be honest, mostly the guys) like to ask the question, "Well why can't I say it?"

P.S. "It" is usually a word with a traditionally derogatory connotation towards a gender or race other than their own.

Claiming ownership of any word is a really tricky business. I think nothing of using the word "bitch" with my girlfriends, but heaven help a guy that slings it at one of us. Katt Williams throws the n-word out like confetti, but I would Krazy Glue my mouth shut before I'd use it myself.

So where are the boundaries, and why should some people have certain words all to themselves?

From my perspective, and this is the rule I have chosen to live by, is that each of us must stay in our own lane, unless some crazy person is swerving in and out of everyone else's causing a wreck.

What that means in less metaphorical terms is that I stick to what I know and refrain from stepping on someone else's toes. I am a skinny, privileged white girl. So, "bitch" is OK in circumstances where those within earshot know that I use the word to diminish its ability to harm me. I take power from that.

Conversely, I refrain from using the n-word because I don't know how it feels to have that weaponized against me. And because that is the case, I know I have zero right to snark at my black friends should they choose to use it in jest, because it is a descriptor that belongs to them if they want it.

As to the asshole swerving through other people's lanes, you know who I mean. They are the (usually privileged, usually white) guy or girl who reaches for more than they are given, and uses hurtful words thoughtlessly. That's when it's okay, and even commendable, to step in and put a stop to it.

And it's as simple as that, y'all. Live in your world, and recognize others' right to live in theirs.

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An Idiot's Guide to Back-to-School Shopping

Don't leave home without these!

Back-to-school shopping can be enough to drive you nuts. Sure, you know you need new clothes, some notebooks, maybe a fresh pack of pens. But what about the easily forgotten tools that will cut down on the stress and make meeting those deadlines just a little bit easier?

And what if you already have a laptop, but don't want to lug it around everywhere, especially considering virtually every college offers access to computers for those who can't afford their own?

Here are a few items you should consider snagging on your next trip to Wal-Mart, Target, or similar store:

A USB flash drive
Where would we be without these guys? Many a term paper and regular homework assignment has been turned in on time because of these. It stands to reason: you can't be expected to stay in your dorm room, suite, or apartment, hunting-and-pecking your way to 12 pages. The portability offered is a godsend, and at extremely cheap prices, too.

$$$: Depends. Obviously, the more storage you need and the brand you want will influence how much you spend, but I found ones as low as $2.76. Also, novelty ones in the shape of Legos or R2D2 are going to be more expensive than a standard of any capacity.

An external hard drive
The external hard drive is like a flash drive on steroids. Offered in a multitude of sizes ranging up to over a terabyte (1024 GB), they provide way more storage capacity than their ubiquitous, colorful pocket-sized little brothers. These are ideal for the student who likes to backup full hard-drives or download movies and music.

$$$: Again, these will vary depending on storage space. Most seem to run from $40 to $80, though. My advice would be, if you don't need it at the moment, skip it and stick with a flash drive.

A cooling fan
The essential pairing for your laptop. It still shocks me that, with all the improvements in computer technology over the years, nobody has ever considered adding these to your standard laptop. It makes me wonder if there's some contractual agreement between respective companies that can't be broken. Regardless, a cooling fan will save you the headache of having to purchase a new computer years before its time.

$$$: $9.99 to over $30.00

I'll be honest here. I know little about this. In fact I just read about it tonight. What I do know is that it is what the name sounds like: personal Wi-Fi. It's a device, that's roughly the same size as an external hard drive, that offers a personal internet connection, allowing you an advantage over the often hit-or-miss, unstable connection Wi-Fi offers.

$$$: Used, I found a couple under $10. Most were in the $50 range, while one was around $30. Another was $17.99, and one was over $80 after shipping. I recommend doing your research before buying.

Shopping for anything can be a stressful activity, and many times you find yourself leaving a store thinking, "Damn! I forgot this-and-that!" Back-to-school shopping is no different, and I hope this list helps at least a little bit.