Six Ways To Find The Perfect Tattoo For You
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Six Ways To Find The Perfect Tattoo For You

Ink my whole body.

Thinking about getting a tattoo? They're definitely in right now, everyone is getting one. But there are many things to consider.

What should I get? What's the significance? Where should I get it? Should I get it in color? Do I even want a tattoo?

It can be stressful, but exciting too. Tattoos are cool, and they can look really good and mean a lot! There are definitely benefits to an awesome tattoo. But you want to make sure you get the perfect one just for you.

For the record, I don't have a tattoo. I was scheduled to get one but unfortunately, I am a broke college student and couldn't afford it with all of the other expenses I have to pay.

Regardless, I've wanted a tattoo for years. The question was, what do I get?

I've ran through a ton of ideas and sometimes I thought that was it, but my mind always changed. However, I finally found the perfect tattoo, that is just right for me. Here are some tips on making sure you get the perfect tattoo, that's just right for you!

1. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, and wait some more. At least a year.
One of the best things you can do when you're thinking about getting a tattoo is waiting. It doesn't hurt NOT to get one; you can always get it later.

It may be the perfect timing with summer coming up, or over winter break. But it's much better to wait, rather than have something you hate on your body forever.

2. Have a picture of your future tattoo nearby.
Do you really love your future tattoo? I know I change my mind all the time, not just about tattoo's, but about everything. A tattoo is like that new song you love. At first, you can't stop listening to it, but before you know it. It's ruined, and you hate it.

Make sure you really love your tattoo. Have it as your phone background, print it out and have it in your bedroom, above your bed, wherever. I would do this for a least a year before you take the plunge and get your tattoo.

3. Don't get your tattoo off of tumblr or google.
One of the worst things you can do is get your exact tattoo off of tumblr or google. Why? Because it's unoriginal, not you, and a million other people already have the same thing.

It's ok to get ideas for what style or kind of tattoos you like off of the internet, but your tattoo should come from inspiration or an artist you like, not a tumblr page.

4. Talk to the tattoo artist.
Once you find an image or tattoo you like, always talk to the artist about it. They are the artist, they've done plenty of tattoos and they know what they're talking about.

You might think you found the perfect tattoo but if you talk to the artist, they might have some awesome suggestions to switch it up and make it personally great, just for you!

5. Would you be embarrassed to show it to your kids?
Simple, would you be embarrassed showing or explaining your tattoo to your future kids? You should be proud of your tattoo because it represents you and who you are.

6. Don't do trendy, do you.
Absolutely, DO NOT do a trendy or timely tattoo. No "YOLO" or anything like that.

Different trends are in and get really big, and then they die, and die hard. You will absolutely regret a trendy tattoo that may be popular at the time. But what about 10 or 20 years down the road? You want a timeless tattoo that represents you!

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    10 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Next Tattoo or Piercing

    "Ink muh whole body I don't give a motha fuck"-Wiz Khalifa

    Tattoos are permanent, obvi. So instead of opting for a spur-of-the-moment irrational decision, you should really think through these next ten things before you get inked or pierced.

    What will your parents think? I have two tattoos that no one can see unless I'm in a bikini; and I just got my belly button pierced. I'm going to Hawaii in June with the fam. Something tells me dad isn't going to be too stoked. When he saw the (easily coverable) one on my foot, I got the whole "What are you doing with your life?" talk. Sigh.

    Even more important than parent's opinions are future employers'. They may not like full sleeves, neck, or face tats. (Does anyone really like face tats? jw.) Get them where they can be covered with normal office wear. Same with piercings--make sure they leave minimal holes in your face, and take them out before your interview.

    Think about what you are getting. Do you really want your Greek letters, or something signifying how good you are at drinking, permanently on your body for the rest of your life? Explain that one to your wife in 10 years, dude. What's cool now might not be cool later.

    Matching tattoos are an all around terrible idea. They probably won't be your BFF/BF/GF forever. Just don't do it.

    The pain is real. Think about how big/small the placement of a tattoo is before you get it. Anything on the bone hurts like hell. If you can't tolerate pain, opt for somewhere else or you will probably end up with a half-done tat.

    For piercings especially, consider healing time. You will be out of commission--or at least any contact supports--for some time with a navel piercing; and you won't be able to sleep on your side for a bit with newly-pierced ears.

    Be ready to take your clothes off. But really. I got an under-boob tattoo, and the artist got the best view for two hours. My best friend was sitting with me and said "Oh my God! It looks so good! I'm jealous!" And the man doing my tattoo said, "Yeah, the tattoo isn't bad either." Obviously it was a joke, but some people might be insulted by that. Just know that if you are getting tatted, you're probs going to shed some clothes getting there.

    Know your artist. If you need a coverup tat, go to an artist specializing in cover ups. And just because a friend got a really good color tattoo from someone doesn't mean the same someone will do the same amazing job on a black and gray tattoo.

    How much will it cost? Generally speaking, better artists charge higher fees. Because they can. Be ready to pay a pretty penny for a good tattoo. Also, tell them what you like and don't like when they are sketching. Don't be scared to be specific and honest because it's your tattoo, not theirs.

    Don't get tattooed spur of the moment. Think about it. For months, maybe even years. It will be with you forever. Likewise, do not get peer pressured into a tattoo. Who cares if you lost a bet, or won a championship. If you are hesitant at all, just don't do it.

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    Why It's Hard To Find Love Now

    "Growing up I always thought it was going to be easy to find love."

    Growing up, I always thought it was going to be easy to find love. I thought people just met one day at a bar or party. They end up exchanging numbers, they plan a few romantic dates, then just got married.

    Now, I am slowly realizing that things usually do not happen so easily like that anymore. We do not focus much on love like our parents did. We focus on keeping up with what the celebrities are doing and entertaining our social media followers.

    Now, I'm not saying that love doesn't exist or that it's impossible to find love. I'm just realizing that love seems to be rare nowadays. Here a few reasons why love is hard to find nowadays.

    Dating Apps
    Apps like Tinder, Ok Cupid, Badoo, and Match make it so easy to meet new people. You just make an account, post a picture, then you can look through millions of pictures in search of your potential mate.

    This sounds like a great idea to a f*ckboy who is bored on a Friday night. But, to anyone looking to do more than hook up with someone, then dating apps are the worst.

    Finding a lover is suppose to be natural, unexpected. Not planned and forced. Dating apps put so much emphasis on appearance and less on personality.

    That person who you just swiped left on could have been your soulmate. Now, it may have been a different experience if you two were to bump into each other at a local restaurant, you two may have hit if off.

    Also, dating apps have began to be everyone's heartbreak solution. They get their heartbroken and make a dating app account in order to meet someone new. It's sad, but it makes people not want to work on fixing relationships. But, instead to just want to move on and replace each other.

    Hook-Up Culture
    I don't know how or why hook-up culture is here, but it seems like it's here to stay. People use to take time out their day to learn about each other; they planned a few dates, then they finally hooked-up.

    Now, people just randomly run into each other and end up having sex before they could even learn each other's names. Hook-up culture not only confuses things, but it usually causes one person left feeling emotionally hurt. One person always thinks it's just sex while the other thought it was more.

    The sad part is that the media glorifies college life to be all about drinking and engaging in meaningless sex. But, in reality most students just want to find someone to vibe with and just get their degree.

    Most songs that play on the radio are all about sex. Don't believe me? Go turn on your local radio station. I guarantee there's at least one Chris Brown song where the lyrics are about how good a woman would feel if she spends a night with him.

    Having songs about sex is not necessarily a bad thing. But, if every single song is about meaningless sex then the idea of love goes right out the window.

    Our parent's generation didn't have this problem. They had songs that talked about breakups and falling in love. They had a more positive feel to them. And the sex songs that they did have were not so easy for a young kids to decode.

    Now, the music that's played on the today's radio station plays music that is obviously talking about sex.

    I however, do still believe in love. I believe it takes time, patience, and commitment. It takes two people who really have the same goals in life. So, if you ever thought about giving up on love. Please don't, your time will come. Just be patient.

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    Four Drawbacks of Getting Tattoos

    Guilty ink.

    Before you decide to pay for another needle jabbing spree to add to your body artwork, you need to know what's behind your tattoo's skeleton. A lot of people today don't know what really goes into the ingredients of their tattoos; only that they're safe when you go to a trustworthy tattoo parlor.

    Now, I'm not being biased. I have tattoos; and I didn't read much about the logistics either before I got them. But, after taking more classes in nursing school, I began to learn more about why our bodies should be taken seriously, especially when it comes to something foreign like a tattoo.

    Tattoo ink hasn't even been approved for use by the FDA.
    And those are the people you should trust the most. Well, the FDA and the CDC. So wait, if their ink isn't approved, are they tattooing you illegally? Well no. Get this: the FDA states that even though they haven't approved tattoo-grade ink, parlors still use other pigments. Those "pigments" that are used are "industrial-grade colors suitable for printers' ink or automobile paint," including antifreeze, formaldehyde, and carcinogens. Cool, right? Your tattoos can be twinsies with your essay papers, you car, and even a dead body.

    Nothing can destroy your tattoo.
    We all know tattoos are permanent, but did you know that even severe burns to your skin can't take them away? That's how deep your ink runs.

    There's a million and one things that can go wrong.
    If a non-disposable tool is left just a tiny bit unsterilized, it can cause major issues in your body. Some of which include infection at the tattoo site, allergic reactions, swelling, scarring, and major itching. Even if your tattoo artist doesn't wear gloves, or is wearing dirty gloves. Aside from the tools, the ink itself can contain ingredients that don't match up well with your body, and could make the situation that much worse.

    Tattoos and MRI's are not BFFs.
    Take it from this guy. Because of the awesome chemicals mentioned earlier in the article, MRI technology can interfere with tattoos and cause severe burns on that part of the body. So, for anyone with full sleeves and chest piece tattoos, try to avoid any brain or spinal issues, tumors or cysts, because your MRI wouldn't go very well.

    Just think before you ink.

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    City Hacks: How to Find the Perfect Internship for You

    You don't even have to get dressed.

    In this episode, I'm going to walk you through finding the perfect internship all while sitting in your bed and surfing the web. Clothes aren't the only things you can shop for online anymore!

    Still haven't found your summer internship? Stress no more. Here are some kick-ass sites that post internships daily.

    1. Looksharp. If you are a student or recent grad, Looksharp gives you the chance to search for internships, part-time, and full-time jobs in any city you are interested in. Once you find the one you're interested in, you can save it or apply for it immediately by attaching your resume and cover letter.

    2. Barefoot Student. This website is great for students based in Philadelphia. Barefoot Student connects you to employers in the area who are looking for students for internships. All you have to do is search the field you are interested in and once you find one that matches your interests, you can apply right there!

    3. LinkedIn. This site allows you to showcase an online resume inclusive of your past education and past job experience. Additionally, this site also allows you to check for jobs and internships and build your professional network.

    4. Ed2010. This site is great for anyone interested in a career in online and print magazines. Not only do they post jobs and internships, but they also provide great tips for students and new graduates going through the hiring process.

    5.Indeed. If you are looking for any type of job, this site has hundreds of options for you! Indeed has got you covered anywhere from babysitting to internships to full-time jobs.

    6.Velvet Jobs. This is another great resource for students. In addition to posting jobs, Velvet Jobs gives you career advice, resume tips, and a list of companies in your area.

    If you are still having trouble finding the internship that is right for you, try googling specific types of firms in your area and browsing their site for career and internship information. Most websites have a specific page that lets you know how to become apart of their team!

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    Top 5 Tattoo Artists to Follow on Insta

    They do ink the right way.

    Keeping up to date on the latest tattoo trends is yet another reason we love Insta. Check out these crazy-talented artists for some ink-spiration.

    1. Jon Boy
    Jon Boy is a NYC based artist, partially famed for tattooing celebrities like Kendall Jenner. He is known for his delicate minimalist and calligraphic work, often placed perfectly in inconspicuous places like inside fingers and behind ears.

    ? #jonboytattoo

    A photo posted by c/s Jon Boy p/v (@jonboytattoo) on

    Doctor Woo Tattoo
    He is an LA based artist, whose art adorns the bodies of celebrities like Drake, Johnny Depp, and Rihanna. His work is identifiable by his signature circle and arrow shapes that appear within the larger designs, giving his work a delicate and intricate look.

    Hamsa ?

    A photo posted by Doctor Woo Tattoo (@_dr_woo_) on

    Scott Campbell
    Yet another tattooer of celebrities, Campbell's work can be spotted on celebs like Marc Jacobs, Orlando Bloom, and Penelope Cruz. His background in biochemistry makes him even more interesting as an artist, with many of his designs featuring cool geometric and lined patterns, covering large areas.

    Private studio downtown LA. Taking a few appointments. Thank you for your confidence.

    A photo posted by scott campbell (@scampbell333) on

    Corey Divine
    Corey Divine is known for his geometric and mandala-inspired tats. He works in both black and colored ink, transforming bodies into canvases for his abstracted and undulating compositions.

    Double back in progress, cover up . . #RelationshipGoals

    A photo posted by @coreydivine on

    Sasha Unisex
    This artist hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, her claim to tattoo artist fame lies in her watercolor-inspired graphic tats. She cites nature and animals as some of her biggest sources of inspiration. She also has a line of temporary tattoos out, so you can sport her designs without the commitment.