Six Ways To Find The Perfect Tattoo For You
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Six Ways To Find The Perfect Tattoo For You

Ink my whole body.

Thinking about getting a tattoo? They're definitely in right now, everyone is getting one. But there are many things to consider.

What should I get? What's the significance? Where should I get it? Should I get it in color? Do I even want a tattoo?

It can be stressful, but exciting too. Tattoos are cool, and they can look really good and mean a lot! There are definitely benefits to an awesome tattoo. But you want to make sure you get the perfect one just for you.

For the record, I don't have a tattoo. I was scheduled to get one but unfortunately, I am a broke college student and couldn't afford it with all of the other expenses I have to pay.

Regardless, I've wanted a tattoo for years. The question was, what do I get?

I've ran through a ton of ideas and sometimes I thought that was it, but my mind always changed. However, I finally found the perfect tattoo, that is just right for me. Here are some tips on making sure you get the perfect tattoo, that's just right for you!

1. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, and wait some more. At least a year.
One of the best things you can do when you're thinking about getting a tattoo is waiting. It doesn't hurt NOT to get one; you can always get it later.

It may be the perfect timing with summer coming up, or over winter break. But it's much better to wait, rather than have something you hate on your body forever.

2. Have a picture of your future tattoo nearby.
Do you really love your future tattoo? I know I change my mind all the time, not just about tattoo's, but about everything. A tattoo is like that new song you love. At first, you can't stop listening to it, but before you know it. It's ruined, and you hate it.

Make sure you really love your tattoo. Have it as your phone background, print it out and have it in your bedroom, above your bed, wherever. I would do this for a least a year before you take the plunge and get your tattoo.

3. Don't get your tattoo off of tumblr or google.
One of the worst things you can do is get your exact tattoo off of tumblr or google. Why? Because it's unoriginal, not you, and a million other people already have the same thing.

It's ok to get ideas for what style or kind of tattoos you like off of the internet, but your tattoo should come from inspiration or an artist you like, not a tumblr page.

4. Talk to the tattoo artist.
Once you find an image or tattoo you like, always talk to the artist about it. They are the artist, they've done plenty of tattoos and they know what they're talking about.

You might think you found the perfect tattoo but if you talk to the artist, they might have some awesome suggestions to switch it up and make it personally great, just for you!

5. Would you be embarrassed to show it to your kids?
Simple, would you be embarrassed showing or explaining your tattoo to your future kids? You should be proud of your tattoo because it represents you and who you are.

6. Don't do trendy, do you.
Absolutely, DO NOT do a trendy or timely tattoo. No "YOLO" or anything like that.

Different trends are in and get really big, and then they die, and die hard. You will absolutely regret a trendy tattoo that may be popular at the time. But what about 10 or 20 years down the road? You want a timeless tattoo that represents you!

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    10 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Next Tattoo or Piercing

    "Ink muh whole body I don't give a motha fuck"-Wiz Khalifa

    Tattoos are permanent, obvi. So instead of opting for a spur-of-the-moment irrational decision, you should really think through these next ten things before you get inked or pierced.

    What will your parents think? I have two tattoos that no one can see unless I'm in a bikini; and I just got my belly button pierced. I'm going to Hawaii in June with the fam. Something tells me dad isn't going to be too stoked. When he saw the (easily coverable) one on my foot, I got the whole "What are you doing with your life?" talk. Sigh.

    Even more important than parent's opinions are future employers'. They may not like full sleeves, neck, or face tats. (Does anyone really like face tats? jw.) Get them where they can be covered with normal office wear. Same with piercings--make sure they leave minimal holes in your face, and take them out before your interview.

    Think about what you are getting. Do you really want your Greek letters, or something signifying how good you are at drinking, permanently on your body for the rest of your life? Explain that one to your wife in 10 years, dude. What's cool now might not be cool later.

    Matching tattoos are an all around terrible idea. They probably won't be your BFF/BF/GF forever. Just don't do it.

    The pain is real. Think about how big/small the placement of a tattoo is before you get it. Anything on the bone hurts like hell. If you can't tolerate pain, opt for somewhere else or you will probably end up with a half-done tat.

    For piercings especially, consider healing time. You will be out of commission--or at least any contact supports--for some time with a navel piercing; and you won't be able to sleep on your side for a bit with newly-pierced ears.

    Be ready to take your clothes off. But really. I got an under-boob tattoo, and the artist got the best view for two hours. My best friend was sitting with me and said "Oh my God! It looks so good! I'm jealous!" And the man doing my tattoo said, "Yeah, the tattoo isn't bad either." Obviously it was a joke, but some people might be insulted by that. Just know that if you are getting tatted, you're probs going to shed some clothes getting there.

    Know your artist. If you need a coverup tat, go to an artist specializing in cover ups. And just because a friend got a really good color tattoo from someone doesn't mean the same someone will do the same amazing job on a black and gray tattoo.

    How much will it cost? Generally speaking, better artists charge higher fees. Because they can. Be ready to pay a pretty penny for a good tattoo. Also, tell them what you like and don't like when they are sketching. Don't be scared to be specific and honest because it's your tattoo, not theirs.

    Don't get tattooed spur of the moment. Think about it. For months, maybe even years. It will be with you forever. Likewise, do not get peer pressured into a tattoo. Who cares if you lost a bet, or won a championship. If you are hesitant at all, just don't do it.

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    Justin Bieber's 60th Tattoo Might Have More Meaning Than You Think

    He has how many tattoos?

    Bieber is no stranger when it comes to tattoos. His go-to, the tattoo artist Bang Bang located in NYC has made sure of that.

    Last week, the Beebs appeared with two new tattoos on his pecks, one right below his "Son of God" tattoo. After the recent addition of a lion, it seems there's a bit of a trend here.

    His three most recent tattoos, a bear, bald eagle, and lion are all symbols of courage, strength and bravery.

    Even if you're still not convinced that Bieber is sending a message about himself through his body art expression, check out BangBangNYC's Instagram caption of Bieber's newest tatto

    Lion heart @justinbieber #bangbangforever

    A post shared by Bang Bang Tattoo (@bangbangnyc) on

    And, as luck would have it, many people attribute the phrase "lionhearted" to mean bravery as well.

    I guess there really is a madness behind Bieber's many tattoos.

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    7 "Legal Addictions" All College Students Face

    You don't want it, you neeeeeed it.

    While I'm in no way attempting to make light of harmful addictions, it's safe to say many of college students possess "legal addictions" that we simply cannot shake off.

    Fortunately (or not so fortunately), however, many of these "addictions" end up hurting our bank accounts more than anything else.

    As for whether or not you should rid yourself of your preferred legal addiction, the decision is up to you. Keep blowing hundreds of dollars a week at Starbucks for your daily vanilla sweet cream cold brew, or accept that you may have a "problem" and make changes to your lifestyle.

    In reality, though, who really wants these "legal addictions" to stop?

    1. Coffee (or caffeine in general)
    Legal, but like many addictions, terrible for your wallet. Coffee used to be something you bribed your parents into allowing you to taste (you rebel), but recently it's become a physical dependence instead of an occasional treat.

    After just a few hours of no caffeine replenishment, withdrawal symptoms begin to set in: headaches, dizziness, and that unwelcome dazed feeling. You, my friend, have a caffeine addiction.

    2. Netflix
    This addiction practically fuels itself, let's be real. That automatic "loading next episode" feature really doesn't make exiting out of the popular entertainment site very enticing.

    Plus, you really, really need to know what happens to your favorite character at the end of the next episode. Actually, better yet, you need to know what happens in the finale, so you'd better keep watching.

    3. Piercings and tattoos
    This one might vary depending on personal preference. For those like me who love piercings and tattoos, body modifications are a never-ending cycle of pain, satisfaction, and longing for more.

    Once again, this is a very expensive addiction. Although getting piercings and tattoos might not be as frequent of an occasion as is buying a daily cappuccino, the cost per "relapse" is pretty hefty. Personally, I don't even want to think of how much money I've blown on paying someone to jab a needle through my ears.

    There's actually some psychological evidence supporting the idea that piercings are somewhat addicting. According to an article on refinery29, some people may become addicted to these body mods because they enjoy the pleasure of overcoming something initially intimidating, painful, or scary.

    4. Makeup
    I'm pretty sure a lot of you can relate to this. I mean, how many neutral-toned eyeshadow palettes do you really need before you should start questioning your sanity? Even my mom is guilty of purchasing basically the same exact lipstick shade over and over, convincing herself that it's unique simply because it came from a different brand or has a slightly different finish.

    Unfortunately, there currently isn't a cure for this addiction. But try to at least hit pan on a few eyeshadows before running to Sephora to grab Tarte's newest palette. Pro-tips from a makeup junkie herself.

    5. Sleeping
    Super legal, super addictive, but maybe not very productive if you constantly find yourself tangled up in your covers, your to-do list growing longer and longer. Naps are a vital component of any college student's schedule. It's practically taboo to say you don't enjoy naps or sleeping.

    You all know the dreaded feeling of hearing your obnoxious alarm go off in the morning, ruining that blissful dream about marrying Channing Tatum on some beach in Santorini. All you want to do is stay wrapped up in your warm, comfy bed, but you've already skipped your biology lecture three times this semester and can't risk not receiving attendance credit.

    So, you hop out of bed and go on your not-so-merry way to class, all the while daydreaming of the next time you'll be able to get a little shut-eye. Addictive, right?

    7. Junk food

    Food delivery services like Postmates and Grubhub have only contributed to the nature of this addiction. Stressed? Junk food is there for you. Bored? Junk food is there for you.

    It's not a very healthy addiction. Let's be real, being addicted to, I don't know, apples or something would be much healthier. But hey, sometimes McDonald's just calls your name, and you simply can't resist treating yourself to a large fry and Big Mac.

    7. Social media
    Unless you're one of those people who "likes to live in the moment" and have cleansed yourself from the unavoidable addiction that is social media, you've probably got a nasty case of social media-itis. You check your Twitter feed for updates, read through the latest round of uninteresting 140-character blurbs about others' lives, and put your phone down. Five seconds later, you're refreshing your feed again. Who knows what crazy things might've happened during those lengthy seconds?

    I'm as guilty of this addiction as any other millennial college student, but it's definitely something I hope to make less of a habit. Maybe those social media-less hippies have the right idea: technology ain't the real world.

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    Strict Recruiting Rules Gets Oral Roberts Basketball Coach Fired

    If you don't have at least one guy with tattoos, you're screwed.

    Scott Sutton, the basketball coach at Oral Roberts, has been fired after two seasons of horrendously losing records. However, to Sutton's defense, he could only recruit players who had to score a certain level on a "Faith Exam" and players that had no tattoos.

    That is a losing strategy if I have ever heard of one. The tattoos things knocks out about 95 percent of the good basketball player pool. I mean, are we living in 1950's Alabama? Loosen up a bit and get with the times, Mr. Athletic Director. The Faith Exam is a bit more reasonable as ORU is a Christian school, but what kind of restrictions are these?

    Also, firing your coach after two years, especially with these restrictions, is a losing recipe. And how about the ultimatum of getting to keep his job for one more year if he fires his brother and finds a new head coach for the next year. Literally, this AD is building a losing program and ruining the recruiting prospects in the process.

    To make it worse, Sutton found out he was fired while at his daughter's tennis match because someone saw it on social media and informed Sutton. Low blow, Mr. AD, low blow.

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    Four Drawbacks of Getting Tattoos

    Guilty ink.

    Before you decide to pay for another needle jabbing spree to add to your body artwork, you need to know what's behind your tattoo's skeleton. A lot of people today don't know what really goes into the ingredients of their tattoos; only that they're safe when you go to a trustworthy tattoo parlor.

    Now, I'm not being biased. I have tattoos; and I didn't read much about the logistics either before I got them. But, after taking more classes in nursing school, I began to learn more about why our bodies should be taken seriously, especially when it comes to something foreign like a tattoo.

    Tattoo ink hasn't even been approved for use by the FDA.
    And those are the people you should trust the most. Well, the FDA and the CDC. So wait, if their ink isn't approved, are they tattooing you illegally? Well no. Get this: the FDA states that even though they haven't approved tattoo-grade ink, parlors still use other pigments. Those "pigments" that are used are "industrial-grade colors suitable for printers' ink or automobile paint," including antifreeze, formaldehyde, and carcinogens. Cool, right? Your tattoos can be twinsies with your essay papers, you car, and even a dead body.

    Nothing can destroy your tattoo.
    We all know tattoos are permanent, but did you know that even severe burns to your skin can't take them away? That's how deep your ink runs.

    There's a million and one things that can go wrong.
    If a non-disposable tool is left just a tiny bit unsterilized, it can cause major issues in your body. Some of which include infection at the tattoo site, allergic reactions, swelling, scarring, and major itching. Even if your tattoo artist doesn't wear gloves, or is wearing dirty gloves. Aside from the tools, the ink itself can contain ingredients that don't match up well with your body, and could make the situation that much worse.

    Tattoos and MRI's are not BFFs.
    Take it from this guy. Because of the awesome chemicals mentioned earlier in the article, MRI technology can interfere with tattoos and cause severe burns on that part of the body. So, for anyone with full sleeves and chest piece tattoos, try to avoid any brain or spinal issues, tumors or cysts, because your MRI wouldn't go very well.

    Just think before you ink.