5 Ways To Blow Off Steam This Summer At Your Awful Internship
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5 Ways To Blow Off Steam This Summer At Your Awful Internship

Don't become the real life version of that accidentally sent email trope.

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Working a terrible internship? Not really sure how to deal with the stress and demands? Well, here are a handful of ways to let loose without losing it-- or your internship.

1. Get up and go.
You've been given permission for a break, so take it. You don't have to stay on-site (well, unless your higher-up told you to). Just go for a quick spin. Pick up lunch. No car? No problem. That's where Zipcar can come in.

Join now--especially if this is a long-term, all summer long kind of deal. Or if your internship requires you to travel across state borders. If that's the case, might as well sign up for a membership, which'll travel with you.

2. Write about it.
We've all seen that ridiculous trope where someone writes their boss an angry email with no intention of sending it, but some moron clicks the send button. Then the rest of the episode centers around these friends pulling ridiculous stunts to help the "sender."

Vent about it, but don't risk this sort of situation. Invest in a cheap notebook and scribble your feelings away. It's safer than posting about it on social media (which your boss might be following you on--fair warning!). And obviously safer than an email in your drafts folder.

3. Listen to music.
If you're allowed to work on computers at your internship, invest in a pair of headphones or earbuds. Plug those suckers in and rock out to Pandora Radio as you work. I recommend The Offspring station. There's an anarchist feel to the songs on there. You'll hear Green Day, Three Days Grace, and Blink-182. Perfect for the statement of "enough of the system and the man!" without really saying it aloud. (That station is what got me through election night 2016.)

4. Break it up.
Heavy assignments of work feel super overwhelming. Getting that huge checklist is scary, right? And looking at it is even worse. Instead of looking at the to-do list as a whole, break it up into sections.

Start with the first three items and take a five-minute break to get water or walk around. Once the break's over, start the next three, then break. It makes everything feel more attainable. Besides, our brains can only handle so much work at once. Taking a quick breather can do you some good.

5. Find a support group.
It's hard going home to a family who tells you that you can talk to them about anything, but the moment it's too negative, they don't want to hear it. In that case, call a friend or roommate. Someone who's sympathetic to your situation. Or maybe befriend a fellow intern or employee to vent with.

Be careful with this last one. It sometimes backfires in your face if they rat you out to your supervisor. But also know it's just an internship. It'll be over before you know it.

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9 New Steam Games For 10 Bucks Or Less

Available for Mac and PC.

Post-spring break blues are one of the biggest struggles of second semester. Sometimes, people need a little pick-me-up or distraction. Or some time alone on a study break. I suggest coping with all this by downloading Steam (if you don't already have it) to play some video games.

Don't worry about the prices because I've found 10 new steam games for under $10. And no need to worry whether you're a Windows or Mac user, either. All of these games are available for both computer systems.

We Were Here
A free co-op video game version of an escape room. Perfect for playing with a long-distance friend. It includes in-game voice chat, so both you and your friend can try to solve puzzles and escape together.

For those who grew up playing Yu-Gi-Oh and continue to play strategic card games (like Magic: The Gathering), Faeria is a dream come true. It's a free unique strategy card game. Players use three cards at a time to conquer their opponent's land.

The Tenth Line
If a card game fantasy game doesn't feel right, try The Tenth Line. It costs $9.99, but that's really reasonable for a new console-style RPG. It prides itself on a unique 2D battle system that's more than button mashing. That battle system's not nearly as strategical as Faeria, but there are puzzles to solve and monsters to fight.

Heroes of Dire
If you can't scrounge up about $10 for The Tenth Line, this free massively-multiplayer role-playing game might be your best bet. Your character commands an army, who will do battle for you. They must not be very well paid because they wait for the other army to attack. Yup, it's a turn-based MMORPG. You can conquer alone or take the (wiser) path of joining forces with friends.

Bad Dream: Coma
A minimalistic "point and click" type game with lots of options and even more consequences. It's praised for its creepy atmosphere, which is aided by its soundtrack. Replays are highly encouraged, so if your $8.99 doesn't feel like it went that far, start a new game.

Rhythm and action games combine in 64.0, a rhythm-based shooting game. For only $2.99, tap to the beat of the music to shoot incoming bad guys. Doesn't sound so bad--except there's only 64.0 seconds to finish the task. Not as easy as it sounds.

Flower Design
Sandbox games like this one are a fantastic way to relax and unwind. There's no boss battles or dungeons to get through. Just designing beautiful flowers. No stress or pressure--well, except for that test tomorrow. Doesn't matter when there are flowers to design. And for $1.99? Not bad. Not bad at all.

Draw Rider 2
An obviously named sequel that brings out the physics majors in its players. It's not as straightforward as most running/jumping/dodging games. The physics of this game can be played around with in an editor mode. Create your own levels for others to play while playing other players' levels, too! Note that it's an early access game--meaning it's not complete. But it'll be pretty cool to see where this game goes from its current state. But hey, $1.99 to test out an incomplete game is super reasonable.

The name is deceiving. The $9.99 game has nothing to do with the apocalypse or tacos. Well, it's more that the taco part is indirect. In this game, you work as a taco delivery driver. The more tacos you deliver, the more money you make to add upgrades to your truck. And some of those upgrades are pretty extreme for good reason: you're driving in the middle of the apocalypse. That name isn't actually all that deceiving. My bad.

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4 Things That Will Ease Your Stress

Summer stress is a thing, but don't worry. Here are four things you can do to relieve it!

Even though summer is the time to forget about your stress and ongoing list of issues, it is also the perfect time to tackle the things that cause you the most stress and anxiety. From money to goal setting, these are five tasks that can help rid you of your stress!

Finding a financial advisor.

If you find that financial issues (or lack thereof) keep you up at night, you may want to look into connecting with a financial advisor. You don't necessarily have to tackle this alone; many people's parents have their own advisors and you could connect with them as well. From dealing with student loans to investing, a financial advisor will be able to help you learn about saving, balancing and dealing with your money.

Taking a day to lie in bed... all day.

Okay, I know this seems counter intuitive, I get it, but decompressing is a totally acceptable and healthy way to deal with your stress. If you tend to tackle your demons head on, this probably isn't the best for you; but if you feel like you just need a "me day", I highly recommend this step. Find your favourite Netflix show, grab some snacks and throw yourself in your bed... pretty much all day. Feel free to ignore your phone and just focus on decompressing yourself. If you want, try meditation or mindfulness, if that is more your style.

Making a master list of things you need to accomplish.

Sometimes being productive can ease your stress. If so, compile a master list of all the tasks (big or small) that you want to get done by the end of the week or bi-weekly cycle. By seeing all your tasks in one list and format, you'll be able to finalise your game plan and set specific dates, deadlines and times that you have to meet. Again, sometimes tackling your problems head on can help.

Setting short and long term goals.

If you find that setting weekly tasks does nothing overwhelms you, I recommend setting short and long term goals will help you manage everything. Additionally, you will be able to view an extended spread of what you want to accomplish by the end of the year. This method gives you the ability to take things one at a time and to plan depending on your personal schedule. By creating a long term view, you can incorporate tasks from either your personal life, school and/or work and avoid the last minute rush of trying to finish a weekly or daily task.

Focusing on a hobby.

Another healthy, positive method of reducing your stress is putting your effort and energy into a hobby you enjoy and are good at. If you are looking for a new hobby, think of looking into something that focuses on reducing blood pressure, stress and involves using energy. From yoga to writing, picking up and learning a different hobby could take your mind off of the continuous stressors that you feel consume your day.

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Your Internship as Told by Harry Potter

You're an intern, Harry!

It's finally July, and that means that if you haven't already begun your summer internship, it's probably about to start. No one understands being thrown into a strange world more than Harry Potter. He thought he was just a boy, but he was actually a wizard.

You thought you were just a college student on break, but you are actually a college student interning for little or no pay. See? Lots of similarities.

When you walk into the office on your first day.

When you meet your fellow interns.

When you get (and nail) your first assignment.

When your boss yells at you for the first time.

When your boss yells at you for the fifth time.

When you finally hook up with the intern you've had crush on all summer.

When you make it to the end of your last day.

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Why You Should Take Your Unpaid Sports Internship Seriously

It can suck at times, but you have to start somewhere.

Working for free is terrible. Your time should be worth something right? Even if you are getting credit for your summer internship, it still feels like you should be compensated a little bit.

I currently intern for a baseball team for credit, without getting paid and it sucks sometimes. As an intern for a minor league baseball team, you have to do a lot of dirty work. Last week I had to sell food at the concession stand even though I'm a sales intern.

It's ridiculous at times that we do this for free, but in the end it is totally worth it. Even though you think if quitting at least once a week, there a few reasons to keep your summer internship.

Getting a job in sports in incredibly hard. You need to work your way up from the bottom of the totem pole. Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan started as a training camp intern for the Washington Redskins. I bet he had to do some of the similar dirty work that I have to do daily. But look where it got him.

Interning is a great way of getting your foot in the door of the sports industry. There are so many benefits for interning for any sports team, even if it is minor league.

Networking is a huge part of working your way up in sports. I have a few different bosses in the sales department and all of them know people who have worked for major league teams or currently work for teams like the Yankees, Arizona Cardinals, Boston Bruins, and even some minor league baseball and basketball teams.

Having these colleagues as a resource in the future so that I can move onto bigger things and maybe work for one of those professional teams is invaluable. As an intern, it's important to secure great relationships with everyone you work with because you never know who they know.

Experience is the main reason people intern. You get so much hands on experience in the real world of sports. I sit in the office daily and make calls to people trying to sell tickets; that's hands on experience right there.

I also get to witness our president and general manger complete player transactions, watch our promotions team set up our events for the day, and I even learned how a baseball stadium operates. This experience in the sports industry will help me get better sports jobs and it also helps me decide if I want to continue in the sports industry as well, which I definitely do.

Sports internships are suppose to be fun. I work a lot of our games throughout the summer and I get to enjoy baseball as well. Even though I'm working at our sales table during the game, there are parts when nobody is around and I can just watch the game with my fellow interns.

Baseball is one of my favorite sports so working games is something that I really enjoy, even if the team is losing by 10. Whether you work for a football team, hockey team, or any sports team, don't forget to enjoy the game when you can.

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Internship Diaries Week 2: Is Anyone Sane?

Another week in retail!

The answer is no. No one is sane, at least no one that I came in contact with this week. Don't believe me? Let me start with a story that will surely capture the tone of my week.

Monday morning I get into work and I'm informed there is a message from a customer that I need to attend to. I'm a little frustrated before even picking up the phone to listen to it, I've been at work for 10 minutes and already there is an issue. Little did I expect that the message was from someone's whack-job grandmother. Her request will frustrate anyone who's ever worked in retail or customer service.

She wanted me to help her locate a tee shirt she purchased two years ago. Two fucking years ago. Stellar. The chance we still sold a product from two years was slim. I called her back and after a lot of rambling she finally told me what she was looking for. I asked her to please read me the style number in the tag so I could see if we still had it. This was a process in and of itself because she literally read me the whole entire tag, washing instructions and all, before finally giving me the style number.

When I searched it I was relieved it was one of the basics we always had in stock. I thought my job was done and she could hop online and order it. Little did I know I was also going to have to teach this woman how to use the world wide web. I literally had to tell her everything down to putting ".com" at the end of the URL. I also had to tell her at least 35 times the name of the website.

Once we were there it was a struggle explaining how to shop by category and where to find the tee. Much more went into this conversation, but eventually we got the job done. She then spent five minutes telling me what a great employee I was and asking if she could talk to my boss to tell me that. Sweet, but I just wanted off the damn phone.

The rest of the week consisted of absurd tasks like:
-Tracking down the UPS man and convincing him to give us a package my boss wanted NOW.
-Completely reorganizing an entire showroom only to be told that they actually liked the original way better - so then reorganizing it.
-Spending a whole day running around town searching for chicken noodle soup. Seriously. Not kidding.

That's the thing with interning, especially in the fashion industry, and especially for free. There is no such thing as a typical day. You go into work every morning without a clue what the day is going to hold. Sometimes you end up helping a lunatic work the internet, and sometimes you get to spend the day dressing and undressing models. It's really just a gamble.

So that, my lovely readers, is exactly why this week is entitled "Is Anyone Sane?" because no one is. This week was strange and busy and stressful and the only thing getting me through is knowing that next week will be spent showing the brand's latest collection to boutiques around the city. AKA shopping days!

See you next week (send good vibes, I need them).