Five Reasons Why All-Nighters Are the Best
12.16.2016 | Classes Source:, (edited)

Five Reasons Why All-Nighters Are the Best

College all-nighters do have a bright side.

When it comes to the college all-nighter, you aren't just messing around. It's business time and you are getting to work. Why? Your sleep and sanity depend on it. The longer you procrastinate and don't work, the less sleep you get. It's amazing how productive you can be with just a little more incentive than a normal day in the library.

2.No distractions
One of the most vital parts of the all-nighter is that there are NO DISTRACTIONS! So often when writing a paper, you will write a few sentences and then be on your phone for half an hour. It's amazing how long you can literally do nothing for. Luckily at night, campus is asleep, your friends are gone, and it's just you and your soon-to-be paper.

3.You're in control
Of course, it can be quite stressful if a 12-page paper is due the next morning. But if it's relatively in your grasp, you know you got this. It's just a matter of actually doing it. Many times, students will go to sleep and wake up early to write a paper.

That could go down the wrong road very quickly. More often than not, papers will take longer than expected. At night, you know it's going to get done whenever it gets done. You can afford a few mistakes along the way. Plus, it's super hard to work well when you are stressed for time constraints.

4.Step back from college
One of the best things about all-nighters is the step back from reality. College is super stressful, and there is seemingly always something to do. You can literally always do work for something whether it's study, write a paper, or finish readings for the weeks ahead.

And that's besides whatever extra-curricular activities, jobs, or internships you have. It can feel like you're trapped in this college land, where all you ever do is college. It can be quite overwhelming.

But all-nighters get you out of your normal and ever-so repetitive schedule. At night, alone, you actually have peace of mind to think. You think of all the philosophical questions of life your adolescent mind seeks to answer. With all the chaos of your daily college life, all-nighters can be quite peaceful.

Finally, when it's all over, you can't help but shake this feeling of accomplishment. Your paper is done; the stress is gone. You've thought about life, cleared your head, and put in a ton of work. You can't help but feel this great sense of relief. All you have to do next is, SLEEP!