Five Active Quarterbacks That Stepped in and Shined
11.18.2016 | Sports Source:

Five Active Quarterbacks That Stepped in and Shined

They took the spotlight by storm.

Well, Tony Romo is officially back from injury, only to be the back up quarterback for rookie sensation Dak Prescott. Prescott is another signal caller who gained their first jobs in the league after replacing the injured incumbent QB. Some quarterbacks in the past, such as Steve Young and Brett Favre, find themselves in Canton, Ohio. Today, the league have some of these examples of back-ups becoming starters through injury.

Colin Kaepernick
Before becoming one of the most controversial, average quarterbacks in the league's history, Kap was a second year back-up to Alex Smith. Because Smith had just led the 49ers to a NFC Championship appearance the previous year and had led San Fran to a 6-2-1 season, his job was believed to be secured for the 2012 season.

That was until he suffered a concussion that left him out of a Monday Night game against the Chicago Bears. Kaepernick's impressive performance in the game led Jim Harbaugh to start Kaep from then on. The decision paid off, as Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl that season.

Kirk Cousins
Remember the 2012 Draft when the Redskins mortgaged their entire future on Robert Griffin III? You see how well that turned out? Actually, pretty well because they spent their fourth round pick in that year's draft on Kirk Cousins from Michigan State.

Cousins' first starts were in 2013 after the Redskins, but it was week 2 of 2014, when RGIII went down with a dislocated ankle and was replaced by Cousins, did it become clear that the RGIII era was over. One postseason appearance later, Kirk Cousins has accomplished just as much as RGIII with fewer injuries and more soundbites.

Philip Rivers
Rivers today is seen as the third best QB from the 2004 draft class, behind Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. It took almost two seasons for Rivers to make his first start in the league. In the final game of the 2005 NFL season, Chargers Pro-Bowl QB Drew Brees suffered a torn labrum in his throwing arm.

In the off-season, because of the injury, the Chargers decided to not re-sign Brees and make Rivers their QB for the future. Brees left for New Orleans, and Rivers has spent the past decade re-writing the Chargers record book.

Ben Roethlisberger
Speaking of 2004 Draft, who could forget Big Ben's entrance into the league. Week 2 against the Baltimore Ravens, Tommy Maddox goes down with a shoulder injury. Ben proceed to lead Pittsburgh to 14 straight victories, in the process ending the New England Patriots 21 game winning streak.

In his career, Ben morphed Pittsburgh from a ground and pound team to one of the league's most high powered offenses. Oh, he also has two Super Bowl rings.

Tom Brady
Yeah you probably expected this. Arguably the greatest quarterback in the 100 year history of the NFL did not start a game until Drew Bledsoe went down with internal bleeding in the second week of the 2001 season.

Fifteen seasons, two MVPs, four Super Bowl championships, and one really stupid investigation later, Tom Brady stands alone on the mountain top of quarterbacks who got their jobs because of injury. Mo Lewis and the New York Jets have been regretting that day ever since.