5 TV Shows Guaranteed To Cheer You Up
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5 TV Shows Guaranteed To Cheer You Up

And probably make you laugh a lot along the way.

There are so many really cool TV shows out right now. There are funny, scary, creative, crazy, unique and dramatic ones - and sometimes a mix of more than one of those!

When you're having a bad day, though, sometimes you just want a cute and happy TV episode to distract you a little. Here are some of the best shows that are, for the most part, just so happy!

1. The Office.
The Office is so much fun. It is just full of the most ridiculous, hilarious scenarios that would most likely never happen in a real office, but they are really fun to watch. Also, in between the crazy, there are some actually really sweet relationships built between the characters, like with Jim and Pam, and Michael and all his employees, among others.

I first watched The Office freshman year of college, and at first I thought it was a goofy show, with some inappropriate jokes thrown in, but several months later, I was crying happy tears as I watched the show finale. This is a classic, and will almost always work to cheer you up.

2. Chuck.
Chuck is an adorable TV show. Zachary Levi (the voice actor of Flynn Rider, who is the best) acts as Chuck, a sweet, nerdy guy who finds out that he is connected to the C.I.A., the N.S.A. and all kinds of spy work! Not only is Chuck great, the other characters are actually amazing as well (like Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Ellie and Awesome), and they develop really well over the course of the show.

This show has romance, clever plots and hilarious lines. It deals with some serious things, but the overall tone is light, adorable and funny as Chuck navigates the spy world. Plus, Chuck and Sarah are so cute!

3. New Girl.
New Girl
is so much fun. Jess, the main character, is adorable, funny and so relatable. I could write paragraphs about her hilarious roommates, who are all guys. Nick is anti-social, works in a bar and is actually a really great friend; Schmidt is classy, high-strung and hilariously sarcastic; Winston is adorable, a bit awkward and loves cats. Plus, Jess's best friend, Cece, is sassy and amazing.

Basically, the show follows Jess as she adjusts to her roommates, and how they become friends. There are also some really great relationships that build as the show goes on. Often, an episode will start out with a conflict and treat it pretty lightly, but by the end, the characters show that they are are actually, reluctantly adults (relatable), and they work through the problem together. It's so good, and so funny!

4. Jane the Virgin.
Jane the Virgin is a truly adorable show about a young woman, her parents, grandma and the two men in her life. There are a lot of plot twists and turns, but there is also a deeply rooted theme of the importance of family values.

The narrator of this particular show is hilarious and an amazing unique part of the show. Also, Gina Rodriguez is so talented, and will make you laugh and cry. Overall, though, it is just a feel-good show that will make you wish you were sassy like basically all the characters are, and allow you to appreciate your family more.

5. The Flash
Now, you wouldn't think The Flash is a typical feel-good show because it's a superhero show, and those can be more serious than some. This, though, is the comic book story of the Flash, but light-hearted and hilarious, and with characters who are ALL adorable. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I would have to go with Joe!

Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash, is truly talented, and can bring awkwardness, joy, and sorrow into one episode. I have laughed and cried so much watching this show, many times during the same episode! I started this show just on a whim, and I'm not into superhero shows, but now it is absolutely one of my favorites.

It will always cheer me up, watching the crazy adventures of Barry Allen.

Now, go watch a happy TV show!

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5 Thoughts You Have When You Finish a Netflix Series

"Never a right time to say goodbye."

We're all guilty of spending hours and hours binge watching our fav Netflix show instead of doing more productive things like studying. When you finally get through those 10 seasons, all you're left with is too much extra time and a horrible feeling of sadness. Below are some thoughts that we all have when the credits roll after the last episode of the series.

1. I feel like I just said goodbye to my BFFs.
A series of 10 seasons is made up of about 9,600 minutes. That's almost seven days of watching a show. That's like spending an entire week with someone... 24 hours a day.

There's no doubt that in that time you've all gotten so close. That's basically how I feel when I'm watching an intriguing Netflix series--I'm so emotionally involved in these characters' lives. And then one day it's just over and you have to say goodbye. That'll get you in your feels for sure.

2. Is it actually over?
I hate not knowing what comes next. Did they stay together forever? Did they have any kids? What are they doing now? Are they still happy? It's great when a show ends and everyone is on track to live "happily ever after," but do they really? Wow. I'm in denial that a show ever actually ends.

3. Do I follow the actors on all forms of social media?
If not, I'm definitely following them now. Gotta keep up with them--they are my best friends, remember? Plus, there's no better satisfaction than seeing the actors being friends after a show has ended. Downside to this: Most couples from the TV show aren't couples in real life... that's heartbreaking af.

4. Everything--literally everything--reminds you of the show.
That cup of coffee I had this morning did it...I mean, they always drank coffee on the show. My mom has the same color hair as my favorite female lead...damn I really miss her. And I definitely won't go to a basketball game anytime soon--haven't been to one of those since the second to last episode. I think I just need to crawl in bed and cope with this heartbreak.

5. WTF am I supposed to do now?
Holy free time...and no idea what to do with it. Maybe I should study or spend some time with my family. I could probably use a good night's sleep--haven't had one of those in a while. Maybe I should start a new Netflix series, but no matter how hard I try, nothing will ever be as good as the one I just finished. Decisions, decisions.

It was the worst break up of your life. Finally, the heartbreaking feeling you've had starts to go away. Your happiness is coming back, and you have an idea--I'll just start the series over--I've already seen every episode three times, why not make it four? And all is good in the world again...that is, until the last episode is over.

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The DL on Fuller House

Have mercy, it's a lot different than the original.

All of us 90's kids remember the classic family sitcom Full House that aired from 1987-1995. Some of you might be more familiar with it as that show that was on Nickelodeon right before your parents made you go to bed.

Regardless, Netflix totally is playing into our unabashed nostalgia and released Fuller House last week, a spin-off of our favorite TV family, the Tanner-Fuller-Gladstone-Gibbler-Katsopolis clan. But beware: there are many big changes.

The title doesn't mean what you think it means. We all thought the concept of "fuller" house meant that all the kids, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle, were moving back into the ole' San Fran house with Danny, Jesse, Rebecca, and Joey. And we figured they would bring along their hubbies and kiddos. Nope. "Fuller" actually refers to DJ Tanner's married name; and she's actually the main character of the show. So it's the "Fuller House." Kind of misleading, but whatever.

Michelle Tanner is not on the show. AKA, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. It kind of makes sense that they collectively didn't want to do the show. They would have to decide who took the part, and if not, they would have to switch on and off for different scenes and that's just annoying. Plus, they are also sort of busy running their billion dollar fashion empire. Fuller House took a half-baked stab at explaining to the audience why Michelle Tanner isn't home in California: "Michelle sends her love, but she's busy in New York running her fashion empire" followed by an awkward five-second glare to the camera. What was supposed to be meta and kind of tongue-in-cheek ends up feeling lazy.

Stephanie Tanner is not so sweet and innocent anymore. In fact, she's the complete opposite of her sister. While DJ is mommy-ing it up with three adorable boys, Stephanie is basking in her own sassy independence, and it's evident throughout the show.

Nicky and Alex are awkwardly still Nicky and Alex. It's cute that Netflix wanted to keep the authenticity of the original show by sticking to the original actors for Nicky and Alex. But if you watch the new show, it's painfully obvious that these two guys did not grow up to be actors.

Kimmy Gibbler is a mom. That brings weird images to my mind. But yes, Kimmy Gibbler is a single mom of one daughter, Ramona. Kimmy actually ends up moving in with DJ in the second episode, who is also a single mom.

It's no longer rated G. Since the show is produced by Netflix, the family aspect of it was hugely turned down. There are now more sexual jokes, partial nudity (see above), and references to drugs and alcohol. Oh, and Kimmy and Stephanie kiss.

Comet Jr. Jr. Jr. exists. This is actually cute. Steve, (Remember DJ's old high school boyfriend?) owns Comet Jr. Jr., who's actually a girl. She delivers puppies, and the Fullers decide to adopt a puppy. Thus, Comet Jr. Jr. Jr. I love how they kept the legend going.

Steve literally wants in DJ's pants. Yep, he's still around, and apparently he's horny. His character makes endless attempts to let DJ know he's still there if she needs someone. And it looks like it ends up working out.

Becky and Jesse did not change, thankfully. They are still as perfect as ever. Have mercy.

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How To Join A Cult

Binge-worthy cult TV shows and where to watch them.

Cult TV series are TV shows that tend to have low viewer ratings, but a very dedicated fanbase. These shows tend to be highly quotable and often referenced in pop culture. To lean more about some 90's and 00's cult "classics" and where to watch 'em, read on!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Starting off with the birthday girl--er, 20th anniversary since the pilot episode--Josh Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer stands out for its strong female leads, humor, and story-telling. The special effects are outdated, but don't let that be a turn-off. Buffy's kick-ass, can-do-anything attitude is one that

Where to watch: Netflix and Hulu.

The X-Files
Before Vine died (RIP), Vine fans might remember some of the Illuminati memes. The music used in that came directly from The X-Files' main theme. The X-Files spawned a TV series, a movie, and a handful of TV specials. FBI agent Dana Scully is assigned to keep an eye on Fox Mulder, who's obsessed with unexplained cases called the X-Files. Many of these cases involve aliens and cryptids. It doesn't rely too much on special effects but still manages to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Where to watch: Netflix and Hulu.

Another Joss Whedon success that didn't survive nearly as long as Buffy. It's a cross between Star Trek and a Western film, filled with plenty of action, snark, and memorable characters. Sadly, it only received one season. It deserved more than one.

Where to watch: Netflix and Hulu.

Twin Peaks
A three-time Golden Globe winner about a small, sleepy town with an unfortunate name and the misfortune of a violent murder of a young girl. An FBI agent steps in to investigate the murder and finds himself tangled within the strange town that is Twin Peaks.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Doctor Who
BBC's Doctor Who is the longest running television show. It aired in 1963 and is still running (give or take a couple hiatuses). It's a sci-fi epic featuring a character known as The Doctor, who's the last Time Lord. He travels through time with human companions in a blue police box known as the TARDIS. It's quirky, emotional, and dramatic. Tip: For the more recent series, start with 2005's series 1. It features Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Although it's not usually what comes to mind with the words "cult TV show," Avatar: The Last Airbender certainly has the popularity and memorability to be one. Since it aired in 2005 (that's 10 years ago, people), it blew people away. It's an animated series that took its intended audience seriously and told a story of epic proportions. It balances action, comedy, drama, and tragedy as delicately as Aang must restore balance to his world.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

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The 15 Best TV Show Theme Songs From Our Childhood

They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Recently, I heard a few old Nickelodeon TV show theme songs, and, besides being totally impressed with myself for nailing all the lyrics (and instrumental sounds...ya heard Rugrats fans?), I was amazed how good they all were.

Like, good enough that I would casually listen to them for shits and gigs and not feel embarrassed if they came up on shuffle in front of other people.

While our parents might fight us on this because they had some pretty rad TV show theme songs back in the day (I watch TV Land sometimes, OK, guys??), I'd say the opening tunes from the shows of our youth take the cake.

In fact, they (and the shows they intro) are so good, sometimes I feel bad for my future kids for missing the golden age of theme songs.

Disagree with me? Well, you're wrong. And with this countdown of the 15 best theme songs from our childhood shows, I will prove to you just how wrong you are.

15. Zoey 101

A little poppy number from the pop princess's little sis.

14. Big Wolf on Campus

An angsty intro that made you want to jump up and down on the couch.

13. Cousin Skeeter

All the soul and feels coming from a Nickelodeon show featuring a trouble-making puppet.

12. So Little Time

An alternative chill diamond song among one of the many jewels of the Olson Twin franchise.

11. As Told By Ginger

Without touching upon the fact that the poor redheaded protagonist's name is Ginger, Macy Gray kills this track.

10. Kim Possible

It's appropriate that the absolute babe that is Kim Possible has a theme song by another babe, Christina Milian.

9. Proud Family

A Solange Knowles number that reminds us that family is the best (especially her family...).

8. Drake & Josh

A fun pop rock song for a show where we could laugh... and swoon at Drake (no offense Josh... you're a really nice guy).

7. That's So Raven

A little singing here, a little rapping there, this theme song captures all the fun that was That's So Raven.

6. Malcolm in the Middle

Heisenberg's show (before he started dealing) features a pretty dope intro beat, no?

5. Laguna Beach

Hilary Duff's classic "Come Clean" couldn't be more perfect for the opening sequence to a show about rich white kids living it up in California.

4. The OC

The song responsible for introducing not only a great show, but also for quoting in any California vacation Instagram/Snapchat captions.

3. All That

You can fight me on this, but this might be one of TLC's greatest songs.

2. Kenan & Kel

Coolio, the rapper who made Gangsta's Paradise, raps this theme song, so yeah...it's cooler than any other intro song you've ever heard.

1. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince set up a song that can have anyone chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.

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7 Childhood Shows That Still Hold Up Today

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

And, let's be honest, I still watch quite a few of these whenever they're on TV...

1. Zoey 101
You'd be lying if you said you weren't living vicariously through Zoey and her friends as they attended pretty much everybody's dream school. I mean, their school was basically right on the ocean, and they dressed like it was perpetually 70 degrees outside.

Their campus was GIGANTIC, and this is a high school, mind you! Zoey's room was at least double the size of my college dorm room. PLUS they got their own bathroom! Like, what? If I ever got the opportunity to go to PCA, you best believe I would take it.


2. Drake and Josh
This show was funny when I was 12, and it's still funny now. It's just that classic humor that people of all ages will enjoy. The thing that I love most about this show are the running jokes, such as Josh's need to "repeat things for emphasis" or Megan's clever tricks on her brothers.

Not gonna lie, Megan was kind of my hero, and she made me wish that I had older brothers that I could torment.


3. Hannah Montana
How this girl managed to be a full-time popstar AND a full-time student, I'll never know. I remember wishing how I had that huge, rotating closet that Miley/Hannah had (and, to be honest, I still want it).

This was just a great show overall with a great plot, great characters, and light-hearted humor. My friends and I still sing the "Cheese Jerky" song. Remember that catchy little number? If not, I highly suggest you YouTube it ASAP.


4. Wizards of Waverly Place
This show was my shit. Seriously. My Harry Potter-loving self became obsessed with this show.

Do you know how jealous I was of these characters and their wizarding abilities? And honestly, kudos to them for keeping their wizard secret on the DL, I honestly don't think I could have pulled that one off.


5. Full House
Whenever I'm flipping channels and I see that this show is on TV, I never hesitate to watch it. It's such a great, wholesome, feel-good show for the entire family. More than the other shows previously mentioned, this show was pretty relatable in that it depicted a pretty normal family.

What kept it interesting, however, is that it depicted this normal family in a bit of an unusual situation: a single-father raising his three young daughters with the help of his brother-in-law and his best friend. This show just makes my heart happy, OK?


6. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
As much as I appreciate the brilliant wordplay in the show's title ("suite" referring to a hotel suite and "sweet" as in something that's cool... ha ha, get it?), this show was just entertaining as hell. We've got a great cast of characters; the overbearing but somehow lovable hotel manager, the witty and intelligent candy counter girl, the stuck-up yet kind-hearted heiress, and of course the stars of the show: the two wily twin brothers.

I can only speak for myself, but I always thought it would be "suite" (see what I did there?) to live in a hotel. Although, I'm not a pre-teen boy, so I probably wouldn't be able to come up with all of the clever antics that Zack and Cody get into. So, I'll just watch the show instead and live vicariously through them, while also wishing I had London Tipton's wardrobe.


7. Spongebob Squarepants
I've saved the prized jewel for last. Yes, I do have a bit of a bias toward Spongebob. But, come on, the only people who don't like Spongebob are the people who've never seen it, right? This has to be the most quotable show to ever exist, at least according to our generation.

I cannot stress how rare it is, at least in my experience, to come across someone who doesn't recognize a Spongebob reference. I am twenty years old, and I can still spew out Spongebob quotes like there's no tomorrow. Spongebob is a classic, and always will be.