5 Habits You Copied From "Friends" Without Realizing
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5 Habits You Copied From "Friends" Without Realizing

Could it BE any less obvious?

I have a theory (round of applause, please).

My theory states that the more episodes of a show you binge-watch, the more random habits you pick up from the show (no judgment by the way, I've picked up my fair share of habits from a ton of shows I've binge-watched). And to validate my theory, here's proof of the random habits you picked up from Friends:

1. Meeting up daily in that exact same spot.
Notice how in the show, the gang met up at the Central Perk all day, every day? Well, without realizing it, you and your gang have started meeting up at the exact same place every single day.

That place has lowkey become like a second home to your friends. The waitresses at the spot know you and your gang by name and order. You can even forget prized possessions there and be sure to get them back safe and sound, because the people there will be sure to help save stuff for you.

And to make matters worse, you and your friends choose the exact same spot. Face it, you always have a standing reservation at the exact same booth at the exact same place.

2. Your coffee drinking habit.
After seeing your favorite on-screen gang gulping down several cups of the caffeinated concoction, you decided to try it out. We both know you didn't like coffee 'til the day you discovered your obsession with the show.

And on that day, you vowed that since everyone you loved on TV was doing it, you'd also do it. And so, you braved your first cup of coffee and have been gulping down gallons of it since.

3. Barging in on your friends.
During my own phase of being obsessed with Friends, I noticed that the gang has no sense of privacy whatsoever and always barged in on everyone. Joey and Chandler were always fond of barging into Monica's apartment.

I even began to wonder if Monica ever locked her doors (she didn't by the way, but let's not get sidetracked here). Soon enough, you've picked up the habit of barging into your friend's place too (but it's okay, I'm sure they find it endearing... hopefully).

4. The weird guy you spy on.
"Ugly naked guy" was an integral part of the show. Spying on "ugly naked guy" was a group activity, a bonding exercise, a hobby. Without knowing it, you and your group of friends have your very own "ugly naked guy."

You spy on this unsuspecting creature a lot. It may be in person, like they do on the show, or you may stalk them on social media. They may be a total stranger, just like on the show. Alternatively, he or she may be an acquaintance from work or even an ex. Either way, y'all are pretty updated on them.

5. You dream about the show, don't deny it.
You've dreamed about the show at least once. If you finished all ten seasons of the show, chances are you've had very many dreams, sometimes recurring, like me. I'm not proud of it, but I have dreamed I was in so many episodes. I can't even begin to recount these dreams.

But hey, on the bright side, it's quite a conversation starter actually. But it's also proof that you're quite obsessed.

Aha! Just as I suspected! My theory proves accurate. The great Socrates strikes again!

Don't worry, no judging. I wish you many more random habits from many more shows that you binge watch with your gang.

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5 Bachelorette Guys That Should Have Stayed And 5 That Shouldn't Have

Were the decisions for entertainment or Rachel's benefit?

Last night, a new season of The Bachelorette premiered with Rachel Lindsay and her many suitors. All of the guys gave their entrances, some with more spunk than others.

A lot of them stood out, in good and bad ways, and we are questioning some of Rachel's decisions. There are definitely a few guys that deserved to stay on the show more than the guys that did. Here are some I thought should have stayed rather than others.

Should Have Stayed:
Blake K. - US Marine Veteran
This Blake was very humble and not overly extravagant in his mannerism with Rachel. He didn't stand out too much, but his job and attitude were both good attributes Rachel should have recognized.

Grant - Emergency Medical Physician
He came in with a good first impression, including an ambulance and a charming pickup line. The walk-in embodied his profession and was a show stopper for Rachel. He was also bold with pink details to his wardrobe.

Mohit - Product Manager
He was a more diverse contestant, and was dressed in a teal undershirt. His choice of dress was attractive and unique, making him stand out. He seemed nice and not worth being kicked off so early.

Michael - Former Basketball Player
One of the few athletes in the group, he didn't stand out, but it can be assumed that he would have a great physique. He also has a moving tattoo and played basketball in Bulgaria, two interesting things I would wanna know more about if I were Rachel.

Milton - Recreational Supervisor
He stood out after getting the boot because he was brought to tears. He was obviously invested in the commitment of the show and was touched by Rachel as a person.

Should Have Gone Home:
Bringing a puppet might stand out, but Rachel even admitted that the small fake person was creepy to her, and not necessary for the show. Anyone who has a puppet is a little too weird and introverted.

Blake E.
It was clear from the start that he wasn't sure if the relationship with Rachel would end in marriage, but was really eager about a sexual relationship with her. He is confident in his abilities, that was clearly explained. Not marriage material at all.

He seemed very aggressive about his approach with Rachel. He is also very buff and wouldn't be in my choices over some of the guys she sent home.

Jack Stone
This guy is kinda creepy looking and doesn't have great hair. He was quieter and his facial expressions aren't very calming or approachable.

He was obviously kept on the show solely for entertainment. There's no way Rachel will ever desire him. He is honestly a really strange person who makes no sense, and he is really only on the show to get his face and name out there, which is gross and sneaky. Not cool for Rachel, but at least it will make the show more interesting.

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Pros And Cons Of Playing Mario Kart By Yourself

Wii vs. Me.

It may be called a "Nintendo Wii", but there are times when playing by yourself can be just as fun. At least, sometimes. There are benefits in going on Delfino Square or Grumble Falls when it's just you and your team instead of with friends or family members. Here are some pros and cons of playing Mario Kart by yourself.

Pro: Track Selections
No more debating or arguing for tracks and course. No, I'm not doing the Mushroom Cup, all those tracks are simple and easy. By yourself, your voice is the only voice selecting the venues for your races.

Con: Power Up Barrage
In playing Mario Kart by myself, I've noticed that when it comes to the CPU and using power ups, they aim only for a single person. That is, the only actual person! Seriously, it's like a gang initiation with the other eleven racers throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you. In one race, I was hit with two red shells, a bomb and a fake box was put right in front of me. At no point was I in the top five on that lap!

Pro: Lower Pressure
There is a calmness in playing Mario Kart when you don't look over to see another human being with the same fire and intensity in their eyes as you. There is no pressure of winning every race or losing the series because you don't fear any trash-talk. At times, it almost feels like a calm walk in the park.

Con: A Little Too Easy
Despite every player seemingly wanting to beat the crap out of you on the track, the race can be a little too easy. As long as you drive like you have some common sense, you're almost guaranteed at least a fourth place finish, if not better. Now, you can do team races, which relies on your teammates, but then you have to deal with the potential incompetence of your worst player.

Pro: Test Karts and Bikes
You're alone, so test some things out. Use a character you don't normally use. Use a bike or a kart you don't normally use. Hell, select tracks and cups that you tend to avoid for practice, improvements, and to better yourself as a player.

Con: The Joys of Victory
There may not be a better feeling than throwing a red turtle shell in the final meters of lap three, or hitting someone with a blue turtle shell, or bumping another human being off Rainbow Road or Wario's Gold Mine. (You call it trolling, I call it being a little brother). You just don't get that joy when competing against a faceless or emotionless computer. The joys of victory and the agony of defeat are real, even in a cartoon racing game.

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Netflix's "Friends From College" Is A College Student Must-See

For the college kids who don't want to grow up.

Netflix has just released a trailer for its newest original comedy, Friends From College. The series follows a group of friends from Harvard, now in their forties, who get back together and return to their collegiate rebellious ways. The relationships seem to be intertwined in complicated ways to create a hysterical, yet heartwarming, series.

With Keegan Michael-Key, Annie Parisse (but she will always be Robin from HIMYM to me), Cobie Smulders, Nat Faxon, Fred Savage and Jae Suh Park, you're in for a wild ride. Check out the trailer:

From what the trailer gives us, this show is a must-see for college students. It shows us that leaving college does not mean leaving your college-self behind. All of your insanity, havoc-wreaking, questionable alcohol-consumption tendencies can follow you into your adulthood - it just needs to be surrounded by the appropriate company (your squad of degenerates who ignite the worst flame inside of you).

My dad has always said that no matter how old he gets, he still feels 18 in his head, and I think that's a pretty great mantra to live by. And maybe this show will help you stay #hip and #trendy and #groovy well into your senior citizenship. I've said it once and I'll say it again, Betty White is goals.

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Five TV Shows That Might Inspire Your Career Path

Maybe don't emulate Frank Underwood completely...

House of Cards

Calling all political science majors... If you have a thing for deceit and manipulation, or even just an urge to expand your knowledge of the American government, follow the ever-sexy Kevin Spacey as he climbs the ranks in Washington, and learn a thing or two about politics along the way.

While the plot lines may be a little exaggerated or unrealistic, you are guaranteed to gain a better general understanding American politics and the unexposed circles and conversations of the White House.


Although you probably don't have the mind of Mike Ross, become inspired by the sleek clothing and high-profile cases of Pearson Hardman law firm.

Through watching some of the most talented and successful lawyers of New York City fight the most difficult of cases, viewers get to know the exact steps that occur at a law firm when a new case is taken.

Lucky for us undergrads, viewers also learn what it's like to apply to and attend prestigious law schools. Sounds like a learning experience to me...

Grey's Anatomy

I hope you don't come across as many traumas and disasters as the doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital do, but follow Meredith Grey as she learns the ropes of her medical career.

Be careful, though, the serious injuries and detailed surgeries on screen tend to get pretty bloody, but I guess you're already ready for that if you're studying to be a doctor.

A lot more than medicine goes on at Seattle Grace. You'll also learn a good amount about men, women, relationships, friendships, and more.

Source: nocookie.net


Are you one for the spotlight or one for the background? Figure out which by watching Vince Chase and his entourage live the LA life.

Fly through the 22-minute episodes as you learn what it's like to be anything from a high-rank agent, to a manager, to an actor, or even a movie extra.

Studying film but working more on the writing side? Considering the show lasted for 8 entire seasons, its writers knew a thing about captivating an audience. Take notes.

Source: metro.co.uk

Ugly Betty

Intimidated by the fashion industry? Betty too. But if she can join it, so can you! Follow her as she figures out how to come to terms with being an outsider, and how she's better for it.

Along the way, you'll watch everything from fittings, to shoots, to runway shows, to editorial meetings for one of the top fashion magazines in NYC. Of course, it doesn't actually exist, but you can still learn a thing or two.

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Summer 2016 TV Drinking Games

Nothing like blacking out to your favorite show.

During the weeks before that summer internship starts, or maybe after a long day at that dreaded summer job, it's inevitable that as a college student you will have a lot more downtime than you're used to. So why not fill that time with lounging on the couch, your favorite TV shows, friendly competition, and--most importantly--booze? Lots of booze. Just beware of blacking out, because these games can get pretty intense.

Game of Thrones
Drink every time...
1. You get confused.
2. Anyone gets brutally murdered.
3. Tyrion takes a drink.
4. Tyrion says something witty and quotable.
5. One of your fan theories comes true.
6. Jon Snow or Daenerys look hot AF.
7. Ramsay makes your skin crawl.
8. Arya refers to herself in the third person as "a girl".
9. You feel sorry for Jon Snow after he gets called a bastard.
10. There's a dragon, White Walker, or sex scene (Don't say I didn't warn you about the whole blacking out thing).

American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson
Drink every time...
1. Anyone says "the trial of the century".
2. O.J. uses a football metaphor to explain something completely unrelated.
3. Robert Kardashian looks like he just watched his daughter's sex tape.
4. Robert Shapiro (John Travolta) talks with his lips like Donald Trump.
5. There's an unnecessary scene of Marcia Clark chain-smoking.
6. Chris Darden's facial expression says "I'm constipated AF" or "I literally just shit my pants".
7. There's extreme sexual tension between Marcia and Chris.
8. The Dream Team talks to O.J. like a toddler to prevent a temper tantrum.
9. You get confused if you're watching the jurors or a scene from Big Brother.
10. Someone lets out a deep sigh of disappointment.

Orange is the New Black
Drink every time...
1. There's lesbian sex.
2. The food looks nauseating.
3. Piper throws a Poor Little Rich Girl Pity Party.
4. You learn an inmate's backstory.
5. You feel an odd sense of sympathy/understanding for said inmate.
6. Big Boo gets creepy.
7. Pennsatucky gets religious.
8. Crazy Eyes gets stalker-y.
9. Anyone gets out of prison.

Grey's Anatomy
Drink every time...
1. There's an emotional speech...Drink again if it lasts over 30 seconds.
2. Meredith Grey has a near-death experience.
3. Anyone dies.
4. A defibrillator has to be used because someone almost dies.
5. Someone cries over a dead person.
6. There's a flashback involving a dead person.
7. Tragedy strikes (most likely resulting in death).

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Drink every time...
1. Kimmy says something annoying...so basically just drink anytime she opens her mouth.

Have fun blacking the fuck out!