5 Habits You Copied From "Friends" Without Realizing
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5 Habits You Copied From "Friends" Without Realizing

Could it BE any less obvious?

I have a theory (round of applause, please).

My theory states that the more episodes of a show you binge-watch, the more random habits you pick up from the show (no judgment by the way, I've picked up my fair share of habits from a ton of shows I've binge-watched). And to validate my theory, here's proof of the random habits you picked up from Friends:

1. Meeting up daily in that exact same spot.
Notice how in the show, the gang met up at the Central Perk all day, every day? Well, without realizing it, you and your gang have started meeting up at the exact same place every single day.

That place has lowkey become like a second home to your friends. The waitresses at the spot know you and your gang by name and order. You can even forget prized possessions there and be sure to get them back safe and sound, because the people there will be sure to help save stuff for you.

And to make matters worse, you and your friends choose the exact same spot. Face it, you always have a standing reservation at the exact same booth at the exact same place.

2. Your coffee drinking habit.
After seeing your favorite on-screen gang gulping down several cups of the caffeinated concoction, you decided to try it out. We both know you didn't like coffee 'til the day you discovered your obsession with the show.

And on that day, you vowed that since everyone you loved on TV was doing it, you'd also do it. And so, you braved your first cup of coffee and have been gulping down gallons of it since.

3. Barging in on your friends.
During my own phase of being obsessed with Friends, I noticed that the gang has no sense of privacy whatsoever and always barged in on everyone. Joey and Chandler were always fond of barging into Monica's apartment.

I even began to wonder if Monica ever locked her doors (she didn't by the way, but let's not get sidetracked here). Soon enough, you've picked up the habit of barging into your friend's place too (but it's okay, I'm sure they find it endearing... hopefully).

4. The weird guy you spy on.
"Ugly naked guy" was an integral part of the show. Spying on "ugly naked guy" was a group activity, a bonding exercise, a hobby. Without knowing it, you and your group of friends have your very own "ugly naked guy."

You spy on this unsuspecting creature a lot. It may be in person, like they do on the show, or you may stalk them on social media. They may be a total stranger, just like on the show. Alternatively, he or she may be an acquaintance from work or even an ex. Either way, y'all are pretty updated on them.

5. You dream about the show, don't deny it.
You've dreamed about the show at least once. If you finished all ten seasons of the show, chances are you've had very many dreams, sometimes recurring, like me. I'm not proud of it, but I have dreamed I was in so many episodes. I can't even begin to recount these dreams.

But hey, on the bright side, it's quite a conversation starter actually. But it's also proof that you're quite obsessed.

Aha! Just as I suspected! My theory proves accurate. The great Socrates strikes again!

Don't worry, no judging. I wish you many more random habits from many more shows that you binge watch with your gang.

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What Your Hookup Playlist Should Consist Of Based On Your Sex Habits? (Quiz)

Music matters.

So, you've matched with someone on a dating app like Spotlight, and things are getting steamy during your first date. Setting the tone for your first hookup is very, very important. While many factors come into play, the background music is key. What you listen to can put you right in or take you right out of the zone.

If you're struggling with exactly what to put on the next time things start to happen, take this quiz. I know exactly what you should be listening to based off a handful of your sexual habits.

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Best Habits to Create Your Freshman Year

Get your shit together.

It's your first year on your own and it's time to do a little growing up. Sure, college is a hell of a ride and your last real chance to be a kid, but it's also a time to get your act together and start adulting. Here are 5 habits to create your freshman year that will benefit you in the long run.

1.Get up before 8 a.m. Just because you don't have a class until 1 p.m. doesn't mean you need to be sleeping until noon. Think about how many hours a day you spend wrapped under covers when you could be getting shit done. Get your ass out of bed and get your day rolling. Someday you're going to have a job that forces you to wake up early every day, so you might as well start the habit now. I can tell you from personal experience, becoming a morning person will change you.

2.Make working out a part of your daily routine. Hands down one of the best habits you can create to benefit you for a lifetime. Start working out now and 10 years down the line I'd be willing to bet you're still hitting up SoulCycle on the reg. Not only is this habit the way to a kick ass body, it's also a great way to improve mental health. Taking a break from the day to do something good for yourself gives you the chance to get in the zone and focus on you, and lord knows a little you time is always a necessity.

3.Put yourself together. You know that saying, dress for success? Well last time I checked successful people don't walk around dressed like they just rolled out of bed. Putting on jeans and a cute top takes absolutely no more time than throwing on leggings and a bro tank. It's a little thing that makes all the difference, and you never know who you'll meet.

4.Read at least one news article a day. College is the perfect time to broaden your horizons and become a little more grown up. There is nothing more unimpressive than someone who absolutely has no knowledge of what's going on in the world around them. Keep yourself informed and up to date. I'm not saying that you need to know every detail about every issue out there, but you should be able to hold an intelligent conversation on the presidential debates.

5.Think about what you are putting in your body. While college is a time you should enjoy, it's not an excuse to drink thousands of calories a beer a week and consume nothing but processed foods. Be conscious about what you're putting in your body. You don't have to go completely nuts, but try to eat some green things now in then and/or take a vitamin.

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5 Ways You're Ruining Your New Relationship Without Realizing It

Don't be your own worst enemy.

If your new relationship seems to be failing, I hate to say it but the first person you need to be looking at is yourself. It's easy to get in your own head and eat away at your own sanity bit by bit.

You can so easily be your own downfall. While the other person may very well be at fault, please take a minute to read these five points bellow. If any of them sound like you, try to stop yourself while you can. Dropping these five bad mindsets will more than likely save things for you.

1. You force seeing each other every day.
Forcing anything is really never a good idea. However, when it comes to relationships, forcing things can be absolutely detrimental. Moving too fast too soon turns the situation into a ticking time bomb.

There is a reason people don't typically hit the ground running after all. Use the beginning of the relationship as a learning period. Take the time to further get to know each other and to figure out how your relationship is going to work.

2. You let yourself get disappointed every time plans don't work out.
Just because you are dating someone doesn't mean every time you want to do something they have to be on board. You've got to continue to be able to live your own life apart from them as well. If your S.O. doesn't want to grab sushi for dinner then ask a friend, you've got other people to do things with. Don't forget that.

3. You expect to be your S.O.'s one and only priority.
This should not be true for either of you. Should you be a top priority to each other? Yes. Should you be the only priority? No. Should you be number one? Not necessarily. As college students we've got a lot going on and a lot to figure out for ourselves still. Expecting anyone's complete undivided attention is the quickest was to let yourself down.

4. You adjust your schedule to fit theirs.
This is not a good idea. Never adjust your life to mold better into someone else's. Don't blow off assignments, friends, or responsibilities to hang out with someone every time they want to see you. If you have other things going on than stick with those things and see your S.O. later.

On the other hand, don't sit and wait around for them either. Your day shouldn't be consumed with thoughts of what plans you should cancel or how late you should force yourself to stay up in hopes that maybe you'll get to see them.

5. You ask for far too much reassurance.
I'll be perfectly honest with you, I've been this girl. It did not end well for me. Don't doubt someone unless they give you a concrete reason to doubt them. Believe the things you're told and look at their actions as all the reassurance you need. If someone wants to be exclusive with you and gives you their time when they can, that should be all of the reassurance you need.

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6 Must See "Mind-Fuck" Movies To Distract You From The Finals You'll Fail

Forget the obvious and new, these are where you need to focus.

I'm not going to waste your time by giving you the obvious mind-fucks like Inception, The Sixth Sense, Fight Club, or Black Swan. I'm here to give you the hidden gems for any psychological thriller movie fan to put on their list.

These are the ones you seemingly forget because of how much press affects what movies you'll notice, and because they came out either before our time, or while we were too young. Regardless, they're all perfect for melting your brain.

Oldboy (Japanese version)
When a businessman is kidnapped with no explanation of what is going on, he eventually learns that his wife and daughter have been murdered and he seems to be the main suspect. After being locked away for 15 years, he is finally released and only has one serious mission in mind: to find answers and get revenge. While it is in Japanese, there's absolutely no reason to let the subtitles dissuade you from watching this intense mystery-crime thriller.

Blue Velvet
Whether or not the whole movie is a dream is up to you. After finding a severed ear in a big field, a young man attempts to figure out just what is going on by teaming up with the daughter of a detective. However, the more he searches, the more abnormal and cruel things he finds. It has that Inception-like feel, but the real world aspect to it leaves you questioning your reality a little more

The Butterfly Effect
An absolute must see for anyone who loves a great psychological thriller. Yes, I suppose it's kinda obvious, but for our age it seems to go forgotten. Ashton Kutcher stars in a serious role as a man who can go back in time by simply reading his diary. The movie portrays how the change in little things can devastatingly alter the future. Hold on, because there isn't a moment in the movie where this whirlwind of a plot comes to a halt.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
In this brilliant mind-bender, Jim Carrey takes on a role as a man attempting to move on from a recent relationship. After finding out that his ex-girlfriend had gone through a sketchy procedure to erase him from her memories, he decides to go through the same thing, and we experience the whole process. While the movie is visually stunning, it also discovers the power of love in a very unique fashion.

Donnie Darko
If you call yourself a movie fanatic and haven't seen Donnie Darko, just quit lying to yourself. A young Jake Gyllenhaal plays Donnie Darko, a teen who survived a near fatal accident and then begins to explore the universe through his ability to bend time. He realizes that by controlling time, he can control the outcome of situations, giving him full power to define destiny, dangerously so.

Primal Fear
A youthful Edward Norton puts on a phenomenal performance as a stuttering altar boy accused of bloodily and viciously killing a priest. A defense attorney decides to take on the case after it seems obvious that a boy like him could never commit such a crime. Yet as more and more information is revealed and discovered, the defense lawyer soon learns that this case is much more complicated and wicked than he originally anticipated.

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What You Should Do This Summer Based On Your Social Media Habits (Quiz)

LinkedIn not included.

If you haven't caught on by now, everyone seems to have different social media habits. There are those who post way to much, those who never post, those who use it strictly to stalk.

How you use different platforms says a lot about you. Take this quiz to see what you should do this summer based off of your social media habits!