420 Friendly Playlist
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420 Friendly Playlist

Blaze one!

Now that universal reefer day is here, it is important to find quintessential tracks to match the vibe of the herb you're smoking. Look no further.

The 4/20 Friendly Playlist has a mix of various genres from rock, R&B, hip hop, pop, and reggae to help you lay in ecstasy as you elevate. Not every track mentions herb, but the tunes are meant to match that feel good haze you're about to be in.

Enjoy a soundtrack to your high. Put a plastic bag and a hanger over your smoke detector and blaze one!

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Perfect Things to Do When You're High

May or may not involve food.

Chances are, while you're in college someone is going offer you a puff of marijuana. If no one offers this to you, you're probably not hanging out with the right people.

I'm kidding. Be a good friend to your buddies whether they smoke weed or not. Trust me, it's easy to get away from your sense of self when you get to college, and being a good friend is really important.

Anyway, you can be a good friend to your non-stoner friends and still befriend stoners. What will you and your stoner friends do once you're high? Read on to find out.

Don't eat at all. (Just kidding, go to the dining hall immediately.)
Seriously. Go to your dining hall. We're talking about the unlimited supply of already-paid-for, buffet-style food.

What could be better for a high college student than rows and rows of pizza, prepared hot meals, soups, sandwiches, and French fries? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Roll in with your crew of high friends, grab a huge, round table, and have at it.

Warning: you may experience anxiety when exposed to so many non-high people, like for instance the person you hooked up with last weekend who keeps trying to force eye contact from across the room.

Just remember that you don't look out of the ordinary; you're experiencing time much slower than everyone else, and no one is judging you. They're too busy worrying whether you're judging them.

Play with puppies.
Quick, hit up your friend who has a puppy/dog/whatever and see if they will let you play with their dog. There is literally nothing more fun than playing with a puppy while high. Their cuteness, playfulness, and puppy-ness is magnified. Once you get your hands on that little ball of fur, your mood will soar. Nothing can make a high college student happier than puppies - not even the dining hall.

Go to the movies.
Preferably, a 3D IMAX movie. Nothing can make the plot of a movie pop like some marijuana. Even if you're too high, all you have to do while you're in a movie is sit there and not talk. It's the perfect activity.

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Back To School Playlist

Pregame tunes, shower tunes, college tunes

It's the new semester. Time to get back to the days of pregaming music, shower music, Uber music, and getting ready music for while you do your makeup pre-party.

This playlist is good for every occasion, some upbeat and some chill music to get you though the long study days in the library or taking shots while super hungover.

Happy fall semester!

Care - Cade

Chill Bill - Rob$TONE

Cruel - Snakehips ft. Zayn

Rise N Shine - Poo Bear and Eva Shaw

I Just Wanna... - Elijah Blake

The Only One - Skizzy Mars and Ritual

For Free - DJ Khaled and Drake

Gone - Afrojack and Ty Dolla $ign

How I Feel - Roy Woods

Bedroom Trip - Luke Christopher

One Night Lover - Paul Harris and Dragonette

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Autumn Walking to Class Playlist

Perfectly paired with scarves and lattes.

There's nothing like waking up on a crisp autumn morning, wrapping a scarf around your neck and slipping on a pair of comfy boots. This playlist is a combination of coffee shop songs and jams that'll get you on your feet and moving - but never in an overwhelming way.

If you're looking for something to throw on to get you out the door and on your way to class this fall, this playlist is for you.

With favorites from Bright Eyes and Fleet Foxes along with upbeat tunes from Chainsmokers and Modest Mouse, there's something for every get-your-butt-to-class mood. This is built to play straight through, but diverse enough to put on shuffle. Here's to hoping this playlist makes getting to class a little easier this fall.

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Rap for Dummies Playlist

Like The Skimm but for rap music.

Humans are a species evolutionarily primed for showing off. Men and women alike think broadcasting how awesome they are at particular proclivities will ensure the continuity of their genepool.

And so, this is why I think when Darwin described his "Survival of the Fittest" theory, he was inadvertently explaining the current generation's need to prove how much someone knows about rap music.

Since it's somewhat recent inception, rap has enthralled basically anyone within earshot. Equally as enchanting is how rapidly the genre has evolved and branched off. Simply enough, rap is cool. A musical style that seems centered around the idea that you DGAF, and has real finesse while showing it.

Rap hits have held a prominent position on the top hits for the last two decades, prompting interest in the genre. More than interest, it's provoked people into show-off mode, eager to prove they know it best. Imposter and poser fans abound though.

If I had a dime for every white girl that announced she's really into rap and followed up by saying "Lose Yourself" is her favorite song, I'd have at least $4.70.

Truly "knowing rap" entails a nuanced musical taste to decipher and appreciate the varied genre. It also means having a vast knowledge of the countless greats in this library of beats. I'm not saying you need to know everything about rap to claim you like it, but you should at least try to BACK THAT INTEREST UP (and THAT AZZ UP too while you're at it).

That's where this playlist comes into play. Are you looking to become one of those rap guys' girlfriends? Or maybe just one of the "chill" girls who fucks with rap (who also wants to say, "I just get along better with guys than girls")?

Could you maybe be a frat bro who needs to flex his cool factor by showing off how well he knows rap music (who also wants to say, "Bro, hand me the aux, I got a fire playlist")?

This playlist is for all you rap fan imposters, wannabes, and try-hards. It's a mix of the classics, lesser known hits by the rap gods, and an eclectic mix of rhymes and beats. Take a spin!

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Pregame Crowd Pleasers Playlist

Bangers for everyone.

Let me set the scene for you. You're having a pregame at your house before heading out to a party or bar. You've worked hard to curate a playlist for the handful of hours before going out where you and your friends will slug Nattys and get too drunk too early.

Halfway into the third song some girl hijacks the music and puts on Ignition Remix.

While impossible to avoid, this inevitability can be delayed by making a shuffle-proof, all banger playlist. This is that playlist.

This is two and half hours of crowd-pleasing hits spanning EDM, pop, and hip hop, bound to buy you at a solid 45 minutes before some drunk friend of a friend puts on The Chainsmokers.

It's got some established radio bangers by artists like Jojo and DJ Khaled, and emerging, soon-to-be bangers like Hungover by Emmalyn.