The Champ Can Do What He Wants
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The Champ Can Do What He Wants

How Conor McGregor became UFC's biggest star.

2014 in Dublin, Ireland, Conor McGregor grabbed the mic and the fight game by the throat.

"We are not here to take part, we are here to take over!"

The stadium erupted in a sea of green, white, and orange. One thing was for certain. McGregor was not lying. It's 2017 and Conor McGregor is Sports Illustrated Fighter of the year, along with being the first ever UFC champ in two weight divisions, the record holder for highest gate and pay per view buys and a very rich man (estimated well over $25,000,000)

Consider this: Conor McGregor drew TWICE as many buys in one year than the ENTIRE UFC in 2014. Things are only looking up for the celtic superstar.

With Ronda Rousey's latest loss and pending retirement, McGregor will unquestionably become the sole icon that is the UFC today. He is 28 years young and relatively unweathered physically.

McGregor's success has launched him into another stratosphere of popularity. He now represents a company that has been forever dominated by American fighters. The pride of the Irish culture has been revitalized. Can you name another fighter or athlete for that matter from Ireland that has been able to dominate his/her sport the way we've seen McGregor? Don't worry, I'll wait!

Unfortunately for the UFC, McGregor has many lucrative opportunities tugging at him in different directions. He is apparently set to star in the remaining two seasons of Game of Thrones. The movie roles and endless endorsements man pull the attention away from the fight game and eventually onto the big screen.

The sport of unarmed combat may have to take a back seat. But can you blame him? When you have the success and personality of Conor McGregor, you call the shots!

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The UFC 200 Drinking Game

As well as a preview, but we know you're here for the booze.

UFC 200 is this Saturday, July 9 and people are extremely excited, to say the least. The cad, from top to bottom, is the most stacked in its company's history. With two championship fights, the return of Brock Lesnar and a bunch of other great fights, it's an MMA fan's wet dream come to life.

Gross, I know.

However, UFC will now be on the world stage with a dark cloud hanging above its head. An event celebrating the company and the sport's meteoric rise to global prominence is now marred by controversy as Jon Jones was pulled from the UFC 200 main event versus Daniel Cormier.

This is due to a possible anti-doping violation from the USADA. That fight would have been for the Undisputed UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

It is just the next chapter of a dark aspect of UFC, that many of their fighters have failed drug tests, including stars such as Nate Diaz, Alistair Overeem, Antonio Silva and now possibly Jones.

So without further ado, here is the preview on the main card, what to know and a nice drinking game, because let's face it, if you're going to watch this, there will be alcohol involved.

Cain Velasquez vs Travis Browne
Velazquez hasn't fought in more than a year and that was a loss to Fabricio Werdum for the Heavyweight Championship. Velazquez is still one of the best heavyweights in the world and this is a fight that solidifies his standing in the division en route to his rematch with Werdum.

Browne on the other hand, is a big, hulking fighter who has never had a realistic shot at the UFC Heavyweight Championship. He holds an 18-3-1 MMA record and owns wins over Brendan Schaub, current No. 3 ranked Alistair Overeem, and No. 8 Josh Barnett. A win over Velazquez could propel him to a title shot.

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar for the Interim Featherweight Championship
This fight is a rematch from their 2013 Featherweight championship bout in which Ado retained in a highly competitive fight. Now after Aldo lost his belt to Conor McGregor, he has been on a mission to try and recapture championship gold.

Since losing to Aldo, Edgar has yet to lose a fight and won those fights in impressive fashion. He has the ability to dominate opponents with quick and heavy hitting offense. While this is a fight for an interim title, expect the winner to try and challenge McGregor for an undisputed title match after he finishes his business with Nate Diaz.

Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunez for the UFC Women's Bantamweight Title
Pretty much, whoever wins this fight is going to probably fight Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, the woman who beat Rousey, in 2017. Miesha Tate is a veteran in women's mixed martial arts and the current champion.

Nunez is not a household name among MMA fans, but she has racked up an impressive resume: a 12-4 MMA record with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is currently the No. 4 ranked woman in the official UFC women's bantamweight rankings.

This may not be the Rousey-Holm rematch we all wanted, but this is still a pretty good fight with plenty of action.

Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt
Brock Lesnar is a WWE Superstar who also happens to be the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. To explain the nuances of why he is fighting here in UFC on this site for a third time is redundant, so read my piece on it here. As for how he'll do, it's anyone's guess. Lesnar says that he is in the best shape of his life but five years from the octagon is a long time and he's facing Mark Hunt.

Hunt is a knockout artist who owns wins against heavyweight greats Frank Mir and Antonio Silva. This is more of an attraction match than a fight to decide future rankings in the division but expect Hunt to try and knock Lesnar out quickly. Lesnar, meanwhile will try and used his vast experience in amateur mat wrestling to try and wear him down.

Drinking Game for UFC 200 (This applies to the prelims, too, if you are watching them)
-Drink every time that crowd goes "Ohhhhh!!!" for a vicious strike
-Down your drink for a Ronda Rousey or CM Punk appearance (this counts for commercials too)
-Drink for every time UFC 201 is mentioned
-Drink for every mention of wrestling and WWE.
-Down your drink if they mention Velazquez losing the Heavyweight title in his last fight.
-Drink every time Joe Rogan yells "OH MY GOODNESS!"
-Drink every time a broadcaster says "HERE WE GO!"
-Down you drink if a fight ends in a Knockout.
-Waterfall your drink whenever someone has his/her opponent in a hold on the floor.

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Lesnar's Return Lived Up To Expectation

He won his bout in UFC 200.

Brock Lesnar returned to the UFC tonight, and it was pretty entertaining. Lesnar, who was once the UFC heavyweight champion of the world, is more known for his career in the WWE

Lesnar's opponent: Mark Hunt.

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't understand why Hunt was chosen as the opponent. He was 12-10 going into the fight. He's a one dimensional fighter: knockout or bust.

Lesnar hadn't fought in the UFC since 2011, but he's shredded.

But that's none of my business.

Lesnar, despite being out of the UFC for five years, did exactly what he needed to do. Because Hunt is a striker, Lesnar needed to get him to the ground and either submit or ground and pound him. Lesnar has a collegiate wrestling record of 106-5...not too shabby. Lesnar's game plan: get Hunt to the ground.

He did just that.

Hunt was not able to get that punch he needed, and was overpowered the entire time. A unanimous decision gave Lesnar the victory, and it was well received.

And as for Lesnar, he gave a little speech giving a shout out to the men and women in the armed forces, and servicemen and women and encouraged national peace.

Good for you, Brock. Welcome back to the UFC.

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What To Watch For In Sports This Week (9/5)

The NFL is back!

After an amazing college football Saturday, the NFL season has finally begun! This Thursday it's a Super Bowl rematch and Sundays are going to be filled to the brim with football. Our weekends are saved with football. So get those fantasy teams ready, take out your lucky jersey and yell at a television for eight hours straight. Outside of football, there is still plenty of other sports happening this week, with a big UFC card and more baseball

Here is what to watch for in sports this week:

Monday, September 5
College Football: #11 Ole Miss vs. #4 Florida State (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET)
How can you top the double-overtime classic between Notre Dame and Texas? With two top 15 teams going up against one another to end the season. Florida State has College Football Playoff aspirations and Ole Miss is rising to become a real powerhouse in the always stacked SEC. Whoever wins this game will be looked at as a huge contender to make it into the final four teams and both teams really can't afford to lose their first game of the season in this manner.

Wednesday, September 7
MLB: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (ESPN, 7 p.m. ET)
The NL Central this season has been all about the Chicago Cubs, and with good reason. They have been the best team in baseball pretty much all season long. That leaves the Pirates and the Cardinals to be fighting for Wild Card positions. The Pirates have been a disaster this past week, with six straight losses heading to the games on Monday, but are still somehow only a few games behind the Cardinals for that coveted second Wild Card spot. This series has the capabilities of deciding playoff teams so expect both teams to be at their best. Probable pitchers are Alex Reyes (Cardinals) and Jameson Taillon (Pirates).

Thursday, September 8
NFL: Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos (NBC, 8:30 p.m. ET)
What better way to start the NFL season the same way we ended it last season: Panthers-Broncos. Although this game lost a lot of intrigue now that Peyton Manning retired, that doesn't mean that the Panthers are any less hungry to exact their revenge from their Super Bowl loss. The Panthers, for the most part, remain as the same team as last year and they are still one of the favorites to win the NFC this year. The Broncos, meanwhile, look like a completely different team without Peyton and they'll be the target of every team in the league. Should be a great game to start the season.

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Saturday, September 10
Premier League: Manchester United vs. Manchester City (7:30 a.m ET)
The Manchester Derby is one of the biggest soccer games of the season and both Manchester teams are coming into this season with big title aspirations. United signed Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the offseason and City brought in Pep Guaridola as their manager. Guaridola is quite possibly the best manager in the world. Both teams are undefeated after three games this season, and so this is a big test to see who can take the lead in the standings.

College Football: Western Kentucky vs. #1 Alabama (ESPN2, 3:30 p.m ET)

labama sure is a good team. They narrowly beat #20 USC by a score of 52-6. You know, a score that would happen when an FBS school goes up against an FCS school. If they can deal that kind of damage to a team like USC, imagine doing it to a team from Conference USA. Although let's not forget that Western Kentucky is a team that did win 12 games last year. So it might be a close game: a 40-point deficit instead of a 46-point deficit. This week doesn't really have a lot of big games, if at all. Kind of a let down after the incredible first week that we had.

UFC: UFC 203 (Prelims: FS1, 8 p.m. ET)

UFC: UFC 203 (PPV, 10 p.m. ET)
The main attraction of the card, to UFC fans, is Stipe Miocic defending his UFC Heavyweight title against Alistair Overeem. These are the two best athletes on the heavyweight division, so this has the potential to be a killer match.

The main attraction of the card, to everyone else, is the debut of former WWE wrestler CM Punk. To wrestling fans, they'll remember Punk as a former WWE Champion and the guy that talked bad about WWE on live television back in 2011. He'll be facing Mickey Gall, practically a kid in the MMA world, he only has two professional fights, both of them victories. Everyone will either be rooting for Punk to win to show everyone that wrestlers are tough despite competing or lose so horribly he goes back to wrestling.

Sunday, September 11
NFL: New England Patriots vs. Arizona Cardinals (NBC, 8:30 p.m. ET)
All of Sunday should be something to watch for. It's the start of the NFL season for crying out loud! But if I were to pick one game this week, it would have to be the Patriots and the Cardinals on Sunday Night Football. The Patriots will begin their Brady-less month and it's a test for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to show the organization that he can be the future for when Brady retires. The Cardinals are trying to start the season on the right foot in what could be their breakout year and finally come back to the Super Bowl. It's the first Sunday Night Football of the season, so get together with friends and enjoy what is going to be a glorious next few months.


All-week events
US Tennis Open
Many of the big stars in the sport are still competing, from Novak Djokovic to Andy Murray to both Williams sisters. We're slowly reaching the end of the Grand Slam season in tennis and chances are the finals for both men and women are going to be a star studded one.

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The UFC 205 Press Conference Will Make You Laugh

Conor McGregor just went full Conor McGregor.

It was recently announced that Conor McGregor would square off with Eddie Alvarez inside the octagon for a chance at the lightweight championship. McGregor was originally supposed to have a chance at the title against Raphael Dos Anjos, but Dos Anjos was forced to pull out of the fight, and Conor took a fight against Nate Diaz in his absence, but the Diaz-McGregor fight was at welterweight.

As you all probably know, McGregor lost the first bout with Diaz via submission and won the second via decision after outlasting Diaz and doing serious damage to his face.

You could tell in the two fights that Conor wasn't fit to fight at 170 pounds. The velocity and power in his punches weren't as effective and even with an emphasis on cardio in camp, McGregor still looked extremely fatigued in the last three rounds of the fight at UFC 202.

Now, McGregor will come back to fight at 155 for a chance at his second belt on the grandest stage of them all, Madison Square Garden. Yesterday was the introductory press conference, where all of the stars who would be competing as part of one of the best cards in UFC history would join together to talk trash and hype up their fights.

And there's no greater sh*t talker in all of sports than Conor McGregor.

McGregor stayed relatively reserved in the weeks leading up to his fight with Nate Diaz and it looks like brought he decided to unleash all his repressed animosity and sarcasm on stage yesterday for this fight. It was absolutely hilarious, it riled up the fans, and it has the hype for this fight soaring as New Yorkers will get an amazing card and the most exciting fighter in the UFC for the first PPV that will take place in Gotham. Here are some of the hilarious, awesome highlights:

When McGregor was about to mention Eddie, Eddie replied "watch it", which inspired this gem:

Here's "Mystic Mac" out in full force predicting how he'll end the fight (hint, it's not by decision):

And then when McGregor was asked what he'd do with the second title belt, he seemed prepared:

One of the most raucous moments was when a hardcore McGregor fan pretended to be a reporter and called out Alvarez:

And perhaps the most hilarious moment, when Jeremy Stephens tried calling out McGregor and McGregor didn't even know who he was:

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What to Watch For in Sports This Week (8/1)

Subway Series, Soccer and the Olympics. Let's do it.

The MLB Subway Series, arguably the best club soccer day of the summer and a UFC fight card! What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, FOOTBALL HAS RETURNED! We're getting closer to the fall and that means the NFL and college football is fast approaching.

And so, without further ado, here is what to watch for this week in sports:

Monday, August 1
New York Yankees vs New York Mets (7 p.m. ET: ESPN)
It's the Subway Series, for crying out loud! Mets vs Yankees, one of the best cross town rivalries in sports. The Mets are suddenly relevant again and the Yankees are the Yankees so it is always fun to see them. After the Yanks have become sellers this season, trading away relievers Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman, the team is becoming less likely to make it into the postseason this year, but that doesn't mean that they will just give up the series to the Mets. Probable Starters for this game is CC Sabathia for the Yankees and Logan Verrett for the Mets.

Wednesday, August 3
International Champions Cup
1. Barcelona vs Leicester City (2 p.m. ET: ESPN)
For club soccer, this is about as good as you can get when it comes to watching the best clubs in the world. On the first game, you have Barcelona, who has been arguably the most successful club of the past 6-8 years with Lionel Messi leading the charge and then you have Leicester City, the Cinderella Story of the soccer world, who was one of the worst teams in the English Premier League and became champions literally overnight. It's pretty much the matchup we didn't know we wanted and it kicks off the first game of this soccer-heavy day. It's also a good way to start learning more about different players and maybe even find your favorite team.

2. Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid (7:30 p.m. ET: ESPN2)
As for the second game, you have the german juggernauts Bayern Munich (four league titles and a Champions League title since 2012) and Real Madrid, one of the best clubs in the entire world, who won this recent Champions League tournament led by manager Zinedine Zidane (yes, that french soccer player that headbutted an opposing player at the 2006 World Cup). This matchup almost happened at the Champions League final if it weren't Real Madrid's crosstown rival Atletico Madrid beating Bayern Munich in the semifinals. Better late than never, I guess.

3. AC Milan vs Chelsea (9:35 p.m. ET: ESPN2)
Finally, AC Milan, historically, has been one of Italy's best clubs, but have struggled in recent years but are still one of the most popular clubs in Europe. The same can be said about Chelsea and this past season. A year ago, this game would have been a lot more attractive than what it currently is, but it's still a big match fit for primetime.

Friday, August 5
Olympic Opening Ceremonies (8 p.m. ET, NBC)
The 2016 Rio Olympic Games are finally here. What a better way to kick things off than the always impressive opening ceremonies. FlockU will have a drinking game primed for the ceremonies so you can get as lit as the flame that will burn for the three weeks of the games.

Saturday, August 6
UFC Fight Night (10 p.m. ET: FS1)
Preliminary Fights (8 p.m. ET: FS1)
UFC and the sport of MMA are at an all-time high in terms of popularity and while this card does not have a single person that non-MMA fans know like a Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey or Brock Lesnar, it should still be an entertaining card. There are a total of 10 fights on FS1, so I guarantee you that there will be big hits, knockouts and submissions. If you still need to get into that fighting watching mood, here are some of the best knockouts of 2016 so far.

Sunday, August 7
NFL Preseason Hall of Fame Game: Colts vs Packers (8 p.m. ET: ESPN)
Football has returned! Okay, yes, it's the Hall of Fame game and we'll barely see Aaron Rodgers, T.Y. hilton, Andrew Luck and all the other stars we're accustomed to seeing during the season, but are you really in a position to complain? The answer is no. Think about this as the month-long appetizer to the main course: the regular season. So kick back, crack open the beers and wear that jersey because the NFL season is just upon us.

All week Events
Little League World Series Regional Games
The Little League World Series holds a special place in my heart. I used to play Little League baseball and to see these kids have a chance to play on national television and enjoying what is left of their summer vacations is always cool to see. We've seen great moments in this event, like Mo'ne Davis breaking gender barriers at the 2014 LLWS. You never know what to expect in this tournament and it's always fun to see.