Harry Potter Themed Pasta Restaurant Is Now Open
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Harry Potter Themed Pasta Restaurant Is Now Open

Open to all, regardless of house.

A restaurant in Brooklyn named Pasta Wiz has turned itself into a themed restaurant inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies. It hopes to offer a place where lovers of spaghetti and Harry Potter can eat a meal with the kind of small experience you get from sitting in the Great Hall.


It may not be as large as the Great Hall, but just like Brooklyn, you get to have that intimate experience with other livers of Harry Potter.

Pasta Wiz has been decked out with candles, chandeliers and other accessories that wouldn't look out of place in Hogwarts. The owners of the restaurant want that fans to be most impressed by its extra-speedy service.
It's a create-your-own pasta menu that starts at $10 and includes four bases: spaghetti, fettuccine, fusilli, and radiatori. Food on the menu includes many things from Magic Meatballs to Dragon's Blood smoothies. There is also a Vegan Mediterranean section for any non-meat lovers.

Unfortunately, don't expect to find anything like chocolate frogs or every flavored beans. Maybe someday, but not for the moment.

The space is located on 60 North First St. If I were a Harry Potter fan and a lover of pasta, I would head down to Brooklyn and get on this as soon as you can.
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The Best Dick Shaped Foods You Can Make At Home


We all remember the opening scenes of Super Bad when elementary school Seth couldn't stop drawing dicks on everything. When I first watched it, middle school me was absolutely horrified... but having seen the movie more than 19 times (and not to mention now well experienced in the dick department), I now cry from laughing at that scene.

More importantly, Seth was right- all the best kinds of food are shaped like dicks!

While they might not naturally come that way like our good ole fruit banana, there is a plethora of dick shaped delights out there for you to purchase and make yourself! I took no note of this magical phallic food world until I went to a bar in Budapest called Szimpla (highly recommend), and they were selling.. you guessed it. Dick Shaped Bread. And for only 500 forints (that's like.. no money).

But you don't have to fly across the globe to get your hands on some doughy dick; many phallic food items are available online!

Penis Cookie Cutters
These stainless steel cookie cutters even come in three sizes, making it all the more realistic and perfect to bite down hard on a dick! We suggest adding some frosting to really complete the... look.

Source: amazon.com

Rainbow Penis Lollipop
I think the website's description really says it all: "it's so much fun to suck on!"

source: spencersonline.com

Penis Cake Pan
You'd be surprised what creative masterpieces people have come up with using this cake pan. Wizards, palm trees, alligators, a farm... but there's also no harm in just sticking with the plain ole dick in a [cake] box. Perfect for your next big birthday.

source: amazon.com

Eat a Bag of Dicks
Gummy dicks is a genius gift to send anonymously to anyone. It even comes with a *nice friendly* message that says "Eat A Bag Of Dicks." Say no more!!

SOURCE: dicksbymail.com

Penis Pasta
The first time I saw penis pasta was in Rome. Thankfully you don't have to go to Italy to have a mouthful. Oh, and the best part? It's a grower!

SOURCE: prezzybox.com

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College Quidditch is a Thing

Not an NCAA thing, but a thing nonetheless.

My dream growing up was to win a high school football State Championship at Gillette Stadium. I did that. Some people dreamed of playing quidditch in college. In today's world, they can do that, too.

What? Quidditch? Yeah. Quidditch.

It's that sport in the Harry Potter movies. The one where people try to score goals and reach a certain point total but it's all moot in the end because whoever catches the golden snitch wins.

Someone decided to make quidditch an actual sport. And there's a ton of college teams -- not NCAA teams though. My school, Emerson College, is on there and yet they don't have a football team...

Before you just write it off as something weird, keep in mind it actually does look like a real sport -- or at least something a gym teacher made up.

So yes, it is pretty weird to watch. I mean, what's up with the broom sticks between the legs? Unnecessary and pretty awkward looking.

The official site describes it as a mix between rugby, dodgeball and tag (link also contains official rules). But I'm going to have to disagree with them on that because I've never seen anyone leveled like this in Quidditch:

If it was anything like rugby, no one would want a wooden stick between their legs. I'd say it's more of a mix of capture the flag, handball and dodgeball. Looking at the rules, the snitch looks to be the one who runs around with flags -- hence the capture the flag portion of it.

Catching the snitch is 30 points and it marks the end of the game. Throwing a "quaffle" through a hoop is 10 points, so there are times when someone wouldn't want their team to grab the snitch -- if they're down a lot. It's not like in the movie where it guarantees a win with 150 points from catching it.

Say what you will about it. Have your opinions on it. But kids are going to keep playing it until it dies out at some point in the next 10 to 20 years. It's not what I'm looking to do with my time, but someone else might enjoy it. And that's good for them.

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Your Internship as Told by Harry Potter

You're an intern, Harry!

It's finally July, and that means that if you haven't already begun your summer internship, it's probably about to start. No one understands being thrown into a strange world more than Harry Potter. He thought he was just a boy, but he was actually a wizard.

You thought you were just a college student on break, but you are actually a college student interning for little or no pay. See? Lots of similarities.

When you walk into the office on your first day.

When you meet your fellow interns.

When you get (and nail) your first assignment.

When your boss yells at you for the first time.

When your boss yells at you for the fifth time.

When you finally hook up with the intern you've had crush on all summer.

When you make it to the end of your last day.

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J.K. Rowling Reveals New Wizard Houses

Potterheads must read.

On Tuesday, June 28, the Harry Potter website Pottermore released a new short story by J.K. Rowling which introduced the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This school is the North American equivalent of Hogwarts, and features a riveting backstory that sent Potterheads everywhere into a fan-frenzy.

Ilvermorny is released in conjunction with the highly anticipated film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which will hit theaters this November. The most exciting part of this release, however, is the new houses fans can be sorted into!

Hogwarts is known for it's four houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. College students everywhere often define their entire existences around these houses. Harry Potter is so popular amongst college students that there's even a definitive list of the best colleges for Potterheads. Not to mention a collegiate quidditch league.

Whether you're a brave Gryffindor or a loyal Hufflepuff, you'll be super excited to determine which house you belong in.

Like the Hogwarts houses, the Ilvermorny sorting ceremony revolves around certain personality traits and a representative animal (or in this case creature).

The Ilvermorny houses were created by the four founders and their favorite magical beast. Here are the four magical houses you can be sorted into:

The Horned Serpent - Represents the mind and favors the scholar

The Wampus - Represents the body and favors warriors

The Pukwudgie - Represents the heart and favors healers

The Thunderbird - Represents the soul and favors adventurers.

Create a Pottermore account to begin the sorting ceremony. Which house do you belong in?

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Top 10 Things We Miss from The Early 2000's

Can we talk about Silly Bandz?

The early 2000's was the time with way too many bad fashion statements and a whole lot of Lizzie McGuire merchandise. But sometimes we get a little nostalgic, missing those ridiculous gadgets, swag TV shows, and memorable people from the 2000's. Here is a list of some of the faves:

The old Disney Channel
Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven, Hannah Montana, the list can go on forever. Disney Channel had the greatest shows, ones that taught lessons about racism, sexual orientation, life skills, and so on. Now we have shit like A.N.T. Farm and Austin and Ally. And don't forget the Boy Meets World spin-off... What even is that?

The old Nickelodeon
Just like the old Disney Channel, the old Nickelodeon had some classic shows. Jimmy Neutron never failed to entertain; Drake and Josh and iCarly were two different and hilarious representations of Miranda Cosgrove. Now it's The Thundermans and School of Rock? Sorry, no. Just stop.

Silly Bandz
My grandmother gave my sister and me a pack of Silly Bandz before I even knew what they were. Before long, I saw everyone wearing them at school. (I actually started the trend, just saying). These rubber bracelets that snapped back into the shapes of animals or pointless objects were traded around schools like Pokemon cards. Some schools even banned them for being "a classroom distraction".

Lindsay Lohan
Well, we miss the old Lindsay Lohan. Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Just My Luck, need I go on? This girl was on fire with hit movies in the early 2000's that are still just as popular today. Girl, get it together and give us some more guilty pleasure movies.

Holy wow these little monsters were my life. If you didn't own at least three Tamagotchis, you were not cool. No arguments, get off the playground. This tiny keychain games took virtual pets to a whole new level. You and your friends' Tamagotchis could even have little play dates. I miss these little guys the most. Actually, I still play with mine.

Razor scooters
These were the source of all elementary school transportation. You would get home from school, do your five minutes of homework, and then ride your razor scooter around until dark. Oh, and if you could bunny hop, you were that much cooler.

Razor cell phones
Because apparently everything in the early 2000's needed to sound sharp, Razor cell phones were also all the rage. I had a broken Razor that didn't turn on but I carried it around to look cool because I mean, c'mon if you had a Razor phone you might as well be a God. They came in every color imaginable and never failed to shatter when you dropped them. Ah Razors, how we miss you.

Waiting for the next Harry Potter book
While this little form of nostalgia isn't tangible, it still plays a huge role in the early 2000's. J.K. Rowling left us all hanging after each book, and waiting for the next one was always pure excitement. Later came waiting for the next new movie to come out. Now, after all this time, she has released a sequel about Harry's son. Will you ever stop exciting us Ms. Rowling? Doubt it.

Steve Irwin
The Crocodile Hunter was the highlight of my afternoons after school. I always admired his bravery and how the most afraid he ever got of a crocodile was maybe yelling "Crikey!" and stepping a foot back. He passed away on my birthday, and I'll never forget watching an episode of him cuddling a koala when I found out. Rest in peace, my dude.

Dance Dance Revolution
This was the mother of all interactive games. Those neon arrows could keep you moving to all the latest hits of the early 2000's. You can still find this game in most arcades, but if you had the D.D.R. pad hooked up to your home TV, you had the ultimate sleepover house.

And so concludes the little article to help clear your nostalgia. May the early 2000's always be with you.