Celebrity News Stories That Made Us Think WTF In 2016
12.31.2016 | Entertainment Source: Tumblr (edited)

Celebrity News Stories That Made Us Think WTF In 2016

Kanye made the list, shocker.

I think it's fair to say that the internet's favorite hobby in 2016 was to complain about how horrible 2016 was. While I don't necessarily agree that the year was all that bad, I will agree that there was definitely a weird mojo in the air.

A mojo that appeared to heavily affect some of our favorite and most iconic celebrities and celebrity couples. Each time one whacky news story simmered out it seemed like another was following closely behind.

Here I've compiled at list of the most WTF celebrity drama of 2016 ranked.

10. Chris Brown LAPD standoff
While this news was definitely WTF inducing, it's also the mildest on the list. Chris Brown has been off his rocker for quite a while now and has been no stranger to shady behavior since hitting Rihanna back in 2009. After allegations that Brown threatened a woman inside his home with a gun, he got involved in a police standoff that ultimately ended in his arrest.

9. Nick Young cheats on and splits from Iggy Azalea
After a teammate released a video of Young discussing his infidelity to Iggy Azalea things got pretty rocky. However, news that Young had then impregnated his ex while still dating Azalea was enough to really put things up in flames.

8. Brangelina split
While the split was definitely a rough one, it wasn't necessarily the allegations and media coverage that threw us all for a loop. No, it was the simple fact that the most iconic couple of our time were no longer. After around 13 years together and a zoo full of kids, a split wasn't something any of us really saw coming. Definitely left us questioning if true love actually exists.

7. Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, and Tom Hiddleston
I must say that this girl has quite an impressive dating roster. She's hit almost all the big ones and even done her time with lesser known men like the Kennedy boy. While most of the time all a Taylor Swift breakup means is a new song for fans to look forward to, the split with Calvin Harris proved to be a little more than that.

Not only was no one expecting it, but her immediate move to Tom Hiddleston definitely left something to be talked about.

6. Ryan Lochte lies about Rio robbery
Let's just start by putting this out there - this kid has always been a serious dumbass. If any of you have ever had the displeasure of tuning into his old E! reality show, I'm sure you can attest to this as well.

So really if anyone was going to get themselves into a predicament like this, it would be him. For whatever reason the Olympic swimmer decided to tell a lie to his mother about getting robbed after a night out in Rio, which then turned into a whole ordeal and a media frenzy.

5. Kanye's breakdown
I'm sure that there is an argument for this being a little higher up on the list, but listen: we all saw it coming. The rapper had been coming unhinged for a while, leading up to his ultimate hospitalization.

After going on a rant during one of his Life of Pablo tour dates, the rapper was handcuffed, hospitalized, and placed on psychiatric hold. He's since been released. While the hospitalization was suggested to be because of exhaustion, I'm thinking there is a lot more to the story.

4. Kim Kardashian calls out Taylor Swift
In the take down of the year, Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to release footage of Kanye West's phone call with Taylor Swift discussing the controversial "Famous" lyric with the pop singer.

In the phone call, Swift clearly approved the lyric and gave the go ahead. So the fact that she was up in arms denying that she had any knowledge of the songs reference was a pretty foolish move on her part. Don't mess with Kim K or her family.

3. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's nightmare divorce
This has to be one of the messiest public divorces that Hollywood has seen. Things got nasty and they got nasty quick. Heard, who I should mention prior to this had seemingly only been romantically attached to women, went in on Depp in the media.

Reports of extreme anger issues and abusive tendencies flooded the news and social media platforms. Video's released and comments from Heard's camp made us wonder if all of this was true, why was she even with Depp in the first place? All I know is that this split was a whole lot of WTF?

2. Rob and Chyna's relationship
Honestly, I don't even want to narrow this down to a specific incident in their relationship. Sure, while Chyna's recent run out on Rob and their immediate reconciliation was a real head scratcher, it's only one event in a whole storm of crazy.

This relationship definitely takes the cake for most bizarre and has been so up and down throughout 2016 that the couple alone are an event worth watching.

1. Kim Kardashian robbery
You had to know that this was going to be number one. Nothing else even came close to watching the WTF level that the Kim K robbery did. When news first broke so many people were struggling with wether to believe it or not. Many were chalking it up to some kind of wild stunt.

The story of Kim being tied up and robbed at gun point in her Parisian hotel room during fashion week sounded more like the plot line of a movie than a real life crime. How could one person, let alone three, get through her security team like that? There are still so many questions.