The Idea

We set out to create a space that allows for college students to read, write, and create around what is important to them. The students in school right now are the only people who know what it’s like to be in school right now. This is a space for college students to defend themselves and laugh at the millennial haters; the people who think they are the laziest, most entitled, and worst generation to come along yet.

"We’re the future, so hate us or not, we’re coming in hot."

Meet the Team

I didn’t go to college but I’m still smarter than all of you guys. Patented Dorito pizzas.


We call him dad. He won’t even get mad if you barf in his car.

Co Founder

Ditched the corporate world to wear t-shirts and sneakers whenever he wants. Is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, which sounds more badass than it really is.


We call him Uncle Jerry, but not in a weird way. The kinda guy you want
on a campout.


Hates mustard and pickles. Boyfriend
of the year.
No @'s please.

Sports Editor

The best Nana and mom on the planet. Feeds the office, keeps shit running, keeps Josh alive. When she says the
f word, you know she’s mad.


Bald by choice. Music lover, hunter. Resident sheepdog. Can outlaugh any man on the planet.

Mgr of BI Systems

You guys think I’m just really quiet but secretly I’m writing a book about how fucked up this
place is.

Dir. of Corp Dev

Looks hot af on camera. Hates most people, but then again, who doesn’t? Also, eyebrows
on fleek.

Social Media Mgr

Dank meme expert. Mind of Ryan Gosling, body of
Joe Biden.

Associate Editor

Former attorney. Office decorator. Also tried to become a writer for FlockU, but never got accepted.

Chief of the Chief

Master of memes, dog lover. Unicorn at heart. Is there a vegetarian option?

Creative Director

Vanilla Ice enthusiast and dance floor serial killer. Movie buff but hates going to
the movies.
WaWa > Sheets.

Marketing Manager

Yo Boo. An enigma of a man. Keeps the office stocked and has the all-time
high score on
Space Invaders.

Campus Superintendent

Resident mom of the office, notebook connoisseur. Never sleeps. Will organize your life and run 5 miles before you even wake up in
the morning.

Sr. Project Manager

Never left her teenage angst phase. Yes to avocados, no to cargo shorts. (Please stop wearing them, everyone). Always the third wheel, and OK with it.

Rachel W
Graphic Designer

Josh’s imaginary friend.

Dir of Network Dev